Saatva vs Casper

My Top 10 Mattresses Sold Online

These are my 10 favorites of the 60+ mattresses we've reviewed.

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  • #1 SAATVA: 4.9/5

    Saatva is a highly-rated luxury innerspring mattress that costs far less than comparable store brands.

    Buy This One If: you are shopping for a premium innerspring or hybrid mattress like a Simmons Beautyrest, Kingsdown Ashley, Sterns & Foster Ashley or Serta iSeries.

    Comfort Choices: Soft, Med Firm, Firm

    • Highest-rated mattress on our site
    • Outstanding pressure relief
    • 120-night in-home trial
    • Free White Glove Delivery & Removal
    • Excellent value

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  • #2 LEESA: 4.6/5

    Leesa is the best one-size-fits-all memory foam mattress sold online. Sleeps noticeably better than Casper - for less money.

    Buy This One If: you want a great-sleeping, supportive foam mattress for a bargain price. This one is a steal right now.

    Comfort Choices: Medium Firm

    • Unique foam construction w/ excellent support
    • Low motion transfer, great for couples.
    • Sleeps cool - no heat issues
    • 100 night in-home trial
    • Outstanding value

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  • #3 PLUSHBEDS: 4.8/5

    Plushbeds Botanical Bliss is the the best-sleeping, highest-quality 100% latex mattress sold online. All-natural materials, lots of options, and a super-long warranty.

    Buy This One If: you want a true all-natural latex mattress without making compromises. This one has it all.

    Comfort Choices: Soft, Med, Med Firm, XFirm

    • Top-quality all-natural materials (organic cotton, wool, Talalay)
    • Greenguard Certified
    • Split option available
    • 100 night in-home trial
    • 25 year warranty

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  • #4 NECTAR: 4.6/5

    Nectar bed is a budget-friend memory foam mattress has it all: advanced foam engineering, sleeps cool, good edge support… plus an industry-first LIFETIME warranty.

    Buy This One If: you want a high-quality foam mattress with maximum wallet protection.

    Comfort Choices: Medium-Firm

    • One of the best budget foam mattresses I’ve reviewed.
    • Excellent all-round sleeping experience
    • High quality materials
    • Same price as Casper, Tuft and Needle, et al – but with a FAR better warranty.

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  • #5 NEST: 4.8/5

    The Nest Alexander Hybrid bed is a super-comfy, cool-sleeping hybrid mattress that’s just about perfect for loving couples. One of the best we’ve tested.

    Buy This One If: you are half of an amorous couple - or like to move around at night.

    Comfort Choices: Plush, Medium, Luxury-Firm

    • One of the most comfortable mattresses you can buy online
    • Excellent cooling performance
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Perfect for loving couples
    • Excellent edge support

    Read our in-depth review

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  • #6 LEESA HYBRID: 4.7/5

    Leesa Hybrid is a luxury mattress with a great bounce & excellent support – and a really great price.

    Buy This One If: looking for medium-firm premium luxury innerspring mattress (80% of us).

    Comfort Choices: Medium-Firm

    • Excellent support, thanks to the pocketed coil layer
    • Excellent edge support
    • Very little motion transfer = great for couples
    • Bouncy feel = great for sex
    • 10-Year Warranty

    Read our in-depth review

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  • #7 DREAMCLOUD: 4.7/5

    Dreamcloud is a 15-inch luxury hybrid mattress with a comfy pillowtop and fine details that costs FAR less than a store-bought equivalent.

    Buy This One If: you demand the absolute best quality and prefer a slightly firmer feel.

    Comfort Choices: Medium-Firm

    • Tufted, quilted top feels super-luxurious
    • Outstanding level of support
    • Sturdy enough for heavier sleepers
    • Great choice for fidgety couples (no motion transfer)
    • Lifetime warranty and 365-night trial

    Read our in-depth review

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  • #8 HELIX: 4.7/5

    Helix is a high-quality foam + coil mattress that is custom-fit to your unique sleeping habits and body – and your partner’s.

    Buy This One If: wants a custom-fit sleeping experience. Also for couples who differ in their needs.

    Comfort Choices: Plush, Medium, Firm

    • Unlimited customization (quiz makes it easy)
    • High-quality foam + coil construction
    • Exceptionally cool-sleeping
    • Excellent customer service
    • 10 year warranty

    Read our in-depth review

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  • #9 PURPLE: 4.7/5

    The new Purple Hybrid Premiere mattress adds durable coil support and more comfort choices to its unique Comfort grid elastic top layer. The result is a heavenly night’s sleep.

    Buy This One If: want a mattress that adjusts its feel to your comfort needs. Truly unique.

    Comfort Choices: Soft, Medium, Firm

    • Very comfortable, with a unique soft+firm feel.
    • Almost zero motion transfer
    • Excellent edge support
    • Sleeps cool & dry
    • 10 year warranty

    Read our in-depth review

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  • #10 LOOM & LEAF: 4.7/5

    A luxury organic foam mattress that surpasses the sleep experience of premium store brands - for far less money.

    Buy This One If: you want an organic foam mattress for half the price in stores.

    Comfort Choices: Medium-Firm, Firm

    • About as organic as a foam mattress can be
    • No new-mattress smell / off-gassing
    • Excellent support
    • Outstanding cooling performance
    • 10 year warranty

    Read our in-depth review

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