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Our Nest Bedding Lark Kids Mattress Review

Our Nest Bedding Lark Kids Mattress Review


A healthy and eco-friendly natural latex mattress made specifically for kids. Made with certified natural latex and organic cotton and wool. 

Best for: Parents shopping for a natural and eco-friendly mattress for their child. 

Avoid if: You prefer an organic latex mattress. The latex in the Lark mattress is natural but not organic. 

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The Nest Bedding Lark natural latex mattress is a greener alternative to foam mattresses. It’s more expensive but guarantees a healthier and eco-friendlier sleeping environment for your child. 

It’s also more durable compared to a foam mattress. 

The Lark natural latex mattress is designed specifically for young sleepers and is available in three sizes: twin, twin XL and full. 

What’s In This Review?

In this in-depth review, we take a look at the Nest Bedding Lark natural latex mattress. We talk about its construction, materials, quality, and safety, as well as comfort. 

If your toddler is finally moving to a proper bed or you want to replace your child’s current mattress, this review is for you. 

Looking for something cheaper? Try the Nest Bedding Puffin kids foam mattress.

About Nest Bedding

best lark kids mattress

Nest Bedding doesn't just sell kid's mattresses. They are one of the biggest bed in box companies. They manufacture mattresses in the USA, pack them in boxes, and send them directly to customers. 

Nest Bedding has been around since 2011 and currently sells a wide range of bedding including mattresses, pillows, sheets, and furniture. 

Their mattress catalog includes seven mattresses and three kids mattresses including a crib mattress.

Social Impact

Most of Nest Bedding’s mattresses are made with natural or organic materials, highlighting the company’s commitment to safety and sustainability. 

Those that are not natural or organic have quality certifications to guarantee the absence of harmful chemicals.


If you are shopping on a budget, you should probably consider the Puffin foam mattress instead. 

The natural latex construction of the Lark mattress makes it a bit pricey. But, as we mentioned, it’s worth it. 

It’s greener and likely to last longer than a foam mattress. 

Here’s the price list. For the most recent prices and discounts, pop over to Nest Bedding’s official website.

Twin $899.10
Twin XL $989.10
Full $1,079.10

Purchase Process

best lark kids mattress

The Nest Bedding website is the only place you can order the Lark natural latex mattress. It’s not available in brick and mortar stores, nor can you get it on other retail websites. 

Once you are on the right page, pick the size you want from the three options available. 

The twin size is great for most kids sleeping alone. The twin XL works best for older kids and teens who are taller than average, and the full size is ideal for two kids sharing the same bed.

There’s only one comfort option – firm – so you don't need to select firmness level. 

At checkout, you can pay with your credit/debit card, or apply for financing from Shop Pay or Affirm. If you qualify, you can pay for the mattress in small installments. 

Visit Nest Bedding’s website to read the Ts and Cs on financing. 

Once you’ve placed an order, you’ll need to wait a couple of weeks or more before the mattress gets to you. Here are the important details on shipping & delivery.

Shipping and Delivery

Because the Lark mattress is made to order, it takes 12-16 business days before it’s ready to ship. Once it ships, delivery takes a further 3-8 business days depending on your location.

Shipping is free for customers within the contiguous United States. You’ll be charged for shipping if you are ordering from Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.

The Lark mattress is shipped in a compact, easy-to-handle box. This makes setup easy and quick even if you are alone. 

Keep in mind that latex tends to be a bit hefty compared to foam. The twin, twin XL, and full sizes weigh 45, 50, and 55 pounds respectively. 

If you don't think you can handle the weight on your own, make sure there’s someone to help you with setup.

Nest Bedding Lark Mattress Construction

The Lark mattress consists of just a single layer of natural latex with a quilted cover around it. 

The latex is 100% natural Dunlop latex and it’s 6 inches thick. It provides firm support plus a bit of contouring to relieve pressure points. 

Around the latex, a layer is a soft 1” quilted cover. It consists of organic cotton quilted with soft polyfoam and Joma wool.

Manufacturing & Certifications 

The Lark mattress is manufactured in the USA, in Nest Bedding’s Arizona factory. 

Here are the certifications for the various materials in the mattress. 

  • The quilting foam used in the cover is CertiPUR-US certified. It has passed rigorous standards to ensure it lacks harmful chemicals and emissions. 
  • The natural latex is certified by OEKO-TEX, guaranteeing it’s 100% natural and free of harmful chemicals. Note that it’s not organic. 

According to Nest Bedding, the cotton and wool in the cover are also organic, but they are not certified.

Comfort & Firmness

best lark kids mattress

Kids sleep best on a firm mattress. It ensures proper sleeping posture, spinal alignment, and lumbar support. 

The Nest Bedding Lark mattress is available in only one firm comfort option, which is perfect for kids of all ages, weight ranges, and sleeping positions. 

The latex construction of the Lark mattress gives it a firmer more solid feel compared to foam. If your kid likes a softer mattress, we recommend the Puffin foam mattress instead.

Sleeping Experience

best lark kids mattress

Here’s how the Lark mattress measures up in various aspects of the sleeping experience. 


Natural latex mattresses offer excellent support, and the Lark mattress is no exception. 

The latex mattress doesn't sink or sag even after years of use. 

Pressure Relief

The quilted wool and foam cover provides all the pressure point relief most kids need. 

But if your child likes to sink deeper into the mattress, or they have a hip or shoulder injury, the Lark mattress may be too firm for them. Consider getting a foam mattress instead. 

Health & Safety

The Nest Bedding Lark mattress contains just a bit of polyurethane foam. The rest of the materials including wool, cotton, and latex are natural. 

If you are concerned about your child sleeping on a foam mattress, the Lark mattress is a healthier alternative. 

It’s not certified organic though. If you want that, get the Nest Bedding Piper certified organic all-latex mattress. It’s not made specifically for kids, but it’s still comfortable. 


If your kid likes sleeping on a bouncy bed, the Lark mattress is a great pick. 

Latex is naturally responsive, which creates a bouncy feeling that most kids love. 


The Nest Bedding Lark mattress is an excellent choice for kids who tend to get a bit too warm in bed or are sensitive to temperature. 

Natural latex has really good ventilation and doesn't trap heat. It stays cool all year round, making it comfortable for hot sleepers.

The breathable organic cotton cover and the wool in the quilting also help with temperature regulation and moisture-wicking. 

Motion Transfer

The responsiveness of latex creates a bit of motion transfer from one side of the mattress to the other. 

But it’s just a little and most kids sharing a bed should be able to sleep well without waking each other up. 

However, if one of them is a very light sleeper, consider getting a foam mattress instead. 


The Lark natural latex mattress has almost no off-gassing for two reasons. 

One, it mostly consists of natural latex which doesn't off-gas like synthetic foam. Two, Nest Bedding allows their mattresses to air before packing and shipping. 

When you unpack the Lark mattress, the only smell you are likely to experience is the natural rubber scent and it goes away after some time.

30-Night Trial 

You have 30 nights after delivery to decide if you want to keep the Lark mattress or not. 

If your kid doesn't like it, contact Nest Bedding within this period to arrange a free return.

Lifetime Warranty

best lark kids mattress

Nest Bedding covers the Lark mattress for a lifetime. They’ll replace or repair the mattress if it sags too much or has some manufacturing defect like a ripped cover.

Nest Bedding Lark Mattress Cleaning & Care

Be careful when setting up the Lark mattress. Latex rips easily if pulled too hard. Follow the setup instructions included with the mattress. 

We recommend placing a waterproof mattress protector over the mattress. It’ll keep the mattress from getting dirty or stained since you cannot remove and wash the quilted cover. 

Nest Bedding Lark Mattress Setup & Foundation 

You can place the Lark mattress on any foundation, as long as it is sturdy and provides adequate support. 

If you are also shopping for a new foundation, Nest Bedding has several platforms and frames. You can order one when buying the Lark mattress.

Lark Mattress Pros and Cons

best lark kids mattress


  • Made with natural latex – greener and healthier. 
  • Sleeps cool and wicks away sweat. 
  • Great support. 
  • A plush quilted cover provides pressure relief. 


  • Pricey compared to a foam mattress. 
  • Not suitable for parents looking for a certified organic kids mattress.


The Nest Bedding Lark mattress is a great choice for parents who want an eco-friendly and healthy mattress for their child.

It’s not quite as good as a certified organic mattress, but it’s more affordable. 

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