Puffy vs Leesa Mattress Review: My In-Depth Comparison

Puffy is a high-quality 3-layer gel-infused memory foam mattress that comes with a lifetime warranty – a big deal at its modest price point.

Leesa is one of the most popular and highest-rated foam mattresses online. It is just as affordable as Puffy but with a more standard warranty of 10 years.

So how do these two beds compare? Which one should you buy?

In this comparison, I'll cover how these two mattresses differ in half a dozen ways – so you can make your own decision.

What’s In This Mattress Comparison

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In this in-depth comparison, we are going to put the Puffy original mattress and my personal favorite budget mattress, Leesa, head-to-head.

We’ll compare them on construction, price, firmness, sleeping experience and other important aspects.

If you are not interested in either of these mattresses, then see my best mattress picks for other top recommendations. 

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