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10 Great Products For People Who Eat In Bed

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Do you sleep in bed alone or share one with someone else?

You're at the right place.

What's In This Guide?

We cover the most common sleep problems faced by people who eat in bed and suggest some of the best products available to help them rest better.

What Problems Can Occur While Eating In Bed

Let's first talk about the most common challenges when eating in beds.

If your partner sleeps in your bedroom or your children sleep in your room, they might be causing some of these issues.

Food Crumbs

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

It doesn't matter how careful you are; inevitably, some bits of food will end up on the bed.

Food crumbs are unpleasant to lie down on, and they can make your bedding less hygienic and attract bugs and insects to your room.

If you want to avoid cleaning up crumbs from your bed every night, keep a handheld cordless vacuum handy, so you can quickly sweep them away.

We enjoy using our Shark WV201 Wandvac handheld vacuum.


Indeed, bedbugs don't like human food. However, if you've been sleeping in an infested bedroom for some time, it might be worthwhile checking out for bug infestation.

It doesn't mean there won't be any bugs bothering you. Roach droppings don't draw them, but cockroaches do.

The smell of sugar and starch foods and meats and dairy brings roaches into your bedroom. They don't always appear on the mattresses; they often hide in the bed frames' crevices and crannies.

If you lift up your bedding, you might see them scampering under there in the dark.

To prevent roaches from crawling into your bed, make sure your bed is kept clean and free of any food. Once you've finished your meal, clean up any leftover bits of food from the table using a vacuum cleaner.

Don't forget to vacuum around the bed area as well. Every few days, lift the mattress and vacuum under it to get any food crumbs hiding in the slats and bed frame.

You can use any vacuum cleaner, but a handheld one like our top pick, the Shark WV201 WANDVAC, is easier and more convenient to use.

Rodents And Other Pests

It's not just roaches you need to worry about. Food waste, crumbs, and spills in and around the bed can attract other pests to your bedroom.

These include rodents like mice and insects like ants.

Again, regular and thorough cleaning is the best way to keep away pests.

In addition to vacuuming, ensure you put away any food waste and scraps where pests can't reach them. We recommend an airtight bedside trash bin. Our favorite one for the bedside is the Lunies 2.4 Gal trash can.

Stains On Bedding

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

Turmeric, tomato sauce, or red wines are some of the hardest foods to remove from clothes.

You should avoid them at all costs.

There are several ways to solve this problem.

Place your meal on a bed tray or an overbed table. That helps prevent spills from happening on the bed. We recommend the Pipishell bed tray for its design and quality.

If you want an overbed table that adjusts to fit any size mattress, we recommend the Vaunnn Medical Adjustable Overbed Table.

Another option is a mattress protector.

Mattresses don't get stains from dirty sheets or bedding. They're made of special materials that won't allow dirt to stick to them.

Use a waterproof mattress protector to prevent stains from showing up on your bedding. We recommend the PlushDeluxe premium bamboo mattress protector.

Maintaining Food Hot/Cold

Keeping food at the correct temperature is difficult unless you're staying in your own kitchen.

Cold foods get hot and become less appetizing when they're kept too long. Warm foods can spoil if left out for too long.

The solution is to buy some small appliances for your room.

You can use a portable mini oven to warm up leftovers from last night’s dinner. It keeps food warm for hours and can even reheat cold food without leaving the table.

We're currently loving our HOTLOGIC Mini Portable Microwave Oven.

If you want to keep foods, drinks, and snacks cool, buy a small fridge for your nightstand like this stylish Galanz retro compact refrigerator.

Lack Of A Proper Eating Surface

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

Putting food on your lap or directly onto the bed makes for a bigger mess. It's also uncomfortable and puts you at greater risk of spilling and staining your bedding.

A breakfast tray is the best way to eat in your bedroom. It makes it easier to eat in your room without spilling anything on the floor and keeps your room clean.

We really enjoy our Pipishell Bamboo bed tray.

Discomfort When Sitting Up In Bed

You don't need a traditional pillow to support your back when eating at night. They may be useful for sleeping, but they won't help you sit up straight.

However, if you're a regular bed sleeper, it can cause or exacerbate back pain even if you also like to watch, sleep, or work when lying in bed.

Our favorite backrest pillow is the Milliard Double reading pillow.

Unpleasant odors from foods

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

When you eat something, its aroma might be pleasant, but the lingering food smell for some time is unpleasant.

Your partner may also be sensitive to food smells.

A good air purifier is one of the best ways to remove odors from the air. One of the best models is the Hamilton Beach True Air.

Frequent Coffee Trips To The Kitchen

If you also often drink coffee in bed, it can be frustrating to avoid making coffee in the kitchen.

If you are sick, it would be difficult or impossible to get up from bed to make yourself some tea or hot cocoa.

A simple way to get started is using a single-serve coffee maker like the Wirshing Single-Serve Coffee Maker.

Top 10 Products For People Who Eat In Bed

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  1. Best Handheld Cordless Vacuum For the Bed: Shark WV201 WANDVAC
  2. Best Waterproof Mattress Protector: PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo
  3. Best Bed Breakfast Tray: Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table
  4. Best Bedside Overbed Table: Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table
  5. Best Bedside Coffee Maker: Wirsh Single Serve Coffee Maker With Timer
  6. Best Bed Backrest Pillow: Milliard Double Reading Pillow
  7. Best Electric Lunch Box/Mini Oven: HOTLOGIC Mini Portable Oven
  8. Best Bedside Mini Fridge: Galanz GLR25MGNR10 Retro Compact Refrigerator
  9. Best Bedside Trash Can: Lunies 2.4 Gal Trash Can With Lid
  10. Best Bedroom Air Filter: Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator

Best Solutions For People Who Eat In Bed

These solutions aren't just for those who like to eat in bed; they're also useful for those who have to eat in bed because they're elderly, ill, or recov­ering from a medical procedure.

Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

A handheld cordless vacuuming system is the best way to clean up the mess made by eating. It's lightweight and easy to move around the room.

We recommend the Shark WV201 Wand Vacuum for its powerful suction power and ease of use.

Mattress Protector

If you're a careful eat­er, don't risk getting spots on your mattress. It may be difficult, if not impossible, for them to get out of the mattress.

Stains on the mattress can also void your mattress warranty or return warranty.

A waterproof mattress protector prevents any liquids from reaching the bedding, thus keeping them out of the mattress. It also protects against pest infestations by keeping crumbly foods off the bedding.

Our top pick for mattress protectors is the PlushDeluxe Premium bamboo mattress protector.

Bedside Bin

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

Don't leave food leftovers out where they could attract flies, bugs, and other pests.

You should get bedside garbage can to dispose of leftovers and leftover packaging. It should be airtight, so odors don't escape.

We recommend the Lunies 2.5 Gal trash can for its superior performance.

Electric Lunch Bag/Mini Portable Oven

A regular insulated bag from LifeWit works well for storing food at room temperature.

We think an electric breakfast bag is even better than a regular one for people who eat in bed. It's more versatile.

It can keep food hot and can also reheat food, meaning you don't need to go to the kitchen to use the microwave.

We enjoy using our HOTLOGIC Mini Portable Electric Oven.

Bedside Mini Fridge or Cooler

A bedside mini fridge is the best solution for keeping things cold at night. If it also looks good, check out our top choice, the Galanz Retro Compact Refrigerators.

You could use a thermoelectric cooling system or an insulated lunchbox to keep food and drinks cold in the room.

Breakfast tray or bedside table

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

A tray for eating in bed helps prevent spills and crumb stains on the bedding and brings food to a better height.

We really enjoy our Pipishell bed breakfast trays because they're easy to carry and fold up when not in use.

You could also buy an overbed desk like the Vaunn medical adjustable overbed desk.

Bedside Coffee Maker

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

If you want to start immediately, you could set up a complete kitchen like the Nostalgia BST3AQ at your bedside. However, if you're looking for something more portable, you might consider setting up a simple stovetop setup like the Nostalgia BST1SV.

Instead of buying a new espresso machine, you could buy an old one for less than $100. We recommend the Wirsh Single Serving Coffee Maker. It has a built-in timer, so you don't need to remember when to turn it on.

Backrest Pillow

If you want to eat comfortably at night, get a good backrest pillow instead of relying on your regular pillows for support.

Back pillows support your back and help keep your spine straight. They usually come with armrests too.

You can use it to eat, watch TV, read,, or work in bed. It works well with a breakfast tray table.

We recommend the 2-person Milliard Double Reading Pillow for its comfortable design and convenient features.

Napkin Holder

You'll be glad to have some napkins near you when your hands and mouth become sticky when you eat. Instead of using stacks of paper towels for drying hands after washing them, use an elegant napkin holder like the Ironwood Napkins Holder.

Keep a trashcan near so you don't need to keep cleaning up after yourself.

Adult Bib

If you're serving meals to people eating in bed, consider buying them an adult binder. It's also great if you eat on the bed and want to avoid messes on the bed or your clothes.

We enjoy using these Elaine Karen premium adult bib sets because they're made from terry cloth.

Top 10 Products For People Who Eat In Bed: Product Reviews

1. Best Handheld Cordless Vacuum For the Bed: Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

It’s small enough to fit into tight spaces yet has powerful suctions to pick up food crumbs, dust, pet hair, and other debris from hard-to-reach places.


  • Lightweight – makes it easier to carry around
  • Powerful suction
  • Washable filter
  • Easy to use storage and charging base


  • Short battery life

Our Review

The Shark WV201 Wandvac is a bit pricier than most handheld vacuum cleaners, but it's well worth it.

A high-speed motor creates powerful suction. However, it doesn't compete with a full-sized vacuuming system.

For its small footprint, the Wandvac is surprisingly capable. It easily picks up crumbs from the floor.

It's also great at picking up pet hair, dirt, food spillage, and everyday messes.

The ultra-lightweight (1.4 lbs) WANDVAC vacuum is designed for ease of use and high maneuverability.

Vacuum with the crevice cleaner to clean tight spots (e.g., under the bed), or use the multi-surface cleaner for general surface vacuuming.

It’s super easy to clean and empty. You can wash and use it again.

The Shark WANDVAC has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that lasts up to 3 minutes of use. It also has a docking station that charges the battery when not used.

Issues & Limitations

The powerful vacuum of the Shark WV201 Wandvac comes at the cost of its batteries. They last for about ten minutes before they run out.

We don't think it's a good idea to use it as your primary vacuum cleaner. It's best used for quick cleanups on the bed and other surfaces. You then quickly dock to charge the battery, ready to go again.

2. Best Waterproof Mattress Protector: PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector

Products For People Who Eat In Bed


  • 100% waterproof
  • Soft and breathable bamboo surface
  • Noise-free
  • Deep pockets
  • Machine washable


  • The edges are not waterproof

Our Review

The Plush Deluxe Bamboo Mattresses Protector is super comfy and completely waterproof.

To keep it comfy, the top is covered with ultra-soft bamboo material. It's much comfier than plastic or terrycloth mattress protectors.

Furthermore, the breathability of the material allows you to stay cool.

It fits matt­resses up to 18 inches (46 cm) thick. So it can hold a thick pillows­top mattress or a mattress plus an extra layer.

It also has an adjustable strap to hold the mattress protector in place.

The Plush Deluxe Bamboo Mattresses Protector is machine washable. After an accident, you can put it in the washing machine.

Issues & Limitations

Like most mattress protectors, the plush Deluxe Bamboo Mattress Protector is only water-resistant at the surface.

The sides aren't waterproof. If the bed sheet rides up and the sides cover the top of the bed, any liquids on the sheets will seep into the bed.

Make sure the mattress cover is properly fitted.

3. Best Bed Breakfast Tray: Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

The Pipishell bamboo bed tray is a mini personal table for your bed. It’s large enough to hold a couple of plates and drinks and even has slots for your phone or tablet.


  • It's easy to carry with the built-in handle.
  • Collapsible legs
  • Slots for phone or tablet
  • Eco-friendly bamboo construction


  • Not height adjustable

Our Review

The Pipishell Bamboo Trays are available in medium and large size options.

Unless you're buying it for a child, get the larger one. Many customers say that the medium one is too small.

It has a large serving plate measuring 21.7 by 14 inches, which provides enough space for one or two people at a time to eat from.

The trays come with a lip all around them to prevent dishes and cups from slipping off the trays. They also have side handles for lifting and transporting the trays.

You can use the tray without its support by folding the tray's leg.

It holds food, but it also has a slot for placing your phone or tablet so you can eat while watching videos.

You can also use a laptop on a tray if you need to work in your bedroom.

Issues & Limitations

The only limitation of these Pipishell Bambu bed trays is that you cannot adjust their height.

If you find it too high or too low, there's nothing you can do about it.

4. Best Bedside Overbed Table: Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

If you don't want a tray table on your bed, an overbed table is the best alternative. The Vaunn overbed table sits on the floor next to your bed and has a tray that extends over your bed.


  • A great option for seniors and recovering patients
  • It comes with wheels
  • Height adjustable
  • It can hold up a lot of weight


  • The lip around the edges is too small

Our Review

Overbed tables are usually used in hospital settings, but they're also ideal for home use.

A hospital over­the­counter tray is an excellent option for people who need help eating, reading, and working while they're lying down.

The Vaunn medical overbed tables feature a steel framework and a laminate wood top.

It has a tabletop measuring 30 by 15 inches, which is large enough to hold items such as meals or laptops. Its weight capacity is 50 pounds, meaning you can put several items on it without trouble.

Using an easy-to-access lever, you can adjust the height of the table from 29 inches to 40 inches.

It has small wheels, so you can easily roll the whole thing on the ground. When you're finished using it, just push it away from you.

Issues & Limitations

The table top has a small lip all around its edge, but it's not high enough to prevent items from falling off. Be careful when using the table with food on top.

5. Best Bedside Coffee Maker: Wirsh Single Serve Coffee Maker With Timer

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

One of the best things about the Wirsh single-serve coffee maker is its programmable timer. If you want to wake up to ready-made coffee, this is the best coffee maker.


  • Small size – perfect for the bedside
  • Makes coffee fast
  • Includes a reusable basket filter
  • It comes with an insulated travel mug
  • 24-hour timer


  • Doesn't work with regular coffee pods

Our Review

You can use the 24-hour timer on your Wirsh espresso machine to brew your espresso at a certain time every day.

You just need to fill the water reservoir, put a cup under the spout, and set the time.

The Wirsh Single-Served Coffee Maker is compact and takes up little space on your bed side-tables.

It works with regular coffee beans. You can choose from several different types of filters for your ground coffees. You get a free scoop too.

You don't want to use paper coffee filters because they get too wet and clog up the basket.

The Wirsh coffeemaker comes with a 14-oz travel cup. It fits under the coffee maker, so you can dispense brewed coffee directly into it.

The stainless steel cup is insulated, so it holds hot drinks for some time.

You can also use a regular cup for dispensing coffee.

Issues & Limitations

The Wirsh espresso maker only works with ground coffee beans. It doesn't work with K pod or any other coffee pod.

6. Best Bed Backrest Pillow: Milliard Double Reading Pillow

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

The Milliard Double reading pillow is filled with shredded memory foam, which makes it feel comfy against your body. It can help relieve lower-and upper-body aches when lying in bed.


  • Improves comfort when lying down in a bed.
  • It prevents back and neck pain.
  • Include cup holders
  • Suitable for one person or two people
  • Washable cover


  • Not wide enough for two large people

Our Review

Instead of leaning against your headboard or bed pillows, the Milliard backrest cushion is much more comfortable to sit on when lying down.

It looks good paired with a breakfast tray or an overbed table, so you're basically eating at a dining table.

The shredded memory foam cushioning in the Milliard backrest cushion offers comfort and support. It features two rolled pillows at the top, providing support for your neck and shoulders. The cushion also includes armrests.

The Million Pillow is designed to fit one person or two people. It is 30″ wide.

The armrests have built-in cup holders, so you always have somewhere to put your drink even if you're not using the tray table.

For cleaning purposes, the Milliard pillow has a removable and machine washable inner lining.

Issues & Limitations

The Milliard backrest cushion can fit two people, but only if they're both short. Large couples will struggle to fit into the pillows.

7. Best Electric Lunch Box/Mini Oven: HOTLOGIC Mini Portable Oven

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

The HOTLOGIC Mini Portable Oven is the best method for keeping food warm in the bedroom. It keeps food warm for as long as you'd like and won't cause burns or overcooks.

It can also be used for heating cold or frozen foods.


  • Keeps food warm for as long as you'd like
  • Reheats cold food
  • Low power consumption
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can accept most types of containers


  • Insulation – not thick enough to keep heat in for long after unplugged

Our Review

The HOTLOGIC Mini Portable Oven consists of an electric hot pot set inside an insulated container.

Unlike regular lunchboxes that just keep hot foods hot, the HOTLOGICS electric lunch boxes can heat up foods.

So you can keep hot food inside the LunchBag when you're not using it. And because the LunchBag heats up the food, it stays warm for as long as you leave it plugged into an electrical outlet.

The best thing about the Instant Pot is that it heats up quickly, so you don't have to worry about food overcooking. It keeps food warm for hours.

The HOTLOGIC miniature oven is compatible with different types of containers, including metal, plastics, cardboard, and aluminum foil.

So you can put a Tupperware or take-out container directly into the lunch bag.

You can buy the HOTLOGIC portable oven in various colors, including black, blue, and pink.

Issues & Limitations

The HOTLOGIC Electric Lunch Box is great when it's plugged in. However, once you unplug it, its thin insulation loses its ability to retain warmth and won't hold food warm for long.

If you're going to use the HOTLOGIC mini oven mainly in the kitchen, it's easy to plug it in all the time (you don't need to turn it off when you leave the house).

8. Best Bedside Mini Fridge: Galanz GLR25MGNR10 Retro Compact Refrigerator

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

To store foods and beverages in the bedroom, we suggest the Galanz compact fridge. It’s perfect for the bedroom, and its classic design makes it an attractive addition to any room.


  • Includes refrigerator and freezer compart­ments
  • Glass shelves for easy organization
  • Mechanical temperature control
  • Retro design
  • Quiet


  • Plastic handle – a metal handle would have been better

Our Review

If you're planning to put a refrigerator in your room, it would be best if it looks nice, and the Galanz mini refrigerator does.

We love the green ones, but you can also buy them in red or blue. They're all pretty stylish, and they look good in any room.

Even the door handle has an appearance similar to that of old-fashioned refrigerator doors.

The Galanz minifridge has a 2.5-cubic foot capacity, which is enough to hold a decent amount of food. It comes in three different sizes: 3.3 and 3.5 cubic feet capacities.

The 2.5 cu ft one measure 17.6 inches wide, 21.02 inches deep, and 28.1 inches tall. It fits into spaces measuring up to 17.6 inches wide by 21.02 inches deep by 28.1 inches tall (or larger).

Inside, the mini refrigerator has a regular and insulated compartment with a manual temperature control dial.

The refrigerator compartment has removable glass shelves for easier organization. There are also pockets on the door for storing items.

The Galanz mini fridge has a quiet compression motor. Most people don't hear it at all when they're sleeping.

Issues & Limitations

Customers complain that the retro-looking handles are made out of plastic with a metallic finish. It seems nice, but there are some concerns about how well it holds up to repeated use.

9. Best Bedside Trash Can: Lunies 2.4 Gal Trash Can With Lid

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

The Lunies' trash comes with an air-tight seal that prevents odors from escaping and keeping pests out. It's small enough to fit anywhere, so you can put it on the floor or nightstand for easy access.

It has a hanging hook too.


  • No smells or fruit flies
  • Comes with a hanging hook
  • Two lid opening methods
  • Decent capacity


  • None

Our Review

The Lunies trashcan measures 10.3 inches wide, 5.1 inches deep, and 11.5 inches tall. It fits easily into any small bedroom.

You can place it anywhere, including on your nightstand, on the floor, under the bed, or even on a shelf or a wall. The included hanger is also an optional way to hang it from a closet door or the wall.

The 2.4-gallon capacity is enough for one person or two people. It holds several days' worth of garbage and leftovers before you need to empty out its contents.

You can buy disposable linings from the store, but if you want to save some money, look for smaller linings with a capacity between 2 and 3 gallons.

The Lunies bins have lids that close tightly to keep odors inside. Even food scraps don't stink when they're in the garbage cans.

You can open the lid in two ways. Lift it up to quickly dispose of something or slide it forwards and down to get full access to the trash can opening.

Issues & Limitations

The Lunies' trash can has no major flaws.

Customers are saying it doesn't hang on their kitchen cabinet doors, but this is an issue with how their cabinet doors are designed and not a problem with the trash can.

You probably won't be hanging it up in your room. It will work just fine if you put it somewhere else. If you want to put it up, you can put it up anywhere if you don't have an opening.

10. Best Bedroom Air Filter: Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator

Products For People Who Eat In Bed

The Hamilton Beach True Air Oven Odor Elimination System features three carbon filtration systems that remove odors from the air. It works well at eliminating smells in the kitchen.


  • A highly effective odor eliminator
  • It doesn't emit any harmful chemicals into the environment.
  • Two-speed settings
  • Filter replacement reminder


  • It makes a bit of noise

Our Review

You can use several different methods to eliminate odors from your bedroom, including charcoal air fresheners, odor-elimination scented candles, and room deodorizing sprays.

However, the Hamilton Beach TrueCleaner is one of the best ways to eliminate smells. It's like an odor remover, but just for odors.

A small fan draws air through three activated carbons that capture various odors. Activated carbons are highly effective at trapping smells.

The Hamilton Beach Trueair is designed to be most efficient in a space measuring 100 square feet or smaller. If your bedroom is larger than this, buy two units.

When the filter needs replacing, an indicator will light up.

You can choose whether or not to use the Hamilton Beach TrueAir air purifier's fragrance cartridge. If you don't want to use it, you don't need to.

If you're looking for something small and inexpensive, consider buying the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Plug Mount Odor Eliminator.

Issues & Limitations

The Hamilton Beach True Air Oven eliminates odors by producing a low hum that can disturb your sleeping patterns. To minimize the background noises, set the speed to slow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eating In Bed

Is it ok to eat in bed?

Eating in beds has its own set of problems. It makes it harder for you to maintain a clean bedroom, get rid of pests and rodents, and affect your sleep quality if you frequently snack at night.

However, if you're aware of the issues and avoid them by taking appropriate measures (e.g., vacuum often, avoid late-night snacking, etc.), you can sleep in a bed without any major issues.

Can I eat while lying in bed?

If you have GERD, eating while lying down can cause heartburn. It can also increase your risk of having reflux disease.

Sitting up is a good idea if you want to sleep in bed because it helps prevent back pain. You can lean against your pillow or headboard. If you want even better results, buy a backrest cushion with armrests.

One problem with laying down when you eat is that you're likely to make a bigger (messier) mess than if you were sitting up.

Do you think eating in bed causes bed bugs?

Eating in bed doesn't mean you'll get bitten by bugs. It's not a common misconception.

They're attracted to warm-blooded creatures, not food.

Do roach infestations occur when people eat in their beds?

Yes, having dinner in bed increases the chance of a cockroach infesta­tion. Cockroaches are attracted to human foods and will look for the leftovers or crumbs you drop on and around your bed.

How can I heat up food in the bedroom?

If you want to keep food hot, you can either buy an insulated container like a cooler or a portable miniature oven called an electric lun­ck bag.

What's the best method for keeping foods or beverages cool in the bedroom?

If you want to keep cold foods cold for longer than an hour, you can use an insulated container or bags like an ice chest or lunchbox. You can also buy a mini refrigerator for your bedroom or a thermo­electric cooling system.

What do I need to clean up after eating?

A handheld cordless vacuuming device is the best way to clean up food crumbs from the bed. It's easy to use and lightweight, so you can move it around easily.

If you want to avoid having crumbs on your bed sheets, put your breakfast plate on a table rather than on your bed.

How do I get food odors out of my room?

Get an air filter like the Hamilton Beach TrueAir. You can also use air fresheners or a deodorizing spray to refresh the room if you're eating there.

If you don't feel like buying anything, open the window during and after your meal so that you can quickly remove the food smell. Don’t forget to clean up after yourself, so no one else has to smell anything unpleasant.


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