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A surprisingly affordable memory foam mattress from Sealy. So you know the warranty's good.

Great Choice for: Anyone looking for a budget-priced firm memory foam mattress.

Avoid if: You want a softer mattress – or you're looking for special features or materials.

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Priced from ,  Cocoon by Sealy is a surprisingly affordable bed-in-a-box from the best-known brand in the business.

Sealy is one of the latest traditional mattress brands to sell an online-only mattress.  For example,  Nature's Sleep recently did the same thing with GhostBed.

Perhaps Sealy is feeling pressured by all the new direct-to-customer mattress startups like Leesa and Casper, or maybe Sealy just wants to widen their customer base.

Whatever their motive, the benefactor of their move is you.  Cause this mattress is really inexpensive.

The Sealy Cocoon has a few tricks up its sleeve to ensure you sleep cool and comfortable, too.

The most notable technology is the phase change material used in the Cocoon Chill, which is designed to maintain optimal temperature levels.

Sealy brings over a hundred years of experience into the online mattress biz.

But does this experience translate into a high-quality sleeping experience delivered straight to your home?

Let's find out.

What's In This Mattress Review

This page is a 10-minute in-depth review.

Use this table of contents to skip to the features you care most about.

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About Sealy

Sealy Cocoon mattress

Sealy is one of the oldest bedding companies, with more than a century’s worth of experience in the industry. It was launched in 1881 in Sealy Texas, from where it gets its name.

The company has survived through numerous ups and downs, even coming back from near-bankruptcy a few decades ago.

In 2012, Sealy was sold to rival Tempur-Pedic, though it retained its brand name and continues to operate independently.

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Social Impact

Cocoon mattress social impact

Sealy has been involved in a number of charitable efforts over the years.

Most recently, they donated mattresses to non-profits groups in recognition of the 2016 Veterans Day.

They also have a commitment to safe and environmentally friendly manufacturing. This is an important move, especially in an age where pollution has become a key issue.

Another important point to note is that all manufacturing is done in the USA, helping to provide jobs to local families and individuals.

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Purchase Process

Cocoon is an online-only mattress. You won't find it in retail stores. You can get it at their official website or at

On their official website, you'll get a 100-night trial with your purchase. If you buy on Amazon, you may save money, but you only get a 30-day return policy.

Cocoon mattress review - order form

When shopping online, you will notice there are two mattresses; the Chill and the Classic. See “Construction” and “Sleeping Experience” sections below for the key difference between the two. Cocoon Chill is the pricier.

Select the mattress you prefer and proceed to checkout.

Both mattresses come in six different sizes.

Twin size
Twin XL
Full size
Queen size
King size
California King

Once you choose your size, the next step is to choose your preferred comfort level.

There are two comfort choices: soft and firm.

We are going to discuss both firmness levels shortly, but generally, the soft is more like a ‘medium' and is ideal if you are a side or combo sleeper, while the firm is better for back and stomach sleepers.

While having options can be a good thing, it can also lead to potential confusion for customers who may be nervous about buying the wrong mattress.

But there is no risk at all even if you chose the wrong mattress. You can test the mattress for 100 days and if it does not suit you, simply return it for a refund.

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Cocoon mattress is one of the most affordable quality online mattresses for sale today, with the Cocoon Classic starting at .

Listed below are the current prices for both mattresses on

Note that Chill is more expensive than Classic in all mattress sizes.  I'm not convinced the difference in cooling is worth the difference in price, however.

To save money, buy the Classic. Then, if it sleeps a bit warm you can spring for a cooling pad that costs about the same as the difference in price between these two mattresses.

Mattress Size Classic Chill

on Amazon

on Amazon

Twin XL

on Amazon

on Amazon


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on Amazon


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California King

on Amazon

on Amazon

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Cocoon by Sealy Firm Foam Mattress, Twin

Cocoon provides free shipping to all 50 states in the United States via UPS Ground.

Once you place an order, it takes around 48 business hours to process it (excluding holidays and weekends).

After ordering, you can expect your mattress to be delivered in 4-7 days. Cocoon does not charge shipping fees for deliveries within the United States.

No international deliveries are provided at this time.

You will receive a tracking number so that you can follow the delivery process and get ready for its arrival.

If you have any special shipping requirements such as expedited shipping or Saturday delivery, call customer care to see if the request can be met. In many cases though, you might have to pay an extra fee.

Cocoon does not require customers to sign for the mattresses meaning you do not have to be home to receive the delivery.

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Delivery & Unboxing

Cocoon by Sealy Firm Foam Mattress, Twin

The mattress will be delivered in a box designed to be carried by one person, though it is a good idea to have someone nearby to help you set it up.

Cocoon does not provide special delivery services, meaning they will simply deliver it to your door and that’s it.

But if you have any special delivery requests, be sure to contact customer care before making the order. They might just be able to accommodate it.

To mount the mattress on your bed, tear off the box and place the roll on your platform or foundation.

Then, unroll it and break the plastic seal to let the mattress decompress.

Finally, remove the plastic sheet cover, and you're ready for sheets.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Cocoon by Sealy Firm Foam Mattress, Twin

Both the Classic and Chill Cocoon mattresses have identical modern-styled covers.

A white diamond-patterned fabric covers most of the mattress, contrasted by a dark blue piece at the bottom.

Both mattresses spot the ‘Cocoon by Sealy’ tag and logo.

Overall, there isn’t much to say about the styling. It is clean and simple but does not influence the sleeping experience in any way.

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Cocoon mattresses do not come with groundbreaking tech, really.

Instead, Sealy engineers focused on making improvements to existing features and materials.

This is not to mean that the sleeping experience is negatively affected by the lack of awe-inspiring technology. A mattress can be perfectly fine even without all the high-tech bells and whistles.

That said, there are a couple of features I would like to highlight because of their contribution to the sleeping experience.

1. Phase-Change Material

Cocoon Chill comes with a special cover designed to create a cool sleeping surface. It is made with a proprietary Phase Change Material (PCM).

A PCM is a material that absorbs and releases heat as it changes phase (from solid to liquid and back). During these changes, the material maintains a constant temperature.

When used in mattresses, Phase Change Materials help to absorb body heat without increasing the mattress' temperature.

The Cocoon Chill mattress does feel very cool to the touch. At night, you do not have to worry about the mattress getting too hot or too cold.

The Cocoon Classic does not use PCM.

2. Essential Support Foam

Both firm and soft versions and both varieties of the Cocoon mattress use Essential Support Foam as the foundational layer.

The Firm Cocoon mattress has Reinforced Essential Support Foam while the Soft Cocoon mattress has Flexible Essential Support Foam.

Essential Support Foam is designed as a heavier-than-usual type of foam. It is engineered to be extra durable and resilient over years of use.

3. Testing process

I also wanted to make note of Cocoon’s testing process.

Since Cocoon is very young, mattresses bought by customers have yet to stand the test of time. This makes it virtually impossible to judge their durability.

But what if you could speed up time?

That is exactly what the engineers do when testing Cocoon mattresses. The testing process simulates real life usage conditions over 10 years of sped-up time. The aim is to test for resilience and durability.

They have two specific tests; the Rollator Surface Fatigue and the Mattress Durability Impact Test.

Both tests apply 225lbs of pressure on the mattress for tens of thousands of cycles, simulating 10 years of use. This ensures that when sold, Cocoon mattresses will actually last for at least a decade and even more.

Combined with the 10-year warranty, you should have little fear as to the durability of the Cocoon mattress.

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Cocoon mattress construction
Cocoon Soft (Classic)

Our discussion on construction is mainly going to center on the structural difference between the soft and firm comfort levels.

There isn’t much difference between Chill and Classic. Only the PCM on the Chill sets the two apart.

The biggest structural differences are between the soft and firm options.

Cocoon Soft

The soft Cocoon mattress has three layers.

1. 2-inch comfort layer

Memory foam is known for its contouring and pressure relief capabilities. That is exactly why it used in the top layer.

It creates a wonderful soft hug when you lay on it, perfect for relaxing after a long tiring day. The foam quickly adapts to your body shape, weight and size ensuring that there are no uncomfortable pressure points or uneven support areas.

2. 2-inch transition layer

The second layer is made from poly foam and acts as both a transition and support layer.

It is firmer than the top memory foam layer, which allows it to create adequate and even support for the sleeper. It also acts as a transition to the firmer Flexible Essential Support Foam layer below.

3. 6-inch foundational layer

Six inches of Flexible Essential Support Foam provide adequate support for the entire mattress. It also adds durability to the mattress, allowing it to retain its shape and structure through years of use.

For heavier sleepers, the dense foundational foam is essential in maintaining deep compression support and protecting the mattress from premature sagging.

Cocoon Firm

The firm Cocoon mattress only has two layers.

1. 2-inch comfort layer

Those who prefer a firm mattress need contouring and pressure relief too and that is what this layer is for. It is similar to the soft memory foam layer found in the Soft Cocoon.

2. 8-inch Reinforced Essential Support Foam

The firm Cocoon lacks a middle layer, which helps to create a firmer and sturdier feel.

This 8-inch base layer therefore acts both as a support layer for the sleeper and a foundational base for the entire mattress.

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Cocoon by Sealy Firm Foam Mattress, Twin

The cover is the only component where the Chill differs from the Classic.

The Cocoon Classic comes with a standard knit fabric cover. It contains spun poly fibers that feel very soft to the touch and ensure breathability.

This keeps the cover reasonably cool during the night. The fabric itself is stretchy, creating a snug fit around the mattress.

The Cocoon Chill uses a highly specialized cover material, PCM (Phase Changing Material), which allows it to remain comfortably cool through the night.

Thanks to the PCM cover, the Cocoon Chill scores higher when it comes to temperature control and that’s why it is also the pricier of the two mattresses.

Neither mattress cover is meant to be removed for washing. If you have to remove a stain, spot cleaning using a mild detergent and cold water is better. Rub gently and remember to let it air dry before covering it up again.

If you are nervous about the mattress cover becoming dirty, consider using a mattress protector.

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The Cocoon mattress loses some points when it comes to smell.

If you look around online, you'll see a lot of comments about a mildly unpleasant smell after opening the mattress. For some owners, it took a few days to dissipate while for others, it took a bit longer.  Sealy says it will take about 48 hours for the mattress to fully decompress.

Cocoon is a memory foam mattress, which means that it comes off the factory line with a certain ‘new foam’ smell. This is NOT harmful because, as with most mattress companies today, their foams are CertiPUR-US certified.

The off-gassing can be uncomfortable to those who are smell sensitive. If it affects you, I recommend letting it air in a well-ventilated room for a couple of days before using it. You can even leave it in your garage.

But IMO, most people will be able to sleep on it immediately with no problem.

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Sleeping Experience

The overall sleeping experience will vary from one mattress to another and from one firmness level to another. Let’s first compare the firm and soft Cocoon mattress.

The firm Cocoon provides a solid ‘on top of the bed’ experience. You feel like you are floating on the mattress with just a little ‘hug’ for comfort. It's really firm.

This makes it great for back and stomach sleepers, since it provides even support and good spine alignment. For some sleepers however, it will feel a tad too firm.

Remember – the Firm it only has two layers, with just a 2-inch memory foam layer covering the firm support layer.

The soft Cocoon is far better for most people. It makes for an ‘in the bed’ sleeping experience with a more pronounced hug. It is the experience you get with most great hotel beds.

The soft Cocoon is also the best choice for side sleepers, as it prevents uncomfortable pressure points around the hips and shoulders.

Less heavy sleepers will benefit more from the soft Cocoon as it provides more contouring around sharp body curves.

Heavier sleepers, on the other hand, may find the firm Cocoon better in terms of compression support, ie, does not sink too much.

Comparing between Cocoon Classic and Cocoon Chill, the main difference between them is how cool they sleep at night.

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To give you an idea of specific firmness levels, I am going to use firmness ratings where 0 is very soft and 10 is very firm.

Cocoon soft falls around the middle of the scale (5-6/10). I would call it more of a medium mattress rather than soft.

Cocoon firm on the other hand comes in at around 7-8/10. Quite firm.

This should give you a clearer picture of how firm or soft you can expect the mattress to be. If it is softer or firmer than you expected, making a return is easy, quick and completely free.

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Sinkage and Motion Transfer

Cocoon by Sealy Firm Foam Mattress, Twin

Cocoon soft has the greatest sinkage, showing as much as 2 inches of sinkage when you are lying on it.

Cocoon firm has about half of that – 1″ of sinkage”, when you are on your back.

Side sleepers will experience more pronounced sinkage (2 inches on the firm and 3 inches on the soft) and that is why I recommend the soft Cocoon for them.

The edge shows a lot of sinkage, too – between 4 and 5 inches for both soft and firm – not the best edge support, but about normal for memory foam mattresses without dedicated edge support structures.

If you tend to sleep near the edge, then you may not like this bed.

Edge support is not the only area where the Cocoon mattress leaves something to be desired.

Motion transfer is also not the best for a memory foam mattress, especially for the firm comfort level. For couples sharing the same bed, you may experience some disturbance when one of you moves around or wakes up at night.

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Hot/Cold Issues

Memory foam mattresses have a generally poor reputation when it comes to temperature control. Historically, the first generation of visco foam retained far too much heat and did not dissipate it quickly enough.  Since then, however, cooling issues have mostly been resolved with modern memory foams.

Both Cocoon mattresses feature memory foam as the first/topmost layer.

Cocoon Chill has a PCM cover to counter some of the heating problem. It gives the mattress roughly the same cooling ability as latex foam.

Cocoon Classic is covered with a breathable cover, which helps to some degree. If you tend to get hot at night, though, you might want to look into getting a cooling pad for the Classic mattress or just buy the Cocoon Chill instead.

If you're looking for similarly-priced foam mattresses that are better than Cocoon, then check out Bear, Leesa and Dromma.  These mattresses include features like hole-punched foam, open-cell foam, gel-infused foam, copper-infused foam or graphite to improve heat transfer and moisture control.  The Cocoon mattress relies solely on its cover.

In addition, an innerspring mattress like our favorites Saatva and Sparrow Signature Hybrid will almost always sleep cooler than a foam mattress, due to the airy coil spring layer.

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Cocoon provides a 10 year limited warranty with every purchase of their mattress. The warranty covers physical defects and workmanship issues that occur as long as the mattress is under normal use.

It also provides a guarantee that the company will replace or repair the mattress at no costs to you except for those associated with transportation.

I encourage you to read the full warranty at their official website before making a purchase.

Read The Warranty on

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Return Policy

Cocoon lets customers test their mattress for 100 days, during which they can decide to return it for a refund or exchange with another mattress.

However, the company recommends you try out the mattress for 30 days before initiating the return process. This gives your body time to get used to the new mattress.

Returned mattresses can be donated, recycled or disposed, depending on local laws.

If you return the mattress because of firmness issues, (too firm or too soft) you can request an exchange with another mattress. If the second mattress still does not feel right, you can make another return and get a full refund.

With such a friendly return policy, there is very little risk of buying online even, if you do not get a chance to test it first.

Read The Return Policy on

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Pros and Cons


  • Really low price.
  • Established brand (Sealy) provides peace of mind and a reliable warranty.
  • Great customer service.
  • Different firmness levels allow you to choose the perfect mattress for your needs.


  • A bit of off-gassing.
  • Poor edge support.
  • Both mattresses have some motion transfer.

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This Mattress is Perfect for You If…

You want to save money – but don't want to play the “warranty lottery” by buying from a startup.

Also, the Cocoon Firm is perfect if you like your memory foam extra-firm.

See The Latest Prices and Read Verified Reviews on Amazon

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To be honest, this is an “OK” foam mattress. I expected more from a company as established as Sealy.

But where they lack in innovative features, it's hard to argue with their price and the reliability of their warranty.

If this is not the kind of foam mattress you are looking for, then take a look at our favorites: the budget-minded Leesa, the softer Alexander Signature Select, the organic Keetsa Pillow Plus or the super-customizable Helix.

If your budget is a bit higher, then also check out Loom and Leaf.

Shop Now

The best deals are normally on Plus, the warranty and return policies are better if you buy from their site vs. from a 3rd party like Amazon.

That said, sometimes better prices can be found on Amazon, so it makes sense to check both before buying.

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