Casper Launches a Low Cost Mail Order Mattress Called Essential

Casper essential mail order mattress

Casper, the leading mail order mattress brand online, is going all out to win over as many mattress shoppers as possible. They are best known for their friendly-priced Casper mattress which has become a hit especially among millennial customers.

But the Casper is not a luxury mattress and the company was missing out on customers with more money to spend. So they introduced Casper wave, a luxury all-foam mattress costing double their main mattress.

But they still had to contend with aggressive competition from a horde of low cost brands selling mattresses for as low as $200. So they completed their market trifecta with the launch of a new low-priced mattress called the Casper Essential.

With the Essential, Casper is hoping to appeal to shoppers who are looking for a budget online mattress. They will be competing against similarly low priced brands such as Ghostbed and Tuft and Needle.

About Casper Essential

The Essential is the cheapest of all Casper mattresses. A queen size goes for just $600 compared to $950 for the main Casper mattress and $1,850 for the Casper Wave.

At 8.5 inches height, it is also the thinnest in Casper’s collection. The Casper is 10 inches thick and the Casper Wave measures 11.5 inches. So don’t expect a plush hotel-like sleeping experience.

But many early reviews are positive. Most customers say the mattress is cool, comfortable and supportive.

Design and Construction

Casper essential mail order mattress construction

The Casper Essential has three foam layers; a cooling layer, a support/comfort layer and a foundation layer.

1. Open cell top foam layer

This layer is mainly for cooling. It consists of an open-cell structure that allows air and moisture to flow away from the mattress.

This not only ensures the mattress stays cool through the night, it also keeps it fresh. That stale smell associated with foam mattresses is not there.

This layer is also the initial comfort layer. It provides an immediate plush feeling when you lie on the mattress.

2. Responsive memory foam layer

The second layer, consisting of memory foam, provides both support and comfort.
The memory foam layer contours against your body curves and angles. It feels like getting a hug from the mattress.

The contouring is especially beneficial for side sleepers who are vulnerable to painful pressure points around the shoulders and hips.

Most importantly, the memory foam provides good support for your back and keeps your spine naturally aligned. This prevents lower back pain, neck pain and other problems caused by poor mattress support.

3. Foundational foam layer

A thick slice of extra-firm foam forms the foundation of the Essential mattress. It provides compression support, especially for heavier sleepers, and keeps the mattress in good shape for years.

A soft and breathable knit top covers the entire mattress. There is also an OEKO-TEX® certified fire sock for fire safety.

Firmness and Comfort

The Essential is a medium-firm mattress. Casper designed it to fit the needs of most people. It’s neither too firm, which would reduce comfort, nor is it too soft, which would compromise support.

It’s ideal for back, stomach and side sleepers. But I wouldn’t recommend it for those with a heavier body.

The mattress is quite thin compared to most other online mattresses. The two comfort layers may not be enough to prevent excessive sinkage. If you weigh around 180 pounds or more, the mattress may feel too firm and will not last long.

There are plenty other thicker and more supportive online mattresses to choose from.

But for most people looking for a comfortable and supportive that is budget-friendly, the Essential is a good mattress.

Pricing, Shipping, Returns and Warranty

Here is the full price list of the Casper Essential. Financing through Affirm is available. Visit Casper’s official website to check whether you qualify.

Twin size – $350
Twin XL – $400
Full size – $500
Queen size – $600
King size – $725
California King – $725

The shipping, return and warranty policies are similar to those of the Casper and Casper Wave.

Shipping is free for customers in the United States and Canada. The mattress is delivered in a compact box via UPS standard. It will get to you in 2 to 5 business days. In some areas in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, same day delivery is available.

Because it’s much smaller and lighter than other Casper mattresses, you’ll have an easy time setting up the Essential mattress. Note that Casper does not provide White Glove delivery services.

Starting from the date of delivery, you have 100 days to test the mattress. If you don’t like it – after a minimum period of 30 days – you can make a free return.

If you keep it, your purchase will be covered by a 10-year warranty.


For those who would love to experience Casper’s highly rated mattresses but think they are too expensive, here’s your chance.

At its price point and with Casper’s reputation for high quality products, I can see the Casper Essential becoming yet another big hit.

2-in-1 Zenhaven By Saatva Mattress review

Zenhaven by Saatva Mattress review

In our Saatva Mattress review, we dubbed the Saatva Mattress as a luxury yet pocket-friendly choice. We give the same badge to their latest luxury mattress, Zenhaven.

The Zenhaven mattress is a 100% organic latex mattress. It is more expensive than the main Saatva mattress but much cheaper than what a store will charge you for an all-natural mattress. A queen size goes for $1,899.

The mattress uses natural American-made Talalay latex to provide an all-round luxury sleeping experience with good support, snug comfort and just the right amount of bounce.


Zenhanven by Saatva mattress review construction

The 10-inch Zenhaven mattress is all Talalay latex. This is apart from the flame retardant wool layer on both sides of the mattress and the organic cotton cover.

But the 2-in-1 design is its most unique feature. Each mattress has two comfort options. You flip the mattress to change from one to the other.

Here are the different layers of the mattress.


A quilted organic cotton cover provides a cool and soft feeling when you lie on the mattress. You may notice some non-decorative markings on the mattress. These are because of the organic nature of the cotton used.

To remove the markings, Saatva would have had to use chemicals. It’s a bit like the grain you see on natural wood.

1-inch New Zealand wool layer

On the inside of the cover, there is a 1-inch layer of natural New Zealand wool. The wool is sewn onto the cover to prevent shifting.

The wool acts as a non-toxic fire retardant. It also helps pull heat and moisture away from the surface of the mattress.

Note that the wool layer is all around the mattress, even on the underside. Since the mattress is two-sided, you are well protected no matter what side you sleep on.

1.5-inch soft comfort layer

This is the most important layer of the mattress. It is responsible for support, contouring and comfort.

It has a 5-zone design, corresponding to different sections of the body. Some of the zones, such as under the shoulders and hips, are softer to allow more pressure relief. Others like at the feet are firm to ensure proper alignment.

The aim of the comfort layer is to maintain the body in its natural position. This protects your spine from getting into an awkward shape, which could cause back pain.

The comfort layer consists of all-natural Talalay latex.

3-inch soft base layer

This is the base of the soft side of the mattress. It is made from Talalay latex and provides compression support especially for couples and heavier sleepers.

3-inch firm base layer

When you flip the mattress over to the firmer side, this becomes the base layer. It provides added support and prevents sagging.

1.5-inch firm comfort layer

This is the firmer side of the mattress. It consists of Talalay latex that is noticeably firmer. But it’s still soft enough to provide pressure relief and feel comfortable.

Note that this layer has the same 5-zone design as the soft comfort layer. So you still get same targeted support and pressure relief.

Firmness and Comfort

This is a 2-in-1 mattress. This means you get two comfort levels in a single mattress; luxury plush and gentle firm.

You just need to flip the mattress to change between the two. Most users stick with the luxury plush side.

No matter what side you sleep on, the mattress feels luxurious. Many users describe a feeling of weightlessness. Others say it feels like getting a hug, especially when they sleep on the luxury plush comfort side.

Thanks to the latex, organic cotton cover and wool fire retardant, the Zenhaven mattress doesn’t get even a little bit hot. It stays cool and keeps fresh.

Buying the Mattress

Compared to online mattresses, Zenhaven is pricey. It’s twice the cost of brands like Casper, Helix and Leesa. Here is the full price list.

Twin – $1,299
Twin XL – $1,349
Full size – $1,699
Queen – $1,899
King – $2,499
California King – $2,499

Saatva provides easy financing through PayPal credit. You get 0% interest if you pay in 6 months.

The mattress is delivered only to continental US at a flat shipping charge of $99. This fee covers delivery and in-home setup. You can also opt to have your old mattress taken away for an extra fee.

Because the mattress is heavy, they also offer to send a team to flip the mattress for you free of charge should you decide to change your comfort level.

The trial period begins after delivery and extends up to 120 days. Contact customer support at any time during this period to schedule a return. You’ll get a full refund less the $99 delivery fee.

As for the warranty, there are two types. With the first, you get a brand new mattress in the first two years if the current one is defective. After that, you have to pay $99 each way to get the mattress repaired or replaced.

The second option is what they call the ‘Fairness Replacement Option’. This is a prorated type of warranty. You pay a certain amount (after the first two years) to replace or repair the mattress depending on how long you’ve had it.

The Zenhaven Mattress is Best For…

  • Those who love latex foam mattresses.
  • Those who prefer 100% organic mattresses.
  • Users who prefer a medium-firm or firm mattress comfort level.

Memory foam vs. Spring Mattress: Which One Should You Buy?

Memory foam vs. spring mattress

Shopping for a mattress can be a real head scratcher. There seems to be an endless selection of different types and materials. Every brand has its own ‘special’ design that they claim is better than all others.

Don’t be confused by all the marketing talk. There are only two types of mattresses; foam mattresses and spring mattresses.

Foam mattresses are made from memory foam, latex foam, poly foam or a combination of foams (hybrid mattress). Some companies also create their own special foams.

Spring mattresses have coils or springs that help boost support and contouring. They also have a layer or two of foam.

In the foam category, memory foam mattresses are the most popular. They are the ones you are most likely to find when shopping for a mattress.

That is why we are pitting memory foam against spring mattresses. Which one should you buy?

It Depends

There is no better mattress between the two types. A spring mattress has its pros and cons and so does a memory foam mattress.

What matters most are your sleeping needs and preferences. So we have developed this simple questionnaire to help you buy the ideal mattress for your needs.

1. What is your sleeping position?

memory foam vs. spring mattress

Are you a side, back or stomach sleeper? Side sleepers need more pressure relief. A memory foam mattress is better that that than a spring one.

But if you sleep on your stomach or back, then either mattress is fine as long as it provides adequate support and contouring. For stomach sleepers, get a mattress that is firmer than average. The Loom and Leaf Firm is a great example.

If you don’t have a specific sleeping position, I’d recommend a memory foam mattress. But if you want a spring mattress, find one with a foam layer at the top.

Do you have back pain?

A lot of experts recommend memory foam mattresses for people with lower back pain. It is better than an innerspring mattress at molding to the body, which improves spine alignment and pressure relief.

I’d also recommend a memory foam mattress for seniors experiencing limited mobility and pain in various joints and muscles.

That being said, there are some high quality innerspring orthopedic mattresses. They can be as good as a memory foam mattress but will often be much more expensive.

3. What is your body weight?

A heavier person will apply more pressure on a mattress. If the mattress sinks in too much, it reduces the level of support to the sleeper.

Your body will be in an unnatural position and you might wake up experiencing pain in the back, neck and hips.

Most mattresses display a weight limit, usually 300 pounds. But that doesn’t mean it won’t sink too much or sag after just a few months of use.

That’s why I recommend spring mattresses for heavier persons weighing around 200 pounds and over. They are better able to take on more weight without compromising support or reducing durability.

Even couples might want to consider getting a spring mattress which can better handle your combined weight.

Memory foam tends to sink in too much and may not last long. If you still want a memory foam mattress, buy a firm one.

4. Do you share your bed with your partner?

Memory foam vs. spring mattress couples

Because of the weight issue I mentioned above, get a spring mattress if you share your bed.

A spring mattress is also better at reducing motion transfer. This is especially the case with modern pocketed coil mattresses. The coils retain disturbance at one point only, ensuring you won’t wake up your partner when you turn at night or wake up to use the bathroom.

One other reason why I recommend spring mattresses for couples is that they are better for sex. For one, they don’t get as hot and stuffy as memory foam mattresses. Secondly, they have a nice bounce that ensures you don’t get uncomfortably stuck in the mattress.

5. Are you sensitive to temperature changes?

No one likes sleeping hot. But some people are extra-sensitive to even a little temperature increase in a mattress.

If you absolutely hate sleeping hot, get a spring mattress. It is better at regulating temperature than memory foam. Most memory foam mattresses have to be equipped with extra features such as open-cell foam and gel to counter their tendency to get hot.

6. Do you love bouncy mattresses?

If yes, definitely get a spring mattress. There are some memory foam mattresses that have tried to create that springy feel by adding a different foam material but they don’t come close.

7. What’s your budget?

Since memory foam was introduced by NASA in the 1960s, it has grown to become the most popular mattress material. This has resulted in cheap production costs.

You can easily find cheap low quality memory foam mattresses for just a couple hundred bucks. But even high quality foam mattresses are cheaper than spring mattresses.

Online memory foam mattresses cost between $600-$999 for a Queen size mattress. Spring mattresses average between $800-$2,000 for the same size. And that’s just online. Expect to pay as much as $3,000 or more in a traditional mattress store.

If you are on a tight budget, get a memory foam mattress.

If you still want a spring mattress and it’s beyond your budget, find spring mattress sellers that provide financing options. Saatva allows easy monthly payments through Klarna. Leesa provides financing for its innerspring Sapira mattress through Affirm.

Most memory foam mattress companies also have financing available, usually through Affirm.

To learn more about each mattress, see our in-depth memory foam vs. spring mattress comparison guide. It includes details about construction, support, comfort, temperature control and durability of each type of mattress.

Casper Launches A New Premium Mattress Called ‘The Wave’

Best online mattress company launches new mattress

In our mattress reviews and comparisons, we have always regarded Casper as one of the best online mattress company.

We love their Casper mattress as well as their range of bedding products including foundations, sheets and pillows.

We especially love their hassle-free customer experience. Whether you are buying a mattress, returning one or claiming your warranty, the customer service is great.

And now they have launched another mattress called The Wave.

Renowned foam expertise. Years of sleep science. Millions of data points. The result? Another breakthrough in mattress innovation. Introducing the Casper Wave.

Posted by Casper on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What caught my eye first was the price. We are so used to sub $1,000 mattresses from Casper and other bed-in-a-box brands that seeing a mattress costing close to $2,000 is a shock.

But going through the mattress’ features, I realized that this is not just any ordinary mattress. Casper has designed one of the most ergonomic mattresses you can buy. Here’s how the company describes the support and comfort of the new mattress.

“Our patent-pending support system actively mirrors the natural shape of your body at 36 specific points for deeper, more restorative sleep. You’ll fit right in.”

The Inspiration Behind The Wave

Casper is famous for its ‘one perfect mattress for all’ philosophy. This is why they don’t make different firmness levels of the Casper mattress.

They claimed their single mattress had achieved the ‘Goldilocks’ level of comfort – not too firm, not too soft, just perfect. Many customers agree.

When they launched in Germany in 2016, they discovered customers there had markedly different tastes. Germans prefer simple no-frills mattresses that are firmer than average.

Casper couldn’t provide what German customers wanted by simply rearranging the layers in the Casper mattress or adding a firm slice of foam at the top. They needed to design a completely a new mattress.

That’s how the Casper Wave came to be.

Design and Construction

Casper Wave mattress construction

The biggest challenge they faced was making a firm high-density mattress without compromising support.

A firm mattress comes with the risk of creating uncomfortable pressure points. It doesn’t contour well against the body’s angles and curves, resulting in a sore back and joints. Casper had to find an effective solution that combined a firmer comfort level with adequate support.

Like the original Casper, The Casper Wave is all-foam, though it is one layer higher than the 4-layered Casper.

It combines flo foam (for plush comfort), latex foam (for bounce and breathability), memory foam (for contouring), high resiliency foam with polymer network (for responsive firmness) and a support layer designed to contour perfectly around the body.

The mattress also has gel as part of its support and contouring system.

But the most interesting part of the mattress is the contour-cut bottom support layer. The layer is not the regular block shape. Instead, the engineers introduced grooves across the width of the mattress in two locations: around the shoulders and around the hips.

Best online mattress company support

These are the two heaviest parts of the body when you lie down. They exert the most pressure on the mattress and hence are the more vulnerable to painful pressure points.

The engineers made these areas softer so that they could give in more to the added pressure. These grooves helped with that. They consist of polymer-columns that provide an elastic firmness.

In other words, they are firm but elastic enough to respond to pressure when you lie down and bounce back when you wake up.

Because of the extra layer, the Casper wave is 11.5 inches high versus 10 inches of the original Casper. This gives it a more luxurious feel and look.

Support and Comfort

The biggest feature of the mattress is the redesigned support system, what Casper calls the Natural Geometry System.

This system is designed to mirror your body’s curves and angles at 36 different points. It focuses on two major sections of your body.

The first is under your shoulders. A combination of viscoelastic memory foam and a contour-cut support foam layer creates a soft pressure-relieving surface. No matter what position you are sleeping in, your shoulders will not dig painfully into the mattress.

The second focus area is your lower back and hips. In addition to exerting a lot of pressure on the mattress, this area has a lot of curves. Again, a combination of memory foam and polymer-reinforced grooves allows the mattress to align with your body’s curves.

For comfort, Casper has introduced a new top layer of flo foam. It’s soft and velvety. When you lie on it, it envelops your body in a plush hug.

Temperature Control

The Casper Wave sleeps just as cool as the original Casper mattress. In addition to having latex foam as part of the structure, it also uses open cell foam to diver heat and moisture away from the mattress.

Pricing, Shipping, Returns and Warranty

If you want the firm luxury of the Casper mattress, be ready to spend more. The mattress goes for almost double what the original Casper mattress costs.

But compared with similar luxury mattresses in stores, I’d still say it’s a great deal.

Here is the full price list for each size.

Twin size – $1,000
Twin XL – $1,150
Full size – $1,650
Queen size – $1,850
King size – $2,250
California King – $2,250

Currently, Casper delivers the mattress for free to customers in Canada and US.

If you are unsure whether this mattress is right for you, an understandable concern especially considering the price, the 100-day trial period eliminates all risk.

If you still don’t like the mattress after this period, Casper makes it super easy to make a no-questions-asked return.

And if you decide to keep it, you will be covered by a 10-year warranty.


The Casper Wave is definitely worth its price tag. The design and innovation in the mattress is simply amazing. Most importantly, it’s the kind of innovation that makes a huge positive impact on sleeping experience.

If you are shopping around for a firm luxury mattress, try The Wave by Casper.

You can even try it out first at one of the 15 pop-up shops Casper opened to allow people to test the new mattress. See their official website for location details.

Casper and Leesa Continue Their Staggering Growth by Raising Funds and Launching New Products

Casper vs. Leesa

Leesa and Casper are the perfect poster children for the new online mattress industry.

They are everything the traditional mattress industry is not: convenient, affordable and hassle-free.

Both companies sell high quality foam mattresses at an affordable price (less than $1,000). They both offer generous in-home trial periods and warranties and are delivered directly to customers in a compact box.

That said, there are many other online mattress brands bringing the ‘online heat’ to traditional mattress giants Serta Simmons and Tempur Sealy International.  Nest Bedding, Saatva and Purple are some of the best-known online upstarts.

But so far, Casper and Leesa have risen to become the two dominant disruptors in the budget memory foam mattress market.

They are not only waging a war against the traditional model of buying mattresses – they are also battling each other fiercely on TV, in social media, on popular media sites and in online marketplaces like

Recently, both companies raised funds, announced new products and deals with major retailers to carry their mattresses in-store, and started to expand internationally.

It’s no longer a question of whether the bed-in-the-box model works for foam mattresses. It does.

The question now is: which one of these startups will take the lion’s share?

Read more…