Thim Ring Sleep Tracker Review

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While some people sleep peacefully throughout the night, others keep tossing and turning, finding no feat harder than falling asleep. If you belong to the latter, the Thim Ring Sleep Tracker might help. This highly innovative, scientifically backed ring is a practical solution for your sleeplessness. The Thim Ring Sleep Tracker can make sure you … Read more…

Somnox Sleep Aid Review

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Most existing customershighly recommend the Somnox sleep robot because of its thoughtful design, unique features and impressive functioning. This innovative sleep solution is a small, kidney-shaped robot designed to help you sleep better. The artificial intelligence system picks up on breathing patterns and mimics them. This improves your sleep quality by comforting you while you … Read more…

SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker Review

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SleepScore Max is one of the best sleep trackers these days that you can rely on to evaluate your sleep. You can use it to check both the duration and quality of your sleep. It has sleek dimensions and a stylish design that goes well with your interior design. It is a non-contact sleep tracker … Read more…

Oura Ring Sleep Tracker Review

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Fitness trackers and sleep trackers have evolved over the years, but they aren’t discreet or understated. Oura Ring solves this dilemma by combining a fashionable jewelry item and a data collecting device into one product. The Oura Smart Ring provides detailed insight into your overall health and sleep activity to help you build better habits … Read more…

Motiv Ring Sleep Tracker Review

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The Motiv ring is for anyone who doesn’t want a bulky, uncomfortable watch on the wrist all day to monitor activities throughout the day. The discreet and comfortable design of the Motiv ring will hardly ever bother you, and you won’t even notice that it’s on your finger the entire day. However, this does not … Read more…

Misfit Sleep and Fitness Trackers Review

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Misfit Ray is a great way to monitor your health and activity to stay in shape. This tracker not only helps you stay in shape but also improves your overall health. Like the other Misfit watches and trackers, the Misfit Ray too has built-in step counters that help you keep track of your activity. You … Read more…

Garmin Vivosmart 4 Sleep and Fitness Tracker Review

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In recent years, smartwatches have claimed most of the fitness accessory space and replaced conventional fitness trackers. Brands like Apple, Samsung, and Wear OS have their versions of a smartwatch. But they are quite expensive and not everyone’s cup of tea. However, Garmin combines the best of both worlds. The Garmin Vivosmart 4 is a … Read more…

Dodow Sleep Aid Review

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Sleep deprivation can cause serious health issues like diabetes and heart stroke. People who struggle with insomnia and other sleeping disorders struggle to fall asleep. This is where the Dodow Sleep Aid can help. The Dodow Sleep Aid is a metronome with a built-in blue light system enabling you to sleep naturally. This revolutionary device … Read more…

Casper Glow Light Review

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The Casper Glow light is specially designed to be gentle on your eyes and helps improve your sleep quality. Casper Glow is a small lamp that fits everywhere. The simple cylindrical exterior is made with matte white polycarbonate, which also works as a diffuser for light emission. You find a large button on either side … Read more…

Casper and Leesa Continue Their Staggering Growth by Raising Funds and Launching New Products

Casper vs. Leesa

Leesa and Casper are the perfect poster children for the new online mattress industry.

They are everything the traditional mattress industry is not: convenient, affordable and hassle-free.

Both companies sell high quality foam mattresses at an affordable price (less than $1,000). They both offer generous in-home trial periods and warranties and are delivered directly to customers in a compact box.

That said, there are many other online mattress brands bringing the ‘online heat' to traditional mattress giants Serta Simmons and Tempur Sealy International.  Nest Bedding, Saatva and Purple are some of the best-known online upstarts.

But so far, Casper and Leesa have risen to become the two dominant disruptors in the budget memory foam mattress market.

They are not only waging a war against the traditional model of buying mattresses – they are also battling each other fiercely on TV, in social media, on popular media sites and in online marketplaces like

Recently, both companies raised funds, announced new products and deals with major retailers to carry their mattresses in-store, and started to expand internationally.

It's no longer a question of whether the bed-in-the-box model works for foam mattresses. It does.

The question now is: which one of these startups will take the lion's share?

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