A Striped Scandinavian Bedroom Rug

10 Bright & Fresh Scandinavian Bedroom Rugs

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Scandinavian bedrooms are generally light, bright, and have airy spaces that welcome more natural light. Scandinavian bedrooms feature natural elements, subtle fabrics, muted pallets, mock-up frames, few plants, and a lovely rug.

Scandinavian rugs usually come in minimal design and neutral colors for a light and bright feel.

Think thin lines, geometrical shapes, or basic forms, the texture and material are essential to consider too when it comes to bedroom rugs.

Here are ten bright and fresh Scandinavian bedroom rugs that will help you add layer and texture into your space:

1.) A Striped Rug

A Striped Scandinavian Bedroom Rug

A striped rug in white in a clutter-free and bright bedroom setting!

2.) Checked Patterns

Scandinavian Bedroom Rug with Checked Patterns

Checked patterns make a perfect choice for a Scandinavian rug!

3.) A Round Rug

A Round Scandinavian Bedroom Rug

A round rug in the white shade is a perfect choice for a light, bright and airy bedroom.

4.) A Jute Rug

A Jute Scandinavian Bedroom Rug

Jute rugs bring a more natural vibe to any bedroom.

5.) Graphic Patterns

Scandinavian Bedroom Rug with Graphic Patterns

Rug with graphic patterns makes a wonderful choice for a modern Scandinavian bedroom.

6.) A Fur Rug

Scandinavian Fur Bedroom Rug

A fur rug gives a soft and comfortable feeling to your feet and enhances the bedroom's overall aesthetic.

7.) A Grey Plush Rug

A Grey Plush Scandinavian Bedroom Rug

If you love to lie on the floor sometimes, this grey plush rug is a perfect thing for you.

8.) A Cotton Rug

A Cotton Scandinavian Bedroom Rug

A cotton rug, pouf, and plush toy in a bright child's bedroom interior, with a window and a blue bed.

9.) A Round Beige Jute Rug with a Floral Pattern

 A Round Beige Jute Rug with a Floral Pattern

A lovely rug design in jute is perfect for a Scandinavian or boho bedroom.

10.) Honeycomb Pattern

Scandinavian Bedroom Rug with Honeycomb Pattern

Modern rectangular beige jute carpet with a honeycomb pattern is a wonderful thing for your Scandinavian bedroom.

Hope now you got the idea for a perfect rug for your Scandinavian bedroom! Besides a bedroom rug, add a few plants near windows, mock-up frames, pouf, subtle fabrics, etc.

Happy Decorating!

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