Where Do Most Mattress Companies Source Their Materials?

mattress companies source their materials

Have you ever wondered from where the mattress materials (foam, cotton, or springs) in your mattress come? Are they sourced locally, or are they imported from China and does it matter? In this post, we explain where most mattress companies source their materials and the difference it makes in mattress quality. Does ‘Made In America’ … Read more…

What Exactly are PCMs and How do They Keep the Mattress Cool?

Nest Love & Sleep Mattress Review - layers of foam

Online mattresses use various cooling techniques. Some use punctured foam while others combine foam with cooling gel. The Nest Love & Sleep mattress and several others use a phase change cover. This is a type of cover embedded with PCMs or Phase Changing Materials. A phase change cover is regarded as one of the best … Read more…

Gel Foam vs. Memory Foam – Which One Is the Best?

Gel Foam vs. Memory Foam

When you go shopping for a memory foam mattress, you’ll come across two varieties: standard memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses. If you’ve slept on a memory foam mattress, you know that it can sometimes get too warm. Gel foam mattresses were developed to counter the heat-retention tendency of standard memory foam. But are … Read more…

Is It Healthy To Sleep With My Dog At Night?

is it healthy to sleep with your dog

According to the America Pet Products Association (APPA), about 50% of pet owners allow their pets to sleep with them.

Many dog lovers in particular sleep with their canines and they believe there are some benefits of doing that.

However, some people believe that to sleep with a dog poses some health challenges.

To clear this confusion up, the following discussion outlines the pros and cons of sleeping with your dog in bed every night.

Pros Of Sleeping With A Dog

A dog is man's best friend so by sharing a bed; the two will be just strengthening their bond. A dog wants to be close to his human companion, so there may be nothing wrong in allowing him in your bed.  

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Does the Number of Layers Matter When Shopping For a New Mattress?

Does number of layers matter when doing an online mattress comparison

If you do a quick online mattress comparison looking for a good mattress, you’ll find that most of them have roughly the same number of layers. Foam mattresses usually have 3 layers while innerspring ones can have up to 4 or 5 layers. These layers fall into three zones: the comfort layer which is soft … Read more…

Memory Foams Explained: Do They Really Differ That Much?

memory foam layers

Mattress shopping is already a hassle, and deciding between different memory foams make it an even harder task.

One of the most popular questions we get is “do memory foams really differ that much, or is it all just marketing hype?”.

The quick answer is: it depends on what you care about.

There are three main types of memory foams on the market: visco-elastic, gel-infused and plant-based.  Each offers a different level of heat dissipation, bounce and other features.

This article will help you understand the differences among these three types of foam and hopefully make it easier for you to select the best memory foam mattress for your needs.

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Why Do People Buy Memory Foam Mattresses?

Quality, cost and comfort are the most reasons people select a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are often considered the most comfortable type of mattress because memory foams are very malleable and conform well to any body shape, which helps to evenly disperse body weight over the surface of the bed & to relieve pressure points in joints such as the hips and shoulders.

With less pressure concentrated on any part of the body, the body’s blood circulation increases and less pain develops, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Most memory foams are also antimicrobial, keeping dust mites and other nasty bugs at bay, which allows for a healthier sleeping space.

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Mattress Thickness vs Sleep Quality: What’s The Connection?

Mattress Thickness vs Sleep Quality

Did you know there are dozens of 16-inch mattresses for sale – including a few that are 18 inches thick or more? These super-thick mattresses are not the norm, though; the vast majority of excellent-quality mattresses range between 9 and 14 inches thick. Here at SleepDelivered, only 3 mattresses we’ve reviewed reach or surpass the … Read more…

Firm vs. Soft Mattress: Which One is Right For You?

Ghostbed Vs Purple online mattress comparison

Even with the advent of online mattresses, there is still one aspect of mattress shopping that confounds shoppers; whether to buy a soft or firm mattress. Granted, most online mattress companies have made it easier to make a decision. Not because people are sure what kind of mattress they need but because they can make … Read more…

Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattress: Does It Really Matter?

memory foam vs. spring mattress

Mattress companies love to tout the benefits of their unique technologies.  More than anything, they like to talk about the benefits of foam vs. spring.

Ignore that noise.

While it's true that technology and construction can contribute to comfort, it's just a damn lie to say that either memory foam mattress or an innerspring mattress is better for everyone.

You need to look deeper than that.

This article explains the differences between the two most popular types of mattresses sold online and describes what types of sleepers benefit most from each – and why.

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