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Our Sparrow Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

Our Sparrow Hybrid Review


A hybrid mattress that’s designed for every kind of sleeper. Available in three firmness levels and with the option to adjust firmness once you’ve bought the mattress.

Great choice for: Anyone looking for a luxury hybrid mattress that’s guaranteed to be comfortable. Also great for couples with different firmness preferences. 

Avoid if: You are shopping for a budget mattress. 

Price: $980.80 – $1,961.60

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The Nest Bedding Sparrow Signature Hybrid is one of the best hybrid mattresses we’ve reviewed so far. What makes it really stand out from other brands is how it caters to every kind of sleeper. 

You can choose from three comfort levels and even adjust the feel of the mattress later by switching out the top foam layer. 

The Sparrow hybrid mattress is made specifically with couples in mind (good for sex, excellent support, sleeps cool, and split option available), but it’s also great for anyone looking for a super comfy hybrid mattress. 

What’s In This Mattress Review?

We look at the Sparrow Signature hybrid mattress in detail in this in-depth review. We discuss the best features of the mattress, how it feels, and a few areas where it falls short. 

Not the mattress you were looking for? See our reviews of the best hybrid mattresses for other top recommendations. 

Heads up: The Sparrow hybrid mattress was formerly known as the Alexander Signature hybrid mattress. It’s mostly the same mattress, but with a couple of changes.

About Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding was an early entrant in the direct-to-consumer mattress industry. They started in 2011, just when the industry was starting to pick up steam and attract attention.

Today, Nest Bedding has grown to become one of the leading mattress-in-a-box companies.

The company sells a wide range of bedding products including mattresses, pillows, sheets, pet beds and more. 

While Nest Bedding mostly operates online, they have several physical showrooms in the US.

Social Impact

Nest Bedding has always made efforts towards sustainability in their sourcing and manufacturing processes. 

The company sells several organic/natural mattresses and bedding. 

They have various certifications for eco-friendliness and product quality including GOTS, GOLS, OEKO-TEX, GreenGuard and Fair Trade.

In 2021, Nest Bedding took another big step towards reducing waste. They introduced Lifetime Renewal Exchange (LRE).

This is a one-time offer that you can redeem at any time during the 365-day trial period or after. 

At any time during your ownership of a qualifying Nest Bedding mattress, you can contact Nest Bedding and request a new foam layer for free. 

Nest Bedding will ship it to you and all you need to do is swap out the old layer and put in the new one. 

This not only allows customers to adjust the comfort of their mattress, it also increases the lifespan of Nest Bedding mattresses and reduces waste.


The Sparrow hybrid’s price is a bit higher compared to other hybrid mattresses online. But we think it’s worth the higher price. 

It’s made with high-quality materials, and the free exchange program ensures you’ll get plenty of years out of the mattress. 

Here are the latest Sparrow hybrid mattress prices. Visit the official Nest Bedding website for updated prices as well as offers and discounts. 

Twin $980.80
Twin XL $1,065.60
Full $1,407.20
Queen $1,705.60
King $1,961.60
Cal King $1,961.60
Split Cal King (one side) $1,065.60

Latest Coupons & Discounts

Purchase Process

The best place to order the Nest Bedding Sparrow Hybrid mattress is from the official website

Pick the size you want. All the usual sizes from Twin to Cal King are available. There are also split options for the King and Cal King sizes.

Next, pick your preferred firmness level. Options are plush, medium, and firm. 

When checking out, you can opt to pay for the mattress via third-party financing. Nest Bedding works with Affirm and Shop Pay to allow customers to pay for their mattresses in small installments. 

Shipping & Delivery

Once you place an order, your Sparrow Signature hybrid mattress will be ready to ship in 12-16 business days. It’ll then take 3-8 business days to get to your home. 

It takes that long because each Sparrow hybrid mattress is made to order.

Shipping is free within the continental United States. Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada attracts shipping fees. 

Currently, Nest Bedding offers in-home delivery only in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Most locations get curbside delivery only. 

The Sparrow Signature hybrid mattress is delivered compressed in a compact box. So it’s easy to carry to the bed, though you may need help lifting and carrying the heavy mattress.

Mattress Construction










The Sparrow Signature mattress has a hybrid construction, meaning it combines foam and coils. 

Here are the different layers in the mattress and how each adds to the comfort and feel of the mattress. 

1” Quilted Gel Memory Foam Cover

Instead of a standard fabric mattress cover, the Sparrow Signature Hybrid comes with a quilted gel memory foam cover with phase change material. 

The special cover does two big things to make you more comfortable. 

For one, it’s soft and plush thanks to the thin layer of memory foam attached to it. You get instant pressure relief when you lie on the bed. 

Two, it helps you sleep cooler. The gel in the memory foam absorbs excess body heat while phase change material (PCM) infused into the cover maintains a constant temperature range, ensuring you don't sleep too warm or too cold. 

3” Energex Foam

This is one of the most important layers in the Sparrow hybrid mattress. It’s the one that mostly determines the firmness of the mattress. 

It’s firmer in the firm Sparrow hybrid and softer in the plush Sparrow hybrid. 

It’s also the switchable layer that you can exchange with a newer layer to refresh your mattress after a number of years or change its firmness. 

Energex foam is a proprietary type of foam that has the pressure relief of memory foam and some of the responsiveness and longevity of latex.

It contours to your body to relieve pressure points, while also supporting you and giving the mattress a nice bounce. 

The Energex foam layer has an open structure that ensures efficient heat dissipation. 

1” SmartFlow Support Foam

This is the transition layer that cushions you from the pocket coils and helps with weight distribution. 

It’s made with high-density, open-cell foam that keeps the mattress cool. 

6” Pocket Coils With Edge Support 

The core of the mattress is packed with individually wrapped coils that provide edge-to-edge support. 

This makes the Sparrow Signature hybrid mattress a great choice for couples and people who weigh more than average. The mattress provides more support than a foam-only mattress. 

The coils also improve cooling performance by allowing more airflow. 

1” Base Support Foam 

NestCooling Topper

A one-inch layer of high-density foam at the base of the mattress provides overall support.

Manufacturing & Certifications

The Sparrow Signature mattress is manufactured and assembled in the United States, specifically in Phoenix, Arizona. 

All the components including the foams and the coils are made in the USA. 

The foam used in the Sparrow Signature is CertiPUR-US certified. 

Comfort & Firmness 

You can choose from three comfort options when ordering the Sparrow Signature hybrid mattress. 

  • Plush – Soft feel with plenty of pressure relief, good support, and a responsive feel from the pocket coils and Energex Foam. A great choice for side sleepers and anyone who likes a mattress they can sink into. Also ideal for those who weigh less than average (under 140lbs).
  • Medium – A balanced feel between firm support and soft pressure relief. The best choice for most types of sleepers including back sleepers and some side sleepers. 
  • Firm – A float-on-the-mattress feel that offers plenty of support for stomach and back sleepers. Also the best choice for heavier than average sleepers (over 230lbs). 

By the way, couples ordering the split sizes can get different firmness on each side of the mattress. You can each get the feel you prefer.

Sleeping Experience

Overall, the Sparrow Signature hybrid is one of the most comfortable mattresses in the market. 

As long as you pick the right firmness level for your comfort, you’ll sleep great. It provides just the right amount of support and contouring. 

Couples will especially love the edge-to-edge support offered by the pocket coils. You can sleep anywhere on the mattress without rolling off the bed. 

The combined responsiveness of the Energex foam layer and the pocket coils also make the Sparrow Signature great for sex. 

We also recommend the Sparrow Signature hybrid for heavier sleepers weighing over 230lbs. The mattress offers robust support, so you don't have to worry about bottoming out. 

It also has excellent cooling performance and it’s guaranteed to last a long time. 


In terms of sinkage, the Hybrid Select performs as well as most medium-firm foam mattresses (sorry, we didn't measure the inches of depression on this one).

If you like a bit more of a ‘snug' feeling, then add the 2-inch topper.

Edge sinkage is well-controlled on the Sparrow Hybrid, which is different than most other memory foam mattresses. Foam mattress edges often depress far too easily, making the bed unstable as you roll away from the center. The heavier you are, the worse the problem gets.

On this mattress, the edge coil support ensures that the edges hold firm. The Hybrid Select is one of the firmest-edged foam mattresses we've tested.

Does The Sparrow Signature Mattress Sleep Hot? 

Not at all, at least not for most hot sleepers

Hybrid mattresses are already great at temperature control. The coils improve airflow, which means heat dissipates away from the mattress. 

The Sparrow Signature has additional cooling techniques to make sure even extra-hot sleepers are comfortable. 

  • The cover is quilted with gel memory foam that absorbs body heat to cool you down. 
  • The cover contains phase change material, one of the best technologies for temperature regulation. 
  • The foam used in the Sparrow Signature has an open cell structure that improves heat dissipation

Does The Sparrow Signature Hybrid Mattress Off-gas?

As with any mattress that contains foam, you may experience a new-foam smell when you unpack the Nest Bedding Sparrow mattress. 

But it’s very mild and some people don't even smell it. Nest Bedding says they let the mattresses sit in the factory for a while after manufacturing to let them off gas before they are packed. 

Remember the foam is CertiPUR-US certified, so you don't have to worry about any harmful emissions. 

Motion Transfer

Despite feeling bouncy, the Sparrow Signature hybrid mattress has minimal motion transfer. The Energex foam layer absorbs most of the disturbances, ensuring couples don't wake each other up. 

365-Night Trial 

You can try out the Nest Bedding Sparrow Signature mattress for an entire year at home. If you don't like it, you can return it at any time within this period (after at least 30 nights of sleeping on it). 

Instead of returning the entire mattress, you can also ask Nest Bedding to exchange the Energex foam comfort layer for one that’s firmer or softer.


Nest Bedding offers a lifetime warranty on the Sparrow Signature hybrid mattress. Read the fine print here to see exactly what’s covered.  

Lifetime Renewal Exchange

Even after the 365-night trial period, you can still request a new comfort layer either to make your mattress comfortable or refresh it after you’ve had it for several years. 

Note that this is a one-time exchange and it’s free.

Sparrow Signature Mattress Cleaning & Care

The Sparrow Signature doesn't have a removable cover that you can wash. You can only spot clean it. 

To protect the mattress from stains, moisture and allergens, we recommend getting a waterproof mattress protector.

What’s The Best Foundation for a Sparrow Signature Mattress?

The Sparrow Signature mattress can be used on any kind of foundation or base, as long as it is sturdy. 

The Sparrow mattress is heavy and requires rigid support. For such heavy mattresses, you generally want to avoid using box springs. 

Instead, use a platform or a bed frame with a foundation or base. 

By the way, if you are wondering, the Sparrow Signature mattress should work fine with an adjustable base. 

Sparrow Signature Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Excellent support and pressure relief for all types of sleepers. 
  • Multiple comfort options. 
  • Lifetime comfort layer exchange option. 
  • Good for hot sleepers. 
  • Great for sex. 


  • Costs more than foam mattresses and most hybrid mattresses. 
  • Tedious to move and set up because of how heavy it is.

The Sparrow Signature Hybrid is Perfect For You If…

  • You are shopping for a luxury hybrid mattress. 
  • You’d like a mattress that you are sure will last a long time (10+ years). 
  • You are a hot sleeper. 
  • Couples looking for a supportive, responsive, and long-lasting mattress.


Yes, it’s a bit pricey. But the Sparrow Signature hybrid is still solid value for money. It’s really comfortable and it’s guaranteed to serve you for a long time. 

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  1. I have a loom and leaf that we are not happy with how would you compare the two. The l and l is a good quality but we are not happy with the memory foam feel

    • Definitely a different feel than the L&L.

      The Alexander Hybrid’s pocketed coils provide more bounce/resilience all over. And the edge support on the Alexander is better.

      The comfort level of the L&L Relaxed Firm is about the same as Alexander Hybrid.

      If you bought the L&L Firm and you like that level of firmness, then the Alexander Hybrid may be too soft for you.

      Hope this helps!


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