euro top vs pillow top

What’s the Difference Between a Pillow Top and a Euro Top Mattress?

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What is a Pillow Top?

euro top vs pillow top

First, let's begin with what a pillow top is. For simplicity's sake, it is another layer of padding on the top of your mattress.

They are available on all kinds of beds, like memory foam or latex mattresses, but are most commonly found on top of innerspring beds. They provide more cushioning, contouring, and relaxation. They also help make extra firm mattresses more comfortable.

Pillow Top Vs. Euro Top Mattress Comparison

euro top vs pillow top

A Euro top is a sort of pillow top. Just like the way the thumb is a finger, but not all fingers are thumbs – the same applies in this case. The distinction is that a traditional pillow top is an additional layer stitched on top of the mattress. This means there's a gap between the pillow top and the mattress.

Euro pillow tops have some padding under the top layer and are supposed to cover the mattress's entire top surface, so it is flush with the mattress's edges.

This makes it so it does not look like an excess layer just sitting on top of the mattress but is more so a portion of the mattress.

While pillow tops can be made from latex foam, fibers, memory foam, gel, wool, or other substances, a Euro top is usually made from foam or fiberfill. It is typical of a better quality cushion top.

Euro tops are heavier and thicker because they're packed with more stuff, whereas pillow tops only seem to be solid, but they have a gap between the pillow top and the layer below.

Euro pillow tops likely to be denser than the typical pillow top, also. Additionally, because Euro shirts are stitched under the cover, they cannot shift or move shape how other pillow tops can. Euro tops, overall, are inclined to get a cleaner appearance and are usually stronger and supportive.

Some other advantages of a Euro pillow top carry reduced movement transfer (particularly for innerspring beds) and an adjusted stability level, making the mattress more customizable for various body types and sleeper types.

Euro Top Mattress Reviews

euro top vs pillow top

The Euro top Mattresses we have reviewed are far more of this luxury quality type – especially the Saatva mattress and WinkBed.

Saatva is a luxury brand, but their rates are surprisingly cheap considering the mattresses' quality.

Their flagship Saatva mattress consists of an innerspring base layer, next to a layer of pocketed coils, accompanied by a memory foam layer. In addition to all that is their Euro pillow top, in addition to a natural cotton cover.

The dual layers of coils give great support, but the memory foam and pillow top provide comfort. Saatva also provides three different firmness levels to select from Plush Soft, Medium Firm (which is the most popular choice), and Firm. This is the kind of bed you may expect to find in a very wonderful hotel room.

WinkBed is just another hotel-luxury bedding. It's a very thick mattress in 15″ (in actuality, this is one of the thickest beds we have tested so far) and we enjoy that every mattress is handmade in Wisconsin.

The bed building is a tiny coating of support foam followed by micro coils, pocketed coils, after which their two” thick Euro pillow top. The Euro top consists of “Hypersoft foam” to help provide localized support.

The cover of this mattress is made with Tencel, which is likely to be soft and absorbent. This mattress also provides multiple firmness levels, including Firmer, Luxury Firm, and Softer. We state that Wink Bed is among the most durable and strongest beds we have ever seen.

Are There Pillow Top Mattress Toppers or Pads?

Yes! They aren't as thick or plush as mattresses, but they still help. Keep in mind that most of the time, they'll make your mattress feel softer.

There are many great options out there, but we enjoy the Linenspa Mattress Topper as comfortable and not that pricey.

Can You Flip a Top Pillow Mattress? Are There Double-Sided Pillow Top Beds?

For now, you probably won't get flippable bedding with pillow tops on both sides. Instead, you will need to check out Layla, IDLE, or Zenhaven if you would like that sort of flexibility.

Pillow Top Mattress Sheets

euro top vs pillow top

Pillow top mattresses are usually a bit thicker, so you might have to invest in sure deep sheets. You may search for deep pocket sheets on Amazon or request your favorite sheet supplier if they make extra heavy sheets for your fancy pillow top mattress.

Who Will Benefit from a Euro Top?

Euro tops provide extra support, cushioning, and relaxation. This can be quite beneficial for people who have orthopedic problems, back pain, or who need additional padding in their mattresses.

Please consult your physician before getting a new mattress if you have back problems, shoulder and neck pain, or fibromyalgia. However, the excess padding from a Euro-top mattress is generally an excellent way to supply you with more comfort.

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