Leesa vs. Casper Mattress: An In-Depth Comparison

Leesa Mattress

Casper is one of the first pure, startup online mattress companies, having launched in early 2014. The new Casper mattress was an immediate hit, earning over $1 million in sales in its first month.

Leesa is a more recent entrant into the budget foam mattress business; however, Leesa has also found itself a large and loyal market, very quickly.

The rapid success of both companies is because both sell an excellent-quality foam mattress at a rock-bottom price.

Which can make it hard to decide which one is right for you.

What’s In This Comparison

In this head-to-head comparison, you’ll learn how Casper and Leesa compare & contrast on things like materials & construction, comfort, price, warranty & return, and of course, sleep experience.

My aim is to give you enough facts to choose the mattress that best fits your sleeping needs and preferences.

Casper vs. Leesa: Which One Should You Buy?

See the mattress I prefer.

Here’s my bottom line on which one you should buy, based upon your preferences and budget – keep reading this page, to learn more:

Saatva vs Casper

I gave the Casper mattress an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5.0.

Buy the Casper if:

  • You sleep on your back.
  • You prefer a firmer mattress.
  • You don’t mind spending a little more.

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Leesa vs Casper - Leesa logo

I gave the Leesa mattress an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

Buy a Leesa if:

  • You sleep on your side or stomach.
  • You share your bed with a fidgety partner.
  • You want to save money.

SAVE $100 on Leesa NOW

Keep reading to learn more about these differences.

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Endy Mattress: Medium-Soft Luxury for a Rock-Bottom Price

Endy Mattress - on platform bed


Keep reading this page for our in-depth review of the excellent Endy mattress.

Innovative online mattress-in-a-box companies like Casper & Saatva shook the mattress industry to its foundation a few years ago.

By removing many of the pain points associated with traditional mattress buying, they’ve given us a cheaper, more convenient and less stressful way to buy a mattress.

Today, though, the market has grown up. And those first few companies have a lot of new competitors.

One of the first Canadian mattress startups, Endy, recently entered the market with an eye on meeting the needs of people who prefer a slightly softer mattress – but still want to save a ton.

So how does Endy compare with Casper and other budget-friendly products?

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