Ooler Bed Cooling System

OOLER Bed Cooling System Review

OOLER Bed Cooling System Review


The OOLER system lets you select exactly how warm or cool you want to feel all night long. Multiple modes, pre-heating/cooling, auto-off and silent alarm are great additions.

Great choice for: Anyone looking for a combination heating + cooling system for their bed.  Best choice for people suffering from hot flashes.

Avoid if: You want an all-over-body experience.  This is a mattress pad, not a forced-air conditioning/heating system like the BedJet.

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Can’t sleep cool no matter which mattress or topper you use?

The OOLER bed cooling system is for you.

It’s a bed cooling and warming system from Sleepme, the maker of the Cube and Dock Pro bed cooling systems.

Whether your problem is sleeping hot or your legs freeze at night, the OOLER system will help.

It is a water-based system that works by pumping cooled or warmed water through tubes embedded in a hydronic pad that you place on top of your mattress.

The temperature range is 55 to 115 Fahrenheit. You can adjust it using buttons on the main unit – which is small enough to slide under most beds – or via a Bluetooth-connected app on your smartphone.

For couples, a dual control system is available to allow each of you to adjust your side of the bed to your preferred temperature.

The OOLER system is pricey compared to other bed cooling products. For something cheaper, see other ways to cool your mattress.

To learn more about OOLER, how it works, and how it compares to other bed climate control systems like BedJet, read on for our full review.

How OOLER Heats and Cools Your Bed

Ooler Bed Cooling System

Bed climate control systems are of two types: air and water. The OOLER system is the latter. It circulates cool or warm water through small tubes in a pad.

The system has two main components.

  • The control unit. This is the heart of the system, where the water is cooled or warmed to a specific temperature. It has a low profile so that you can push it under your bed. Buttons on the unit allow you to increase or decrease temperature and change mode.
  • The Cool Mesh Pad that goes on top of your mattress (under the sheets). Water flows through channels in the pad.

If you order the dual control system, you’ll receive two control units, and the pad will have separate channels.

There are two ways to control the system temperature: using buttons on the control unit or, more conveniently, via the OOLER app.

We recommend using the app. You don’t have to reach under the bed every time you want to adjust temperature or mode, and it has a few extra functions, including a timer and a silent alarm.

Best Features

Ooler Bed Cooling System


Cooling mattresses and toppers are great, but they don’t work for everyone. Some people will still sleep hot on a latex mattress or topper.

Most affected are those who have hot flashes or night sweats.

The biggest advantage of a cooling system like the Sleepme OOLER is that you can select a precise temperature, and the system will maintain it.

It’s not just for hot sleepers. If you sleep cold or live in a chilly area, you can sleep warm and comfy without having to stifle yourself with multiple blankets.

Just increase the temperature, and the bed warms up almost instantly.

Sleepme says that OOLER will not necessarily replace your AC system. But for most people, it probably will, even for couples with different sleeping preferences.

Couples can get a dual-zone system (more on that shortly) so that each of you sleeps comfortably.

The Control Unit

Ooler Bed Cooling System

This is the heart of the OOLER system. It’s smaller than you expect, measuring just 6 inches high, 10 inches wide and 15 inches long.

It fits easily under most beds.

This is where you add water. A low-water indicator will tell you when you need to add more water.

The unit does make a bit of noise when it’s working, but it’s not that loud. You can select silent mode, which is whisper quiet but cools/warms the bed slower.

Regular mode balances between less noise and faster cooling/warming while Boost mode heats/cools the bed faster but with more noise.

Chilipad Cool Mesh Pad 

The pad fits snugly on most mattresses. It has elastic straps that go under your mattress to keep it in place.

Sleepme recommends placing the pad directly on your mattress under the sheets.

The pad feels soft to sleep on thanks to the polyester filling. It’s only 3/8 of an inch thick, so don’t worry that it will soften your mattress too much.

The bottom of the pad is made up of polyester with a waterproof coating to ensure water never gets to your mattress in the case of a leak. 

The top of the pad is a stretchy jacquard fabric.

The pad is machine washable, so keeping it clean won’t be a problem.

The App

Ooler Bed Cooling System


Unlike most bed cooling systems, OOLER doesn’t come with remote control. But you can still control it without using physical buttons on the control unit.

You’ll need to download the free OOLER app and then connect your phone to the unit via Bluetooth.

Once connected, you can adjust the temperature and select different modes.

The app also allows you to set sleep schedules, set up pre-heating or pre-cooling, and set the auto-off timer.

Another app-only feature we love is the silent alarm. Instead of waking up at the shrill sound of your phone alarm, you can set the OOLER system to wake you up more gently by slowly warming up the bed.

You are guaranteed to wake up more rested and less irritable.

Bluetooth range is not a problem since you’ll be using the app in bed.

Dual Zone Option for Couples


The Sleepme OOLER system is available in six sizes: Queen, King, Cal King, half-Queen, half-King, and half-Cal King.

The half sizes are ideal if you sleep along in a twin, twin XL or full-size bed. These come with a single heating/cooling zone.

The other three sizes come with a dual-zone system. The pad has two separate tubing networks, and there are two control units for each side.

The dual-zone system is ideal for couples. You can each control your side of the bed separately.

If you like sleeping cool, but your partner prefers a warmer bed, the OOLER system has you covered.

Sleeping Experience


Other than feeling warmer or cooler (depending on your selected temperature setting), sleeping on the pad doesn’t feel any different from sleeping on your mattress.

The bed will feel only slightly softer.

You won’t feel the tubing in the pad, nor will you feel the water running through the tubes.

Unlike an air-based climate system, the OOLER pad takes a few minutes to warm up or cool down. But you can pre-heat or pre-cool it before you get in bed to eliminate any waiting time.

It heats/warms evenly from head to toe – no uneven hot or cold spots.

Overall, it is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants precise control over their sleeping temperature.

Sound Level

Here’s how loud the control unit is depending on which mode you’ve selected.

  • Silent: 51-56 dBA
  • Regular: 58-63 dBA
  • Boost: 61-66 dBa

In silent mode, you won’t hear it running unless you listen very keenly. At the highest setting, Boost, it’s audible, but it sounds like white noise.

If the noise bothers you (some people find it comforting), we recommend using the Boost mode to pre-heat or pre-cool the bed and then select silent mode when you get into bed.


  • Fast and even heating/cooling.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.
  • Smartphone control.


  • More expensive than most bed climate control systems.
  • A bit noisy when on the highest setting.

Installation & Setup


Fitting the Pad

The first step is to fit the Chilipad Cool Mesh pad onto your mattress. Strip your mattress bare and lay the pad on it. Use the straps to hold it down against the mattress. This keeps it from shifting as you sleep.

Take note of where the tubes are – at the head or foot of the bed – so that you know where to position the control unit.

Setting up the Control Unit

Position the control unit under the bed, making sure it has at least 45cm of clearance all around. It should also be on a flat surface.

If you have a platform bed with no space underneath, you can also place the main unit next to the bed.

Connect the tube from the pad to the control unit and then plug it into a power outlet.

Add distilled water to the control unit. When it fills up, turn on the power and wait a couple of minutes for the water to be pumped through the tubing. The level of water in the reservoir will drop.

Add more water until it fills again.

Pairing Your Phone

Connecting your phone to the unit is easy and quick. Hold the power button for 5 seconds until the Bluetooth symbols start flashing.

Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and pair them with the unit from there.

Download the OOLER app to start controlling the system from your phone.

Customer Feedback

customer feedback-ooler sleep system

The OOLER bed cooling system has overwhelmingly positive reviews with customers saying it’s easy to use, works well, and has dramatically improved their sleep quality.

Warranty and Maintenance

bedjet v2

OOLER is a low-maintenance system. All you need to do is add water when it runs low. You’ll get a notification on the control unit as well as your phone if it’s connected.

The system has a built-in UV lamp that automatically cleans the system. As for the pad, it is machine-washable. The manual has cleaning and drying instructions.

OOLER comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year limited warranty.

Our Rating

My only gripe with the OOLER system is the price. The cheapest you can get is $639 for a half Queen. The dual-zone King costs $1,439.

It’s one of the most expensive bed cooling systems around.

Is it worth the price? I think it is.

Most water-based cooling systems don’t provide temperature control. They just circulate relatively cool water.

The OOLER system lets you select exactly how warm or cool you want to feel. Multiple modes, pre-heating/cooling, auto-off, and silent alarm are great additions.

Considering how vital good sleep is – and how frustrating sleeping hot or cold can be –I think you’ll also find the OOLER system to be worth it.

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