Regency Bedrooms in Light Lilac with Neoclassicism Style

10 Bold, New Hollywood Regency Bedrooms in Light Lilac

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Hollywood regency bedrooms are a celebration of glitz and glamour.

Think the opulence, extravagance, and “over the top” bedroom decor with everything revealing a rich and expensive look.

In other words, the Hollywood regency style is a display of luxury and visual richness.

For a Hollywood regency bedroom, a light lilac or purple seems to create a dramatic and rich color scheme. It is not necessary to paint the entire room in lilac. Instead, you can give the entire room pops of this shade. Wondering how this works?

Check out these ten bold, new Hollywood regency bedrooms in lilac to find out how you can incorporate this rich color scheme into your space:

1.) A Classic Appeal

Regency Bedrooms in Light Lilac in Classic Appeal

A classical bedroom with highly decorative details, white bed with purple bedding, armchair with tufted back, antique lamps, and a hanging chandelier.

2.) Neoclassicism Style

Regency Bedrooms in Light Lilac with Neoclassicism Style

A Neoclassicism Style bedroom with a classic white bed against an upholstered wall, a heavily designed chandelier, and beige curtains.

3.)  An Additional Resting Place

Bedrooms in Light Lilac with Additional Resting Place

Want to design the seating area of your bedroom?

Pay attention to this bedroom with gilded molded walls against the classic settee, a table, and two armchairs in purple and golden tones.

4.) Luxurious Bed

Regency Bedrooms in Light Lilac with Luxurious Bed

This kind of luxurious bed in purple with a diamond tufted headboard against a decorative purple wall makes a perfect Hollywood regency setting.

5.) Luxurious Bedding

Luxurious Regency Bedrooms in Light Lilac

Luxurious bedding in high gloss fabric will definitely upscale your Hollywood regency bedroom.

6.) Expensive Look

Expensive Regency Bedrooms in Light Lilac

A double bed is revealing a rich look with an upholstered headboard in the bedroom with light lilac walls. Note the small sconces on both sides of the bed.

7.) A Royal Setting

Regency Bedrooms in Light Lilac with Royal Setting

A royal setting with a baroque-style bed with white luxurious bedding and curtains forming a canopy.

8.) Highly Decorative

Decorative Regency Bedrooms in Light Lilac

A highly decorative bedroom in purple with high embellished furniture and fabrics.

9.) A Baroque Style

Regency Bedrooms in Light Lilac in Baroque Style

A Baroque-style bedroom with purple and white walls revealing simple lines, luxurious bedding and pillows, and a boudoir.

10.) Dark Purple

Hollywood Regency Bedrooms in Dark Purple

Dark purple shades turn a bedroom into a luxury cocoon! Besides, Purple has always been a royal color.

Check out this bedroom with a purple bed with button tufted backrest and wall decorations in golden color.

Hence, Hollywood regency bedrooms embrace ornate decors, gold detailing, classic furniture, antique elements, and high-class accessories.

Hope you got some inspiration from our picks! Happy Decorating!

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