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Our Nest Bedding Dove Mattress Review

Our Nest Bedding Dove Mattress Review


An organic latex hybrid mattress made with certified organic cotton, wool, and latex. An eco-friendly alternative to foam hybrid mattresses. 

Great choice for: Anyone shopping for a hybrid mattress without any synthetic foam or chemicals. 

Avoid if: You are looking for a budget mattress. The Nest Bedding Dove is not cheap. 

Price: $1934.10 – $3,599.10

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If you want a hybrid mattress, but don't want one that contains polyurethane foam, the Nest bedding Dove mattress is one of the best alternatives. 

The Dove mattress doesn't have any synthetic foam, not even memory foam. Instead, the comfort layer is certified organic latex over a pocket coil core. 

The mattress is wrapped in an equally eco-friendly organic cotton and wool cover.

What’s In This Mattress Review?

In this Nest Bedding Dove mattress review, we take a look at the construction of the mattress, how it feels, and the overall sleeping experience. 

We also tell you everything you need to know about pricing, returns, and warranty. 

Not the hybrid mattress you were looking for? We have other great recommendations in our hybrid mattress buying guide, including some cheaper options. 

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About Nest Bedding

best nest mattress

Nest Bedding is an online mattress and bedding company based in the United States. 

The company launched in 2011, becoming one of the first brands to ship mattresses directly to consumers. 

Today, Nest Bedding offers several mattresses, including a foam mattress, an all-latex mattress, a flippable 2-sided mattress, and a foam hybrid mattress. 

They also sell various bedding products such as sheets, pillows, and bedroom furniture.

Social Impact

Most of Nest Bedding’s mattresses are made with eco-friendly materials like organic/natural latex, organic cotton, and wool. 

And even those that are made with foam, the foam is certified for lack of harmful chemicals and emissions. 

Nest Bedding also helps reduce waste by allowing customers to swap the comfort layer in their mattress for a new one. 

This eliminates the need to return an uncomfortable mattress and extends the lifespan of your mattress.


Hybrid mattresses are generally more expensive than foam mattresses, but the Dove mattress costs more than even most hybrid mattresses. 

That’s because of the certified organic materials. Organic latex mattresses are not cheap. 

But it’s still a bargain compared to what you’d pay for a store-bought legacy brand organic mattress (they typically cost $5,000+ for a Queen size). 

We also think the Dove mattress is worth the price tag. It’s eco-friendly, it’s safe for you, it’s long-lasting, and it's super comfortable. 

Here are the prices for various sizes. Visit Nest Bedding’s official website for the latest prices and offers. 

Twin $1934.10
Twin XL $2,159.10
Full $2,879.10
Queen $3,239.10
King $3,599.10
CA King $3,599.10

Purchase Process

The Nest Bedding website is the best place to order the Dove mattress. 

Once you get to the product page, pick the size you want. Options range from twin all the way to Cal King. 

You can also get a split King or Cal King, with a custom firmness for each half or both having the same feel. 

After selecting a size, pick the firmness level you want. Options are plush, medium, and firm. 

We’ll talk more about how each feels shortly. But to summarize, get the plush Dove mattress if you are a side sleeper or weigh less than 130lbs. 

Get the medium feel if you are an average weight (130-230lbs) back or side sleeper. Get the firm feel if you are a stomach sleeper or weigh over 230lbs. 

If you are not sure which option to pick or if you don't have a specific sleeping position, go with medium.  

Don’t worry about being stuck with an uncomfortable mattress. Nest Bedding offers a couple of protections including a generous 1-year trial period. 

When checking out, you can pay for your mattress the usual way or apply for financing that lets you pay in installments. 

Available financing options include Affirm and Shop Pay.

Shipping & Delivery

best nest mattress

Nest Bedding offers free shipping within the continental US and charges for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii. 

It takes some time for the Dove mattress to be ready for shipping since each mattress is handmade. 

The current Nest Bedding estimate is 6-7 weeks. After shipping, it’ll arrive at your doorstep in 3-8 business days. 

The mattress is shipped in multiple boxes. 

The mattress is heavy, so we recommend having someone around to help you carry it inside and set it up. Alternatively, call Nest Bedding and ask if white glove delivery is available in your location.

Mattress Construction

best nest mattress  

Nest Bedding Dove is a certified organic latex hybrid mattress. Here are the layers and components of the mattress. 

Organic cotton and wool cover 

The Dove mattress comes with an organic cotton cover quilted with organic wool. 

The soft 1” cover gives the mattress a nice plush feel, almost like a pillow top. It also helps a great deal with cooling and moisture-wicking.

Wool is especially good at temperature regulation. 

Swappable 3” Dunlop latex comfort layer

A 3” layer of certified organic Dunlop latex provides support and pressure relief. 

In the plush Dove mattress, this layer is softer and hugs your body more (though not quite as much as memory foam). 

In the medium option, the comfort layer has a more balanced feel while in the firm option, the latex layer is firm and supportive. 

8” Pocket Coil Base

The thick base of pocket coils provides deep compression support, ensuring you don't bottom out. It also keeps the mattress from sagging.

Manufacturing and Certifications 

The Dove mattress is handmade in the USA in an ECO-FACTORY. 

The cotton and wool in the cover are both GOTS certified organic. The Dunlop latex is GOLS certified organic. 

So it’s not just Nest Bedding saying their mattress is organic; they have the certifications to back it up.

Comfort & Firmness

best nest mattress

If you are coming from memory foam or foam hybrid mattresses, it’ll take some time to get used to the feel of the Nest Bedding Dove mattress. 

Latex, even soft latex, doesn't have the same deep hug as memory foam. It still does a great job relieving pressure points, but you don't really sink into it. 

As I mentioned earlier, you can choose from three comfort options: plush, medium, and firm. 

  • Plush Dove mattress – Has the softest feel and the best pressure relief. Perfect for side sleepers and lighter than average people. 
  • Medium Dove mattress – The best choice for most people. It balances between firm support and soft pressure relief, making it a good pick for back sleepers and heavier side sleepers. Some stomach sleepers weighing under 130lbs may also like the medium option. 
  • Firm Dove mattress – Has the firmest, most solid feel. Best choice for those who need plenty of support including stomach sleepers and folks weighing over 230lbs. 

Couples have an option to order a split mattress (King or Cal King) with a separate feel for each side of the bed.

Sleeping Experience

Here’s how the Nest Bedding Dove mattress performs across different aspects of comfort and sleeping experience. 


Hybrid mattresses outshine all-foam mattresses when it comes to supporting. 

The combination of latex and pocket coils makes the Dove mattress even better at this. The mattress doesn't sag over time and heavy sleepers don't have to worry about sinking too deep into the mattress. 

Thanks to the coil base, the Dove mattress also boasts excellent edge support. No roll-off feeling when you sleep close to the edge. 

Pressure Relief 

If you want deep pressure relief, you are probably better off with a memory foam mattress or a foam hybrid mattress like the Nest Bedding Sparrow. 

That said, the Dove mattress still provides good pressure point relief for most people. It’s just that it doesn't hug your body as closely as foam. 

Unless you are a side sleeper with shoulder or hip pain, the Dove organic latex hybrid mattress is perfectly fine. 

The plush firmness option offers the best pressure relief, which is why we recommend it for side sleepers. 


Unlike memory foam, latex reacts quickly to your movements and pushes back against your weight. This gives it a responsive/bouncy feel. 

Add the springy pocket coils and the Dove mattress has all the responsiveness you would want. 

It’s not too much though like in some innerspring mattresses. It’s just the right amount to make it easy to move around on the bed. 

But if you are not a big fan of a bouncy bed, try the Nest Bedding Sparrow foam hybrid mattress instead. The foam comfort layer tones down the bounciness. 

Temperature Regulation 

The Nest Bedding Dove mattress is great for hot sleepers, night sweats, and hot flashes. 

All the materials used in the mattress help with cooling. 

  • The organic cotton cover is highly breathable and good at absorbing sweat. 
  • Wool in the cover keeps you cool when it’s hot and insulates you when it’s cold. It’s also great at wicking away sweat.
  • Natural latex doesn't get hot at all. It has excellent ventilation that quickly dissipates heat. 
  • Pocket coils in the base further improve airflow in the mattress, ensuring heat doesn't get trapped. 

Motion Transfer

The combined springiness of latex and pocket coils creates a noticeable amount of motion transfer in the Dove mattress. 

If you or your partner is a very light sleeper, either get a foam or foam hybrid mattress or add a topper to the Dove mattress to reduce disturbance. 


The Dove mattress is excellent for sex, for three reasons. 

  • It’s bouncy. 
  • Has good support all the way to the edge of the mattress. 
  • Stays cool and quickly wicks sweat – this also helps keep the mattress smelling and feeling fresh. 
  • It is silent. 


Because it lacks polyurethane foam, the Dove mattress doesn't off-gas. If you experience any smell, it’ll be the natural rubber scent of the latex and it goes away quickly.

365-Night Trial 

After the mattress is delivered, you have 365 nights to test it at home and decide if you want to keep it. 

If you find it uncomfortable, you have two options. 

You can initiate a return or exchange the comfort layer for a softer or firmer one. Nest Bedding charges $100 for an exchange within the 365-night trial period. 

After the trial period, you can still exchange the comfort layer but you’ll have to order it from Nest Bedding at full price.

Lifetime Warranty

Nest Bedding warrants the Dove mattress for as long as you own it. 

The warranty covers mattress indentation greater than 1” (as long as it’s not from improper use or low-quality foundation) and defects in the cover or zipper.

Nest Bedding Dove Mattress Cleaning & Care 

best nest mattress

If you don't already have one, get a waterproof mattress protector for the Dove mattress. It’s the best way to keep it clean since you cannot wash the cover. 

Nest Bedding also recommends rotating or flipping the top latex layer every six months to even out the wear.

Nest Bedding Dove Mattress Setup & Foundation

The Dove mattress is heavy (the Queen weighs 140lbs), so you need a sturdy foundation or base for it. 

Avoid box springs and use a solid platform or foundation. If you are getting a Queen size or bigger, make sure your base has center support. 

Because of the organic glue used, the Nest Bedding Dove mattress is not compatible with adjustable base mattresses. Using the Dove mattress on an adjustable base will void the warranty. 

Quail Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Excellent support and pressure relief. 
  • Good for hot sleepers and night sweats. 
  • Organic and eco-friendly. 
  • Swappable comfort layer. 
  • Three comfort options. 


  • Expensive. 
  • Not ideal for side sleepers with hip or shoulder pain. 


The Nest Bedding Dove mattress is pricey, but if you want a certified organic and eco-friendly hybrid mattress, it’s the best choice. 

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