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GhostBed Mattress Review

Ghostbed Review


An affordable latex-gel mattress that sleeps cool, gives outstanding support and a nice bounce.

Great Choice for: Anyone looking for a medium-firm latex mattress that does not break the bank.

Avoid If: You like your mattress more on the soft side, or want a memory foam feel. Also, motion control isn't the best.

Price: to


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The GhostBed mattress is a medium-firm latex + gel foam mattress aimed at meeting the needs of a wide variety of sleepers.

Nature’s Sleep, the veteran mattress, and sleeping products company, launched the GhostBed online mattress in November 2015. So, while this mattress is new, the company behind it has been around for more than ten years.

This budget foam mattress compares most closely with Tuft and Needle, Casper, and our favorite mattress in this category, Leesa.

One of GhostBed's biggest features is its really low price. Comparable mattresses sold by Nature's Sleep start at $2,000, but the GhostBed starts at $495 – and no sizes reach beyond $1,000.

It's also cheaper than almost all of its bed-in-a-box competitors. Only Tuft and Needle are cheaper.

But at such a low price, can the sleeping experience be all that good?

That is what I set out to learn, in this comprehensive review of the GhostBed mattress.

What's In This Mattress Review

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About GhostBed

GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress in a Box-Most Advanced Adaptive Gel Memory Foam–Coolest Mattress in America-Made in the USA–Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty

The founder of GhostBed, Marc Werner, has personal experience with bad mattresses.

Having undergone several neck surgeries, Marc knew just how important a good mattress with adequate back and neck support could be.

But he also understood that really good, supportive mattresses are often far too expensive for most people.

So, Marc combined his first company's ten years of experience with a direct-to-customer model, to create the GhostBed brand – a brand dedicated to providing a great sleeping experience at a budget-friendly price.

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Social Impact

GhostBed partners with various organizations and individuals to advance important social causes.

For example, the company helps veterans get free GhostBed mattresses. They were also involved in an art contest to improve public perception of sleep.

Additionally, the company makes big efforts in its core business processes to improve society and protect the environment.

One way they do this is by keeping all manufacturing in the United States, providing much-needed jobs, and ensuring the highest product quality.

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Purchase Process

GhostBed Mattress Review - online order form
GhostBed Mattress Review – online order form

You have done your research. You have compared among the top online mattress brands and decided on a GhostBed.

Once you have made your decision, the purchase process is about as quick as it can be.

Currently, there are two places you can buy a GhostBed mattress online: the company’s official website (recommended) and on

You won't find it with other third party retailers – whether online or in brick and mortar stores.

The buying process is really simple because you don't have to choose a firmness level. Some companies offer soft, medium, and firm options, while others have up to five different comfort levels.

While the lack of other options may be a disadvantage to some, it certainly makes for a faster and less confusing purchase process.

The only thing you need to choose is the size of the mattress – of which there are six.

Twin size
Twin XL
Full size
Queen size
King size
California King

Before checking out, you are given the option of adding a GhostPillow, a mattress protector, and a matching bed foundation.

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Price has always been one of the best features of an online mattress. Most online mattresses provide an amazing amount of quality for less than $1,000.

And GhostBed's prices are among the lowest in the industry – here are their the current prices on Amazon:

Size GhostBed Classic
Twin XL
CA King

Financing Options

In addition to low prices, GhostBed also offers financing options that let you to split your payment over several months in a way that fits your budget.

For example, Ghostbed offers a lease-to-own option through Zibby.

Through Klarna, you also have the option of spreading out your payments over several months (credit required), instead of paying the full amount at once.

Coupons & Discounts

Ghostbed offers lots of specials and deals on their website.  They are especially fond of selling bundles – mattresses plush bedding, pillows, frame, etc.

That said, the best prices for the mattress alone are often (but not always) found on

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GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress in a Box-Most Advanced Adaptive Gel Memory Foam–Coolest Mattress in America-Made in the USA–Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty

GhostBed provides free FedEx shipping to 48 states in the continental United States.

If you are ordering from Alaska or Hawaii, be warned: there are extra shipping fees involved.

GhostBed does not offer international shipping at the moment.

Also, note that there are no special shipping options provided. The mattress will be delivered to your front door, and you are responsible for setting it up and getting rid of your old mattress.

If you need any special shipping services, then contact the company for a special request – or work with FedEx to find out whether your needs can be met.

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Delivery Options

GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress in a Box-Most Advanced Adaptive Gel Memory Foam–Coolest Mattress in America-Made in the USA–Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty

Delivery to customers in the 48 states in the continental USA is completely free.

If you are in Hawaii or Alaska, you'll have to pay an extra $600 (!) for shipping.

The GhostBed mattress is delivered in a box whose size depends on the mattress size you ordered. The box can be very heavy, so it is a good idea to have a friend or family member on hand to help with the setup.

After laying it out on a bed frame or floor, the GhostBed mattress will start expanding to its normal size.

You can sleep on it immediately.

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Aesthetics and Styling

GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress in a Box-Most Advanced Adaptive Gel Memory Foam–Coolest Mattress in America-Made in the USA–Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty

There is nothing special about this mattress' aesthetics.

Just the standard 2-tone combination of white and gray.

The cover is white on the top and charcoal gray on the sides.

A zipper lets you quickly slip the cover off for washing.

Overall, the style is simple and modern without much fanfare.

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There is no groundbreaking technology in the GhostBed mattress.

Yes, there are two or three features that boost support and comfort, but these are also available in many online mattresses.

To be clear, this is neither a good or bad thing – just an observation.

Some mattress companies sell their unique technology without considering sleeping experience.

What matters most, of course, is not the technology contained in a mattress but the quality of your sleeping experience.

If a mattress can eschew high tech features and still be very comfortable for the users, then as far as I'm concerned, it's all well and good.

That said, there are two notable features I would like to point out about the GhostBed mattress.

1. Aerated latex foam

‘Sleeping hot’ is a cardinal sin for a foam mattress today. It is an issue that mattress makers have worked hard to eliminate over the past ten years.

The GhostBed mattress combats this problem with aerated latex foam.

This is a special type of latex foam designed to allow air to flow through it. This helps to disperse excess body heat away from the mattress.

If you tend to sweat at night, the breathability of this latex foam helps body moisture evaporate and get dispersed quickly.

Aside from temperature control, this type of latex foam also plays a role in keeping your mattress smelling and feeling fresh.

No bad odors are trapped within it, which could cause it to smell stale. It may seem insignificant, but maintaining a neutral smell can help you enjoy deeper and better sleep.

2. Gel-infused memory foam

The second feature used to keep the GhostBed mattress cool and fresh is gel-infused memory foam.

Gel beads are mixed in with the foam, which boosts temperature dissipation and keeps the mattress feeling cool.

In addition to gel beads, the GhostBed memory foam also uses an open cell structure to improve airflow and moisture-wicking further.

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GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress in a Box-Most Advanced Adaptive Gel Memory Foam–Coolest Mattress in America-Made in the USA–Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty

The GhostBed mattress is technically a hybrid foam mattress made of latex foam and memory foam layers.

It measures a healthy 11 inches in thickness, compared to 9.5 inches for Casper and 10 inches for most others in this price range.

The combination of latex foam and memory foam gives the GhostBed mattress a nice balance between firm support and plush comfort while adding a nice bounce.

Let’s open up the mattress and see how each layer contributes to the overall sleeping experience.

1. Aerated latex foam layer (1.5 inches)

The top layer consists of one and a half inches of 3.5-pound latex foam. Latex foam offers many advantages when used in a mattress.

For one, it is notable for its ability to remain cool.

The GhostBed mattress goes a step further and aerates its latex foam, which further improves temperature control.

Second, latex foam provides a higher level of responsiveness, or bounce, compared to memory foam. This makes it a great mattress for sex.

Third, latex foam is more supportive than memory foam.  This is especially beneficial for those with back and joint problems.

By placing the latex foam layer at the top, Nature Sleep's engineers ensured that sleepers could enjoy the right combination of comfort, support, responsiveness, and temperature control.

2. Gel-infused memory foam layer (2 inches)

The middle layer consists of 2-inch 4-pound memory foam infused with gel beads. This layer is designed to provide additional support and comfort.

Memory foam is naturally good at body contouring. This helps to eliminate pressure points around areas like the hips and shoulders.

The particular type of memory foam used in the GhostBed mattress is firmer than usual, which helps with back and neck support but maybe a little too firm for side sleepers.

This gel-infused memory foam layer also improves heat dissipation.

3. High-density base foam (7.5 inches)

The base layer is one of the most important components of the mattress because it plays an essential role in maintaining mattress structure and support through years of use.

Foam mattresses with poor support tend to sag within a short time and deteriorate more rapidly.

To give the mattress extra durability, Nature’s Sleep uses 7.5 inches of high-density foam to craft the foundation.  This is thicker than usual, but it adds to the support and longevity of the mattress.

This is probably why they are comfortable offering an industry-leading 20-year non-prorated warranty (first 10 yrs).

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The sleeping experience of the GhostBed mattress begins at the top.

The cover is an important part of the overall experience.

The GhostBed mattress' cover is made of polyester (100%) and feels soft and stretchy.

The side panels are made of polypropylene (49%) and polyester (51%).

When you unbox the mattress, you will notice that the cover is very soft and plush, yet strong. It is also thin to ensure that it does not obstruct airflow in and out of the mattress.

There is a zipper to remove the mattress cover in case you need to wash it. The company recommends spot cleaning it using cold water and mild detergent. Make sure it is completely dry before fitting it back onto the mattress.

For better protection of the cover and mattress, consider ordering GhostBed's mattress protector along with your mattress.

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If you read other reviews, you'll see that a few customers have complained about an unpleasant odor after opening this mattress.

When foam mattresses are new, they often give off a specific smell because of the fresh foam. It is kind of like a new car smell.

In online mattresses that are delivered packaged tightly in a box, this smell can be particularly acute because the mattress has not had time to air out.

If you are sensitive to smells, the new-mattress smell of the GhostBed may bother you – a bit.

While it should go away in a few days, you can air out the mattress in a well-ventilated room to speed up the process.

That said, you can rest easy knowing these vapors are harmless.

GhostBed adheres to strict quality standards, including CertiPUR-US certification, to ensure that no harmful substances are used in the mattress.

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Sleeping Experience

I really like the GhostBed mattress.

Though it is short on gee-whiz innovation, it provides excellent support and overall comfort for a really low price.

Take a look around the web, and you'll see that most customers report a great sleeping experience with just a few issues here and there. A lot of people also love the responsiveness of the mattress, thanks to its top latex foam layer.

Let's now dive into more detail – we will take a look at several specific areas, namely: firmness, sinkage, motion transfer, and temperature control.

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The company says the GhostBed is a medium-firm mattress, giving it a rating of 6.5/10 where 10 is the highest level of firmness.

However, I and many others think the mattress feels firmer than that when you immediately lie on it, more like a 7/10. Some people complain of soreness on the first night of sleeping on it.

The reason for this could be the relatively firm top latex layer and the 4-pound memory foam middle layer.

But the mattress quickly conforms to your weight and contours.  By the second night, the mattress feels a bit softer. So don't give up when at first the mattress feels way firmer than you wanted.

If, after several weeks, the mattress still does not feel right for you, then the company has a very friendly and frustration-free return policy.

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Lying on your side in the middle of the mattress produces a moderate level of sinkage of about 1.5 to 2 inches. It feels a bit firm, too.

Lying on your back or stomach produces the least sinkage, around 1 to 1.5 inches. This is just enough to create a plush ‘hug’ without compromising on support.

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Motion Transfer

GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress in a Box-Most Advanced Adaptive Gel Memory Foam–Coolest Mattress in America-Made in the USA–Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty

As for motion transfer, the GhostBed isn't the best performer.

The latex top layer does an OK job insulating sleeping partners from each other's motion, at night.

While the top latex layer helps reduce disturbance when one partner moves, it does not eliminate it.

If you have a partner who turns a lot at night, expect some disturbance.

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Hot/Cold Issues

Thanks to its highly breathable cover, an aerated latex foam layer, and a gel-infused memory foam layer, the GhostBed mattress has no temperature issues at all.

It feels fresh and cool when you sleep on it, and it will remain that way throughout the night.

There is no need to spend extra money buying a heating or cooling pad for the mattress, either.

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Every GhostBed mattress is covered by an outstanding 20-year warranty that is non-prorated for the first ten years.

This is twice the standard ten years offered by most other online mattress companies, including direct competitors Casper and Tuft and Needle.

During the first ten years, the company covers 100% of the cost to repair or replace your mattress, apart from transport and handling for which you will be responsible.

For the remaining ten years of the warranty, the company will handle repair costs, but a replacement will be done at a prorated charge. This means you will pay a certain amount of money for the new mattress, depending on when it is replaced.

Go through the warranty in full before purchasing to discover all the important details.

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Return Policy

GhostBed’s return policy eliminates the risk of buying a mattress online without sitting on it first. You have 101 nights to test the mattress and decide whether you want to keep it.

The company recommends that you try the mattress in your home for a minimum of 30 nights, to allow your body to acclimate to it completely.

If you still don’t like it – maybe it is too firm? – Then contact the company to begin the return process. It is quick and hassles free.

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Ghostbed vs. Ghostbed Luxe vs. Ghostbed Flex vs. Ghostbed 3D Matrix


Ghostbed is an all-foam 11” mattress consisting of aerated latex foam for cooling and responsiveness, gel memory foam for pressure relief, and a high-density base for deep compression support. Ghostbed is a medium-firm mattress, making it a good choice for most types of sleepers.

Ghostbed Luxe

Ghostbed Luxe is a 13” all-foam luxury mattress designed to keep sleepers cool. It features a special triple-layer cooling cover, phase change materials, gel memory foam, responsive polyfoam, and a 7.5” high-density base. It’s a medium mattress, making it ideal for side, back, and some stomach sleepers.

Ghostbed Flex

Ghostbed Flex is a 13” hybrid mattress designed to provide adaptive support. It features a quilted cooling cover, gel memory foam, polyfoam, and wrapped pocket coils. The pocket coils adapt to your body and sleeping position, ensuring you stay comfortable regardless of your weight and sleeping position. GhostbedFlex is a medium-firm mattress.

GhostBed 3D Matrix

GhostBed 3D Matrix is a 13” hybrid mattress with a special gel polymer layer that regulates heat and adapts to your body weight and sleeping position. The mattress also features a cooling cover, gel memory foam, polyfoam, and individually wrapped coils. 3D Matrix is a medium-firm mattress.

The best choice for you among these four mattresses depends on your comfort needs and budget.

If you are on a budget, we recommend the Ghostbed mattress. It’s also a good choice if you want a less bouncy mattress. The all-foam construction stays put when you toss and turn.

If you want a luxury mattress, the Ghostbed Flex and 3D Matrix are great options. They are also our top recommendations for anyone looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress.

For hot sleepers looking for an affordable cooling mattress, we recommend Ghostbed luxe.

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Pros and Cons


  • Great support and overall comfort.
  • Super-affordable
  • Nice bounce
  • Sleeps cool and stays fresh
  • Excellent customer service


  • A bit of off-gassing, which can be unpleasant for some people
  • Not the best at insulating partners from each other
  • Feels a bit firm, to some
  • No special shipping or delivery options

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GhostBed is Perfect for You If…

You are looking for a latex-feel mattress that provides excellent support, stays cool through the night, and you're OK with a slightly firmer feel.

If this matches you, then the GhostBed won't disappoint – and you'll save a ton of money.

At this firmness level, however, this mattress is probably best for back and stomach sleepers, although some side sleepers may find it OK.

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Nature’s Sleep has been around for more than a decade, and they know how to craft high-quality sleeping products.

The GhostBed mattress is their attempt to bridge the gap between the factory and the consumer while also delivering welcome price cuts.

Even in a competitive industry with big names like Casper and Amerisleep spending a fortune on advertising, the GhostBed is selling very well – thanks, no doubt, to a great product selling for a great price – and a reputation for outstanding customer service.

Where To Get The Best Deal

Ghostbed Mattress Comparisons

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