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IDLE Hybrid Mattress Review: Two Sides Are Better Than One

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IDLE Hybrid Mattress Review


A thick and super-supportive 2-sided hybrid mattress that will last longer than most others.

Great Choice for: Those who crave a durable thick mattress that won't deform over time.

Avoid if: You want a slim design or are looking for the cheapest bed.

Price: $833- $1,942 is supported by our readers. When you buy through links on this page we may earn a commission. Learn more.

Want a mattress made of high-quality materials that you can flip to reduce wear, prevent deformation and extend the life of your purchase?

Then the IDLE Hybrid mattress may be for you.

Almost all online mattresses today are one-sided, but the IDLE hybrid mattress stands out with its 2-sided design. Both sides have the same comfortable and supportive feel, meaning you can flip the mattress every few months to make it last longer.

The IDLE is technically a hybrid mattress consisting of proprietary IDLE foams or latex foam wrapped around a core middle layer of edge-to-edge support coils.

As luxury mattresses go, the IDLE Hybrid is really affordable. You also get around four months to test it out, free returns and a lifetime warranty.

If you’ve been looking for high quality, long-lasting 2-sided mattress, then you should definitely put the IDLE on your short list.

Keep reading this page for my in-depth 10-minute review of the IDLE double-sided hybrid mattress.  We tested the Latex Hybrid in our home.

Note: A 2-sided mattress is different than an adjustable mattress like the Morphiis. With an adjustable mattress, you can change the feel of the mattress in your home. In contrast, the IDLE mattress feels the same no matter which side you sleep on.  

What’s In This Mattress Review?

This IDLE Hybrid mattress review is a 10-minute read.

If you’d rather not go through it all, use this table of contents to skip to the features that are most important for you.

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About IDLE Sleep

IDLE Mattress

If this is the first time you've heard about IDLE, it’s because it is a new online mattress brand.

The company’s founder has been in the mattress industry for decades as an executive. When he created IDLE, he wanted to make a mattress that meets the needs of most mattress buyers.

So the IDLE mattress was designed with a focus on comfort, support, and cooling.

Seeking a long-life for their product, IDLE went a step further and designed a 2-sided mattress.

According to IDLE, their 2-sided mattress lasts longer without sagging and uncomfortable body impressions.

That’s why they stand behind it with a lifetime non-prorated warranty.

Of course, no mattress will last forever. But you can expect it to outlive comparable mattresses by several years.

Currently, IDLE sells four types of mattresses: a 14” hybrid mattress, a 14” all-foam mattress, a 12” dual firmness mattress and a 14” natural latex hybrid mattress.

This review is for the hybrid 2-sided mattress only.

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Social Impact

IDLE Sleep manufactures their mattresses in the United States.

This ensures the highest quality products that are safe for their customers as well as the environment. It also provides quality local jobs.

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Purchase Process

IDLE Mattress

The best place to order the IDLE mattress is on their official website. It’s available on Amazon, but if you buy it from there, you won’t get the 120-day trial period.

Once you are on IDLE Sleep’s official site, go to the main product page for the mattress of your choice (original or Latex) and select your preferred size.

All standard sizes from twin to California King are available. You can also order a split king size.

After you select a size, choose a comfort level. There are two to choose from, medium and luxury firm. Both comfort options cost the same.  You can choose a mattress with the same firmness on both sides or mix-and-match the two.

Pay with your credit card or check whether you qualify for Klarna financing which allows you to spread your payment over several months.

Shipping is free and takes 3-7 business days to get to you.

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The Idle Hybrid's price is comparable to other luxury hybrid mattresses like the popular and top-rated Nest Alexander Hybrid and Sapira.

But considering that it’s 2-sided and comes with a lifetime warranty, it’s arguably a better deal.

Here’s their full price list after deducting their latest 20% discount:

Size IDLE Hybrid Original IDLE Latex Hybrid
Twin $833 $970
Twin XL $884 $1,028
Full $1,056 $1,599
Queen $1,136 $1,713
King $1,479 $1,942
Cal King $1,479 $1,942

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120-Night Trial

IDLE Mattress

IDLE offers customers a 120-night trial period.  You must sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights before initiating a return.

If after 30 nights you want to return the mattress, contact IDLE’s customer support, and they will pick it up for free and give you a full refund.

If the mattress is too firm, you can also opt to have them send you a mattress topper rather than returning the mattress.

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Lifetime Warranty


The IDLE mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. It is non-prorated, meaning you don’t have to pay a percentage of the mattress price when you claim your warranty.  This is almost unheard of in the mattress industry and speaks highly of the mattress' durability.

You’ll be responsible for the cost of shipping if you return the mattress to them, however.

If IDLE decides there is indeed a manufacturer defect or a workmanship issue, they will refund you up to $100 in shipping fees.

Read the full warranty on their website.

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free shipping

IDLE ships the mattress free from their facilities in the US.

Because each mattress is made to order, it takes up to 7 days or more  for it to get to you.

You’ll get a tracking number to help you keep track of the shipping process. You’ll also receive a call from UPS to schedule the best delivery date and time.

At the moment, the company does not offer any special shipping services such as expedited shipping.

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Delivery and Setup

IDLE Mattress

Curbside delivery is the only option currently available. You have to take the mattress inside and set it up yourself.Idle Mattress in box on porch

It’s easy to setup, but make sure there is someone to help you. Being a spring and foam mattress, it’s quite heavy.

Since it’s 2-sided, you don’t have to worry about which side is up.

The mattress takes a while to decompress completely, so it’s a good idea to let it breathe for a few hours to a day before sleeping on it.

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Foundation and Frame

Foundation and Frame  IDLE Latex Hybrid on adjustable bed

What Type of Bed Frame/Support Does IDLE Hybrid Mattress Require?  

You can use the IDLE mattress on any frame as long as it offers sturdy support. It can be a box spring, slatted frame or solid platform.

If your existing frame is old and worn out, IDLE sells a metal platform that you can order along with the mattress. They also sell an adjustable base as well as a slatted platform.

Does IDLE Work on an Adjustable Bed?

Yes, it does.

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Care and Cleaning

Is a Mattress Protector Needed for the IDLE Hybrid Mattress?

It’s not necessary, but recommended. Liquid damage and stains can void the warranty and free return guarantee.

If you don’t have a mattress protector at home, IDLE sells one for between $59 and $99 depending on size.

Do you Need to Rotate the IDLE Hybrid Mattress?

If you sleep alone or have a significant weight difference with your partner, it’s a good idea to rotate the mattress every three months or so.

You can also flip the mattress as often as you see fit. After all, this mattress was designed for this.

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Aesthetics and Styling

IDLE Hybrid (Proprietary Foam)
IDLE Hybrid (Proprietary Foam)
IDLE Latex Hybrid
IDLE Latex Hybrid

Standing high at 14 inches thick the IDLE mattress looks impressive in any bedroom. It has the luxurious look of 5-star hotel mattresses.

The original Hybrid is minimalist in design; it is white on top (both sides) with grey patterns and tufting buttons. The sides are grey.

The Latex Hybrid is off-white on all sides with a gold trim.

I love that they included carrying straps on the sides. This makes the mattress so much easier to move and rotate.

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This is a hybrid mattress that contains a layer of sealed innerspring coils underneath several foam layers.

While technically it has seven total layers, there are only four distinct layers. This is because three of the layers are replicated on the other side of the mattress.

Here is the breakdown of the mattress.

IDLE Mattress
IDLE Hybrid Original (internal view)

Cover:  1” IDLE quilting foam

The quilting foam is sewn into the cover to give the mattress a softer and plusher feel. It’s great for pressure relief.

Comfort Layer:  1” IDLE airflow response foam (Hybrid original)  

A firmer and more responsive layer of foam that gives the mattress a nice bounce. Enhancing airflow within the mattress is perforated. This makes for cooler nights.

Support Layer: 2” IDLE cooling buoyancy foam (Hybrid original) 

This layer of proprietary foam provides faster response and better support than memory foam. It contours around your body to provide pressure relief especially under your shoulders, hips and lower back.

Innerspring Center: 6” quantum edge-to-edge coils

This is the core of the mattress. It provides sturdy support while also contouring to your body thanks to the individually pocketed coils. The coils also reduce motion transfer and enhance cooling.

On the other side of the coil layer, the top three layers are replicated to bring the mattress to a total thickness of 14 inches.

NOTE: In the Hybrid Latex version we tested, a single 3″ layer of Talalay Latex foam is used in place of the Comfort and Support layers above.

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Benefits of a 2-Sided Mattress

IDLE Mattress

Why should you buy a 2-sided mattress?

One reason: longevity.

Even the best quality foam deteriorates with time. You’ll start to notice permanent body impressions on any foam or innerspring mattress.

Over time, it begins to crater in the middle, making sleep uncomfortable especially for couples.

A 2-sided mattress like IDLE lets you to lengthen your mattress’ life by several years.

Just remember to flip it every few months, and you’ll not have to buy a new mattress for the next 15 to 20 years. Most 1-sided mattresses last 8-10 years.

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Thermocool Cover

IDLE Mattress

One of the most interesting components of the IDLE hybrid mattress is the cover. It is made from proprietary Thermocool fabric that regulates temperature to keep you from getting too hot or too cold.

It uses evaporative cooling to draw excess heat away from your body. When it’s cold, it acts as a buffer to prevent heat loss.

The cover ensures the mattress feels comfortable all year round.

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IDLE Latex

The IDLE Latex Hybrid mattress we tested emitted a tiny bit of harmless off-gassing.

But it’s so mild that you may not notice it. If it bothers you, leave the mattress uncovered for a few hours before you sleep on it.

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Sleeping Experience

IDLE Mattress

The quilted cover makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud when you lie on the IDLE mattress.

But it doesn’t sink very much on the medium comfort level we tested.

The next two foam layers and the innerspring level instantly respond to your body weight and pressure, giving you adequate support and a pleasant bounce.

Support is excellent thanks to the pocketed springs core. Even plus-sizes couples can sleep on this mattress comfortably without sagging.

The coils are spread from edge to edge to provide support all around the mattress. This is great for couples who tend to sleep near the edges or sleep in high beds.

Pressure relief is great, even for side sleepers. The quilted cover and the contouring foam layers see to that.

As for cooling, you don’t have to worry about buying a separate cooling pad. The pocketed springs, Thermocool cover and aerated foam do a great job of keeping this mattress cool.

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For both the Hybrid Original and the Latex hybrid, there are two firmness options: medium and luxury firm.

Hybrid Original

Hybrid Original

The medium Hybrid Original is around 5.5-6/10 with ten being the firmest. The luxury firm rates around a 7-7.5.

Choose the medium if you prefer a plusher mattress or if you are a side sleeper. It’s also comfortable for combination sleepers as well as those with back problems.

Choose the luxury firm if you generally prefer a firmer mattress or if you sleep on your back or stomach. This is also the best choice for heavier sleepers.

Latex Hybrid

Latex Hybrid

The medium Latex Hybrid is a bit firmer than the original, rating a 6.5-7.5/10 with ten being the firmest. The luxury firm is really super-firm at a 8-8.5.

There is no plush version of the Latex. I'd recommend the medium we tested for almost any type of sleeper.

Choose the luxury firm only if you prefer a super-firm mattress.

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Sinkage will depend on the comfort level you choose as well as your body weight.

But generally, sinkage is about average. Not too little that the mattress feels like a rock and not too much that you sink in too far.

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Motion Transfer

There was very little motion transfer during our 7-night couple's review, likely due to the pocketed coils and the type of foam used.

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Hot/Cold Issues

The IDLE mattress is temperature-neutral. It doesn’t feel too cold or too hot. Instead, it feels comfortably cool regardless of the weather.

The aerated foam and coils help dissipate away excess heat while the Thermocool cover buffers you from external temperature changes.

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Pros and Cons


  • Beefy 2-sided, 14″ thick design
  • Lifetime non-prorated warranty (!)
  • Outstanding support, including around the edges.
  • Sleeps cool.


  • No help with setup – you'll need 2 people to move it. Luckily, it has straps.

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The IDLE Hybrid Mattress is Perfect For You If…

IDLE Mattress

  • You are looking for a thick and super-durable luxury hybrid mattress.
  • You hate sleeping hot. This is one of the best at keeping things cool.
  • You are heavier than average – this 14″ thick bed won't bottom-out on you.

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If you crave an affordable but high-quality innerspring/hybrid mattress that will last a long, long time and has the warranty to stand behind it, then the IDLE Hybrid mattress is one for your shortlist.

It's super-supportive and thick enough to comfortably support people of almost any size and weight – even if you're a side-sleeper.

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