What is Sleep Latency and How Does It Affect Your Sleep Quality?

Sleep on a comfortable online mattress to reduce sleep latency

In my last blog post, I talked about sleep efficiency, which is a measure of sleep quality. Today I’ll explain another closely related sleep metric called sleep latency which is also an important indication of your overall sleep quality. How long does it take you to fall asleep when your head hits the pillow? 1 … Read more…

Is It Healthy To Sleep With My Dog At Night?

is it healthy to sleep with your dog

According to the America Pet Products Association (APPA), about 50% of pet owners allow their pets to sleep with them.

Many dog lovers in particular sleep with their canines and they believe there are some benefits of doing that.

However, some people believe that to sleep with a dog poses some health challenges.

To clear this confusion up, the following discussion outlines the pros and cons of sleeping with your dog in bed every night.

Pros Of Sleeping With A Dog

A dog is man's best friend so by sharing a bed; the two will be just strengthening their bond. A dog wants to be close to his human companion, so there may be nothing wrong in allowing him in your bed.  

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The Definitive Parent’s Guide to Healthy Sleep

Parent’s Guide to Healthy Sleep

Good sleep is essential for kids to learn and grow well. And as parents, it’s our job to make sure our children establish healthy sleeping habits and that they stick to these habits even later in life. Like most other habits, children follow their parents when it comes to sleeping. This is why it’s crucial … Read more…