Bedding Quail Mattress

Our Nest Bedding Quail Mattress Review

Our Nest Quail Mattress Review


One of the most comfortable budget foam mattresses sold online. Excellent cooling technology and a responsive, latex-like comfort layer. Two firmness choices and a lifetime warranty. 

Great choice for: Anyone shopping for a comfortable and cool-sleeping foam mattress on a budget. 

Avoid if: You weigh more than 230lbs. The Quail mattress doesn't offer enough support for heavier sleepers. 

Price: $764.10 – $1349.10

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The Nest Bedding Quail mattress, previously known as the Love & Sleep mattress, is the only all-foam mattress Nest Bedding offers. It’s also their most affordable mattress. 

It’s still more expensive than most other foam mattresses online. But that’s because the Quail mattress is not like any other foam mattress. 

It has better support and pressure relief, more responsiveness, better cooling and a longer lifespan than most foam mattresses.

What’s In This Mattress Review?

We look at the Nest Bedding Quail mattress in detail, including its construction and materials, feel and comfort, cooling performance and other aspects of its sleeping experience. 

Use this table of contents to skip to the features you care most about.

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About Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding is one of the biggest online mattress brands. It’s also one of the first companies to pack mattresses in boxes and ship them directly to customers. 

Nest Bedding is based in the USA and also manufactures mattresses in the USA. 

Currently, Nest Bedding sells six mattresses as well as bedding and bedroom furniture.

Social Impact

Materials used in Nest Bedding mattresses carry a number of certifications including CertiPUR-US, GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and GREENGUARD GOLD.

These certifications indicate that the materials are of the stated standard (e.g. organic) and guarantee the absence of harmful chemicals and emissions. 

In an effort to reduce waste, Nest Bedding has also introduced the LRE or Lifetime Renewal Exchange. When your mattress gets old or uncomfortable, you can ask Nest Bedding to exchange the top comfort layer with a new one. 

That way, you can keep using the same mattress for longer. 


The Quail mattress is the best Nest Bedding mattress if you are shopping on a budget. 

Because it doesn't have expensive materials like memory foam, latex, or pocket coils, it’s cheaper than other Nest Bedding mattresses. 

That said, the Quail mattress costs more than most other foam mattresses online. 

But considering the great sleeping experience it offers, we think it’s worth it. It will also likely outlast cheaper foam mattresses. 

Here are the retail prices for the Quail mattress. Visit Nest Bedding’s official website for the latest prices and discounts. 

Twin $764.10
Twin XL $809.10
Full $944.10
Queen $1,169.10
King $1,349.10
CA King $1,349.10
Split Cal King (one half) $809.10

Customers who want to spread payments out over time can choose to pay using Affirm.  Make sure you qualify, during checkout.

Purchase Process

Love & Sleep Mattress

You can order the Quail mattress online from the official Nest Bedding website. Nest Bedding offers a generous 1-year trial period (with free returns) so don't worry about buying a mattress without testing it.

But if you really want to see and feel the mattress in person, there are several Nest Bedding showrooms around the country. 

The Quail mattress is available in all standard sizes from twin to Cal King. There’s also a split Cal King option for couples. 

Once you select the size you want, choose from the two comfort options available: medium and firm. 

If you are not sure which one to get, go with medium. It’s the most comfortable feel for most types of sleepers. 

If you need more support, are a stomach sleeper, or have a bigger body, get the firm option. 

At checkout, Nest Bedding offers an option to pay in installments via third-party services, Affirm or Shop Pay. Visit the Nest Bedding website to prequalify.

Shipping & Delivery 

Because Nest Bedding mattresses are made to order, it takes some time for your order to ship – about 12-16 business days. 

Once it ships, delivery takes 3-8 business days depending on your location. 

Shipping is free within the continental US. Additional shipping fees apply for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. 

Currently, Nest Bedding doesn't offer in-home delivery in most locations. Your mattress will be delivered to your doorstep and it’s up to you to take it inside and set it up.

The mattress is delivered compressed in a box that one or two people can lift and carry.

Mattress Construction

The Nest Bedding Quail mattress has a simple all-foam construction. Here are the various layers. 

Cooling Cover 

The Quail mattress is wrapped in a breathable cover that helps keep you cool. But it’s not just the breathable fabric that makes the cover good for hot sleepers. 

The fabric contains phase change material (PCM), a substance that absorbs and releases heat to maintain a comfortable temperature range. 

This keeps the cover feeling cool against your skin. 

3” Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam

The comfort layer is made with Energex Foam, a special type of polyfoam that has the pressure-relief of memory foam and the responsiveness of latex. 

Notably, Energex foam doesn't get hot like memory foam, thanks to its open polymer structure. This makes the Quail mattress a good choice for hot sleepers. 

In the firm Quail mattress, the Energex foam layer is 2” thick, which creates less sinkage and more firm support. 

2” Convoluted SmartFlow Foam

This transitional foam layer provides additional pressure relief and support. 

It has a convoluted surface with channels that transport excess heat away from the mattress. 

Note that the firm Quail mattress lacks this layer, which is why it feels firmer.

5” Base Support Foam 

The medium comfort Quail mattress has a 5” base consisting of open-cell support foam that provides overall support. 

The firm comfort option has a thicker 8” base.

Manufacturing & Certifications

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The Nest Bedding mattress is manufactured in the USA. All the foams used are manufactured in the USA and have the CertiPUR-US certification. 

The mattress also carries the UL GREENGUARD Gold certification for achieving rigorous low chemical emissions standards.

Comfort & Firmness

The Quail mattress is available in two firmness options: medium and firm. 

The medium feel is the best choice for most types of sleepers. It has a great balance between soft and firm that’s comfortable for many side and back sleepers.  

The firm feel Quail mattress is the best choice for back sleepers and those who weigh between 130 and 230lbs. 

Being an all-foam mattress, we don't recommend Quail for heavier sleepers weighing more than 230lbs. Even the firm option doesn't provide enough support for bigger-bodied folks. 

Instead, we recommend one of Nest Bedding’s hybrid mattresses like Owl or Sparrow. These have pocket coils that provide plenty of support. 

The Quail mattress feels most comfortable for light and average weight sleepers.

Sleeping Experience 

The Nest Bedding Quail mattress is one of the most comfortable foam mattresses. 

One of the things you’ll immediately notice is that it feels more responsive than other foam mattresses. That’s because of the Energex foam. 

It also has good support and pressure relief for light and average weight sleepers. 

One area where it’s lacking is edge support. But this is the case for all-foam mattresses. 

Because there are no springs to hold up the edges, there’s less support there. Don’t sit or sleep on or near the edge of the mattress. 

Is the Nest Bedding Quail Mattress Good For Sex?

A mattress that’s good for sex needs to be responsive, supportive, and cool. 

The Quail mattress does well in these three areas. The Energex foam layer feels bouncy, the transition and base layers provide deep compression support, and the PCM cover stays cool all the time. 

While it’s not as good as a latex or hybrid mattress, the Quail mattress is better for sex than most foam and memory foam mattresses.

Does The Nest Bedding Quail Mattress Feel Cool?

Cooling performance is another area where the Quail mattress beats many foam and memory foam mattresses. 

The combination of open-cell foam and the phase change cooling cover makes the Quail mattress a great choice for hot sleepers. 

It doesn't sleep as cool as a hybrid or latex mattress, but it doesn't get anywhere as hot as memory foam. Most mild and average hot sleepers will find it comfortable. 

If you feel a bit too warm on the Quail mattress, a cooling mattress pad should help. 


Nest Bedding says they give their mattresses time to off-gas in the factory before shipping. 

So you should experience little to no smell when you unpack the Quail mattress.

Motion Transfer

The Quail mattress has minimal motion transfer. The foam layer absorbs disturbances, ensuring your movement doesn't wake your sleeping partner. 

If you or your partner moves a lot in bed, the Quail mattress is a good choice.

365-Night Trial 

Nest Bedding lets you test the Quail mattress for an entire year at home. If you don't like it after sleeping on it for at least 30 nights, contact Nest Bedding to arrange a return.

Lifetime Warranty 

If you decide to keep the mattress, Nest Bedding covers it with a limited lifetime warranty. See all the terms and details on their website.

Quail Foam Mattress Cleaning & Care

The only way to clean the Quail mattress is spot cleaning the cover. 

An even better way to keep the mattress clean is getting a waterproof mattress protector.

Quail Foam Mattress Setup & Foundation 

The Quail mattress can be placed on any kind of sturdy foundation or base, including box springs and slatted beds. 

It is also compatible with adjustable bases.

Quail Mattress Pros and Cons

nest bedding


  • Affordable. 
  • Good support and pressure relief. 
  • Sleeps cool. 
  • Responsive comfort layer.


  • Not ideal for heavier sleepers.

The Nest Bedding Quail Mattress is Perfect for You If…

  • You are shopping for a budget foam mattress. 
  • You weigh less than 130lbs (it’s also suitable for those who weigh 130-230lbs, but it’s most comfortable for lightweight sleepers). 
  • You are shopping for a foam mattress that sleeps cool.
  • You are looking for an affordable alternative to memory foam.


Foam mattresses are typically not known for their comfort. The Nest Bedding Quail mattress is an exception. 

It’s super comfortable, has a nice bounce that you don't get in foam mattresses, and it feels cool. 

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