Hollywood Teal Bedrooms with Baroque Dream Bed

10 Bold, New Hollywood Regency Bedrooms In Teal

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Hollywood regency bedrooms are popular for their bold and dramatic look. And if there is one color that adds drama and elegance at one time, that is teal.

Somewhere between green and blue, teal is the ultimate color scheme for a luxurious and glamorous bedroom.

Hollywood regency bedrooms are all about glitz and glamour with antique furniture, high gloss fabrics, metallic finishes, etc., and when designed in teal; the whole theme takes a new level.

Check out these ten bold, new Hollywood regency bedrooms in teal to visualize how teal can be the most versatile shade for your sleeping space.

1.) Make it an Accent

Accented Hollywood Regency Teal Bedrooms

If you don’t want your entire bedroom in teal, you can make it an accent! Check out this bedroom with teal accents on the night lamps, bedding, and pillows.

2.) Elegant Baroque Dream Bed

Hollywood Teal Bedrooms with Baroque Dream Bed

There is a glamorous bedroom in teal with a baroque style canopy bed against a decorative wall in teal – a royal setting!

3.) A Teal Coverlet

Hollywood Regency Teal Bedrooms with Coverlet

Again, a classic Provence style setting in white interiors with teal accents on the coverlet!

4.) Most Inexpensive Way

Hollywood Regency Inexpensive Teal Bedrooms

The most inexpensive way to incorporate a royal teal color is to make it through your bedding and pillows.

5.) Decorative Molded Walls

Hollywood Regency Teal Bedrooms with Molded Walls

Hollywood regency bedrooms often feature heavily decorative and molded walls. So, if the decoration is your style, this would suit you.

6.) Seating Area of Your Bedroom

Hollywood Regency Teal Bedrooms with Seating Area

The seating area of your bedroom is a place where you lay down to relax while watching your favorite TV show or reading a book and sometimes, just for a chat. Hence it is also taken into special consideration.

Check out this classic setting with an antique and elegant sofa against a decorative wall with night lamps.

7.) A Classical Appeal

Hollywood Regency Teal Bedrooms with Classical Appeal

A lovely bedroom revealing a classic appeal with an upholstered bed and vintage bedside desk with lamp against a decorative wall in tea.

8.) Lambrequin Curtains

Hollywood Regency Teal Bedrooms

Curtains are one of the most functional as well as a decorative element of any bedroom.

For a Hollywood regency bedroom, classical style Lambrequin Curtains makes an elegant and popular choice.

9.) A Boudoir Area

Hollywood Regency Teal Bedrooms with Boudoir Area

Create a boudoir area into your Hollywood regency bedroom with this kind of boudoir and a classic armchair in teal.

10.) A Royal Setting in Teal

Hollywood Regency Teal Bedrooms with Royal Setting

An elegant bedroom in teal revealing a royal setting with antique furniture sets and teal walls with night lamps.

Designing your space with darker shades makes perfect sense. Darker shades add elegance as well as more intimacy. That’s why teal is the new choice for home interiors.

I hope you got some inspiration from our post! Happy Decorating!

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