Boho Chic Teal Bedrooms with Spring Flowers

10 Eclectic & Interesting Boho Chic Bedrooms in Teal

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With its perfectly balanced merger of soothing green and calming blue tones, teal is the next trendy color for a bedroom — where the goal is to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Maybe it's the hope of spring's longer days and summer weather, but teal's fresh and spirited vibe feels particularly timely.

The greenish-blue shade plays nicely with an array of interior design styles from contemporary to traditional, but we are mainly fond of how it elevates bohemian-inspired spaces.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Read on to visualize how to pull off a teal bohemian bedroom with perfection.

1.) Spring Flowers

Boho Chic Teal Bedrooms with Spring Flowers

As spring is coming, it would be excellent to decorate your teal bedroom with spring flowers.

2.) A Traditional Setting

Boho Chic Teal Bedroom with Traditional Setting

A classic bedroom with ethnic decor, comfortable bed, lamps on wooden nightstand tables, painting at the wall, woven ornament carpet on the floor, and exotic cactus plant in basket

3.) Fusion of Green & Orange

Green & Orange Boho Chic Teal Bedrooms

A beautifully decorated bedroom revealing a perfect fusion of green and orange with a large comfortable bed, artwork hanging on the wall, jute baskets, and a white night lamp standing on the floor.

4.) Warm & Cozy

Warm & Cozy Boho Chic Teal Bedroom

A warm and cozy bedroom in dark tones with a comfortable bed, a plant in a jute basket, and a nightstand with wooden legs.

5.) Add a Teal Futon

Boho Chic Bedroom with Teal Futon

Check out this bedroom with a teal futon, a fur rug, and baskets on both sides of the futon.

6.) White & Teal Makes a Lovely Pair

White & Teal Boho Chic Bedroom

Check out this lovely bedroom in teal and white with everything you need for a restful atmosphere.

7.) White Macrame

White Macrame Boho Chic Teal Bedroom

A white macrame on the teal wall is a good choice to elevate the overall space. Note the leaf printed bedding, white armchair, flowers in a vase on the wooden cube, books, and elegant accessories.

8.) Teal Accents

Boho Chic Bedroom with Teal Accents

Check out this white bedroom with teal accents on the bedding and pillows and a picture on the wall.

9.) Wooden Walls in Teal

Boho Chic Teal Bedroom with Wooden Walls

Check out this bedroom with teal walls made with wooden planks against a comfortable bed in white and blue.

10.) Rattan Furniture Set

Boho Chic Teal Bedrooms with Rattan Furniture Set

Rattan furniture sets always make a lovely choice for a boho bedroom, no matter the color scheme.

Hence if you want a bold yet relaxing color for your bedroom, teal makes a perfect choice. As bohemian bedrooms often feature artistic details, there are more ways to play with teal color.

I hope you got some inspiration from our picks! Happy Decorating!

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