Layla Mattress Review

Layla mattress review


Keep reading this page for our in-depth review of the Layla mattress.

Layla is a Silicon Valley startup aiming to take its place among top online mattress brands.

To set itself apart from the ever increasing crowd, the Layla mattress offer three unique features:

  • First, this all-foam mattress is infused with copper, to improve heat transfer
  • Second, the cover has gel-infused memory foam in it, which makes it super-comfy and further improves cooling
  • Third, by flipping the mattress over, you can select either a soft or firm comfort level. Two mattresses in one!

The other way they stand out is by providing a lifetime warranty, something we’ve only seen with the Nectar mattress. So far.

Based on the many positive online reviews we uncovered during our research, it seems like the Layla mattress is quickly gaining traction with buyers – most likely because of their friendly price and convenient purchase process.

In this 10-minute deep dive, we’ll look at how Layla mattress actually performs, sleeps and compares against its major competitors.

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About Layla

About Layla mattress

Layla launched in 2015, with a team steeped in thr Silicon Valley startup scene and with years of experience in the mattress industry.

In addition to its online storefront, Layla owns 6 showrooms located in Berkeley, New York, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Mountain View.

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Social Impact

Layla handles all of their production in the US, providing jobs and helping to grow the economy. Layla is also made with the highest quality materials to ensure safety for the users and the environment.

Layla has a social commitment, too. The recently partnered with Homeless Shelter in San Francisco in an effort to provide mattresses to those in need.  This 2-minute video explains more:


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Like most online foam mattresses, Layla can be had for an extremely affordable price.

Their mattresses range from $499 to $999, before discounts.  Here is their full price list:

Twin size $499
Twin XL  $599
Full size  $799
Queen size  $899
King size  $999
California King  $999

Layla also offers Affirm financing (credit approval required) for more flexible payment options.

Get The Best Deal at


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Purchase Process

Layla mattress review - order form

The best place to buy the Layla Mattress is on their official website. This ensures that you get all the benefits they provide to customers including their outstanding lifetime warranty and 4-month in-home trial.

Because there is no choice in firmness levels (you get soft and firm in one), the only choice you need to make is size:

Twin size
Twin XL
Full size
Queen size
King size
California King

Remember to check for the latest discounts before ordering.

Layla also offers Affirm financing (pending credit approval) to spread your payments over several months.

Get The Best Deal at


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Delivery & Unboxing

Layla mattress review - unboxing and delivery

Since Layla’s mattress is made in the USA, shipping is quick.

Layla makes it even easier by providing free shipping to all 50 states, no exemptions.

There are, however, no special delivery options such as expedited shipping and white glove delivery.

The mattress will arrive at your door in an easy-to-open box. You can easily setup the mattress on your own.

Remember to lay it down on the right surface such as a box spring, a slatted bed or directly on the floor.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Layla mattress style and aesthetics

There is not much to say about the Layla mattress in regards to styling. It is a simple, minimalist design much like Casper, Leesa and many others. I do like their geometric patterns better than the others, though.

The simple gray and white zippered cover, trimmed in purple thread, gives the Layla a clean, simple and elegant look.

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Layla mattress review - soft or firm just flip it over

Layla uses three key pieces of technology in constructing their mattress.

1. Convoluted foam (in the middle)

First, there is the convoluted foam structure on the second layer, a technique that has become more common in online mattresses.

This is an open cell design resembling an egg crate. The individual pillars help provide proper ergonomic support to the body, holding up the back, shoulders, hips and spine in the correct alignment.

This open structure also helps provide free flow of air within the mattress. This is crucial for cooling purposes.

2. Copper-infused foam (top and bottom)

The second piece of technology is in the copper-infused foam used in the first and last layer. I have only seen this revolutionary cooling technique in a few mattresses including the new Alexander Hybrid Signature Select Mattress and the Amore mattress.

The cooling prowess of the copper-infused foam is visible under an infrared camera. After placing a hand on the mattress, most of it dissipates away within 10 to 15 seconds, leaving the surface cool.

This is a big advantage for sleepers who cannot stand a hot mattress and is especially beneficial for those living in hot and humid areas.

Interestingly, Layla does not use gel-infused foam, which has become something of a standard feature in so many mattresses.

Yet even without the gel, the mattress is able to stay cool and comfortable. The copper, combined with the convoluted foam structure, is enough to keep the heat at bay.

3. 2-in-1 comfort option

Finally, we have one of the most interesting features of the Layla mattress: it is two mattresses in one.

In acknowledging that different sleepers have varying firmness preferences, Layla did not attempt to create two different mattresses, but instead provides two firmness options in a single mattress.  You just flip the mattress.

It works really well, too. And it reduces the chance you’ll need to return the mattress due to the wrong comfort level (smart business move, on their part).

If you love a soft feel, the top default side of the mattress is for you. But if you find this to be too soft, the underside has a firmer feel.

Just unzip the cover, flip the mattress over and zip the cover back on. This is important because of the gel memory foam layer in the cover.

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Mattress Construction

Layla mattress construction

In keeping with its minimalist look, the Layla mattress uses simple construction to deliver a great sleeping experience.

It is not just a bunch of layers thoughtlessly glued together. Each of the three layers has been carefully designed to achieve specific objectives.

Whether on the soft side or the firm side, the three foam layers work together to provide just the right amount of support and comfort.

Here is a breakdown of Layla’s construction:

1. Top layer (soft): Copper-infused memory foam

The first layer of the Layla mattress takes comfort to a completely new level. The copper in this layer helps prevent heat from building up on the surface of the mattress. Excess body heat is quickly conducted away.

The foam itself is on the soft side in terms of firmness, providing more hug and sinkage to sleepers. When you lie on the mattress, it feels plush and cool; perfect for a long night’s sleep. This layer is 3 inches thick.

2. Comfort and Support Layer: Convoluted foam

At 6 inches thick, this is the core support layer of the mattress.

The top of this layer, which is in contact with the underside of the soft-side (top) copper foam layer, resembles an egg crate. This open cell design makes the soft side more compliant and improves air flow.

The other, firm, side of this layer does not have the egg shell design, which provides more support.

3. Bottom layer (firm): High-density copper infused foam

This is the top layer when the mattress is flipped into the “firm” position. The foam in this layer is high-density, which helps reduce sinkage and increase support while providing a firmer feel to the sleeper.

To ensure that the firm side also sleeps cool, copper is also infused into this foam layer, as well.

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Gel-Infused Memory Foam Cover

Layla does something no other mattress does with its cover: they’ve added a layer of gel-infused memory foam directly into their cover.

This makes their cover really soft, compliant and super comfy – adding to the overall comfort of the mattress.

The North Carolina-made cover is zippered meaning you can remove it. But Layla recommends that you only dry clean it to maintain the integrity of the fabric.

This 1-minute video explains the benefits of using a gel-infused foam cover:


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More than a few owners have complained of the new-mattress smell after unboxing the Layla mattress.  I can confirm: it is there.

If the ‘new foam smell’ bothers you, then air it out in your garage or your back deck for 24-48 hours. Pretty much eliminates it.

But don’t worry about the smell, there are no harmful gases emitted.

Like the rest of the memory foam mattress industry, Layla uses CERTI-PUR certified foam, ensuring there are no dangerous chemicals or substances in the foam.

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Sleeping Experience

Layla mattress review - sleeping experience

Layla scores high on our ratings, when it comes to the overall sleep experience. It is a simple but effective product.

In the aspects that matter most – support, comfort and temperature control – it performs better than most others, both in soft and firm positions.

The soft side produces a cushy hug that most sleepers love. The firm side has more of a ‘floating’ feeling.

Your sleeping experience will vary, of course, depending on your preferred sleeping position, body weight and which side of the mattress you are sleeping on. Which makes it nice that you to get two firmness options in this one mattress.

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Layla ensures you don’t have to choose a soft or a firm mattress. Just flip the mattress over to pick the feel you like best.

To change comfort level, just unzip the cover, flip the mattress over and put the cover back on.

The soft side is not too soft, really, more of a medium-soft.  It’s ideal for side and back sleepers. It also works well for lean people with sharp bones and joints.

The firm side is definitely firmer than the medium-firm you’ll find in a Casper or a Leesa. It’s best for stomach sleepers and heavier individuals.

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Sinkage will depend a lot on which side you are sleeping on. The soft side has far more sinkage than the firm side.

For both sides however, the sinkage is not outrageous and does not affect the sleeping experience.


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Motion Transfer

As for motion transfer, the Layla mattress scores a “minimal” thanks to the convoluted structure in the second foam layer.

Motion transfer from one point to another is minimal, a big plus for couples.

As a bonus, the mattress also has a decent amount of bounce in the firm position, which is surprising for an all-foam mattress.

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Hot/Cold Issues

No temperature issues have been experienced by the majority of users.

The convoluted structure of the middle foam layer and the copper-infused foam in the top and bottom layers work together to keep heat and moisture away from the mattress.

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Layla mattress comes with an outstanding lifetime warranty. There is no catch. You mattress is covered for as long as it is in your possession and under proper use.

This is not a prorated warranty, either.  You won’t pay anything in the event that the mattress needs to be replaced or repaired.

To enjoy the lifetime warranty, make sure you only shop at the official Layla mattress website.

Read The Warranty at


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Return Policy

Layla provides a 4-month (120 day) test period for the mattress. This is more than enough time for you to decide whether this is the right mattress for you.

However, the company recommends that you give yourself at least 2 weeks to acclimate to the mattress before deciding to return it.

If you decide to return it, all you have to do is contact the staff at Layla Sleep. The company will collaborate with a local charity to pick up the mattress at no cost to you.

Just photograph the pickup receipt issued by the charity and send it to Layla. They will then issue you with a full refund.

As with the warranty, the generous return period is only available if you buy from the official Layla mattress website and not from any other third party website.

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Once an order is dispatched from the company’s facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, you will be issued with a tracking number.

Shipping is free to all 50 states. Delivery generally takes around 4 to 5 days.

No special shipping or delivery options are provided but feel free to contact customer care to see if they can accommodate your request.

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Pros and Cons


  • A very affordable price range. None of the sizes go over $1000 and the cheapest starts at $499. Compared to store-bought mattresses of the same quality, this is quite the bargain.
  • A great sleeping experience. The Layla performs well in almost all metrics including temperature control, support and overall comfort.
  • Generous warranty and a stress-free return policy.
  • Easy and convenient purchase process with free shipping.


  • Edge support is a bit lacking. If you sleep or sit too close to the edge, the support will not be as robust.
  • A bit of off-gassing though it is completely harmless.

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This Mattress is Perfect for You If…

You are looking for a high quality memory foam mattress at an affordable price, but you’re not sure what comfort level might be best.

This actually describes a LOT of people, based on the emails we get. Maybe Layla is on to something here…

With the Layla mattress, you get all the best features of a high end foam mattress without the high price tag.

Get The Best Deal at


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I am a medium-firm sleeper, and I really like the Layla.

The copper infused foam sleeps cool through the night.  It is very comfortable, regardless of which side you sleep on.

Not to mention the lifetime warranty and 120-day trial.

The only downsides are minor: it smells a bit when new, and the edge support could be better.

But overall, this mattress is very well made and sleeps great.

If for some reason you don’t feel Layla is a good choice, then here are a few alternatives in the same price range:

  • for maximum coolness at night, take a look at Bear mattress. It uses Celiant fabric and graphite-infused foam and is designed for athletes.
  • for more firmness choices and a split configuration option, check out Dromma Bed.
  • for a great memory foam mattress that sleeps really well and costs very little, Leesa remains my top choice.

Shop Now

The best deal right now is found on Plus, the warranty and return policies are generally better if you buy from their site vs. from a 3rd party like Amazon.

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Luxi Mattress Review: Three Mattresses In One

Luxi mattress review


Keep reading this page for our in-depth review of the Luxi mattress.

For most online mattresses, customization means one thing: a choice of firmness level. You can choose soft, medium or firm.

Luxi decided to give us more, and offer all three comfort levels – in the same mattress.

There is only one Luxi mattress sold online, but within that single mattress you can choose various comfort levels and split configurations.

In addition, the Luxi mattress also has an innovative feature called Support Balancing Technology (SBT) which noticeably improves support and temperature control.

Sound interesting?

Let’s unzip the Luxi mattress and give it a spin, to see how well it lives up to its promise.

Table of Contents

This page has a lot of information – about 10 minutes worth. Use this table of contents to skip to the features you care most about.

To return to this outline, touch ↑ Table of Contents.

About Luxi

Luxi Mattress Review - father daughter dreamersLuxi is a father-daughter venture and one of the latest entrants into the disruptive industry of online mattresses.

In addition to providing customers with an easy way to buy affordably-priced mattresses, the duo also wanted to offer customers more customization.

They understood that different people have different sleeping preferences and needs. Instead of making a one-fits-all product, they came up with a variety of customizations packaged in a single mattress.

The two founders – David Farley and Shannon Farley – bring with them an unparalleled depth of experience, skill and passion.

The result of their innovation is clear in the quality and uniqueness of the Luxi mattress.

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Social Impact

Luxi Mattress Review - environmental pledge

While Luxi focuses on creating one of the best mattresses sold online, it also strives to make a positive impact on society.

One way they do this is through local manufacturing. The entire manufacturing process is done in the United States, which provides jobs locally as well as ensuring the highest quality product.

Additionally, the company has put every effort into ensuring that every Luxi mattress works for everyone. This minimizes the need for returns, which in turn reduces waste.

The end result is a cleaner and less polluted environment.

↑ Table of Contents

Purchase Process

Luxi Mattress Review - order form

You will not find the Luxi mattress in brick and mortar stores or in major retail centers.

Amazon doesn’t sell the mattress, either.

The only place you will find it is on the official company website,

The purchase process is pretty straightforward.

Once you have read the warranty and return policies, just choose your preferred size.

There are six standard size options.

Twin size
Twin XL
Full size
Queen size
King size
California King

Because all three comfort levels are included in every mattress, the purchase process is really easy.

At checkout, you can apply for financing through Affirm (pending credit approval). This allows you to receive your mattress immediately but spread out the payments over 3, 6 or 12 months.

Get $125 Off + 2 FREE Pillows at


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Delivery Options

About Luxi mattress

Delivery is done free of charge via FedEx throughout the entire United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada.

No international deliveries are possible at the current time.

Once you make your order, it is prepared in a Southern California factory, a process that takes around 3 to 5 days.

The shipping itself takes between 1 and 5 days, depending on your location.

So you can expect a waiting period of between 4 and 10 working days before the mattress is delivered to you.

You can track your shipment through FedEx to know when it will be delivered though you don’t need to be home to sign for it. The only exception is for Canadian residents who need to be available in person to sign on the delivery.

Additionally, Luxi offers the option of removing your old mattress but at an extra cost. The charge will depend on your specific location.

If you have any special delivery requests, be sure to contact the company before making a purchase to find out whether it is possible and if it will cost anything extra.

For example, you can ask for a specific delivery date and the company will try its best to accommodate your request.

↑ Table of Contents

Aesthetics and Styling

Luxi mattress style and aesthetics

The styling is nothing too fancy.

A simple two-tone scheme defines the style of the Luxi mattress. The white part covers the top and a large portion of the sides. A gray strip along the bottom of each side provides some contrast to the gleaming white top.

An easy-to-use zipper separates the two parts and provides access to the individual foam layers, which easily slip apart.

One other thing you will notice is the gently curving edges. Most mattresses have sharp edges.

While this does not mean anything performance wise, it gives the mattress a slightly more comfortable look.

↑ Table of Contents


Luxi mattress technology

The innovation in the Luxi mattress is impressive.

I have researched and reviewed dozens of mattresses and I have yet to come across anything quite like this.

Here is a look at some of the notable features that make this mattress exceptional.

1. Support Balancing Technology (SBT)

This is the gem of the Luxi mattress and one which the company cannot stop boasting about.

Luxi’s Support Balancing Technology works kind of like “pocketed foam coils”. It consists of 100% memory foam columns, or heads, that look like overturned stools.

These individual columns are designed to provide better support and contouring than traditional block foam.

When you lie on the mattress, the columns push back depending on the weight and pressure applied on them. Essentially, the mattress responds to your body shape and weight, ensuring that you achieve perfect comfort.

If you are a side sleeper, the heads eliminate pressure points around the shoulders and hips. For back and stomach sleepers, they ensures proper spine alignment, thus preventing back pain.

Because the pillars are not connected to each other, the columnar design creates free airflow within the mattress.

This helps take any excess heat away from the mattress, ensuring you sleep cool and cozy. Moreover, it reduces motion transfer, a big advantage for couples.

2. Customization

Luxi mattress customization

I have yet to come across an online mattress that offers the kind of personalization provided by the Luxi mattress.

For one, you can change your comfort level to soft, medium or firm simply by switching out a couple of layers.

Second, you can also order a split configuration for any Queen or larger mattress size. This is a plus for couples with different sleeping preferences.

In this way, Luxi offers one mattress that adequately addresses the comfort needs of a huge variety of buyers.

If you are not sure what your preferred comfort level is, buying a Luxi really simplifies your decision, without limiting your options.

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Luxi mattress construction

Luxi uses CertiPUR-US certified foams to ensure the best product quality and safety standards.

The foams are arranged in different layers which can be interchanged to change the firmness level of the mattress.

Let’s open up the mattress and look at each layer separately.

Note: The layers below have been listed in an order that provides a medium-firm comfort level. Read on further below under ‘firmness’ to find out how to interchange the layers to get a soft or firm feel.

1. Latex foam (1.5 inches)

1.5 inches of Dunlop latex foam gives a pleasant bounce to the mattress especially when it is configured as the top layer.

Latex is also good at temperature control, a feature that complements the cooling effort of the SBT layer.

If you love latex or simply want a bit more bounce to your mattress, put the latex layer at the top.

2. Memory foam (1 inch)

Memory foam is great when it comes to body contouring. It effectively eliminates uncomfortable and painful pressure points, thus providing better quality sleep.

In the medium-firm setup, the 1-inch memory foam layer helps add to the plushness of the mattress, which balances out the firm latex layer at the top.

This layer also acts as a transition between the latex layer and the SBT layer. Even in other setups (soft and firm), it remains a transitional layer between the top and third layers.

3. Support Balancing Technology layer (3.5 inches)

The SBT layer is where you will find Luxi’s truly unique support columns.

At 3.5 inches, this is the thickest layer of the mattress.

This level consists of individual columns (or simply heads) made out of memory foam. The heads react to the sleeper’s weight and positioning to ensure maximum comfort and support regardless of your weight or whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper.

This layer also acts as the cooling center for the mattress. Air flowing between the columns keeps everything cool and dry.

4. Polyurethane foam (3.5 inches)

In the medium-firm configuration, 3.5 inches of polyurethane foam act as the foundational layer.

This foam is significantly denser and firmer than both latex and memory foam. It keeps the mattress in shape and ensures durability.

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The cover has been designed for breathability and luxury comfort. It feels a bit elastic, which helps when you need to take it off and put it back on again.

There are three primary components used in the cover: 73% polyester, 23% viscose and 4% elastane. Elastane, better known as spandex, is the component responsible for the elastic feel of the cover.

The cover is quilted with an additional 0.5 inch layer of memory foam. This gives it some additional plushness and adds to the comfort of the mattress.

The cover is removable (using the side zipper) to allow you to interchange the layers. Just make sure to put it back on once you are through. Putting it back on is easy and quick, thanks to its elasticity which gives it a snug fit.

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Mattress off-gassing is a result of the foam manufacturing and packaging process and is completely harmless.

Luxi mattress uses CertiPUR-US certified foams, which ensures that no toxic chemicals are used at any instance in the production chain.

But becuse Luxi uses standard memory foams, some might detect a ‘new foam’ odor.

If it bothers you, consider airing out for 24-48 hours before using it.

For most people however, the off-gassing is so minimal they will not detect it, at all.

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Sleeping Experience

Luxi laid-down the gauntlet of “endless personalization” when it landed in the market, to a lot of fanfare.

So does the mattress live up to its bold promise?

We have already talked about its comfort, support, temperature control and off-gassing. So far, the mattress ticks all the right boxes.

Now we are going to examine sleeping experience in four specific areas: firmness, sinkage, motion transfer and cooling.

↑ Table of Contents


In a way, Luxi is like other mattress companies that have soft, medium and firm mattresses.

Except that you get all three firmness levels, in a single mattress.

You just need to remove the cover and move the different layers around to adjust your comfort level.

Luxi mattress support balancing technology

Here is a brief guide on how to do this:

  • Want a Soft Mattress? Place the SBT layer at the top such that you are sleeping directly on the memory foam heads. This creates a more pronounced hug and sinkage and is perfect for lean people and side sleepers. I would rate it at 3.5-4 out of 10 with 10 being very hard and 1 very soft. In this setting, the layout is SBT layer, memory foam, latex foam and lastly foundational foam.
  • For Medium-firm: Turn over the top half of the mattress such that the latex foam is now the first layer of the mattress. This creates a firmer feel and less sinkage. It is the ideal comfort level for most sleepers. I would rate it at around 5 out of 10. The layout here is latex foam, memory foam, SBT layer and lastly the foundational foam.
  • If you like it Firm: Unzip the cover and bring the base layer of polyurethane foam to the top. This creates a firmer surface that feels a bit like floating. It is ideal for stomach sleepers and heavier individuals. I would rate it at around 7 out of 10. In this arrangement there is polyurethane foam, SBT layer, memory foam and latex foam at the base.

So whatever your preference is, Luxi has you covered by their single mattress. If one configuration doesn’t cut it, switch to another one.

For couples with a queen size or larger, you can also configure each half of the mattress to whatever firmness level that feels right for you.  Both sides are also customizable, as described above.

↑ Table of Contents

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

The sinkage level will depend on the kind of layout you have set the mattress in.

If the SBT layer is on top (soft), there will be pronounced sinkage. The firm configuration (polyurethane foam on top) has the least sinkage, hence the ‘floating’ feeling.

Motion transfer is another important issue that determines sleeping experience for couples. Ideally, when one person moves, the other should not be disturbed by the movement.

By using memory foam heads, the Luxi mattress effectively minimizes motion transfer to a point where it is barely noticeable.

This is because the individual foam heads do not transmit motion to each other. Any movement generated at a point stays there.

For couples with different waking times, or where one of you keeps turning at night, this is one of the best mattresses you can get. It will result in deeper and better sleep for both of you.

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Hot/Cold Issues

I have already mentioned how the mattress is able to keep temperatures under control thanks to the SBT layer.

Individual columns allow air to flow among them and take away excess heat from the surface. In soft comfort configuration, this works really well. However, in the medium and firm configurations, the airflow is blocked and doesn’t work as well.

The breathable cover and latex layer also help to keep this mattress cool.

In our medium configuration experience, the Luxi was able to stay cool all night. It did not get hot.

So there is no need to invest in additional temperature-control components like a gel topper, etc., to help you sleep.

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The Luxi mattress won us over with its endless personalization and a great sleeping experience.

The low price of this mattress makes it even more appealing.

For a mattress of this quality and flexibility, this mattress is a real bargain.

While you might pay $3,000 or more to get a similar quality mattress at a store, you can get a Luxi mattress for less than $1,300.

Here is the full price list:

Twin size $799
Twin XL  $849
Full size  $949
Queen size  $1,099
King size  $1,299
California King  $1,299

On top of this, Luxi offers a $125 discount plus two pillows, right now.  This makes it a better deal than leaders Casper, Tuft and Needle and many others.

If you don’t want to pay the entire amount at once, Luxi offers Affirm financing (credit approval required) to spread your payments over several months.

Get $125 Off + 2 FREE Pillows at


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Luxi offers an industry-standard 10-year warranty that covers the usual – indentations greater than 1.5 inches and material or workmanship defects.

The warranty extends to the original buyer only, and it only covers the mattress under proper usage.

Make sure you have read the full warranty before making a purchase and understand all the terms and conditions involved.

Read The Warranty at


↑ Table of Contents

Return Policy

Online mattress companies are known for their generous return policies, most offering 60-120 day trial periods.

Luxi is far more generous.  They offer an astounding 1,000 nights to try out your mattress and decide whether to keep it or send it back.

You’ll need to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days before initiating a return. This is to give your body time to adjust to the new mattress and help you make a sure decision on whether to return it or not.

With its interchangeable layer design, it is unlikely you will need to make a return.

But it is good to know that there is no pressure or rush to decide whether the mattress is right for you.

↑ Table of Contents


Shipping is handled free of charge via FedEx to all points in the greater United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada.

The company does not offer international shipping at the moment.

Since each mattress is manufactured upon order, it will take slightly longer than usual (4-10 days) for your mattress to reach you.

The mattress is shipped in a box whose size depends on the size of mattress you ordered. It is a good idea to have someone nearby to help you with setting up.

You can also pay an extra fee for the company to do the setup for you including disposing your old mattress.

Luxi offers various special shipping options including expedited shipping and specific-date deliveries. Contact the company with your special request to find out how much more you have to pay.

↑ Table of Contents

Pros and Cons


  • One of the most customizable mattresses in the market.
  • The SBT layer results in better support, more comfort and superior cooling capability
  • Great customer service from the company.
  • Generous warranty and return policies.


  • Setting up the mattress requires a bit of work especially if you need to change the firmness level.

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This Mattress is Perfect for You If…

You want a maximum of flexibility in your memory foam mattress, without paying an arm and a leg.

Get $125 Off + 2 FREE Pillow at


↑ Table of Contents


In a market with plenty of options, the Luxi mattress is a unique bargain choice for anyone who isn’t sure what comfort level they prefer.

It’s also an excellent memory foam sleeper, as good or better than Tuft and Needle in the medium configuration.

Shop Now

The best deal right now is found on

As is true with most online mattresses, the warranty and return policies are better if you buy from their site vs. from a 3rd party like Amazon.

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Purple Mattress Review: In A Class Of Its Own

Purple Mattress - uncovered in modern bedroom

All of the mattresses we’ve reviewed so far have been one of three types: memory foam, latex foam or innerspring.

Until now.

The Purple Mattress is as different as they come – from how the company funds their growth, to their funky / self-deprecating marketing, to the truly unique materials in their products.

Most importantly, the sleeping experience of this mattress is excellent – and very different.  In a positive way.

I have to say, Eric and I love our Purple mattress!

This is one of the best-sleeping and coolest mattresses we’ve ever owned.

We’ll be keeping this one, long-term.

So let’s dive in and find out why everyone is talking so much about the Purple Mattress… what, specifically, is so different?

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