Casper and Leesa Continue Their Staggering Growth by Raising Funds and Launching New Products

Casper vs. Leesa

Leesa and Casper are the perfect poster children for the new online mattress industry.

They are everything the traditional mattress industry is not: convenient, affordable and hassle-free.

Both companies sell high quality foam mattresses at an affordable price (less than $1,000). They both offer generous in-home trial periods and warranties and are delivered directly to customers in a compact box.

That said, there are many other online mattress brands bringing the ‘online heat' to traditional mattress giants Serta Simmons and Tempur Sealy International.  Nest Bedding, Saatva and Purple are some of the best-known online upstarts.

But so far, Casper and Leesa have risen to become the two dominant disruptors in the budget memory foam mattress market.

They are not only waging a war against the traditional model of buying mattresses – they are also battling each other fiercely on TV, in social media, on popular media sites and in online marketplaces like

Recently, both companies raised funds, announced new products and deals with major retailers to carry their mattresses in-store, and started to expand internationally.

It's no longer a question of whether the bed-in-the-box model works for foam mattresses. It does.

The question now is: which one of these startups will take the lion's share?

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How to Fall Asleep When You Are Stressed and Anxious

Sleeping when stressed

Whether it’s from your job, a major life event such as a wedding, a family crisis or personal problems, stress can seriously affect your sleep. As stress hormones course through your body, your heart rate increases, blood pressure goes up and energy levels spike. This is hardly a recipe for deep relaxing sleep. And it … Read more…

The Science Behind Sleep Debt (Plus Tips on How to Avoid It)

Get a new mattress online and improve your sleep routine to avoid sleep debt

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6 Best Ways to Extend Your Mattress’ Life

extend the life of mattress

Purchasing a good mattress can be a daunting task, and the issue of maintaining it in good shape can also be a challenge. Many people are concerned about getting the best mattress but somehow lack knowledge about how to properly care for the mattress and thereby extending its life.

And if you read the fine print of the lifetime warranties that come with some new mattresses, you will read that soiling your mattress is not covered. There are many benefits you can get from extending the life of your current mattress like saving money.

On the other hand, the process of disposing of a mattress can be detrimental to the environment. Cushions can take a significant amount of space for landfill since they do not compact well. The method of burning unwanted mattresses is equally bad since it contributes to carbon footprint which affects the environment.

Though environmentally friendly mattresses are now available in the market, it is useful for people to extend the life of their current mattress.  The environment-friendly living will go a long way in reducing carbon footprint. As such, the following six tips can help you extend the life of your mattress.

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How bed-in-a-box mattresses like Casper and Leesa are packed

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mattress companies source their materials

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There are many new cheap online mattresses you can buy instead of a used mattress

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Nectar is Now the Fastest-Growing Online Mattress Company


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How to Take Care of Your New Online Mattress

when you buy a mattress online, here's how to take care of it

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How to Set Up Your New Bed-in-a-Box Mattress in Less than 15 minutes

Setting up a bed-in-a-box mattress

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