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Helix Plus Mattress for Plus Sized Sleepers: Our In-Depth Review

Helix Plus Review: Our Take


The Helix Plus is a 12” hybrid mattresses designed specifically for tall and plus-sized sleepers. It has five layers to boost support and a unique 2-layer cover to keep the mattress cool and fresh.

Great Choice for: Any plus sized individual looking for an affordable mattress that has good support and is guaranteed to last long.

Avoid If: You weigh less than 200 lbs. The mattress will feel too firm for you.

Price: $795.90 – $1,405.30 (After Discount)



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The Helix Plus mattress is one of 9 mattresses that Helix sells. But only the Plus is made specifically for taller and heavier sleepers.

Helix describes the Plus as,

“a Taller 12 inch mattress with an extra layer and higher density materials to provide the right comfort, support, and durability.

The only other online mattress I've reviewed that is designed specifically and exclusively for plus-sized individuals and couples is the Big Fig. I briefly cover the differences between these two mattresses at the end of this review.

For more plus-friendly mattress choices and recommendations, read my guide to the best mattresses for plus-sized sleepers.

What’s In This Mattress Review?

This Helix Plus review will take you about 10 minutes to read.

If you have no time to go through all of it, use this table of contents to jump to the features you want to learn more about.↑ Table of Contents

About Helix Sleep

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Helix Sleep was founded by three guys who just had about enough of the traditional mattress buying experience.

So many complex products, vague guarantees, and quality that did not match the sky-high prices – all these and many more frustrations inspired them to start a different mattress company.

They set out to create mattresses that would be comfortable for everyone.

They did not come up with a universal medium-firm mattress as most other online mattress companies did.

Instead, they sell nine different mattresses to cater to everyone’s needs.

Whether you are a side sleeper, you have persistent back pain problems, or you are a couple with varying preferences, there’s a Helix mattress for you.

All Helix mattresses are manufactured and hand-assembled in the United States.

They sell their mattress online on their official website. But they have a showroom in Flatiron District, New York where you can go view all the mattresses and ask questions about buying a Helix mattress.

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Social Impact

While Helix currently doesn’t have any active social programs, they make efforts to keep their products and manufacturing processes as green as possible.

All the foams used in their mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. This means they have been checked and guaranteed not to contain harmful chemicals.

Helix also tries their best to donate returned mattresses to charity. If they cannot, they take the mattresses to recycling centers rather than dumping them in a landfill.

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Purchase Process

If you are sure you want the Helix Plus, there’s no need to answer the sleep quiz. Just go to the Plus product page and select your preferred mattress size.

All the standard sizes are available.

Add your selection to cart and then complete the order using your credit card. You can also apply for financing from Zibby or Klarna.

Use Zibby if you have a low credit score.

With either financing option, you’ll get a qualification decision instantly.

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Below are the current Helix Plus prices with our $200 discount applied. Visit their website to see the latest prices and to unlock the discount code.

Twin size $795.90
Twin XL $889.70
Full size $1,030.30
Queen size $1,124.10
King size $1,405.30
California King $1,405.30

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100-Night Sleep Trial

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Helix offers the same trial period like most other bed in a box mattress – 100 nights.

To give your body time to acclimate to the new mattress, they ask that you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights before you decide to make a return.

If after one month you still don’t like your Helix Plus mattress, returning it is free. It’s also straightforward.

You don’t have to stuff the mattress back into the box, which is impossible anyway or send it back to them.

They’ll arrange a pickup and donate it to a local charity or shelter. If that is not possible, they will take it to a recycling center.

You will get a full refund 5-7 business days after returning the mattress.

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10-year Warranty

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All Helix mattresses, including the Plus, come with a 10-year warranty. The only exception is the new Helix LUXE, which has a 15-year warranty.

Read the full Helix warranty here.

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Helix offers free shipping to all 50 states. They also ship to most of Canada at the cost of $250 per order.

Shipping is done via UPS Ground and takes 5-7 business days depending on your location. You’ll receive a confirmation email after your mattress has shipped.

Use the tracking code in the email to track your order.

Helix does not offer unique shipping options such as expedited shipping.

If you want to choose a specific delivery date or reroute your order to a new address after it has shipped, register for UPS MY Choice to customize your delivery schedule.

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Delivery and Setup

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Like most other online mattresses, Helix Plus is delivered rolled up in a compact box.

Helix does not offer any setup services so be ready to set up the mattress yourself.

But it’s easy. You need someone to help you carry the box inside – the mattress is heavy.

Lift the rolled up mattress onto the foundation, carefully cut away the plastic wrapping and unroll it. It will take about 2 hours for the mattress to regain its shape and size.

The box the mattress came in is recyclable. Just tear it up into smaller pieces and put them in the right bin.

Or let your kids build a fort with it.

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Foundation & Frame

What type of foundation/support does Helix Plus require?

The Helix Plus works with any sturdy foundation including box spring, slatted platform or metal platform.

Because of it’s heavier than most mattresses a solid foundation such a metal platform is the best.

To keep the mattress from sagging, use a foundation that has a center support.

Does Helix Plus work on an adjustable base?

Yes, it does.

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Care & Cleaning

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Is a mattress protector needed for Helix Plus?

No, it is not necessary since you can remove the cover and wash it. But if you want to use a mattress protector, go ahead and do it. It will not affect the comfort or feel of the mattress.

Do you need to rotate the Helix Plus mattress?

No, you don’t. The foams are strong and resilient. They will last for years without sagging or impressions.

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Aesthetics and Styling

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The Helix Plus is 12” thick. So even though the aesthetics are very minimalist, it still makes a statement in your bedroom.

But the extra-thick design is not just for show. It provides robust support for plus-sized sleepers and ensures the mattress lasts a long time.

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The Helix Plus mattress has five layers of foam and springs.

Comfort Layer: Helix Dynamic Foam

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The company uses Helix Dynamic foam in all their mattresses.

It is a proprietary latex-like hybrid foam that is cooler and more supportive than memory foam.

This layer has a medium firmness to improve body contouring. It wraps around your curves and joints in a comfortable yet not too soft hug.

Comfort Layer: Ultra-Dense Memory Foam

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A plus size sleeper puts more pressure on the mattress compared to someone of average weight. That means they are going to sink deeper into the mattress.

Having two comfort layers ensures that you have adequate pressure relief regardless of your sleeping position.

This is not conventional memory foam. It is a special Helix blend that is denser and more supportive. They call it Memory Plus Foam.

Transition Layer: High-Grade Polyfoam

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This layer transitions you from the softer comfort layers to the solid coil core and base layer. It ensures that you don’t feel the coils while also providing extra lumbar support.

Body Shape Layer: XL Wrapped Coils

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The Helix Plus mattresses use extra-tall pocketed coils that can support more weight.

The coils also contour to your body shape, providing pressure relief and support exactly where you need them.

Because they are individually wrapped, these coils help boost ventilation within the mattress. The airflow carries excess heat away from the mattress.

The wrapped coil layer includes of a reinforced perimeter to make sure the mattress has good support from edge to edge.

Base Layer: DuraDense Foam

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A high-density base layer provides overall support and durability to the mattress.

Double Layer Mattress Cover

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The Helix Plus mattress cover is unique. Instead of the usual single-layer cover, it has two layers.

The top layer is stretchy and soft. The lower cover is designed for maximum breathability, which helps keep the surface of the mattress cool and fresh.

If you tend to heat up quickly, consider upgrading to the ultra-cool knit cover.

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The Helix Plus consists of CertiPUR-US certified foams. They contain no harmful chemicals.

But like any other non-organic mattress and especially those that are packed tightly in a box, there’s going to be a bit of off-gassing. It’s harmless, but some people don’t like it.

If it bothers you, just let the mattress rest uncovered for a few hours. This will quicken the off-gassing process.

The smell will completely fade away in a few hours to a couple of days.

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Sleeping Experience

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The Helix Plus has a solid but comfortable feel.

You don’t get the extra-plush feel of luxury mattresses. But that’s perfect for plus-size sleepers who need a firmer and more supportive feel.

Support is excellent no matter your weight.

Helix says the mattress can support a combined weight of 1,000 lbs and an individual weight of 500 lbs. That’s almost double the weight other mattresses can support.

So don’t worry even if you are a plus size couple. The Plus can comfortably take your weight without sagging.

Edge support is excellent thanks to the edge support system.

One thing we love about the mattress is how responsive it is. This is because of the latex-like hybrid foam on top and the innersprings.

The bounciness makes it much easier to turn and move around the bed at night. It also makes your amorous activities more fun.

Overall, the Plus provides a great sleeping experience for plus size individuals. It doesn’t compromise on support, comfort or cooling.

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The Helix Plus falls into a medium-firm range – around 6-7/10 where ten is very firm.

Note that this applies only for heavier individuals weighing 200 lbs and higher. If you are lightweight or average weight, the mattress will likely feel much firmer.

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Helix designed the Plus mattress to have just the right amount of sinkage to provide contouring.

The first two layers allow your body to sink a bit into the mattress as they contour around your pressure points.

But when you reach the transition layer, the mattress becomes firmer and stops you from sinking further.

If you weigh less than 200 lbs, sinkage is going to be minimal, and the mattress may feel uncomfortably firm. The high-density foam is designed for plus size sleepers only.

Because of the edge support system, sinkage is the same whether you sleep at the center of the mattress or near the edge.

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Motion Transfer

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Motion transfer is very limited. The foam layers on top are very good at absorbing disturbances. The pocketed coil layer also prevents a motion from being transmitted across the mattress.

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Hot/Cold Issues

Heavier sleepers tend to get hotter at night because they generate more heat. But Helix has made sure that the excess heat doesn’t stay in the mattress.

The helix Plus mattress uses three cooling methods.

There’s the two-layer cover. The lower cover is made with an ultra-breathable fabric that allows air to take away heat from the surface of the mattress.

Then there’s the top proprietary foam layer with latex-like cooling. It does not retain heat like memory foam.

Finally, the pocketed coils increase airflow within the mattress, ensuring quick and efficient heat dissipation.

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Pros and Cons


  • An affordable premium mattress for plus size sleepers.
  • High-quality construction that guarantees longevity.
  • Excellent support and contouring.
  • Stays cool.
  • Good edge support.


  • A bit of off-gassing.
  • No white glove delivery – would have been handy for such a heavy mattress.

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The Helix Plus Mattress is Good for You If…

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  • You weight 230 lbs or more and need an affordable mattress that can support you well and last long.
  • You are an overweight couple looking for good quality and durable mattress that doesn’t cost much.
  • You are overweight and tend to get hot at night.

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Finding a good quality mattress when you are overweight is often a challenge. Most mattresses, even the pricey ones, are simply not built to support a lot of weight for years.

With the Helix Plus, you can finally stop buying a new mattress every couple of years.

It is made with high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last long. Most importantly, it’s designed to provide a great sleeping experience regardless of how much you weigh.

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Where to Buy

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How It Matches Up

Helix Plus vs. Big Fig

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As I mentioned, Big Fig is the only other mattress I’ve reviewed that is made specifically for plus sized individuals.

How do the two mattresses compare?

First of all, kudos to Helix and Big Fig for filling an important niche and making it easy for heavier sleepers to find a comfortable mattress.

The main similarities between these two choices are that they are both hybrid mattresses and have the same number of layers (5).

As for the differences, there are quite a few. Here are the main ones.

Big Fig Mattress

Construction: Big Fig is the thicker mattress at 13”. It consists of latex foam, polyfoam and pocketed coils. Plus uses proprietary latex-like foam, memory foam, polyfoam, and pocketed coils.

Price: Big Fig is more expensive. A queen size goes for $1,699 compared to Plus’s $1,115 price tag. But Big Fig’s price includes a heavy-duty foundation. So in the end, the value for both is about the same.

Shipping & Delivery: Big Fig ships free within the US and provides white glove delivery for an additional $99. Helix ships free but doesn’t offer any white glove delivery options.

Trial Period and Warranty: Big Fig has a 101-night trial period and a 20-year warranty. Helix has a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty.

Whichever mattress you choose, you are guaranteed a great sleeping experience. Both have excellent support (including edge support), they provide deep contouring for healthy lumbar alignment, and they stay cool.

I recommend Big Fig if you want a mattress and foundation. I recommend Helix Plus if you have a smaller budget.

Read my in-depth Big Fig mattress review.

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How the Helix Mattress Compares

See how the Helix mattress compares to other top online mattresses in the following in-depth matchups.



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