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2023’s Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers

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Looking For A Mattress To Keep You Cool & Dry At Night?

You’ve come to the right place.

If you struggle to sleep cool & dry at night, then buying a more breathable and heat-dissipating mattress can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

In this guide, we'll review the best-cooling mattresses sold online in our expert opinion.

Some mattresses such as latex and innerspring mattresses are naturally good at staying cool. Other mattresses, particularly memory foam, need extra help in the form of technologies like cooling gel and phase change materials (PCMs).

It’s also important to look at the mattress cover. Special fabrics like bamboo and Tencel have the best cooling performance.

What’s in this Guide

In this buying guide, we review the best-cooling mattresses you can buy.

We give you the lowdown on each of our top-pick cooling mattresses, including how they cool, what they cost, how they feel to sleep on, and where to buy.

If you are not ready to buy a whole new mattress, then consider purchasing a cooling pad or topper instead. Read our best cooling pads and toppers reviews to find one for your needs and budget.

Best Cooling Mattress For This Year

  1. Best Overall: Layla Sleep
  2. Best Cooling Firm Mattress: Purple Original Mattress
  3. Best Value: Casper Element Mattress
  4. Most Comfortable: Ghostbed Luxe
  5. Best Memory Foam: Loom & Leaf Mattress
  6. Best Budget Foam: Leesa
  7. Best Latex: Zenhaven
  8. Best Cooling Mattress for Couples: Brooklyn Aurora
  9. Best Support: Revel Hybrid
  10. Best Affordable Cooling Mattress: Oliver Smith
  11. Best Cooling Mattress for Extra Hot Sleepers: The Pod by Eight Sleep
  12. Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress: Purple Hybrid
  13. Best Cooling Mattress for Side Sleepers: Tuft & Needle Mint
MattressWhy We Picked It TypeTrial Period Price
Best OverallCopper-Infused Memory Foam 120 days$$
Purple Original
Purple Original

Link goes to Amazon
Best Cooling Firm MattressPolymer + Foam100 days$$
Casper Element
Casper Essential
Best ValueAll Foam100 Days$$$
Ghostbed Luxe
GhostBed Luxe Mattress-King 13 Inch-The Coolest Mattress in the World-Proprietary Ghost Ice Fabric and Ghost Bouncer Layer-Mattress in a Box-Made in the USA–Industry Leading 25 Year Warranty
Link goes to Amazon
Most ComfortableMemory Foam 100 days$$
Loom & Leaf
Loom & Leaf
Best Memory FoamMemory Foam180 days$$$
Best Budget FoamMemory Foam100 days$$
Best LatexLatex180 Days$$
Brooklyn Aurora
Brooklyn Aurora
Best Cooling Mattress for CouplesHybrid120 Days$$
Revel Hybrid
Revel Premium Cool Mattress (Queen), Featuring All Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam and LiftTex Alternative Latex, Made in the USA with a 10-Year Warranty, Amazon Exclusive
Link goes to Amazon
Best SupportHybrid100 days$$
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith - Organic Cotton - Euro Top - Revitalize Sleep - 8 Inch - Pocket Spring - Luxury Mattress w Green Memory Foam Certified - Twin
Link goes to Amazon
Best Affordable Cooling MattressMemory Foam + Cotton 100 days$$
The Pod by Eight Sleep
The Pod by Eight Sleep
Best for Extra Hot SleepersAll-foam with climate control system100 days$$$$
Purple Hybrid
The Pod by Eight Sleep
Best Hybrid Hyper-Elastic polymer and pocket coils 100 nights$$$$
Tuft & Needle Mint
Best for Side SleepersT&N Adaptive foam100 nights$$$

1. Best Overall:  Layla Sleep

best cooling mattress pad

A memory foam mattress may not seem like a first choice for a cooling mattress. But Layla has made sure that the memory foam doesn’t retain heat.

Their secret ingredient is copper.

The top layer of the mattress is infused with copper. It conducts heat away from the mattress while also providing antibacterial protection.

Layla's mattress doesn’t just rely on copper to stay cool. There are additional cooling techniques.

Thermo gel-infused cover: Cooling starts right from the cover. The polyester-viscose-Lycra cover is infused with a cooling gel that activates when your body begins to heat up. The gel makes the cover feel cool to the touch, a feeling that is especially soothing on warm nights.

Copper-gel infused memory foam: The first foam layer of the mattress, the one with copper, also contains cooling gel to provide additional cooling power.

Convoluted foam: Below, the copper and gel foam is a foam layer with grooves on its surface. These grooves or convolutions allow air to circulate freely in and out of the mattress, carrying away excess heat and trapped moisture.

The convoluted foam layer also contains zoned SMT (surface modification technology). Different sections of the foam layer have varying firmness to provide targeted support and pressure relief.

With all these defenses, there is no chance of the mattress getting hot.

By the way, Layla is a 2-sided mattress. By flipping the mattress, you can switch from soft to firm.

The thermo-gel cover and copper-gel memory foam are on both sides of the mattress. So whichever side you sleep on, the mattress feels just as cool.

A 4” core layer provides sturdy support for both sides of the mattress. It also absorbs motion, ensuring couples don’t wake each other up when one turns or wakes up.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Affirm

Shipping: Free within the Contiguous US; $125 per mattress to Alaska and Hawaii; $200 per mattress to Canada

Help with the setup: No

In-home trial: 120 nights

Warranty: Lifetime, non-prorated


  • Excellent cooling performance.
  • Two firmness options in one mattress.
  • Great support and pressure relief.
  • It is made in the USA with CertiPUR-certified foams.
  • Lifetime warranty – unusual for a memory foam mattress.


  • A little off-gassing when new. The smell goes away in a few days.
  • Edge support is not as robust compared to latex or innerspring Mattresses.

2. Best Cooling Firm Mattress:  Purple Original Mattress

best cooling mattress

The Purple mattress uses a special rubbery material instead of memory foam. This gives the mattress a solid and firm feel (about 6-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale), making it a good choice for back and stomach sleepers.

The firm top layer is not just good for sleepers looking for an extra-supportive mattress. It also does wonders for temperature control.

A mattress that gets too warm is a problem. One that gets too cold will also disrupt your sleep.

What you need is a mattress like Purple that maintains a constant temperature range all year round.

Purple says their mattress is temperature-neutral, meaning that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

The secret behind Purple’s temperature control is the fact that they don’t use normal foam. Instead, they use a stretchy hypoallergenic material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer™.

Unlike foam, the polymer doesn’t retain heat. On its own, it does a good job keeping the mattress cool.

But to provide reliable temperature control, Purple goes a step further.

The material is designed with 2” tall and 1” wide grids on its surface. Purple calls it their Smart Comfort Grid.

These grids circulate air in and out of the mattress, ensuring there is no heat buildup.

The grids also serve another purpose – they align your spine.

When you lie on the mattress, the grids conform to your body. They collapse under pressure points but stay upright under low-pressure areas like the lower back.

You get pressure relief and support exactly where you need them.

The grids also help prevent motion transfer, making the Purple Queen a great choice for couples.

Below the polymer layer is a soft poly foam layer that provides additional pressure relief and weight distribution.

Below that, a high-density polyfoam base provides compression support and keeps the mattress in solid shape for years.

All these layers are wrapped in a highly breathable soft knit cover that complements the Smart Comfort Grid’s cooling.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Affirm and Splitit

Shipping: Free within the Contiguous US

Help with the setup: No

In-home trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10 years, non-prorated


  • Stays comfortably cool all year round.
  • Great support in all sleeping positions.
  • Good for people with back pain.
  • It is made in the US with CertiPUR-US certified foams.
  • Little to no motion transfer.


  • Some off-gassing when new.
  • A mattress is heavy, and the company doesn’t offer help with setup.

3. Best Value:  Casper Element Mattress

Casper element styling

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, get the Casper Element mattress.

This is one of the most recent products Casper has released and is the least expensive of its three mattresses.

But the low price tag is not an indication of poor quality. Sure, it doesn’t feel quite as good as the Casper mattress, nor is it as luxurious as the 5-layer Casper Wave mattress.

But for a mattress that starts at $395, it sure feels comfortable. It sleeps just as cool as the other mattresses.

Interestingly, the Casper Essential mattress doesn’t contain any gels or copper. So how does it stay cool?

It’s all in the construction.

Instead of having memory foam as the top layer, they use perforated polyfoam called AirScape foam. This ensures your body heat is not trapped in the mattress.

Next is a high-density polyfoam base that provides compression support and maintains the overall mattress integrity for years.

Casper has made a change in the construction of the Casper Element mattress. They've eliminated the memory foam layer that was there before. So now the mattress has just two layers.

It sleeps just as cool (if not cooler since there's no memory foam), but it's gotten firmer and doesn't have the body-hugging feel of a memory foam mattress.

The Casper Element still falls in the medium-firm comfort zone, so most types of sleepers should sleep comfortably on it.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Affirm

Shipping: Free within the Contiguous US; fee charged for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada

Help with the setup: Yes, at a fee ($149 – includes old mattress removal)

In-home trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10 years, non-prorated


  • Great value for money.
  • AirScape foam keeps the mattress cool.
  • Good support.
  • Easy to set up, or you can pay to have it set up for you.


  • A noticeable smell when new. It goes away in a few days.
  • Average edge support.
  • Not ideal for those who prefer the feel of a memory foam mattress.

4. Most Comfortable:  Ghostbed Luxe

GhostBed Luxe Mattress-King 13 Inch-The Coolest Mattress in the World-Proprietary Ghost Ice Fabric and Ghost Bouncer Layer-Mattress in a Box-Made in the USA–Industry Leading 25 Year Warranty

Luxury mattresses are not automatically cool mattresses. There are many complaints of expensive mattresses that sleep way too hot.

If you want a super comfortable mattress that also sleeps cool, we recommend the Ghostbed Luxe.

Compared to other all-foam mattresses, it is a bit expensive. But it sleeps cooler and more luxuriously than Casper, Leesa, and most other foam mattresses.

Let’s start with the cool part. Here’s what the mattresses use to keep you cool at night.

A cooling topper: Before you even get to the mattress itself, a quilted topper keeps the surface of the mattress cool to the touch. It consists of ½” cooling fiber, 1” gel memory foam and cooling fabric.

Phase change materials: Immediately below the topper is a PCM layer that maintains the temperature within a tight range. The mattress never gets too warm or too cold. It feels comfortable all year round.

More gel memory foam: Another gel memory foam layer dissipates excess heat trapped in the mattress.

More than just being a cool mattress, the Ghostbed Luxe is also temperature neutral. That means it will keep you cool in summer but won’t get too cold during winter.

When it comes to comfort and support, the Ghostbed Luxe mattress is not lacking.

The topper provides a plush sleeping surface, and the gel memory foam relieves pressure on your hips, shoulders, and lowers back.

The mattress also has a special layer the company calls the Ghost Bounce Layer. The Ghostbed-exclusive material has the responsiveness of latex and the pressure relief of memory foam.

It makes the Ghostbed mattress bouncier than most foam mattresses.

Finally, an extra-thick 7.5” base props up the weight of the mattress and keeps you from sinking too far, regardless of your weight.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Affirm and Splitit

Shipping: Free within the Contiguous US; $600 for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii

Help with the setup: Yes, at a fee

In-home trial: 101 nights

Warranty: 25 years, prorated


  • Excellent cooling performance all year round.
  • Luxurious sleeping experience –one of the most comfortable foam mattresses.
  • Great support, even for plus size and overweight individuals.
  • Extra-long warranty.


  • Some off-gassing when new. But it’s minimal and disappears in a couple of days.
  • Expensive shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

5. Best Memory Foam:  Loom & Leaf Mattress

Loom and Leaf by Saatva

Loom and Leaf are one of our favorite bed-in-a-box mattresses. It offers a luxurious sleeping experience at an affordable price tag.

We also think it is the best choice if you are looking for a cool memory foam mattress.

It uses a couple of techniques to stay cool.

Breathable organic cotton cover: The cover allows air to flow in and out of the mattress, ensuring heat is not trapped in the foam. For those who experience night sweats, the cotton cover quickly absorbs moisture that is then carried away by air.

Spinal zone gel: The Loom and Leaf mattress has a thin layer consists of nothing but a cooling gel that efficiently dissipates heat away from the mattress.

Convoluted gel memory foam: Underneath the laminated panel of cooling gel is more cooling gel. But this time, it is infused into memory foam. This keeps the foam from retaining too much heat. The memory foam itself is designed with a convoluted shape that improves airflow within the mattress.

Below the gel memory foam, a layer of eco-friendly memory foam provides additional support and contouring.

A high-density and breathable base layer provides overall support and ensures the mattress lasts for years.

Loom & Leaf is available in two comfort options: Relaxed Firm (medium-firm) and Firm.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Klarna

Shipping: Free within the Contiguous US

Help with the setup: Yes, at no extra cost

In-home trial: 180 days

Warranty: 15 years, non-prorated (a prorated option is available)


  • A good cooling performance, especially for a memory foam mattress.
  • Good support and contouring.
  • Extra-long trial period.
  • Two firmness options available – relaxed firm and firm.
  • Long warranty.
  • Free setup and old mattress removal.


  • Fair edge support.
  • Some off-gassing when new.
  • Not ideal for those who want a bouncy/responsive mattress.

6. Best Budget Foam:  Leesa

best cooling memory foam mattress

Along with Casper, Leesa is one of the most popular bed-in-a-box mattresses.

Leesa has changed the formula for its flagship mattress a couple of times.

The latest design makes use of a proprietary type of foam that is bouncier, more supportive, and cooler than memory foam.

The foam also contours well, especially for side sleepers.

The memory foam is hidden in the second layer, where it cannot warm up the mattress.

So while there is no cooling gel or copper infused into the foam, the Leesa mattress sleeps cooler than most other all-foam mattresses.

The cover is not particularly special. It’s made from polyester and Lycra.

It doesn’t have the ‘cool to the touch’ feel of a PCM or gel cover, but it doesn’t get hot and stuffy either.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Affirm

Shipping: Free to all US addresses including Alaska and Hawaii

Help with the setup: Yes, for an extra fee ($150 for setup and old mattress/box spring removal)

In-home trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10 years, non-prorated


  • Cool top layer and cover.
  • Free delivery to all 50 states.
  • Great support and pressure relief.
  • White glove delivery available.
  • Little to no motion transfer.


  • Like any foam mattress, there is some off-gassing when you unbox it.

7. Best Latex:  Zenhaven

Zenhaven mattress

Latex foam is naturally cooler than memory foam. It doesn’t retain heat, making it an ideal choice for people who sleep hot and those with night sweats or hot flashes.

All-natural latex like that used in the Zenhaven mattress is even better at cooling.

Zenhaven is a subsidiary of Saatva, a company known for its high-quality luxury mattress. Zenhaven is no different.

It’s made from American Talalay latex, which is better quality and more comfortable than the cheaper Dunlop latex.

In this mattress, latex is incorporated into a five-zone design that enhances support and contouring.

While latex on its own does a great job staying cool, Saatva went a step further and designed Zenhaven's foam with an open-cell structure to enhance breathability.

Besides this, the Zenhaven mattress features an organic wool layer just under the cover that helps with moisture-wicking, improves breathability, and acts as a natural fire retardant. An organic cotton cover wraps around the mattress, allowing free airflow to keep the surface cool.

Like our first choice, the Layla, Zenhaven is also two-sided with two firmness options. One side feels luxury plush while the other is a gentle firm.

You’ll probably find the luxury plush side to be the best for you, as it is for 80% of other sleepers. But in case you prefer a firmer mattress, you can simply flip it.

The mattress is quite heavy. If there’s no one to help you turn it over, Zenhaven will gladly send a team to do it for you at no cost.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Klarna

Shipping: Free within the continental US

Help with the setup: Yes, at no extra cost (includes free mattress removal).

In-home trial: 180 days

Warranty: 20 years, non-prorated (a prorated option is available)


  • Excellent cooling performance.
  • Great support and pressure relief.
  • Two firmness options in one mattress.
  • 100% natural – healthy and environment-friendly.
  • Free setup and old mattress removal.
  • Long warranty.


  • Pricey compared to other online mattresses.
  • Difficult to flip because of its weight.

8. Best for Couples:  Brooklyn Aurora

best cooling mattress reviews

For couples, they must get a mattress with a higher cooling performance than usual. With two people sharing the same bed, the mattress is bound to get hotter.

The Brooklyn Aurora not only provides the level of cooling couples need, but it also provides great support thanks to an innerspring core.

The Aurora is a hybrid mattress, consisting of both foam and coils.

Most hybrid mattresses don’t have a heating problem because of the improved airflow between coils. But the Aurora doesn’t just depend on its coil core to keep you and your partner cool.

Here are the additional cooling techniques.

Copper: Copper-infused into the hyper-elastic foam in the top layer, conducts excess heat away from the mattress. It also provides antibacterial benefits, making your sleeping environment healthier.

Phase change material: The top layer also contains a PCM, which Brooklyn Bedding calls TitanCoolTM. It maintains the surface of the mattress at a constant temperature range.

Gel memory foam: Just before the pocket-encased coils, a layer of gel-infused memory foam ensures the deep heat dissipation within the mattress.

Combined, the gel foam, PCM, Copper, and pocket coils guarantee that the Brooklyn Aurora stays cool all the time, all year round.

Also, the breathable cover enhances the benefits of the copper and PCM infused into the top layer.

You’ll especially love the cool-to-the-touch feel on the surface of the mattress. Even after a particularly active amorous night, the Aurora mattress still feels cool, fresh, and sweat-free.

Something else couples will love is how bouncy the mattress is. It’s not quite as responsive as some hybrid mattresses but bouncy enough to make sex fun.

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is available in three firmness options – soft, medium, and firm.

We recommend a medium for couples with different comfort preferences. It provides the best compromise.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Affirm

Shipping: Free within the continental US. The shipping fee of $125 per mattress to Alaska and Hawaii

Help with the setup: No

In-home trial: 120 days

Warranty: 10 years, non-prorated


  • One of the coolest mattresses you can buy.
  • Great support from the innerspring core.
  • Good pressure relief.
  • Three firmness options.
  • A great mattress for sex.


  • Pricey.

9. Best Support:  Revel Hybrid

Revel Premium Cool Mattress (Queen), Featuring All Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam and LiftTex Alternative Latex, Made in the USA with a 10-Year Warranty, Amazon Exclusive

For its price, the Revel mattress has a surprisingly solid feel, making it a great choice for bigger-bodied sleepers and couples who need extra support. It’s also much thicker than you’d expect.

It is 12” thick with three layers of foam.

The first layer is cooling gel memory foam. It provides a soft and pressure-relieving sleeping surface while also dissipating excess heat.

The second layer uses a latex-like type of foam that the manufacturer calls LiftTex. It has the support and responsiveness of latex foam.

The LifTex layer also has airflow channels cut into it to provide additional cooling.

At 7”, the base is thicker than that of most mattresses.

This boosts the overall support of the mattress and is especially good for plus size and overweight sleepers. It prevents you from sinking too much into the mattress.

Having a thicker base also prolongs the lifespan of the Revel mattress.

The three layers – the soft top layer, the warm middle layer, and the durable base layer – result in a medium-firm mattress.

Most people will find comfort for all sleeping positions.

Revel is an Amazon Exclusive brand, so you can only buy the mattress on Amazon. The upside is that prices are much lower compared to other beds in a box mattress.

The Revel Mattress is made in the USA, and CertiPUR-US certified, so don’t worry about any dangerous chemicals in the foam.

Mattress Details

Financing: No

Shipping: Free shipping to all 50 US states

Help with the setup: No

In-home trial: 30 days (Amazon’s standard return period)

Warranty: 10 years, non-prorated


  • Great value –cheaper than most online mattresses but just as good in terms of quality and sleeping experience.
  • Stays cool.
  • More responsive than most foam mattresses.
  • Excellent support, even for heavier sleepers.
  • Likely to last longer than most foam mattresses.


  • It’s heavy. Needs two people to carry inside and set up.

10. Best Budget Choice:  Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith - Organic Cotton - Euro Top - Revitalize Sleep - 8 Inch - Pocket Spring - Luxury Mattress w Green Memory Foam Certified - Twin

If you want a budget mattress, the Oliver Smith Revitalize mattress is a great choice.

It is a spring mattress with pocketed 15-gauge pocket coils and a memory foam pillow top.

So while it’s just 8” thick, it provides great support.

The Euro pillow top is not exactly luxurious, but it is plush enough to relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips and cushion you from the pocket coils.

Cooling is quite good.

For one, the memory foam layer is only 0.5” thick. It does not retain enough heat to cause any discomfort.

Two, the pocket coils keep air flowing freely in and out of the mattress. This ensures there’s no heat buildup inside the mattress.

Another feature that helps with cooling is the organic cotton cover.

Yes, that’s right. A cheap mattress like the Oliver Smith Revitalize has an organic cotton cover, not a cheap polyester cover.

Cotton is already breathable and wicks away sweat with ease. The Revitalize mattress cover has a ventilated design for added breathability and cooling.

Overall, you are getting a lot for your money. In terms of value, the Oliver Smith Revitalize mattress is one of the best.

Mattress Details

Financing: No

Shipping: Shipping cost depends on the state

Help with the setup: No

In-home trial: 30 days (Amazon’s standard return period)

Warranty: Not specified (contact manufacturer to find out)


  • Great value – half the price of other online mattresses for the same quality.
  • Excellent cooling performance.
  • Great support.
  • Responsive – good for sex and those who prefer a bouncy mattress.


  • No free shipping.
  • Thin comfort layer. Heavier sleepers might feel the coils underneath.

11. Best Cooling Mattress for Extra Hot Sleepers: The Pod by Eight Sleep

best cooling mattresses

The Pod is not your average mattress. It comes with a water-based climate control system as well as a host of sensors that intelligently adjust your sleeping temperature.

Water cooling beats any cooling techniques such as gel or perforated foam used in foam mattresses, which is why The Pod is the best choice for people who get really hot at night.

It’s also a great choice if you live in a hot climate. You can set a precise sleeping temperature.

The cooling and sensor tech aside, The Pod is a totally normal foam mattress. It has multiple layers of foam at the top, a core consisting of responsive foam and a high-density foam base.

All the cooling tech is contained in the 1” Active Grid layer at the top. Here, warm or cold water flows through small channels. The water is cooled or warmed by a unit that sits on the floor and connects to the mattress through a tube.

Using the Eight Sleep app or your home assistant (The Pod is smart home ready), you can set your preferred body temperature, set a timer and adjust additional settings.

The Pod does more than keep you comfortable in bed. It also contains sensors that track your sleep and other metrics like heart rate and respiratory rate. The app uses this data to create customized wellness reports.

Note that The Pod is available in three options; The Pod, The Pod Pro and The Pod Pro Max.

The Pod Pro adds a soft topper on top of the mattress, intelligent temperature control based on room temperature and local weatherand GentleRise™ Wake Up Technology, a gentle alarm that uses vibrations and temperature changes.

The Pod Pro Max has all these plus a MaxChill layer with copper, graphite and silver for additional cooling.

The Pod mattress is not cheap, but offers the most powerful cooling performance of any mattress. By the way, it’s also great for those who sleep cold or live in cold climates since it can also warm your bed.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Affirm or Splitit

Shipping: Free within the Contiguous US

Help with the setup: No

In-home trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10 years, non-prorated

best cooling mattresses


  • Cools and warms your bed.
  • Precise body temperature control.
  • Sleep and health tracking.
  • Can be integrated into your smart home.
  • Comfortable foam mattress.


  • Expensive

12. Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress: Purple Hybrid

best mattress for hot sleepers

Hybrid mattresses sleep cooler than other types of mattresses. But even among hybrid mattresses, there are those that feel cooler than others.

One of the best cooling hybrid Mattresses is the Purple Hybrid.

The Purple Hybrid has the same elastic polymer used in the original Purple mattress, which is one of the reasons it sleeps cooler than hybrid mattresses with foam. Grids on the polymer layer circulate air over the surface of the mattress, ensuring body heat is quickly carried away.

In addition, the Purple Hybrid mattress has pocketed coils that improve airflow in and out of the mattress. This keeps the mattress cool.

The pocket coils also add support to the mattress and give it a nice bouncy feel.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Affirm and Splitit

Shipping: Free within the Contiguous US

Help with the setup: No

In-home trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10 years, non-prorated


  • Excellent cooling performance.
  • Great support from the pocket coil core.
  • Responsive feel that’s great for tossing and turning, and sex.
  • Smart Grid layer and pocket coils provide contouring and pressure relief.


  • Costs more than foam and foam hybrid mattresses.
  • Not ideal for those who prefer the plush feel of memory foam – try the Purple Hybrid Premier instead. It’s softer and more luxurious.

13. Best Cooling Mattress for Side Sleepers: Tuft & Needle Mint

best cooling memory foam mattress

The soft, body-hugging mattresses that work best for side sleepers often leave them feeling hot and sweaty.

That’s because most are memory foam, which traps heat.

To recreate the soft, pressure-relieving feel of memory foam but without the overheating, the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress uses two layers of T&N Adaptive® foam.

T&N Adaptive foam is soft like memory foam but has the quick response of latex. You don’t get stuck in the mattress.

Unlike memory foam, T&N Adaptive foam does not trap heat. In fact, they draw heat away from your body using graphite in the top layer and ceramic cooling gel beads in the second layer.

A high-density foam base balances the softer comfort layers above so you don’t sink in too deep. The base has an extra-firm foam surround that boosts edge support.

Combined, the two T&N Adaptive foam layers and the base create a ‘soft but supportive’ feel that’s perfect for side sleepers. And you are assured a cool night’s sleep.

Mattress Details

Financing: Yes, through Affirm

Shipping: Free within the Contiguous US, extra shipping charges apply for Hawaii and Alaska

Help with the setup: No

In-home trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10 years, non-prorated


  • Suitable for side sleepers who sleep hot.
  • Soft and supportive feel.
  • Antimicrobial cover keeps the mattress hygienic and odor-free.
  • Great price.


  • Not supportive enough for heavy side sleepers (over 230lbs). We recommend a hybrid pocket coil mattress instead, like the Purple Hybrid.

Why Do Some People Sleep Hot?

best airplane neck pillow

A ‘hot’ mattress: Often the mattress is the problem. Memory foam mattresses are notorious for their tendency to get warm. If you have a memory foam mattress without any cooling technology, it’s time to upgrade to one of the cooling mattresses we have reviewed. Alternatively, buy a cooling topper.

Bedding: Check whether it’s the sheets or comforter that are making you sleep hot. If you have Sateen sheets; they might be making you hot. Percale and Linen sheets are more cooling. You might also want to switch to a cooler comforter.

Room temperature: The ideal bedroom temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees. Sleeping at a slightly cool temperature helps you fall asleep faster. If the room is too hot, you’ll have trouble falling asleep. Lower the thermostat, use a bedside fan, or use a portable air conditioner.

Climate: If you live in Alaska, you might never see the need for a cooling mattress. If anything, you probably need a warm mattress like memory foam to keep you cozy. But if you live in a hot environment, it can be hard to stay comfortable at night. A cooling mattress will help.

Health condition: Certain health conditions can make you sleep hot, including menopause, pregnancy, and thyroid problems. Certain medications can also cause hot flashes and night sweats.

Bodyweight: People with larger bodies and above-average weight tend to generate more body heat, and thus sleep hotter than people of average or below-average body weight.

Best Materials and Construction Techniques for Cooling

A good way to tell if a mattress sleeps cool (before you even try it out) is to check the materials it uses and whether it has any special construction techniques.

Here are the specific materials and construction techniques to look for.


Many of the coolest mattresses contain coils, usually pocket coils.

Unlike foam, coils leave plenty of open space for air to flow through. This prevents heat from building up and making the mattress uncomfortable.

This is why hybrid mattresses are great for hot sleepers.


Latex foam has one big advantage of memory foam: it does not trap heat.

Latex foam has excellent airflow, which carries excess heat away from the mattress. This makes latex mattresses some of the most comfortable for hot sleepers.

Note that all-natural latex foam has the best cooling capability. Synthetic and blended latex mattresses may not sleep as cool.

Open Cell Foam

This is more of a construction technique than a material. Polyfoam or memory foam is constructed with an open-cell structure, which increases airflow in and out of the mattress.

This helps channel some of the heat out of the mattress.

However, open-cell foam on its own is usually not enough for hot sleepers. Make sure the mattress also incorporates other cooling materials and techniques.

Perforated Foam

Another technique mattress manufacturers use to perforate the foam, be it latex, memory foam, or polyfoam.

The small holes maintain ventilation within the mattress, which drives out excess heat.

Gel Foam

To mitigate the heat retention tendency of memory foam, some mattresses contain gel memory foam.

This is normal memory foam with a cooling gel infused into it. The gel pulls heat away from your body, helping keep you cool.

The main downside of gel memory foam is its limited cooling performance. As the night progresses and the gel gets warmer, it reaches its maximum heat-holding capacity. The mattress will start to feel warm.

Gel foam, on its own, doesn’t do a good job of keeping you cool through the night.

If you are a hot sleeper, make sure the mattress uses additional cooling methods or choose another type of cooling mattress altogether, such as a latex or hybrid mattress.

Infused Materials

A gel is not the only thing manufacturers infuse into the foam to make it cooler. You’ll also find mattresses infused with copper or graphite.

Like cooling gel, infused copper and graphite have a limited cooling effect.

We don’t recommend a copper or graphite infused mattress for hot sleepers. The only exception is if the mattress has additional cooling techniques such as cooling gel, perforated foam, or PCMs.

Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

Foam mattresses infused with PCMs sleep much cooler than those infused with gel, copper, or graphite.

A phase change material maintains the mattress at a specific temperature range by releasing or absorbing energy depending on the mattress temperature.

If it gets hot, the PCM absorbs heat to cool you down. If it gets chilly, it releases heat to keep you warm.

Features to Consider When Buying a Cooling Mattress

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1. Mattress Material & Construction

This is the most important feature to consider.

Often, how cool or hot a mattress comes down to the materials used and the mattress construction.

Memory foam: Because of its air-filled matrix structure, memory foam absorbs and retains heat, making it the worst material at cooling. If you have to buy a memory foam mattress, look for one containing cooling gel or another cooling material like copper. Memory foam mattresses containing another type of foam at the top, such as latex or poly foam, are also much cooler.

Latex foam: Latex foam is naturally cooler than memory foam. So a latex foam mattress is a great choice if you sleep hot. If it is organic, it is better.Organic/natural latex is cooler than synthetic latex. Latex foam mattresses also provide great support and are bouncy.

Polyurethane foam: Polyfoam is the cheapest type of foam. It is better than memory foam, itself a type of modified polyurethane foam, at cooling because it is not as dense. However, you’ll rarely find a poly foam-only mattress or a mattress with poly foam at the top. In most mattresses, it is used as the base layer to provide overall support.

Pocket coils: Hybrid mattresses with pocket coils have excellent cooling performance. Even without any special cooling technology in the foam, the ventilation provided by the coils is enough to keep the mattress cool and comfortable.

2. Cover

It’s not just what’s under the mattress that matters; the cover is important as well when it comes to cooling.

A cool, breathable cover keeps the surface of the mattress feeling soothingly cool all the time.

Most mattresses use a cotton cover or a mixed cover consisting of polyester, Lycra, and viscose. These types of covers not only keep the mattress cool, but they also absorb and dissipate body sweat.

If you want an extra-cool cover, look for one that contains bamboo or has a phase change material (PCM) infused into it.

Something else to check is whether the mattress uses a quilted or non-quilted cover.

A non-quilted cover consists of just the fabric covering the mattress. Because it’s thin, the cover does not impede airflow, making for a cooler mattress.

A quilted cover contains a thin layer of foam beneath it. The added foam makes for a plusher sleeping experience but can make the mattress a bit warm, especially if the cover is quilted with polyfoam or memory foam.

The coolest quilted covers are those that contain natural wool. Wool is an excellent temperature and moisture regulator.

3. Mattress Firmness

Yes, the softness or firmness of a mattress can affect how cool it sleeps.

When you sleep on a softer mattress, you’ll sink deeper, and there will be more material in contact with your body.

This creates a larger surface area for heat to be trapped in, causing the mattress to get warmer.

A medium-firm or firm mattress has less material hugging you, which reduces heat retention.

However, it’s possible to find a soft mattress that sleeps cool. For instance, a plush latex or hybrid mattress will feel much cooler compared to a soft memory foam mattress.

But generally, a medium-firm or firm mattress will provide the cooling sleeping experience.

4. Cooling Technology

Finally, check what kind of cooling technology the mattress uses. Here are the most common ones.

Cooling gel: You’ve probably heard of gel memory foam. This is foam infused with cooling gel. It helps to dissipate heat absorbed by the memory foam. Most gel foam mattresses contain gel beads. Other mattresses have gel-only layers to enhance cooling performance. Newer mattresses mix liquid gel before the foam sets during manufacturing, creating swirl gel foam, which has slightly better cooling performance than foam infused with gel beads.

Copper: Copper-infused foam has two benefits. One, it keeps the mattress cool. Copper, being a metal, does a great job conducting heat away from the mattress. Two, copper, being naturally anti-bacterial, provides a healthier and more hygienic sleeping environment.

Convoluted foam: This is foam with channels or grooves cut into it. These channels increase ventilation, allowing heat and moisture to flow out of the mattress.

Open-cell foam: Another common foam design that improves ventilation and cooling.

Phase change material: A PCM is a special material that absorbs heat when it gets too hot and releases it when it gets too cold. A mattress with PCM in the foam or cover keeps the mattress at a comfortable temperature range all year round.

Special materials: To stay cool, some mattresses opt not to use memory foam at all, at least in the top layer. Instead, they use special materials that do not retain heat. Good examples are Purple and Leesa. The Purple mattress uses Hyper-Elastic Polymer that is arranged into a grid to improve pressure relief and cooling. The Leesa mattress uses LSA200 foam that is more responsive and sleeps cooler than memory foam.

5. Sleep Trial and Warranty

The mattress you buy must have a long enough in-home trial period.

This gives you time to test the mattress under different conditions and find out how it performs in terms of cooling and overall comfort.

The minimum trial period should be 30 days, the standard return period for mattresses purchased from Amazon.

If you buy from the manufacturer’s website, you can often get a trial period of up to 120 days. That’s four months to test the mattress from the comfort of your home.

Most online mattress companies have a no-hassle return policy. That means if you don’t like the mattress for any reason, you can return it. No questions asked.

But the warranty is different. Most will stipulate that you can only claim a replacement mattress if the mattress is damaged in some way.

Most mattress warranties don’t cover comfort preferences.

So make your final decision during the trial period

Bedding Accessories for Hot Sleepers

Sometimes, a mattress is not enough to give you the cool night’s sleep you are looking for.

Thankfully, there are bedding accessories you can use to cool your bed further. Here are the best ones we recommend.

Cooling Sheets

Heat-trapping sheets can prevent even the coolest mattress from working as it should.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you use cool, breathable sheets. Look for sheets made from cooling fabrics like percale, cotton, linen, and bamboo.

Cooling Mattress Pad

If you don’t want to buy a new cooler mattress, a mattress pad is a cheaper alternative. Look for a pad made from latex foam, perforated foam, or rayon bamboo.

Bed Climate Control System

If you are a hot sleeper or experience serious night sweats, a climate control system is the best way to complement a cool mattress.

Climate control systems such as BedJetandChiliPaduse air or water to keep you cool. The air or water is heated/cooled to a specific temperature and then circulated the bed.

Cool Pillow

The kind of pillow you sleep on matters too.

A memory foam or microfiber pillow can leave your head and neck hot and sweaty, making it difficult to sleep.

We recommend pillows made from shredded (not solid) memory foam, latex foam, gel memory foam, or wool.

Some pillows have a reversible design with a layer of cooling gel on one side. To sleep cooler, you simply turn the pillow to the cool side.

Types of Cooling Mattresses

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Gel memory foam mattresses: These are the most common types of cooling mattresses. They consist of cooling gel infused into the foam.

Copper-infused mattresses: These mattresses contain copper infused into the foam. It can be just copper on its own or copper and cooling gel.

Latex foam mattresses: These are great for those who need extra cooling power. They are made from latex foam, either synthetic or organic.

Hybrid mattresses: Mattresses consisting of foam and pocket coils. The coils improve ventilation, helping the mattress stay cool. The foam may also have gel, copper, airflow channels, or some other cooling technique.

How to Best Use a Cooling Mattress

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Here are some tips to get the best out of your cooling mattress.

  • Use it on the right foundation to ensure maximum ventilation. Most mattresses work best on a box spring or a slatted base. Putting the mattress directly on the floor is not a good idea. It can prevent good airflow, causing heat to build up in the mattress.
  • If you have to use a mattress protector, find a breathable one. A mattress protector with poor airflow will cancel out the cooling benefits of the mattress cover and foam. We highly recommend a breathable waterproof mattress protector.
  • Use cool sheets. We recommend Percale or Linen sheets. But if your area gets cold, you can go with the warmer Sateen sheets.
  • Keep the bedroom cool. A cooling mattress won’t help if your bedroom is too warm. Use a thermostat or portable AC to keep the room between 60 and 67 degrees.
  • Sleep light. Make sure your nightwear is breathable and moisture-wicking. Or just sleep naked.
  • Use the right pillow. A ‘hot’ pillow can make it difficult to fall asleep. If you sleep hot, look for a gel memory foam, latex, or buckwheat pillow. Pillows with bamboo covers also sleep cool.

How Cooling Mattresses Work

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The cooling mechanism of a mattress depends on the materials used as well as cooling components. Here’s how different cooling materials and components work.

Cooling Gel: Gel-infused into memory foam reduces the amount of heat trapped in the foam.

Copper: Copper is usually used alongside cooling gel. It conducts excess heat away from the mattress.

Convoluted foam: It contains grooves that improve airflow. Increased airflow reduces the buildup of heat and humidity in the mattress.

Open-cell foam: It also works to increase airflow, thus keeping the mattress cool.

Pocket coils: Pocket coils work based on the same principle as open-cell and convoluted foam – they increase ventilation. The flow of air carries away heat and moisture.

For cooling mattresses that use Latex foam, polyurethane foam, or proprietary foam, these materials stay cool simply because they do not absorb or retain heat like memory foam.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which are the coolest mattresses to sleep on?

Latex foam mattresses and hybrid (foam + springs) mattresses are the coolest. Mattresses with phase change materials (PCMs), cooling gel, copper, convoluted foam, and open-cell foam are also cool.

Some mattresses like Purple and Leesa use special materials to enhance cooling.

Do cooling mattresses work?

It depends on the kind of cooling mattress you buy.

Cooling gel foam mattresses are great for most people. But if you sleep hot, get a latex foam or hybrid mattress instead.

Which are the best mattresses for hot side sleepers?

Because side sleepers often find memory foam mattresses to be the most comfortable (because they conform best), it can be difficult to find a cool mattress.

We recommend a gel-infused memory foam mattress. If it also contains copper, even better.

If that doesn’t work, look for a hybrid mattress with a memory foam top layer. The coils will prevent memory foam from getting too hot.

Which are the best cooling mattress pads?

A mattress pad is a cheaper alternative to buying a cooling mattress. There are several types in the market.

Gel memory foam pads are great if you are not exactly a hot sleeper and just need a little cooling.

Latex foam mattress toppers are perfect for those who need the extra cooling power of latex.

If you need even more cooling, get an electric mattress cooling pad. They work by forcing either cool air or water through the topper.

These are great because they provide reliable cooling in any kind of weather. With some, you can even select precisely how cool you want to be.

Where To Buy A Cooling Mattress

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Online is the best place to buy a cooling mattress, in our opinion.

There is more selection. Usually, the best deals are online, and the buying process is super-easy.

Most companies also provide free delivery right to your door.


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