Top 5 Best Heated Mattress Pads 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

best heated mattress pad

Shopping for a heated mattress pad? With winters getting colder each year, a heated mattress pad is a must-have. Let us help you choose a suitable one from our list of the top five best-heated mattress pads.  What’s In This Buying Guide An easy and convenient solution to the cold bed problem is heated mattress … Read more…

eLuxury Mattress Pad Review [2023]

eLuxury mattress pads

About eLuxury Mattress Pads eLuxury sells a variety of mattress pads of different sizes and comfort levels. All their pads contain lofty fiberfill and a breathable cover. eLuxury mattress pads are great for softening a too-firm mattress to improve comfort and pressure relief. You can also use one of their pads to make a futon, … Read more…

My Pillow Mattress Topper Review: Does It Really Help You Sleep Cooler?

my pillow topper

If your mattress sleeps too hot or is a bit worn out, the My Pillow 3” mattress topper will make it feel more comfortable. You most likely know of My Pillow, if not from buying one of their pillows then from the company’s numerous advertisements. The original MyPillow reviews have received divided customer feedback, with … Read more…

All You Need to Know About Mattress Toppers (and If You Really Need One)

Best online mattress toppers

Even the best online mattress may not be perfect. Mattress toppers or pads are designed to fill the gap where the mattress falls short. Depending on the type of topper it can make the mattress softer, firmer, cooler or warmer. Instead of spending a lot of money on another mattress, just get a topper. Mattress … Read more…

10 Proven Ways To Sleep Cooler This Summer

10 Proven Ways To Sleep Cooler This Summer

There are lots of fun activities you can do during the summer. The nights though are a different story altogether, in that they are no fun at all. In most places, summer nights retain most of the day’s heat, making it difficult to fall asleep. Unless you take certain measures, most of your nights will … Read more…

Top 10 Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A mattress with memory foam mattress topper

If you find it hard to sleep on your mattress, you might be looking to improve your sleeping experience by buying a new mattress. A new mattress CAN be the answer to your problem, but this isn’t the only solution in your arsenal. Not only that, new mattresses are expensive and there is no telling … Read more…

How to clean a foam mattress topper properly in 5 Simple Steps

how to clean foam mattress topper

In case you have not seen it, sleeping is a nasty job. While sleeping, our bodies release various bad fluids through the skin (e.g., sweat), or sometimes we go to bed dirty. All this goes to the mattress, and after some time, it will need cleaning if you would like it to stay nice to … Read more…

How To Keep Your Mattress Topper From Sliding (Easy Tips)

how to keep mattress topper from sliding

Something just so annoying and pesky about a mattress sliding around on its box spring or bed frame: We turn and toss around in our sleep, but the mattress should not go around with you. Whether you are having a pillow fight, a sleepless night, or a romantic rendezvous, the last thing you will need … Read more…

Best Heated Mattress Pads For A King Or Queen Bed: Top Picks & Buying Guide

heated mattress topper

Shopping for the Best Heated Mattress Topper? You’ve come to the right place! When the world outside is freezing, a heated mattress pad is a true luxury, warming your bed to the temperature you want before slipping off your PJs. A warming mattress pad can also reduce your utility bills a bit, because it’s far … Read more…

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Topper Review

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Topper

The Morphiis mattress is one of the best adjustable-comfort mattresses we have reviewed.

The company came up with the innovative idea of using different-firmness inserts to let sleepers to adjust the firmness of their mattress or different sections of the mattress as they see fit.

Now, Morphiis has applied the same technology to bring us the Morphiis customizable topper.

This topper works a bit differently than their mattress, but the basics are the same – you insert foam strips to adjust how soft or firm the topper feels under specific areas of your body.

If your mattress makes you wake up with a sore back or aching shoulders and hips, this topper may improve your sleeping experience. You don’t have to buy a new mattress, at least for now.

Read on to learn more about the Morphiis adjustable-comfort topper and how to customize it to meet your comfort needs.

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