Best Latex Mattress: Zenhaven vs. PlushBeds vs. Nest vs. Brooklyn Bedding

Best Latex Mattress

Thinking about buying a latex mattress – but don’t know which one to get? You’ve come to the right place! In this 5-minute 4-way mattress comparison, we will compare the best latex mattresses sold online: Zenhaven, PlushBeds Botanical Bliss, Nest Hybrid Latex and Brooklyn Signature. What’s In This Mattress Comparison? My aim here is to help you find the best latex mattress … Read more…

The Best Mattresses For Sex You Can Buy Online

Best Mattresses for Sex - cover shot

Yes, we’re gonna go there.

So turn off your lights – and turn on your laptop…

In this mattress buying guide, I’m about to get down and tell you all about the best mattresses for sex (that you can buy online).

As adventurous as people can be, the bedroom is still where most of us have sex.

This is why amorous couples of any pairing need to consider what makes a mattress great for sex, before they buy.

In this Mattress Buying Guide, we’ll discuss the 6 most important features to look for in a sex-friendly mattress.

Then, we’ll review the 5 best online mattresses for sex that will make your sexy-time, well, a bit sexier.

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The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers (That You Can Buy Online)

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

The mattress needs of side-sleepers are different than those of back- and stomach-sleepers.

The most important difference is that sleeping on your side creates sharper body angles and deeper pressure points that the surface of a mattress must contend with. This is why side-sleepers need more compliant surfaces that also provide excellent support without ‘bottoming-out’.

Side sleepers are also more likely to move around at night as they switch positions, so motion transfer can become an issue when two partners share the bed.

In this Best Mattress Guide, we’ve used these requirements to select the best online mattresses for side sleepers in six different categories:

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The Best Mattress For Back Pain You Can Buy Online

proper mattress spine alignment

Quit whining about your back pain – and DO something about it!

Buy the best mattress for back pain you can find and save a ton of money, by buying it online.

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Eric and I have slept on a LOT of mattresses during the last couple of years.

And I suffer from almost daily back pain, after one bad car wreck in college and years of swimming competitively.

I’m not alone. Back pain is one of the most common health conditions, with 80 percent of the US population experiencing it sometime in the course of their lives.

Sitting improperly, injury, awkward walking gaits and repeatedly lifting heavy weights can all lead to back pain.

Two major mattress problems can also create or make back pain worse:

  1. uneven support of your body, which causes too much pressure on the lower back; and 
  2. bad sleeping posture, which causes the spine to assume an unnatural position and cause your body to fight all night to keep things aligned.

What’s In This Mattress Guide

In this comprehensive buyer’s guide, I’ll walk you through the three things to look for most, when picking a mattress to relieve/minimize back pain.

Then, I’ll introduce the best online mattress for back pain in 5 categories, explaining the features each one offers that help.

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The Best 5 Mattresses Sold Online Right Now

Best Mattresses for 2016

Buying a new mattress isn’t something you do every day.

Before you spend that much money, you want to know that the bed you are buying is the best you can afford.

So far, Eric and I have reviewed over 30 mattresses on this site.

In this article, I cover what we believe are the best mattresses sold online in five categories.

Click a category below to see my top pick, now:

  1. memory foam
  2. latex
  3. innerspring
  4. organic
  5. custom / split

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