Natural Latex Mattress

Our Nest Bedding Finch Natural Latex Mattress Review

Our Nest Bedding Finch Natural Latex Mattress Review


A natural latex mattress with a plush wool and foam pillowtop. Available in two comfort feels to meet the needs of most sleepers. 

Great choice for: Anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to an organic latex mattress. Natural latex is eco-friendly and healthy, but cheaper than organic latex. 

Avoid if: You’d rather get a certified organic latex mattress.

Price: $1,124.10 – $2,249.10

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Certified organic latex is the gold standard when it comes to shopping for an eco-friendly mattress. An organic latex mattress is the cleanest mattress you can buy. It has zero chemicals and fillers.   

But it was expensive. 

If you want an eco-friendly mattress without spending $3,000+, the Nest Bedding Finch is a cheaper alternative. 

It’s made with 100% natural latex that carries the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. It’s clean (no fillers and no harmful chemicals) but easier on your pocket.

What’s In This Mattress Review?

In this Nest Bedding Finch natural latex review, we take a look at how the mattress is constructed, the materials used, and the kind of sleeping experience you can expect. 

We also explain Nest Bedding’s policies on shipping, returns, and warranty (Hint: Nest Bedding has some of the best policies in the industry). 

If you’d rather get an organic latex mattress, we recommend the Nest Bedding Piper certified organic latex mattress. We also have a few top-rated recommendations in our latex mattress buying guide.

About Nest Bedding   

Nest Bedding is one of the best-known brands in the online mattress industry. They were one of the earliest companies to deliver bed-in-a-box mattresses directly from the factory to customers. 

Nest Bedding’s catalog includes seven mattresses and various bedding products including toppers, kids’ beds, sheets, and pillows. 

Nest Bedding mostly operates online but they also run some showrooms in a few states. If there’s one near you, you can pop in and test the mattresses in person. 

If not, don't worry, Nest Bedding gives customers a full year to test their new mattress at home with free returns or a free comfort exchange if you don't like it.

Social Impact 

Natural Latex Mattress

Nest Bedding has always been careful to use high-quality materials in the mattresses; materials that are safe for sleepers as well as their environment. 

Each of their mattresses is made with certified materials guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals. These certifications include GOLS, GOTS, CertiPUR-US, OEKO-Tex, and others. 

By using high-quality materials, Nest Bedding also ensures their mattresses last longer, which helps reduce environmentally harmful wastage. 

Recently, Nest Bedding has introduced a new program to further cut the number of mattresses ending up in landfills. 

Through the Lifetime Renewal Exchange program, customers can swap the comfort layer of their mattress with a new layer. 

This eliminates the need to return mattresses and extends the lifespan of older mattresses.


Finch is a latex mattress, so it’s more expensive compared to a foam mattress. 

But it’s a lot cheaper than a certified organic mattress. If you want an eco-friendly mattress at a good bargain, the Finch mattress is what you are looking for. 

Here are the prices for all the sizes. Visit the official Nest Bedding website for the latest prices and offers.   

Twin $1,124.10
Twin XL $1,304.10
Full $1,619.10
Queen $1,889.10
King $2,249.10
CA King $2,249.10

The King and Cal King sizes are available in a split configuration. You’ll need to contact the Nest Bedding sales team to order a split mattress.

Purchase Process

The Nest Bedding website is the only place to order the Finch mattress. 

Once you are on the right page, select your preferred size. If you need a split King or Cal King, call or email Nest Bedding.

Next, choose the feel you want. Options are medium and firm. 

Nest Bedding includes an option to add Extend mattress protection to your order. There are options for 3, 5, and 10 years. 

Extend protection repairs your mattress in case of accidental damage, which the official Nest Bedding warranty doesn't cover. 

If you need anything else to complete your bed set up, add it to your order before checking out. 

Nest Bedding sells plenty of other bedding products, so you can conveniently buy most of what you need from one place. These include bed frames and platforms, mattress protectors, sheets, and more. 

When you are ready to checkout, you can pay the usual way or apply for financing via Affirm or Shop Pay. If you qualify, you’ll be able to pay for your new mattress in smaller installments. 

Now, you just wait for Nest Bedding to prepare and ship your mattress.

Shipping & Delivery

Your mattress will be ready to ship in 12-16 business days. Delivery takes a further 3-8 business days depending on your location. 

Shipping is free for customers in the continental United States. Shipping fees are charged for delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. 

The Finch mattress will be shipped in one box, making it easy to get it inside the house and set it up. 

If you need help setting up the mattress, contact Nest Bedding and request White Glove delivery. They’ll deliver the mattress inside your home and set it up for you. This will cost you extra, though.

Natural Latex vs. Organic Latex: What’s The Difference?

Natural Latex Mattress

The Nest Bedding Finch mattress has a very similar construction to the pricier Piper mattress. The biggest difference is that Finch uses natural latex instead of organic latex. 

What’s the difference between organic and natural latex and is one better than the other?

The latex used in both the Finch and Piper mattress is 100% natural Dunlop latex. It doesn't contain any filler such as synthetic latex. 

However, organic latex in the Piper mattress is harvested from rubber trees grown in strict chemical-free conditions. 

The latex is also handled and manufactured according to strict standards. The organic latex used in Nest Bedding mattresses has the GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certification. 

The natural latex in the Finch mattress and other Nest Bedding mattresses lacks this certification. That means that the trees were not grown organically and thus the latex sourced from them is not organic. 

That’s not to mean it’s bad. Nest Bedding’s natural latex is certified by OEKO-TEX for its lack of harmful chemicals. 

The Finch natural latex mattress is still healthy for you and great for the environment. 

If you want the cleanest mattress you can get, get the Piper certified organic mattress instead.

Nest Bedding Finch Mattress Construction

The Finch mattress comes with a pillow top cover, a comfort layer, and a base layer. 

It’s an all-latex mattress (strictly speaking, it’s almost all-latex since there’s foam in the cover) measuring 10.5 inches thick. 

1.5” Plush Pillow Top Cover

The organic cotton cover is quilted with soft foam and Joma wool. 

The combination of wool and foam creates a soft and plush surface that instantly relieves pressure when you lie on the bed. 

It gives the mattress a comfortable billowy feel. 

3” Natural Dunlop Latex Comfort Layer

The comfort layer is OEKO-TEX certified natural Dunlop latex. It has a soft or firm feel depending on the firmness level you’ve chosen. 

You can swap out this layer for a new one if you find the Finch mattress uncomfortable or once it starts showing its age. 

6” Natural Dunlop Latex Base

The thick natural latex base provides support, structure, and stability.

Manufacturing & Certifications 

The Nest Bedding Finch mattress is made in the USA, specifically in Phoenix, Arizona.

Most of the materials used in the Finch are certified. 

  • The foam in the cover is CertiPUR-US certified for lack of harmful chemicals and emissions. 
  • The natural latex is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Comfort & Firmness

If you are upgrading from a foam mattress, it’ll take some time to get used to the feel of sleeping on a latex mattress. 

Instead of the deeper hug and slow response of foam, the Finch natural mattress feels firmer and more responsive. 

The pillow top cover does provide a plush feel, though not quite as soft as memory foam. Don't expect to sink into the Finch mattress. It feels more like sleeping on a soft cloud. 

You can choose the medium or firm Finch mattress.

The medium option is the best choice for most people. It has a great balance between soft and firm, offering just the right amount of pressure point relief and support for back and combination sleepers.

Some heavier side sleepers will also love the pressure relief on the medium mattress. 

The firm option has more support and less contouring, making it ideal mostly for stomach sleepers and heavier back sleepers.

Sleeping Experience 

Here’s how the Finch mattress performs across various areas that affect sleep quality. 


Latex offers great support, so it’s not surprising that the Finch natural latex mattress has plenty of support. 

It holds up your weight without sagging or bottoming out. Even heavier sleepers (over 230lbs) will find the firm Finch mattress adequately supportive. 

Edge support is not as robust compared to a pocket coil hybrid mattress, but you don't get the roll-off feeling you get on an all-foam mattress.

Pressure Relief

Natural Latex Mattress

There’s no beating memory foam when it comes to pressure point relief. If you are looking for a mattress that will hug your body closely, get a foam mattress. 

But for most sleepers, the pressure relief offered by the Finch mattress is enough to prevent pressure points. 

The medium option has a softer feel and offers the most pressure relief, which is why we recommend it for back and side sleepers.

Type of Sleepers

We recommend the Nest Bedding Finch mattress mostly for back and stomach sleepers

Most back sleepers will appreciate the balance of support and pressure relief on the medium Finch mattress. Stomach sleepers will find the firm Finch mattress to be the most supportive. 

Nest Bedding doesn't sell a soft Finch mattress that would be perfect for side sleepers. Heavier side sleepers will likely love the medium Finch mattress, but most side sleepers should find a softer mattress.


The Finch mattress has a nice springy feel from the highly responsive latex. 

It’s not too much, though. Don't worry that you’ll be sleeping in a bouncy castle. The Finch mattress doesn't have pocket coils, so the bounciness is toned down. 

The pillow top also helps reduce some of the springiness. 

Temperature Regulation 

The Nest Bedding Finch mattress is an excellent choice for hot sleepers. 

Natural latex sleeps cool. It doesn't trap any heat and its open structure keeps heat-dissipating away from you. 

There’s also the wool and cotton on the cover, both materials that are good for cooling and sweat-wicking. 

Motion Transfer

You’ll notice a bit of motion transfer on the Finch mattress. That’s because of its all-latex construction. 

The natural bounciness of latex causes some disturbance on one side of the bed to transfer to the other side. 

It’s not a lot (the pillow top reduces some of the motion transfer), but if your partner is a very light sleeper, you should probably get a foam or foam hybrid mattress instead.  

But most people should be able to sleep fine on the Finch mattress. 


Finch is an all-around great mattress for sex. It has good support, it stays cool and wicks away sweat, and it’s responsive (which helps with movements). 

The only weakness is the average edge support. You’ll want to avoid getting too close to the edge of the mattress. 


Nest Bedding gives their mattresses time to off-gas before they are packed. So you should experience little to no smell. 

If you smell anything, it’s probably the natural rubber smell of the latex. It’ll go away quickly.

365-Night Trial & Lifetime Renewal Exchange

Starting from the day you receive your mattress, you have 365 days to make a return (after at least 30 nights).

Returns are free. 

If you find the Finch mattress too firm or too soft, there’s an alternative to returning it. You can redeem your one-time Lifetime Renewal Exchange (LRE). 

Nest Bedding will send you a free 3” Dunlop latex comfort layer to swap with the current one in the mattress. You can request a medium or firm topper depending on how you want to adjust the feel of your mattress. 

After the trial period, you can still redeem your LRE (provided you did not use it during the trial period) for as long as you own the mattress. 

You can request a new comfort layer once the current one wears out to extend the life of your mattress.

Lifetime Warranty

Nest Bedding covers the Finch natural latex mattress for a lifetime. The warranty covers sagging deeper than one inch and manufacturing defects.

Nest Bedding Finch Mattress Cleaning & Care 

You cannot clean the Finch mattress cover. The best way to keep it clean and stain-free is using a waterproof mattress protector. 

The Finch mattress itself is not flippable, but you can flip or rotate the top comfort layer. Nest Bedding recommends doing so every six months to even outwear.

Nest Bedding Finch Mattress Setup & Foundation

Natural Latex Mattress

The Nest Bedding Finch mattress is heavy, so we recommend a sturdy solid foundation. Don't use a traditional box spring. 

Use a good quality platform or base. You can also place the Finch mattress on an adjustable base.

Finch Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Great support. 
  • Sleeps cool. 
  • 100% natural latex. 
  • Cheaper than an organic latex mattress.


  • Costs more than most foam and hybrid mattresses.  
  • Not suitable for most side sleepers.


If you like the Nest Bedding Piper mattress (or any certified organic latex mattress) but it’s beyond your budget, the Finch natural latex mattress is a pocket-friendly alternative.

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