4Sleep Mattress Review

4Sleep Mattress Review


Keep reading this page for our in-depth review of the 4Sleep mattress.

4Sleep is one of the newest entrants into a crowded market of direct-to-consumer mattress brands. It enters an industry that has become highly competitive as top brands including Casper, Endy and Saatva try to outdo each other.

4Sleep stands out from the crowd in a few ways.  The medium-firm 4Sleep Mattress scores high in areas of temperature control, edge support, comfort and overall sleep experience.

Let’s take a deeper look at this mattress to see where it excels – and where it could do better.

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About 4Sleep

4Sleep Mattress

The team behind the inception and growth of the company is made up of a husband and wife. Lori and David have experienced firsthand the trouble brought by sleeping on the wrong mattress.

With their extensive experience in the mattress industry, they sought to make things better for customers. The result was the 4Sleep company.

By being directly involved in the manufacturing process and getting rid of the middleman, 4Sleep has greatly streamlined the mattress buying process.

Customers can now buy a quality mattress comfortably and with quality assurance.

Most importantly, they do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get a good mattress.

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Social Impact

4Sleep Mattress Review - TV shootFor 4Sleep, it is not just about selling mattresses and making money.

Lori and David are passionate about making a positive social impact through their business.

One way they are doing this is by promoting local industries. The company’s entire manufacturing process is based in the United States.

This serves a double purpose. One, it ensures the highest quality in terms of materials and manufacturing and two, it boosts local Industries.

In 2015, the company took another step towards improving people’s lives by offering its hand in the Sleep Sensitivity campaign.

The campaign was aimed at improving the quantity and quality of sleep of Americans.

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Purchase Process

As is the case with most of these new direct-to-consumer mattress companies, the purchase process is simple and straightforward. In the case of 4Sleep, the purchase point is their website.

4Sleep does not offer mattresses with varying firmness levels. They have instead focused on creating one mattress that suits a wide spectrum of sleepers.

So it makes your purchase process a bit easier. The only choice you need to make is what size to buy. Here is a list of available sizes.

Twin size
Twin XL
Full size
Queen size
King size
California King

Once you select your preferred size, add it to the Cart and you are good to go. Remember to read the return policy and warranty statement comprehensively before buying.

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Delivery Options

Delivery is done free though FedEx Ground. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for the mattress to arrive at your door packaged neatly in a box.

The company delivers only to the continental United States from Monday to Friday.

A tracking number, issued at the time of purchase, will help you track your shipment and prepare for its delivery.

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4Sleep mattress cover

Most mattresses put little effort in the outward appearance of the mattress. They opt for simple, minimal styling. 4Sleep takes a completely different route.

Once you unpack the box, the striking crisscrossing design hits you with a pleasant surprise. It looks luxurious.

Though performance is certainly the most important aspect of a mattress, it is not a bad thing when a company pays a little more attention to aesthetics.

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If there is one area where the 4Sleep mattress really stands out from the competitors, it is in the technology used in constructing the mattress.

The mattress has four layers, each of which has its own special function. Even the cover itself is meticulously designed to create the best sleep experience possible.

Here are the notable technologies 4Sleep uses to create the perfect mattress.

  • A unique gel memory foam, ThermaPhase Gel Memory Foam, that maintains a constant temperature range through the night.
  • A ‘Cooling on Demand’ Cover that allows every individual to experience their own optimal sleeping temperature.
  • An exceptionally strong edge support system that prevents the edges from collapsing and ensures that you cannot roll off the bed when asleep.

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4Sleep mattress layers

Below is a breakdown of the different layers and parts that make up the 4Sleep mattress. The mattress is 11 inches thick.

1. Top Layer: Comfort and Temperature Control

The first layer is composed of 1.5 inches of ThermaPhase Gel Memory Foam. The main purpose of this layer is to maintain the proper temperature range for a good night’s sleep.

Additionally, the foam contours to your body, providing cuddly comfort and eliminating pressure points.

2. Second Layer: Support and Motion Control

This is the transition layer between the comfort and support zone. It consists of a 1-inch slab of 3 lb foam. This layer achieves two main purposes.

First, it provides a great bounce that couples will surely appreciate. Secondly, it provides good motion control, another big plus for couples .

The foam absorbs energy, thus limiting motion to a specific point of the mattress and preventing disturbance to your sleeping partner.

3. Third Layer: Support

This is the beginning of the support zone. It consists of 1.5 inches of 3 lb foam. It is designed to properly hold up body weight thus preventing sinking and cratering.

The 4Sleep mattress will never develop an ugly crater down its middle due to weak support.

Furthermore, this resiliency layer helps maintain proper body alignment. You will not wake up with any body aches.

4. Base Layer: Support

This is the main support layer. It consist of 7 inches of premium high density foam. This is the layer acting as the foundation and base of the mattress, ensuring that it can hold its own.

With this strong base, the mattress can take up to 450 pounds of combined weight.

5. Edge Support System

This is another area where 4Sleep goes a step further than most mattresses. Most mattresses have a problem with the edges being too weak.

The 4Sleep mattress sufficiently addresses this problem by having a seriously strong edge support system. This is an extra layer of high-density foam added to the two long edges.

Whether you sit or lie down on the mattresses edge, it will still hold up to the pressure. This contributes greatly to the longevity of the mattress.

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4Sleep mattress cover

When you touch the cover of the 4Sleep mattress, it is feels really smooth and does not catch or tear easily.  4Sleeps says the material is strong enough to last as long as the mattress.

The cover is very thin, which is intentional; it helps keep the mattress surface breathable and cool. It is also good at wicking away moisture from the body.

The materials used in the cover include Lycra (the same material used in sports clothing), viscose and polyester.

This special combination of materials is why the cover is so good at temperature control and moisture wicking.

The company recommends the use of a waterproof mattress cover to avoid any damage to the mattress from spillages. You can remove this cover and wash it in a machine.

Be sure to use cold water only. Also, do not iron it and do not dry clean it. This helps maintain the quality, function and integrity of the cover.

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Smell/ Off-gassing

4Sleep scores slightly lower when it comes to smell. The company admits that once opened, the mattress will have a fresh foam’ smell. And it does.

They advise buyers to leave the mattress uncovered for 24-48 hours to allow the smell to dissipate.

With the foam being CertiPUR-US certified, you can be sure that no toxic or harmful gasses are emitted.

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Sleeping Experience

I love the overall sleeping experience of the 4Sleep mattress. A majority of customers who have used it rate it very high, as well.

Below is a closer look at the sleeping experience through various aspects of the mattress: firmness, sinkage, motion transfer, hot/cold issues and bounce.

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4Sleep mattress firmness

4Sleep make only one type of mattress, medium firm.

There is no firm, medium or soft options to choose from. They therefore had to create a product that fits the needs of most people.

When you lie on this mattress for the first time, it immediately feels firmer than expected, especially for a one-fits-all mattress.

But within a few seconds, the mattress begins to contour around your body.

The top layer creates a comfortable hug with just the right amount of sinkage.

Generally, the 4Sleep mattress is more on the firm side than most other memory foam mattresses. It ranks at around 6.5 to 7.0 /10 on an increasing scale of firmness.

So if you like very soft or very firm mattresses, 4Sleep may not be for you. For most sleepers (back, stomach and side), though, the feel is just about perfect – if a bit firmer and more supportive than you might expect for a foam mattress.

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The third 1.5-inch foam layer of the mattress is designed to deal specifically with sinkage issues. This resiliency layer ensures that the mattress is able to provide the right amount of hug without sinking in too much and causing a stuck’ feeling.

In a normal lying position, the sinkage is 1 to 1.5 inches. This is better than most memory foam mattresses that can sink up to 2 inches, creating a terrible stuck in a swamp’ feeling.

When sitting at the edge, the sinkage is much more pronounced at around 4 inches – not bad for a foam mattress!

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Motion Transfer

The second layer is responsible for motion control. Naturally, memory foam is good at absorbing energy and preventing motion transfer.

The same holds true for the 4Sleep mattress. It performs really well at reducing motion transfer.

For couples, this is of great benefit. The movement of one partner will not disturb the other.

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Hot/Cold Issues

Temperature control is one area where the mattress scores a full 10/10.

Despite the fact that memory foam often sleeps too hot, 4Sleep has created a special formulation of foam that works far better than standard memory foam.

This, combined with the cover and the gel-infused top layer make for a mattress that is excellent at keeping temperatures at the optimal level.

Though you can certainly use your heating pad, you will find little need to do so with this mattress.

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The bounce of a mattress comes in handy during sex. The responsiveness of the mattress makes the moment better.

The 4Sleep mattress has a nice bounce that is better than standard memory foam but not as responsive as a latex or spring mattress.

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4Sleep is a very high quality memory foam mattress for the price, about the same as other budget-friendly foam mattresses sold online like Tuft and Needle, Casper, Dromma and more. Here is their full price list:

Twin size $549
Twin XL  $649
Full size  $799
Queen size  $899
King size  $999
California King  $999

As you can see, all prices stay below $1,000. If you were to buy a similar-quality mattress in a traditional store, the price would easily be 3 or 4 times higher.

4Sleep is one of the few mattresses that pack so many great features in an affordably priced product.

Even better, 4Sleep provides a financing option for those who prefer to make smaller payments instead of one big one. Financing is done through PayPal Credit.

See the Latest Prices at Amazon.com


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4Sleep’s warranty covers structural defects and faulty workmanship. If your mattress should experience one of these problems within 10 years, the company will either repair or replace it free of charge.

If the problem is just in the cover, this is the only part that will be replaced.

Make sure you read the full warranty statement at the company’s website before purchase. It will help you understand where and when the warranty applies and what situations are excluded.

Learn More at 4Sleep.com


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Return Policy

Another crucial thing to understand before making a purchase is the company’s return policy.

This comes in handy in the event that the mattress is delivered with a defect or if you are not satisfied with your new mattress.

4Sleep provides a very generous test period of 100 days. Once you have used the mattress for 30 days but still find it not to your liking, you can contact the company for a return within the 100-day period.

Once the return has been processed, the mattress is donated to a charity or recycled depending on your specific location.

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Pros and Cons


  • The construction of this foam mattress is one of the best in the industry. There are four layers, each with its own function plus the highly breathable cover and the edge support system. The result is a mattress that performs beyond expectations especially for its price.
  • Excellent temperature control. You will never feel too cold or too hot thanks to advanced technology and the right design.
  • Excellent price. The queen size mattress, the most popular pick for customers, costs just $899.


  • Though the company assures customers that there is nothing toxic in the mattress, the ‘fresh foam’ smell can still be unsettling for some buyers. This is especially a downside if you planned to use the mattress immediately.
  • If you are used to latex or a spring mattress, the bounce produced by the 4Sleep Mattress will feel much lower.

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This Mattress is Perfect For You If…

You are looking for a stress-free way to buy a quality mattress at an affordable price.

  • Medium-firm is your sleeping comfort level.
  • You are tired of mattresses that get too hot at night.
  • You want a mattress that will last for years.
Shop Now at Amazon.com


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4Sleep is one of the best budget foam mattresses you can buy today.

Lori and David’s industry experience, great customer service and a quality product has garnered serious acclaim from customers and experts alike.

In a field that is quickly getting crowded, 4Sleep stands out with superior materials, construction and better design.

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Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar mattress review


Keep reading this page for our in-depth review of the Nectar mattress.

The Forever Warranty. That is the first thing that jumped out to me when I first started researching on the Nectar Mattress made by Nectar Sleep.

Like most people would, I immediately thought this was a hyped up statement with the catch disguised by an asterisk.

But, as i discovered, it is not a gimmick and there is no catch. On their website, the company clearly states that the mattress is covered against workmanship and material defects for as long as you own it.

The second shocker was in their return policy. They provide customers with a full year – 365 days – trial period.

The mattress has been featured in numerous top publications and has won several awards. Many customers have a lot of positive things to say about it.

So what is so special about this mattress – and is it worth your money? Follow along for a full review.

Table of Contents

This page has a LOT of information. Use this table of contents to skip to the features you care most about.

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About Nectar Sleep

About Nectar mattress

Nectar Sleep is led by veterans who have been working in the mattress industry for many years. They know the bad, the good and the best of mattresses. Through their combined experience they have designed a memory foam mattress that outperforms many others.

Their unique 1-year trial and lifetime warranty are genuine attempts at improving the customer experience.

Their main goal is to help people buy a quality mattress easily and affordably.

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Social Impact

Nectar Sleep has dedicated itself to creating high quality mattresses that are safe for customers and the environment. They only use CertiPur certified foams and stick to the highest manufacturing standards.

In addition, the company works with various charities to give away returned mattresses to help those less advantaged in society.

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Purchase Process

Nectar mattress purchase process

The Nectar mattress is only available online at Nectar Sleep’s official website. Make sure you buy from their website to enjoy the friendly return and warranty policies that come with the mattress. Be wary of warranties and used merchandise when buying on sites like Amazon or Ebay.

In a trend that is picking up among new direct-to-consumer mattress companies, Nectar sells just one firmness level – one mattress, engineered to work well with most sleepers, in any of the following sizes:

Twin size
Twin XL
Full size
Queen size
King size
California King

When you checkout, you’ll notice that Nectar provides a zero-interest financing option with no credit check required. This comes in handy if you want to spread out your payments over several months.

Get The Best Deal at Nectarsleep.com


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Nectar mattress FedEx delivery

Nectar provides free shipping via FedEx. Delivery takes up to 5 days, depending on your location.

Currently, the company does not offer any special shipping options such as expedited shipping. But feel free to contact their customer care if you have any special shipping request.

You also have the option of white glove delivery service. This means that the mattress will be delivered, set up for you and the old mattress taken away.

Contact the company to inquire about this, as there is an additional cost.

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Delivery & Unpacking

Nectar Sleep mattress review - delivery man

Delivery is via FedEx both locally in the US (including Hawaii and Alaska) and internationally in countries where FedEx shipping is supported. This includes most EU and Asian countries.

Depending on your location, the Nectar mattress will arrive compressed to your door in 1 to 5 days, but may take a bit longer if there are too many orders. Whatever the case, the company will keep you updated all through the process.

Please note that this mattress is quite heavy, with the smallest weighing 70 pounds and the heaviest 120 pounds.

Luckily, Nectar offers the option of white glove delivery where they will remove your old mattress and set up the new one for you. So you do not have to worry about struggling with the bulky mattress on your own.

If you want to set it up yourself, get a friend to place the compressed roll on your mattress frame (any type).  Then, cut the package open and let it decompress on your bed platform so you won’t have to pick it up again 😉

If you have special delivery requirements, be sure to contact the company for clarification before you place an order.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Nectar mattress styling and aesthetics

Like many of its competitors (Casper, Leesa, Lull, Endy, et al.), the aesthetics of the Nectar are simple and clean.

The soft cover features a 2-tone color style with a white surface and gray side panels. The company’s name is stamped onto one of the shorter sides.

If you often leave your mattress uncovered, the clean aesthetics have a nice modern feel to them. For most people, however, the style doesn’t really matter much since the mattress is covered up most of the time.

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Nectar has been compared by dozens of expert reviewers and leading publications to Tempur-Pedic and to other high-end memory foam mattresses. Like those more expensive brands, the Nectar makes use of premium materials and innovative technology to create a great sleeping experience.

I have to say, the Nectar mattress construction is notably more advanced than other budget-oriented foam mattresses sold online.

Here is a brief look at the most important technologies used in its design.

1. Gel-Infused Memory Foam

This is not exactly a new or groundbreaking technology. It has become more common especially among companies that specialize in memory foam mattresses.

The principle behind using infused gel is pretty simple. The gel within the foam helps to quickly and effectively distribute heat throughout the mattress. This prevents the concentration of heat in areas that are in contact with your body.

Memory foam mattresses are notorious for their tendency to sleep ‘hot’. Gel-infused foam tackles this problem quite effectively.

Unlike many other inexpensive foam mattresses, however, Nectar uses gel-infused foam in two of its four layers to ensure things stay cool through the night.

2. Breathable Quilted Gel Memory Foam

Nectar adds a second, quilted gel foam layer which boosts the breathability of the entire mattress. No other budget foam mattress uses two comfort layers, like Nectar does.

3. Semi-Open Foam Cells

The second foam layer features a semi-open cell structure. This type of design balances between airflow and foam recovery.

Fully-open cell foam tends to sink too quickly and does not recover well. The mattress can end up sagging after just a few months of use.

On the other hand, closed cell foams often trap too much heat, causing the mattress to sleep hot and to smell stale, over time.

A semi-open cell structure provides airflow to keep the mattress cool and fresh while also ensuring that the foam is able to recover well after being slept on.

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Nectar mattress construction

The Nectar is an all-foam mattress made of four layers, each featuring a different type of foam designed for a specific purpose.

These four layers plus the cover work together to provide good support, maximum comfort and a good night’s snooze.

Here is a detailed look at each layer of the Nectar mattress and what it does.

1. Quilted Gel Memory Foam (First Comfort layer)

This is the layer where most of the comfort and temperature control is provided.

According to Nectar, the quilting and use of gel improve breathability and heat movement.

Quilting creates better airflow through the surface, which carries heat and moisture away from your body. The gel in the foam also helps to optimize the heat distribution process, ensuring the surface never gets too hot.

The foam itself is soft and very comfortable. It has that plush feeling that high-quality memory foam is known for.

2. Semi-Open Gel Memory Foam (Second Comfort layer)

The second foam layer in the Nectar mattress is also a comfort layer. This second layer makes it unique vs. similarly-priced competitors such as Leesa, Casper and Tuft and Needle.

In its second layer, Nectar uses semi-open-cell memory foam with gel infused. The company calls it semi-open Lush Foam.

The gel and semi-open structure further improve on the breathability and heat transfer capability of the mattress.

To be honest, this is the first mattress I have encountered that devotes so much effort and innovation to combating the issue of overheating in its mattress.

The semi-open cell foam further allows the mattress to quickly regain its shape and size after you have woken up. This prevents sagging and is one of several reasons why the company has such a bold forever warranty.

3. Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam (Support Layer)

In another sign of the company’s commitment to quality, they have used a type of foam often shunned by other manufacturers due to its high costs.

This support layer uses a denser foam than the other two layers at the top. This is because it is designed to support your body without sinking in.

It features adaptive memory foam, which has the ability to contour itself around your body angles and pressure points. It also ensures a natural alignment for your spine.

4. Base (Foundation Layer)

The base layer contains one of the secrets to Nectar’s confidence behind their warranty.

The foam in the base layer is rated at 2.2 ILD (Indentation Load Deflection, a measure of the hardness or softness of foam). Most other mattresses use a 1.5 ILD or lower foam in their base.

With such a high density foam, it is no wonder that the mattress carries a lifetime warranty.

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Nectar’s cover  plays an important role in the sleeping experience – as much as the other layers of the mattress do.

The Nectar mattress has a specially-milled cover consisting of Tencel and long staple cotton.

The cover can be removed and washed with a mild detergent (or dry cleaned) as needed. If you somehow screw that up, Nectar promises to send you a replacement cover, free of charge.

Tencel is a type of fiber made with non-toxic chemicals. It is more comfortable compared to other fibers such as bamboo.

Long staple cotton is a type of cotton often used in making fine luxury fabrics.

The quilted cover is excellent at breathability. By maintaining air flow, it keeps the mattress cool and fresh all the time.

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At a time when all of us are worried about chemicals in commercial products, the issue of off-gassing has become increasingly important when buying a mattress.

Off-gassing occurs when a new mattress releases chemical fumes.

A few years back, these fumes contained trace amounts of toxic gasses called VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

With most mattresses today, however, the smell is harmless and just a result of the foam being freshly manufactured.

Nectar has tried to minimize the new-mattress smell as much as possible; but, like most foam mattresses out there, it does emit a faint new-mattress scent for a day or two. You will most likely not notice it.

If you are extra sensitive and find the smell really unpleasant, leave the mattress standing against a wall in a well-ventilated room for 24-48 hours.

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Sleeping Experience

When it comes to overall sleeping experience, Nectar is near the top compared to the many memory foam mattresses sold online.

Nectar’s use of superior foam materials and two comfort layers really does improve the memory foam experience.

The gel used in the top two layers plus the breathable top cover provide outstanding temperature control.

Support is really good for this price range, too. Lots of customers report a positive sleeping experience – I agree.

So let’s dive into the sleeping experience a bit deeper – we will look at include firmness, sinkage, motion transfer and temperature control.

Read The Reviews at Nectarsleep.com

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Nectar mattress firmness

Instead of creating different firmness levels to suit different preferences, Nectar has created a single mattress that works for most people.

The soft top two layers combined with the denser bottom two layers give the mattress a balanced plush-yet-supportive feel.

It’s soft enough to help you relax and firm enough to support your body.

On a rate of 1 to 10, with 1 being really soft and 10 really hard, I would rate the Nectar mattress at a 5 to 6 on the firmness scale. This is the sweet spot that 80% of sleepers will be comfortable with.

If you’re afraid of buying a mattress sight unseen, only to find out it is not right for you, then Nectar’s generous 1-year return period is there to protect you.

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Many budget foam mattresses have too much sinkage. Sleeping on a bed with too much sinkage feels like you are sleeping in a swamp and can seriously affect your health because of poor support and spinal alignment.

Nectar has engineered its mattress to achieve a moderate of sinkage. This mattress hugs your body without locking it into place, and it creates a comfortable, plush feeling without compromising on support.

Nice job.

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Motion Transfer

Another important issue is motion transfer. This happens when a couple shares a bed and one of them moves – and the disturbance reaches the other person.

Like most memory foam mattresses, motion transfer in the Nectar is minimal. You don’t have to worry about disturbing your partner, at night.

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Hot/Cold Issues

With all that the company has done to improve temperature control, it’s not surprising there are no hot/cold issues with the Nectar mattress.

I found this mattress to be on-par with many latex mattresses, to be honest.

There’s definitely no need for a cooling pad.

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The Nectar mattress engineering is top-notch, and its warranty and return policies simply cannot be beat – which makes its bargain price so surprising.

You can’t break the $1,000 mark with this one. This is an incredibly good product for the price and warranty you’re getting. Here is the full price list:

Twin size $500
Twin XL  $550
Full size  $700
Queen size  $795
King size  $900
California King  $900

If you’d like to finance your purchase, Nectar offers a program that doesn’t involve a credit check – you just need just a source of income.

This is a great option if you want to spread your payments, instead of paying it off at once.

See the Latest Prices at Nectarsleep.com


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Nectar Sleep mattress review - forever warrantyIt sounds unbelievable for a budget-priced foam mattress, but Nectar offers a lifetime warranty.

There is no catch. Standard terms do apply, however. The mattress has to be used properly, must be in the possession of the original buyer and only workmanship and material defects are covered.

Additionally, the warranty states that in the first five years, the company may replace or repair the mattress for free.

After the initial 5 year period, everything is still free, but you will have to cough-up a $50 transportation fee, each way. This fee is waived if the mattress has manufacturing defects.

Most mattress manufacturers offer a 10 or 15 year warranty, with high-end mattresses often carrying a 20- or 25-year term.

Offering a lifetime warranty for such a low-cost mattress is quite the bold move. I don’t know of another company offering this.

It appears that Nectar made their mattress with the best materials and an especially strong foundation, which may warrant that level of confidence.

Read The Warranty


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Return Policy

Nectar’s return policy is just as generous as their lifetime warranty – and equally unique among online mattresses.

For traditional in-store bought mattresses, buyers are often subjected to a 30-day return policy. Returning a mattress to a store also usually involves paying a restocking fee.

Most other online mattresses offer a 60-120 day return period with a hassle-free return process.

But Nectar goes a step further – you can return your Nectar mattress hassle-free for up to a full year after you buy it.

The return process is easy and fast. You can opt to receive another mattress or get a full refund.

Returned mattresses are recycled or given to charity, depending on local codes.

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Pros and Cons


  • One of the best budget foam mattresses I’ve reviewed, with an excellent all-round sleeping experience.
  • High quality materials.
  • Same price as Casper, Tuft and Needle, et al – but with a FAR better warranty.


  • This mattress is heavy. If you do not want white glove delivery, you’ll need a friend to help you with setting it up.
  • Only one firmness level.

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This Mattress is Perfect for You If…

You are looking for a high-quality memory foam mattress at a reasonable price & you want to protect your investment – forever.

The Nectar mattress is near the top of its class in terms of product quality and sleep experience.

The best part is that you can own one for as low as $500. The most popular choice, Queen Size, costs just $795. This is far less than what you would pay at a store.

And just try getting a 1-year return and a LIFETIME WARRANTY from a retail store…

Shop Now at Nectarsleep.com


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With so many bargain foam mattresses for sale online today, it is rare to find a standout deal like this.

But Nectar really has set itself apart.  Their product is really good, their warranty and return policy can’t be beat – and the price is right.

Even in the crowded online foam mattress segment, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nectar grow their customer base really fast simply due to their unique guarantees.

The fact that their mattress is really good is just the icing on the cake.

Shop Now

Buy direct from Nectarsleep.com to obtain the best warranty and return policy, when you make a purchase.

Get The Best Deal at Nectarsleep.com


Lull Mattress Review

Lull mattress review


Keep reading this page for our in-depth review of the Lull mattress.

There is nothing particularly advanced about the Lull memory foam mattress.

It does not tout any special features nor does it introduce any new technology to the world of sleep. But it is still one of the most popular online mattresses today and has even been featured on the Today Show on NBC.

On Amazon, the Lull has a 4.3/5 rating – and it has an equally high rating on Google Trusted Stores. Consumer Reports lists the Lull as a BEST BUY.

This echoes something I keep mentioning in my mattress reviews:

It is not the technology nor sexy features that matter – the sleeping experience is the most important aspect of a mattress.

Despite its lack of ‘cutting-edge’ features, the Lull mattress is easily comparable to others costing $2,000 or more.

If you love the comfort and hip-hugging feel of a memory foam mattress, you are going to like this one.

Let’s go deeper and what the Lull Mattress has to offer.

Table of Contents

This page has a LOT of information. Use this table of contents to skip to the features you care most about.

To return to this outline, touch ↑ Table of Contents.

About Lull

Lull mattress

Lull was started out of the frustration experienced in the traditional mattress buying process. Not only are store-bought mattresses ridiculously expensive, buying them is riddled with endless irritations.

Like many other direct-to-customer online mattresses, Lull is trying to introduce a better and cheaper way for people to shop for a mattress. They have a lot of big names to go up against including Casper, Saatva and Leesa.

By early indications, Lull seems to be gaining a sizable following of its own.

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Social Impact

Social impact lull mattress

At a time when there is a lot of heated discussion regarding jobs and employment, Lull has decided to do all of their manufacturing in the United States.

This provides much-needed local jobs as well as ensuring that the highest standards of manufacturing are adhered to.

Additionally, the company works with several charities to give away mattresses returned by customers.

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Purchase Process

Lull mattress buying process

Lull uses an online-only sales model. You will not find Lull mattresses sold in brick and mortar stores.

Currently, you can only buy a Lull on their official website and on Amazon. One thing to note: the return process when you buy directly from Lull.com is different than when you buy on Amazon. More on that below.

You will not be able to choose a soft, medium firm or firm mattress. There is only one medium-firm comfort level that’s designed to fit the sleeping needs and preferences of most sleepers.

The only thing you have to choose is size. Here are the available sizes:

Twin size
Twin XL
Full size
Queen size
King size
California King

When you order, keep an eye out for the latest discounts on the site. You can also take advantage of a financing option provided by Affirm (if approved).

Get The Best Deal at Lull.com


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Delivery Options

Lull works with FedEx to make deliveries within the United States.

Once you place an order, it will take around 2 to 7 days for it to arrive at your door. You will be given a tracking number that you can use to monitor the shipment.

Note that the company does not provide special delivery services. You are responsible for moving the mattress inside and setting it up.

If you need to dispose of your old mattress, you are also responsible for that though Lull has provided a handy mattress disposal guide.

At the moment, Lull delivers mattresses only within the United States free of charge. The company hopes to introduce international shipping sometime in the future.

When the mattress arrives, it is a good idea to have someone to help you carry it inside as it is fairly heavy.

Lay the box on its side and open it to remove the mattress. Cut the plastic cover off the mattress using a pair of scissors and lay out the mattress on a slatted surface box spring, flat platform or on the floor.

The mattress can be slept on right away, although complete expansion will take around 24-48 hours.

Inside the box is a card to guide you on how to unpack the mattress.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Lull mattress styling

Aesthetically, there is nothing that unique about the Lull mattress.

It comes draped in a simple two-tone cover; white on top and gray at the sides. Grooved patterns are designed into the top part.

Nothing notable – but that doesn’t matter much, since you will cover the mattress, anyway.

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As I mentioned in the beginning, Lull does not come in with any groundbreaking tech or features. But it makes good use of existing technology to provide an all-round excellent sleeping experience.

The most notable technology is found in the top comfort layer.

This layer is made of gel-infused viscoelastic memory foam that uses an open cell structure. This is quickly becoming a common technique used by online mattresses.

The main purpose of adding gel to the memory foam is to keep temperature under control by dissipating heat away from your body.

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Lull mattress construction

Lull uses a layered foam structure to create the perfect balance of comfort and support. Each layer is constructed using a different type of foam and designed for a specific purpose.

The mattress is 10 inches thick, which is a typical thickness for a mattress in this price range.

All of the foams used in the Lull mattress are CentiPUR-US certified. This means they have been rigorously assessed and found to lack dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, ozone depleters and chemical flame retardants.

Not only does this protect the health & safety of customers, it also protects the environment.

Lull is also a member of Sustainable Furnishings Council, which requires it to adhere to a minimal carbon imprint, a recycling culture and proper disposal of un-recyclable by-products.

Here is a detailed breakdown of each layer – and what it does for you.

1. Top/comfort layer (1.5 inches)

The top layer is considered the most important by many people, because it has the most direct impact on how you experience a mattress. It impacts your comfort level and cooling, the most.

For its top layer, Lull uses a proven material, viscoelastic foam, for comfort. Viscoelastic foam is was developed decades ago by NASA for use in the space shuttle. It is the original memory foam that has been proven great at providing support while remaining plush and comfortable.

One of the biggest advantages of viscoelastic foam is the ability to mold itself around the sleeper’s body. This helps eliminate pressure points, especially for people with back and joint problems.

It also produces that cozy ‘hug’ that memory foam mattresses are known for.

To keep things cool, Lull also infuses the top VE foam layer with a gel that aids in distributing heat at night.

While the gel-infused memory foam of Lull mattress may never be as good at staying cool as latex foam, it is a great improvement.

Finally, the top foam layer uses an open-cell structure which further aids in distributing heat as well as moisture away from the surface of the mattress.

So if you tend to sleep hot at night, the Lull mattress will ensure that you still sleep dry and cozy.

2. Transition layer (1.5 inches)

The second transitional layer of the Lull mattress is designed for support. Support is a make-or-break aspect for a mattress. An inadequate level of it leads to a multitude of problems such as back pain, joint pain, sore neck, poor sleep and tired mornings.

Lull uses a proprietary blend of premium foam to provide natural spinal alignment to the sleeper. This ensures that you sleep comfortably and wake up without pain or soreness.

Getting the support right is perhaps the trickiest part of designing a mattress. Some mattresses will make the top layer too plush with excess sinkage, while others make it as hard as a rock.

The transitional layer of the Lull mattress is made firm to counterbalance the soft-feel of the top layer. This is what creates that sweet spot between soft comfort and firm support.

It is a spot that too many mattresses miss, resulting in either a too-firm mattress or a too-soft one, both of which are terrible for your back. Good job.

3. Foundational layer (7 inches)

The bulk of the mattress is a 7-inch foundational layer made from high-density polyurethane foam. This is the overall support layer, not just for the sleeper but for the entire mattress as well.

The purpose of the foundational layer is to ensure that the mattress retains its structure and firmness after years of use. It is crucial in preventing the dreaded “middle-aged sag” that makes some mattresses virtually unusable after just a few years.

Polyurethane foam is used in many online foam mattresses for their foundation because it is super-durable and dense enough to provide excellent support, while keeping prices very low.

That said, it’s not organic nor the softest or coolest material to sleep on.

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As much thought has gone into designing the cover as into designing the various layers of the mattress.

The Lull mattress cover is made from locally sourced fabrics (polyester and rayon) and is designed to add to the comfort and breathability of the mattress.

The white fabric is incredibly soft to the touch. It feels quite stretchy when you tug on it.

For fire resistance, Lull does not resort to toxic chemicals used by some traditional store mattresses. Rayon cellulose fiber mixed with polyester and fine grained sand forms a natural and effective fire barrier to keep you safe.

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Another unfortunate characteristic associated with memory foam is off-gassing.

The manufacturing process for VE foam leaves the foam with a certain unpleasant odor that is felt immediately the mattress is unpackaged.

In most cases, the smell is not toxic and will go away in a day or two.

The Lull mattress has a new-mattress odor that is common in foam but is not harmful at all. Remember that the mattress has passed through a stringent CentiPUR-US certification process.

Normally, the Lull’s new-mattress smell will be completely gone within a few days.

But if you hate the smell, I suggest airing out the mattress for 24-48 hours. Leave it standing against the wall in a well ventilated room or your garage.

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Sleeping Experience

For me, sleeping experience is the all-important measure of a mattress. Too often, companies will use fancy words and hyped up features to hide the fact that the sleeping experience sucks.

From what we have seen so far, the Lull memory foam mattress has a great mix of comfort and support that most people will find more than satisfying.

If you look at the many customer and expert reviews online, you’ll notice that most people report a positive sleeping experience. The mattress appears to provide just the right amount of firmness for most people – and it does not compromise on anything when it comes to support, cooling and safety.

We are now going to dive into more detail on this, by covering the four aspects of sleeping experience that matter to most people: firmness, sinkage, motion transfer and temperature control.

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While there are many sleepers whose preferences lie in the extremes (very soft or very firm), about 80% of people prefer a medium-firm mattress, which is not too hard and not too soft.

Lull has created a single-comfort-level mattress which is solidly in the medium-firm range. It is firm enough to give you the support you need but also soft enough to be comfortable.

I would rate the firmness at around 5 to 6 out of 10, with 1 being extremely soft and 10 being Japanese-bed firm.

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Sinkage is related to the firmness level, but not the same thing.  A mattress that is too firm often has too little sinkage and this negatively impacts both support and comfort. Your hips, shoulders and back press into an unyielding surface, causing pain and soreness.

On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft has too much sinkage, which again negatively affects both support and comfort. You feel like you are lying on a swamp and your back assumes an unnatural bent posture.

Lull has just the right amount of sinkage: enough to provide a cozy ‘hug’ but not too much as to reduce support.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is another important aspect of a mattress, especially for couples.

When one person moves on a mattress, the other does not want to be awakened by the disturbance. Mattresses with too much motion transfer are bad for couples if one or both move around a lot at night.

One of the natural advantages of VE memory foam is that it minimizes motion transfer; so, couples won’t have any problems sleeping on a Lull.

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Hot/Cold Issues

Memory foam is notorious for heating too much, when you sleep on it.

To counter this, Lull makes use of gel-infused foam in an open cell foam structure.

The result is a mattress with minimal hot issues. No need to spend money on a cooling pad, either.

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Lull mattress is priced about the same as most other budget online mattresses, between $550 and $950.

Compared to traditional in-store memory foam mattresses, though, the savings are huge. A similar mattress in a store can easily cost $2,000 or more.

Below is the full price list of the Lull mattress on their website. Pricing on on Amazon may vary (but beware the warranty).

Twin size $550
Twin XL  $600
Full size  $750
Queen size  $850
King size  $950
California King  $950

The company is currently offering buyers the option of financing their Lull mattress purchases through Affirm. If you qualify, you’ll get instant approval and 0% APR financing.

If you prefer paying out the full cost more gradually, this is a good alternative for you to consider.

Get The Best Deal at Lull.com


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Don’t forget to read the warranty statement before making a purchase – and ask for clarifications where things are not clear.

Lull provides an industry-standard 10-year warranty that covers material defects and workmanship issues.

Their warranty statement will guide you on the exact defects that are covered, how to make a claim and how long it will take for your claim to be reviewed.

Read The Warranty at Lull.com


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Return Policy

Most online mattresses have generous return policies spanning between 60 and 120 days.

Lull lets you to test their mattress in your homes for 100 days; if you are not satisfied, Lull will arrange a return. Once you initiate a return, the company will arrange a pickup and then donate the mattress to charity or recycle it depending on local regulations.

With one big caveat: the 100-day trial period only applies if you buy from the Lull website.

Buying from Amazon restricts you to 30-day return period, though this is still long enough to tell whether a mattress is the right one.

I strongly recommend you buy from the company’s website.

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Lull provides free shipping within the contiguous United States. No shipping is provided internationally or to customers in Alaska and Hawaii.

Once your mattress is shipped via FedEx, you can easily track it via a tracking number.

Currently, there are no special shipping options (e.g. expedited shipping) available on their website, although you can call and request special assistance.

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Pros and Cons


  • Excellent price
  • For a no-frills budget memory foam mattress, Lull provides excellent temperature control.
  • Great support and comfort.
  • Easy and convenient buying process.


  • Some off-gassing.
  • Not ideal for those who want some bounce in their mattress (for sex, etc,).
  • No choice in firmness level.

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This Mattress is Perfect for You If…

You love the comfort and coziness of memory foam, you want an especially cool and comfortable top layer, and you want to save a lot of money.

The Lull mattress has managed to eliminate most of the bad characteristics of memory foam (temperature & inadequate support) to create a mattress with a really great sleeping experience, especially for the price.

The middle-of-the-road comfort level this mattress delivers works well for most kinds of sleepers especially side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

If you sleep wth a partner, then you will also love the minimal motion transfer in this mattress.

For those with back or joint problems, the Lull mattress provides adequate spinal support and alignment, while the top comfort layer ensures that you will not experience uncomfortable pressure points.

Get The Best Deal at Lull.com


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Overall, the Lull mattress is great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality memory foam mattress at an affordable price.

The word is out, too. Lull has managed to rack up a lot of attention in the short time it has been around, thanks to a quality product and plenty of positive customer reviews.

Hopefully, we are going to see more great products from them in the future.

If this is not the kind of foam mattress you are looking for, then take a look at our other favorites: the budget-minded Leesa, the softer Alexander Signature Select, the organic Keetsa Pillow Plus or the super-customizable Helix.

Shop Now

The best deals are normally found on Lull.com. Plus, the warranty and return policies are better if you buy from their site vs. from a  3rd party like Amazon.

Get The Best Deal at Lull.com


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Mattress Reviews

Buying a Mattress Online - Read our Best Mattress Reviews and Comparisons

The Best Mattress Reviews Online

Shopping online for a mattress used to be easy… if a bit limiting.

A couple of years ago, there were only a few companies selling mattresses online – so your choices were clear. But that’s all changed.

Today, we are in the midst of a genuine revolution in how mattresses are manufactured and sold.

There are more than 50 companies selling mattresses online on 100s of websites.

You can also find many popular new brands like Tuft and Needle, Purple and GhostBed on Amazon.com & Walmart.com for the same low price as on the manufacturer’s website; sometimes, even lower (if you can stomach “slightly used”).

Even hardcore store brands like Sealy and Tempurpedic sell online, today!

With so many websites to visit and so many different coupons and discounts floating around, shopping online for a mattress can eat up a lot of your time.

It can get downright frustrating – just to build a short list!

And, while it’s true that online competition has driven the price of a great mattress down by 30-50% (yay!), you still can’t ignore the fact that,

Buying a mattress is a significant investment.

That’s why my husband and I created SleepDelivered.com – a site dedicated to reviewing the best mattresses sold online.

The goal of SleepDelivered is to help you quickly:

  • create your short list
  • understand the major differences between the most popular mattresses sold online; and,
  • make a final selection based on facts – not a sales pitch.

OK, enough of all the explaining – let’s get to the reviews!

The Best Mattresses We’ve Reviewed (So Far)

Listed below are the best online mattresses my husband and I have reviewed, sorted by our overall score.

Every mattress we review is assigned an overall 5-star quality rating which ranges from 1.0 (I can’t sleep on it) to 5.0 (best of the best).  To do this, we look at 16 different criteria (keep reading to learn more).

We only publish reviews of mattresses that rate a 4.0 or higher on this scale.

How To Use Our Comparison Tables

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MattressRatingPriceDescriptionOur TakeComfort ChoicesWarrantyIn-Home TrialDeliveryAvoid IfGreat Choice IfShop Now
Saatva mattress review
4.9$699-$1399Luxury innerspring mattress.A luxury innerspring mattress that compares with the finest retail products.Firm
Med. Firm
15 years120 nights7-15 daysyou don't like the feel of a spring mattressyou're considering a Simmons Beautyrest, Kingsdown Ashley, Sterns & Foster Ashley or Serta iSeriesSaatvaMattress.com
Plushbeds Botanical Bliss
PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review - cover shot
4.8$1199-$2699Luxury organic latex mattressThe best-sleeping, highest-quality 100% latex mattress sold online. All-natural materials, lots of options, and a super-long warranty.Firm,
Med. Firm,
25 years100 nights2 weeksyou're bargain-shopping. Not cheap! Still costs far less than a comparable store-bought brand, though.you are a no-compromise, environmentally-sensitive shopper. This one has it all.Plushbeds.com
Nest Alexander Hybrid

Nest Alexander Hybrid Signature Select best hybrid mattress
4.8$799-$1499Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattressA super-comfy, cool-sleeping hybrid mattress that's just about perfect for loving couples. One of the best we've tested.Medium Soft
Medium Firm
20 years100 nights7 daysyou want to customize it - this is a one-size-fits-all sleeper.you - if you're partner moves around a lot at night; zero motion transfer!NestBedding.com
Sapira by Leesa
Sapira Mattress Review - hero shot
4.7$825-$1775Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattressA luxury hybrid mattress with a great bounce & excellent support - at a great price.Med Firm10 years100 nights4-10 daysyou need a firmer or softer comfort level; Sapira doesn't offer a choiceyou want the comfort of foam and the support & durability of pocketed coilsSapira
Nest Alexander Signature Series
Nest Alexander Hybrid Signature Select mattress review - modern platform bed
4.7$899-$1399Luxury organic memory foam mattressA premium, natural gel-over-latex foam mattress that sleeps cool and can be customized to your comfort level.Firm
Med. Firm
20 years100 nights7 daysyou're all about the lowest priceyou're shopping for Tempurpedic - you'll save at least $1,000NestBedding.com
Helix mattress review - couple on bed
4.7$600-$995High-quality hybrid mattress. Custom-fit to sleep style & body.An excellent memory foam mattress that is custom-fit to your unique sleeping habits, body and preferences.Custom-fit10 years100 nights6-13 daysa cheap foam mattress will doyou want or need a custom-fit mattress; and couples who need different comfort levelsHelixSleep.com
Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress - uncovered in modern bedroom
4.7$699-$1299High-quality proprietary foam mattressAn incredibly comfortable and affordable foam mattress that adapts itself to your body like no other.Soft+Firm Combination10 years100 nights7-14 daysyou need a Twin or Full size mattress (they don't sell them)you're OK trying something new - their technology is truly uniqueAmazon.com
Nest Love Bed
Nest Love Bed - naked on frame
4.7$599-$899High-quality latex mattress.With a recently-updated design, The Love Bed remains one of the best mattresses you can buy for sex.Firm
Med. Firm
10 years100 nights7 daysyou don't like latex or a lot of bounceyou plan to give your bed a workout, and don't want to pay too muchNestBedding.com
Leesa vs. Dromma mattress comparison - Dromma Bed
4.7$549-$949High quality latex-memory foam mattressIf you're considering Casper, Leesa or Endy, then Dr̦omma should be on your short list. Arguably the best value in its class.Med Soft.
Med Firm
12 years200 nights3-5 daysyou don't like a lot of bounce or you're allergic to latexyou care about the environment, love a great deal and want a choice of firmnessDr̦ommaBed.com
Loom and Leaf
Loom and Leaf mattress review - mattress in luxury bedroom
4.7$699-$1499Luxury memory foam mattressA luxury organic memory foam mattress that easily matches the sleep experience of premium store brands, for far less money.Firm
Med. Firm
15 years120 nights7-15 daysyou need a soft mattress - this one's a bit firmyou want a luxurious organic foam mattress - without the high priceLoomAndLeaf.com
Leesa vs Dromma - Leesa mattress uncovered on bed
4.6$500-$950High-quality foam mattressThe best one-size-fits-all memory foam mattress sold online. Sleeps noticeably better than Casper, for the same price.Medium10 years100 nights7-10 daysyou prefer a softer or firmer feel than normal.you want the best high quality memory foam mattress you can buy, at a bargain priceLeesa.com
Nectar4.6$500-$900High-quality foam mattressGreat mattress; best warranty in the biz.Med. FirmLifetime365 nights3-5 daysyou prefer a softer or firmer feel than normal.you want to protect your investment.Nectar
Bear Mattress
best mattresses 2016 - shopping online
4.6$650-$950High-quality memory foam mattress made for athletesDesigned for active athletes, this may be the coolest-sleeping memory foam mattress sold onlineMed. Firm10 years100 nights4-7 daysyou prefer a comfort level other than medium-firm. This mattress is one-size-fits-all.you need a memory foam mattress that sleeps exceptionally dry and cool.BearMattress.com
Endy Beds
Endy Mattress - on platform bed
4.6$650-$850High quality memory foam mattress made in CanadaAn excellent Canadian-made memory foam mattress that's better, cheaper and a bit softer than Casper.Med. Soft10 years100 nights3-7 daysyou prefer a firm mattress or need a less-common size (they only offer 4).you like your foam mattress a little on the soft side.EndySleep.com
Yogabed mattress review - hero shot
4.6$599-$949Quality memory foam mattressreview coming soon!Med. Firm10 years101 nights7-10 daysreview coming soon!review coming soon!Amazon.com
Amerisleep Colonial mattress review - hero shot
4.5$749-$3,398Eco-friendly memory foam mattressesGreat support, a choice of 5 comfort levels, the latest bio-friendly foams and a cool+dry night's sleep. What more could you want from a memory foam mattress?Soft
Med. Soft
Med. Firm
20 years100 nights5-10 daysyou're shopping for a medium-firm foam mattress; Leesa is the better/cheaper choiceyou're an eco-minded buyer who needs a firmer or softer mattress than most.Amazon.com
Tuft & Needle
4.5$350-$750Budget foam mattressThe cheapest memory foam mattress sold online - that doesn't sacrifice on quality or comfort. Excellent customer service, too.Med. Firm10 years
100 nights1-5 daysyou need a firmer or softer mattress; everyone gets the same (medium firm).you are looking for a bargain memory foam mattress.Amazon.com
4Sleep mattress review - hero shot
4.5$549-$999Quality memory foam mattressreview coming soon!Med. Firm10 years100 nights7 daysreview coming soon!review coming soon!Amazon.com
Live & Sleep
Live and Sleep mattress review - hero shot
4.5$599-899Quality memory foam mattressreview coming soon!Med. Firm10 years100 nights7-10 daysreview coming soon!review coming soon!Amazon.com
Keetsa Pillow Plus
4.5$576-$996Quality organic hybrid mattressTop-quality organic luxury for a discount price. You'll have a hard time finding a better organic mattress at this price anywhere.Med. Firm12 years90 nights
10% restock fee
5-7 daysyou aren't really sure (Keetsa's return policy isn't the best)you want a real organic mattress, but also a good dealKeetsa.com
Brooklyn Bedding
brooklyn bedding mattress review - hero shot
4.5$450-$1050High quality latex mattress made by industry veteransreview coming soon!Firm
Med. Firm
10 years120 nights6-9 daysreview coming soon!review coming soon!Amazon.com
Winkbeds mattress review - hero shot
4.4$599-$1349Luxury hybrid foam + spring mattress.review coming soon!Med. Firm10 years101 nights7-10 daysreview coming soon!review coming soon!WinkBeds.com
Casper mattress review - hero shot
4.2$500-$950High-quality foam mattress. All synthetic.The original one-size-fits-all memory foam mattress. Still a great bargain, but Leesa, Dromma and Bear are better choices at this price.Med. Firm10 years100 nights2-5 daysyou don't like all-synthetic foam or need choice in comfort level.you want a simple, cheap medium-firm mattress - from a company that's been around more than a few monthsCasper

Considering a mattress we haven’t reviewed?  Leave me a message on our contact form.

Mattress Reviews – by Type & Need

Looking for a list of the best mattresses of a particular type, or for your sleeping style, or for some other specific need?

We’ve got you covered!

Click on the subject that interests you to reveal a hand-picked short list of mattresses in a mobile-friendly table.

For each mattress listed, we provide details on the features you should consider when buying a mattress online.

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How We Review A Mattress (Without Selling Our Soul)

Sleepdelivered mattress reviews - macbook pro on bedMy team and I have researched and reviewed more than 20 mattresses sold online, so far.

Like most other review websites, we use affiliate links to pay the bills.  That’s it.

To preserve our objectivity, we don’t “sell access” to retailers and manufacturers the way that other mattress review sites do.

For example:

  • We don’t accept free merchandise. We buy our mattresses online using our own money, just like you would. We do this under another person’s name, so they don’t know that it’s us.
  • We never contact a manufacturer until after we’ve published their review. After we go to press, we send them a link & ask them to check our facts – but not our opinions.
  • We don’t “sell access” to our readers. We don’t sell ad space, guest posts, paid email promotions, or any other form of access or “influencer marketing” B.S.
  • Our choice of mattresses is not based on whether or not we’ll get paid for reviewing it.

In contrast, most mattress review sites accept free merchandise in exchange for their review. This turns the website into a pay-for-review business, because the reviewer is free to sell those mattresses off on eBay/Amazon when they’re done.


How We Select A Mattress To Review

First off: we’re not trying to document the world!

I have but one husband to donate to science – and this isn’t my full time job.

So, I’ll keep buying and testing the mattresses that interest me the most.

That aside, I do look at existing ratings and verified customer reviews before selecting a mattress to review. It has to look like a winner before I’ll waste my time reviewing it.

Like you, I only want to review – and sleep on – the best of the best.

I Don’t Work Alone

Sleepdelivered - teamwork

Like every good website these days, I rely on a few good people to help me pull this thing off.

I employ fact-checkers, researchers, draft writers, web designers and graphics experts to make this site do what it does.


I Write Every Review Myself

See My 5-Step Mattress Review Process

On my team, I focus on writing and editing the reviews.

I like to think that my reviews are the most thorough and the most accurate mattress reviews online.

I write every one of my 10-minute mattress reviews like I’m writing a letter to my best friend to explain everything anyone could ever want to know about this mattress.

In each, I cover everything you could want to know about that mattress: the company, the sleeping experience, how it compares with its closest alternatives – plus the features that matter most when buying a mattress online.

To keep things fair and balanced, I also scrub the internet for other people’s impressions.

On top of this, I hire a fact-checker (yes, a real job) to check our reviews periodically against the manufacturer’s website, to make sure we don’t miss any important changes. For example, Nest recently updated its Love Bed, and other mattresses change their materials from time to time.

But to be honest, all I can document is what I learned and experienced.

Your experience WILL differ.

That’s why…

I Consider Other Reviews

Sleepdelivered mattress reviews - compare with other reviews

To give you the fairest picture of how a mattress performs for most people, I look at more than just my experience when assigning an overall score.

In fact, I have to, if I want to be ‘fair and balanced’, to you.

That’s because most mattresses are sold in a variety of firmness levels, configurations and versions.

Like most mattress reviewers, I only test one comfort level and one version of a given mattress in my home

I don’t test every possible combination. No one does that, to my knowledge.

In order to broaden my review to cover all variations, we research and factor-in what other reviewers have said about the mattress.

I even sometimes adjust my overall rating of a mattress based on the general consensus of other reviewers.

Finally, the ratings and reviews on this site are updated periodically, whenever new information comes in from the manufacturer or we receive important input from other reviewers and our readers.

Mattress Rating Criteria

sleepdelivered mattress reviews - rating comparison criteria

My team and I score every mattress I review with an overall 5-star rating, from 1 star (unusable) to 5 stars (perfect every night). To assign that rating, we consider the following features and criteria:

  1. The Company Behind the Mattress
  2. Social Commitment
  3. Online Order Process
  4. Price
  5. Shipping, Delivery & Setup
  6. Firmness & Comfort Choices
  7. Technology & Materials
  8. Mattress Construction
  9. Cooling Performance
  10. Motion Transfer
  11. Sinkage
  12. Edge Support
  13. Off-Gassing
  14. In-Home Trial
  15. Returns & Refund Policy
  16. Warranty

Continue reading to learn about each of these factors and how it contributes to my overall 5-star quality rating.

1. The Company Behind the Mattress

Sapira Mattress Review - company team

All things equal, we’ll score an established brand higher than new startup, because:

  1. Their products have been tested in the real world, longer
  2. Their warranties have been tested, too
  3. They likely have more cash on hand to weather market downturns, which will matter to you a lot if you ever need that warranty!

We also take into account the reputation of the company with its current customers.

2. Social Commitment

Dromma Bed - social impact made in USA

Another thing we look at is the company’s commitment to their community and to the environment.

Most mattress-in-a-box companies today have some sort of social program or work with charities to donate returned mattresses and/or provide new mattresses to their community. Some go beyond that, however, to donate a portion of their revenues to people in need.

In addition, we consider the company’s commitment to maintaining a safe and clean environment. We look at whether they use clean manufacturing processes, we look at the materials they use in their mattresses, and we look at whether they adhere to the latest environmental standards.

3. Online Order Process

Bear mattress review - order form online

It’s important to us that the company is easy to do business with. If their order process or related customer service isn’t top-notch, then we will take points off.

This is rarely the case with online mattress companies, today, except in a few instances where the website was down, prices/discounts didn’t match their marketing, and people were hard to get hold of when we needed them.

We really haven’t seen that many issues, so far.

4. Price

Saatva mattress review - price table FROM WEBSITE

We believe our readers care as much about value-for-money as anything else, so this criteria carries a very heavy weighting in our 5-star scoring system.

We try to be as fair as possible by comparing a mattress against its closest rivals to determine “relative value”.

But straight-up price is the biggest factor.

5. Shipping, Delivery & Setup

Leesa vs. Casper - Leesa delivery box

This category carries a moderate weighting, but it can be important for some mattresses due to their weight / difficulty in setting up – and if shipping costs are extra.

Some of the questions we ask here include:

  • Did the company deliver on time, as promised?
  • Is there an option to arrange for help when setting up / unpacking the mattress, especially if it is heavy?
  • Do extra shipping charges apply? In what situations / geographies?
  • Can we change shipping location or date, after we order?
  • Will the company remove our old mattress? For what fee?

6. Firmness & Comfort Choices

Nest Alexander Hybrid Signature Select - comfort level

This is more of a characteristic of a particular mattress than a comparison feature. So we don’t give it too much weight in our scores.

That said, it does matter if the company offers comfort choices that meet everyone’s needs.

And, it matters a LOT to me if the comfort level I ordered feels like it should – or doesn’t.

7. Technology & Materials

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review - mattress construction latext foam layers

The materials and technology of a mattress can’t be separated from how well the mattress performs. Performance always trumps technology.

That said, when we consider value-for-money, the choice of materials and technology does come into play.

In general, we assign higher scores for mattresses that incorporate new, high-performance technologies that actually make a difference in cooling, support, comfort, motion control, bounce, etc.

Re-marketing a memory foam under a fancy new name won’t get points from us.

8. Mattress Construction

Saatva mattress - coil-on-coil construction

How a mattress is constructed literally defines its support, comfort and sleeping experience – and its useful life.

This is important – but not as important as the sleeping experience it delivers – so, it carries a medium weighting in our scoring system.

We look at the materials used, the number and function of different layers, and any unique technologies used that actually make a difference in performance.

In general, we rate thicker mattresses (>12”) higher – for two reasons:

  1. a thicker mattress will usually last longer than a thin one; this is especially true for foam mattresses (because: physics)
  2. thicker mattresses can accommodate more layers and more complex support systems that can be tweaked/engineered with more precision. This is probably why thicker mattresses usually sleep better, in our experience.

We also give credit for more complex layering – when it’s done with a purpose.

9. Cooling Performance

Tuft and Needle - heat transfer

We’ll ding a mattress if it sleeps too hot or too cold, at night.

Most online mattresses we test don’t have a cooling performance problem, but a few have been flagged.

Now, I live in the Deep South (US), where it’s brutally hot 6-7 months of the year. And, my husband hates a hot mattress. So if a mattress sleeps hot, we WILL find out.

10. Motion Transfer

motion transfer

Motion transfer is important for anyone who sleeps with another creature, whether that happens to be a husband, a wife… or a dog.

A mattress gets high marks if no little-to-no motion is transferred from one point on the mattress to another. It gets a low score if all it takes is a cough to wake my husband.

11. Sinkage

casper mattress review - mattress sinkage

Sinkage is a measure of how deeply your body sinks into a mattress when you lie on it or press on it.

The amount of sinkage you want in your mattress depends on the type of sleeper you are. If you sleep on your side, then a little more sinkage is preferable. If you sleep on your back, then you probably want less.

On this criteria, we’ll remove points if the sinkage of a mattress is excessive, if it doesn’t give at least an inch, or doesn’t match the company’s claims.

12. Edge Support

Nest Alexander Signature Select mattress review - sinkage test

Edge Support is how well the mattress holds its position under pressure, along its edges.

No one wants a soft, overly-compliant edge on their bed, so we deduct points if a mattress folds under pressure too easily.

13. Smell / Off-Gassing

sleepdelivered mattress reviews - off gassing smell

Most all-foam mattresses and mattresses made with foam layers will emit volatile organic compound (VOC) vapors when new. This process is called off-gassing.

These days, the gases emitted by foam aren’t toxic or dangerous. But the smell annoys some people.

The two questions we ask here include:

  1. how noticeable and unpleasant is the “new mattress” smell? and,
  2. how long does the smell last?

14. In-Home Trial

Purple Mattress - Sleeping Experience

Most online mattress companies offer a free, no-risk in home trial lasting between 30 and 220 nights.

In truth, though, you shouldn’t ever need more than 30 to 60 days to try a mattress in your home.

For this reason, we don’t give this criteria that much weight.

If the return window falls within a 60-day window or if a company offers an extraordinarily long trial period that might change your mattress-owning strategy completely, then we’ll change its score.

15. Returns & Refunds

sleepdelivered mattress reviews - refund

Related to the in-home trial is the mattress company’s refund and return policy. This category carries a heavy weighting in our scoring system, and for good reason.

Mattress return/refund policies differ in the conditions under which they will refund your purchase price and/or accept a returned mattress.

For example, some manufacturers will only provide a refund if the mattress isn’t abused or “used improperly”.

Others require that you provide the right sort of support/foundation under your mattress throughout your use of it.

Both of these situations can be hard to prove, if you are challenged on it. Not that we’ve heard that many return horror stories – but a few of our readers have complained.

Finally, while most companies refund your entire purchase price, a few of them also charge a restocking and/or pickup fee.

So make sure you read their policy completely.

16. Warranty

sleepdelivered mattress reviews - warranty locks

The quality of a company’s product warranty is the strongest sign a mattress company has faith in its own product, so we give it a lot of weight.

Most online mattress warranties last 10 years, but some companies offer 15, 20 or even 25-year warranties.

And, contrary to what you might think, the price of a mattress doesn’t necessarily correspond to its warranty length. Some inexpensive startups carry extremely long warranties.

So, shop carefully.

Of course, comparing warranties can be tricky. They usually differ in the types of damage they cover and whether the warranty is prorated (refund amount declines with time) or not (far better)

Read the fine print on the warranty, before buying.

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