Winkbeds Mattress Review

Winkbeds Mattress Review

Winkbeds Mattress Review


Winkbeds is a luxury foam + spring hybrid mattress with optional Plus-sized upgrade and a unique forced-air cooling/heating system.

Great Choice for: Those who want a premium luxury mattress at half the price of store-bought mattresses.

Avoid if: Your #1 value is price.

Price: $849 – $1,749

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Luxury hybrid mattresses can cost as much as $3K or more in stores.

But Winkbeds sells theirs for half that price – and adds free delivery, a 120-night trial period and a lifetime warranty to the offer.

Construction-wise, the Winkbeds combines the pressure relief and comfort of gel memory foam with the support and contouring of innersprings.

You can also choose from three comfort levels, and there’s a thicker Plus upgrade available for heavier sleepers.

What’s In This Mattress Review?

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About Winkbeds

Winkbeds Mattress Review

This is how Winkbeds describe themselves and what they do:

We’re in the mattress industry because we don’t like the mattress industry.

Launched in 2015, just around the time bed-in-a-box brands like Casper were getting popular, Winkbeds started small with no employees at all.

Thanks to their quality mattress and later their innovative temperature-controlled foundation, Winkbed has become one of the most popular online mattresses.

They do all the manufacturing in the USA, specifically in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Not only does this provide local jobs, but it also allows them tight quality control. All their foams are CertiPur-US certified, and no harmful chemical fire retardants are used.

Unlike most online mattresses, the Winkbeds is not delivered in a box. It would damage the springs inside the mattress. But it’s still delivered home to you directly from the factor. No retail stores or salespeople in the middle to hike up prices.

This allows the company to provide a lengthy trial period, a long warranty and free no-questions-asked returns.

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Social Impact

By manufacturing locally, Winkbeds provides much-needed jobs while also ensuring their products are safe for their users and the environment.

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Purchase Process

Winkbed mattress review - order form

While the mattress is available on Amazon, I strongly recommend that you only buy it on the official Winkbeds website. This is the only way you’ll be able to enjoy the 120-night trial period. If you buy it on Amazon, you may be limited to a 30-day return period.

On their official product page, the first thing you’ll need to do is select the size. All the usual sizes from Twin to Cal King are available.

Then you select your comfort level. There are three to choose from: softer, luxury firm and firmer.

There is a fourth option which they call Plus. It is a thicker version of the Winkbeds mattress designed for heavier sleepers. It’s slightly more expensive than the standard versions.

Finally, choose which foundation to go with your new mattress. There are three options:

  1. heavy duty metal bed frame ($225 for Queen)
  2. low-profile box foundation ($250 for Queen)
  3. Adjustable Winkbase: a fully-adjustable bed frame ($1,399 for Queen)

You can also buy the mattress without a foundation.

Finally, you'll need to pay with your credit card. You can also get financing through Zibby or Bread. Both offer instant checks to see if you qualify.

The mattress will arrive within about 7-14 days, and you won’t pay for shipping. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii or any international destination.

You can add white glove delivery to your order for $99 or pay $159 also to include old mattress removal.

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Listed below are the latest retail prices for the Winkbed mattress. Visit their official website to see the latest prices and any discounts and offers.

Twin $849
Twin XL $949
Full/Double $1,199
Queen $1,499
King $1,699
CA King $1,749
Adjustable WinkBase $949-$1,399
Standard foundation $279-$369

Note: Plus versions cost $200 more.

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120-Night Trial

You have 101 nights from the day of purchase to test out the Winkbeds mattress and decide whether to keep it. Winkbed requires a minimum of 30 nights of use before making a return.

If you don’t like it, there are two return options. You can return the mattress, and the company will arrange a pickup and either donate or recycle the mattress. There are no return or restocking fees charged.

You can also request an exchange with another comfort level. But this will cost you $49.99. This covers shipping a new mattress and removing the other one from your home.

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Lifetime Warranty

The warranty is for LIFE and non-prorated.

It covers all the usual stuff with the standard limitations regarding proper usage, damage, and ownership. You’ll get the full warranty statement when you purchase the mattress

You can also contact the company on their website to send you a digital copy before you buy the mattress.

Winkbeds also offers an “Any Reason” replacement option, which allows you to exchange your bed for a new Winkbed at a cost of 50% of the current price, any time after the trial period ends – and for any reason (no questions asked).

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Winkbed offers free ground shipping only within the continental United States. They currently do not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii or any country outside the US, including Canada.

Shipping takes 7-14 days. This is longer than most mattresses, but it’s because each mattress is made to order. Your order could take up to 3 weeks if you also bought the cool control foundation.

Expedited shipping is not available.

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Delivery and Setup

With standard delivery, the mattress will be shipped to your door in a roll pack box.

Setup is up to you. Warning, though: this mattress is quite heavy, so I recommend having someone nearby to help you carry the mattress inside and set it up.

There is a white glove delivery option for $99. Winkbed’ shipping partners will deliver the mattress to your home, take it inside the house and set it up for you.

If you want them also to take away the old mattress, it will cost $60 more on top of white glove delivery.

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Foundation & Frame

Winkbeds Mattress Review

What type of bed frame/support does Winkbed require?

You can use the Winkbed with a solid foundation, box spring or a slatted frame (ideally with center support).

The mattress is quite heavy, so it’s important that you use a sturdy high-quality foundation.

Does Winkbed work on an adjustable bed?

Yes, it does.

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Care and Cleaning

Is a mattress protector needed?

A mattress protector is not necessary but is recommended. If you decide to get one, be careful with the waterproof ones as they can restrict airflow. This is especially important if you get the cool control base.

To remove stains, spot clean using mild detergent and cold water. Regular vacuuming to remove hair, dead cells and dander will keep the mattress hygienic and allergen-free.

Do you need to rotate the mattress?

Because of the structure of this mattress, you cannot flip it. But you should rotate it.

Winkbed recommends rotating it fortnightly for the first three months.

After that, rotate it every two months.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Winkbeds Mattress Review

The mattress has a tufted pillow top which gives it a soft look at the top. Buttons (tufts) in the top add to the luxurious aesthetics of the mattress.

The top cover is white with a blue and white boundary along the edges. The sides are also white.

Overall, the mattress has an unmistakably upscale look. It looks beautiful and elegant.

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Winkbed mattress review - construction

As I mentioned, Winkbed is a hybrid mattress consisting of innerspring and foam. Here are the different layers of the mattress:

Euro pillow top with two foams

The main comfort layer consists of a plush pillow top with gel foam and hypersoft foam. Gel foam contours around your body and dissipates heat away from the mattress. Hypersoft foam provides intense pressure relief especially around high-pressure points like your hips and shoulders.

Pocketed Micro Airsprings

Small pocketed innersprings give the mattress a nice bouncy feel and enhance contouring. They allow the mattress to curve your body perfectly, imitating your body’s natural shape. They also help with airflow and cooling.

Lumbar support pad

This is a transition layer between the comfort layers and the base. It provides back support, ensuring your spine stays naturally aligned whichever position you sleep in.

Tempered support coils

This is the base layer. It consists of longer and stronger coils to provide overall support and longevity.

Perimeter support system

High-density foam is used around the sides to provide comfortable edge-to-edge sleeping with adequate support everywhere.

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Mattress Cover

Winkbeds Mattress Review

The cover is made with a proprietary fabric called Tencel. It is softer than silk, more breathable than linen and better for the environment than cotton.

The cover is non-removable.

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Winkbeds Complaints – Smell/Off-gassing

The foam will produce a slight ‘fresh’ smell when you open the mattress.

Depending on your smell sensitivity, you may or may not notice it. It fades away within a couple of days as the mattress sets.

Any off-gassing you may experience is harmless.

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Sleeping Experience

Winkbeds Mattress Review

The Winkbed mattress scores highly in all areas with just a couple of complaints.

Regarding comfort, the pillow top feels plush. It feels like those mattresses you sleep on in high-end hotels. The micro-springs and the soft foam do a great job of contouring to your body and relieving pressure from vulnerable areas like your lower back, hips, and shoulders.

Support is excellent, too. The transition lumbar support pad and the tempered coils spread your weight evenly and ensure your body is naturally aligned. The mattress can easily handle the weight of a couple or someone with a bigger body.

For plus size sleepers (200lbs+), I recommend the Plus version. It offers better support and pressure relief.

Edge support is really good thanks to the edge support system. You’ll feel comfortable whether you sleep at the center or the edge.

Temperature control is good even without the cool control base. The innerspring, the gel foam and the breathable cover direct excess heat and moisture away from the mattress.

The only area where the mattress falls a bit short is motion control. There are two different spring layers, which makes it much easier for you to feel it when your partner shifts or wakes up at night. The top foam layer tempers some of that disturbance, so it’s not that bad.

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Winkbeds Mattress Review

There are three firmness levels: softer, luxury firm and firmer.

The luxury firm is the medium-firm option and is the most popular one. It’s ideal for combined sleepers, those with back problems and couples with slightly varying sleep preferences.

The softer comfort level is ideal for side sleepers and anyone who likes sleeping ‘in their mattress.

The firmer option is best for back and stomach sleepers and anyone who prefers sleeping ‘on’ their mattress.

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Winkbeds Mattress Review

Sinkage will depend on the firmness level you choose and of course your body physique.

The softer Winkbed has the most sinkage while the firmer one has the least sinkage. The luxury firm is somewhere in between.

Unlike most mattresses, Winkbed doesn’t collapse when you sit or slip on the edge thanks to dense foam around the edges.

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Motion Transfer

Motion is less dampened than in all-foam mattresses, but not so much that you’ll keep waking up at night every time your partner turns.

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Hot/Cold Issues

This mattress has no temperature control issues to speak of.

But if you live in a hot/humid climate or just want better climate control, then look into the cool control base. It uses fans to circulate cold or warm air onto a side of the mattress.


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Pros and Cons


  • Great support thanks to twin innersprings.
  • Best warranty in the business
  • Good temperature control.
  • Better edge support than most.
  • 3 comfort options
  • Plus option for heavier sleepers.


  • Not the best w/ motion transfer.

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The Winkbed Mattress is Perfect For You If…

  • You want a luxurious hybrid mattress without paying store prices.
  • You weigh more than 200 lbs.
  • Your partner doesn't move too much at night.

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If you want the luxury hotel comfort of the best store-bought mattresses, then buying a Winkbed mattress is a great choice.

It has the comfort, cooling and luxury of a Tempur-Pedic mattress – but at less than half the price.

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Where to Buy

Visit the Winkbed official site to order the mattress.

Don't buy a Winkbed mattress on Amazon or other retailer's website without checking the warranty and trial period carefully.

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