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Nectar Adjustable Base Review [2023]

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Nectar's adjustable bed frame offers head and leg lift, as well as a combined zero gravity lift. 3-zone massage provides extra comfort while a programmable wireless remote control makes it easy to adjust the bed.

And with Nectar's white glove delivery option, you don't have to worry about setting up the heavy adjustable base yourself.

The adjustable frame is easy to operate using the included remote control. Button presets allow you to adjust the bed to different positions with a single click.

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About Nectar Adjustable Base

Nectar adjustable frame features

Key Features

1. Head & Foot Lift

Similar to other adjustable bed frames, you can lift both the head and bottom sections of the Nectar adjustable base.

Nectar doesn't specify to what degree the head and leg sections can be lifted to, but they both raise pretty far up.

With the head section raised to max height, you can comfortably sit up in bed.

2. Zero Gravity

Press the ZG button on the remote control, and both the head and leg sections of the base lift to a preset position designed to simulated the zero-gravity weightless feel astronauts feel when blasting up to space in a rocket.

The zero gravity position distributes your body weight and reduces pressure on your spine. It also improves blood circulation.

Sleepers with insomnia often find they fall asleep faster when using the zero-gravity feature.

3. Three-Zone Massage

Had a particularly long day? The three-zone massage of the Nectar adjustable base will soothe your tired muscle and help you fall asleep faster.

There's no kneading or heat, just a gentle vibration. You can adjust the intensity of the vibration and activate multiple massage zones at once.

Note that the massage feature can be a bit noisy, especially when you turn up the intensity. But this shouldn't be a big deal since a single session lasts just 15 minutes.

4. Wireless Remote Control with Presets & Memory

All these features and settings are available only on the wireless remote control. There is plenty of buttons presets, so you only need to click once to select a specific feature.

In addition to the lifting and lowering buttons, other notable buttons include:

  • Zero gravity.
  • TV – automatically adjust the base to the optimal position for watching TV. Perfect for folks who love watching TV in bed.
  • Anti-snore – raises the head section slightly. This opens up your airway and reduces or stops snoring. The anti-snore button can also help when you have a congested nose.
  • Memory – you'll notice three buttons labeled M1, M2, and M3. Use these to program your preferred position once you adjust the bed to where it feels comfortable, long press one of the memory buttons. Pressing that button in the future will adjust the bed to the same position. You can have one memory for sleeping, another for reading and another for TV.
  • Timer – you can adjust the default 15-minute massage to 10 minutes (press timer button once) or 20 minutes (press timer twice).
  • Flashlight – if you need to find something in the dark, press the flashlight button. It turns on a flashlight at the back of the remote. This is especially handy for those who prefer not to sleep with their smartphone.

5. USB Ports

Prefer to have your gadgets in bed with you? A pair of USB ports on one side of the Nectar adjustable base let you power or charge any USB device.

The ports have a faint blue light, so you can spot them easily in the dark. Unfortunately, they are only on one side of the bed. Couples might find that a bit inconvenient.

Construction and Design

nectar adjustable base design

The Nectar Adjustable Base is mostly metal. That means it's pretty heavy. Either find someone to help you set it up or pay for Nectar's white glove delivery.

A retainer bar at the end of the frame keeps your mattress from sliding off. Note that the Nectar adjustable bed frame doesn't have a headboard.

One notable feature of the Nectar adjustable bed frame is its high weight limit of 1,000lbs. That's way higher than most adjustable bases. You can use the Nectar base with a thick and heavy mattress. It's also a great choice for big-bodied sleepers.

The Nectar adjustable bed frame does not offer multiple leg heights. You are stuck with the base's height.

Mattress Compatibility

The Nectar adjustable base is compatible with Nectar mattresses as well as any other mattress that can be used on an adjustable bed.

Buying Options

The Nectar adjustable base is available in five sizes ranging from Twin XL to King. For couples who want to be able to adjust their side of the bed, get the King size. It's the only one that has a split option.


Here are the current prices of the Nectar adjustable base.

  • Twin XL – $599
  • Full – currently out of stock
  • Queen – $649
  • King – currently out of stock
  • Split King – $1,198

Nectar offers customers the option of paying in smaller installments through Affirm financing. Visit Nectar's official website to pre-qualify.

Sleeping Experience and Customer Feedback 

Most customers rate their sleeping experience on the Nectar adjustable base highly. It works as expected with very little noise when it's adjusting.

The remote is super easy to use. The presets are a great idea, as are the memory buttons.

The main complaint we've seen is about the massage feature. The massage is particularly impressive; it's just a mild vibration that works best for relaxing you rather than helping with any pain or soreness.

While we think it's a great addition to the base, don't buy the Nectar based mostly on the massage feature.

Some customers also say the vibration is a bit noisy.

Return Policy

Nectar offers customers 50 days to test the Nectar adjustable base at home. If you don't like the base, simply contact Nectar and have them take it back. You'll receive a full refund.


Nectar offers a 3-year warranty for the adjustable base. The warranty covers parts, labor, and workmanship issues.

Delivery & Setup

nectar adjustable base

Shipping for the Nectar mattress base is free. Once you place an order, it'll arrive at your doorstep in 14-21 business days.

The base requires some assembly. Assembling the base is easy and requires no tools. However, you'll need someone to help you lift the heavy parts.

Alternatively, pay $149 for Nectar's non-contact white glove delivery service. The adjustable base will be delivered to your home and set up wherever you'd like.

Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy metal frame and construction – supports up to 1,000lbs.
  • Versatile adjustment options, including zero gravity and TV.
  • Easy to use a wireless remote control with memory buttons.
  • Split options available for couples.


  • Not ideal for those on a budget (if you still want the Nectar adjustable base, check if you qualify for Affirm financing).
  • Heavy – tedious to set up and move.

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Final Verdict: The Nectar Adjustable Base is Perfect For You If… 

Adjustable bed frame

  • You are looking for a queen size adjustable base that costs under $1,000.
  • You want an adjustable base with a massage feature.
  • You'd like an adjustable base that reduces or prevents snoring.
  • You want a heavy-duty adjustable base that can support your thick and heavy mattress.

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