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Puffy Mattress Review: Our Take

Puffy is a 3-layer budget gel-infused memory foam mattress that comes with a forever (lifetime) warranty – really rare, at this price.

Great Choice for: Anyone looking for an affordable and comfortable memory foam mattress that runs a bit on the firmer side.

Avoid if: You prefer a softer mattress.

Price: $495  to $1,050 (after $300 discount)

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If you are looking at budget foam mattresses Casper and Leesa but want a better-quality mattress with the assurance of a lifetime (forever) warranty, then Puffy is a great choice.

Puffy's 3-layer design uses high-quality gel memory foam and a firm base layer to provide a nice balance of soft comfort with firm support. Their gel foam ensures you stay cool at night while providing excellent contouring.

There are no comfort level choices – this one is designed for the 80 percent of us who like a medium-firm bed.

Heavier sleepers should upgrade to the new Puffy Lux, which increases the thickness to 12″ and is more comfortable (see my review of the Puffy Lux here).

NOTE: If you are looking for something different than Puffy, check out my online mattress buying guide.

What’s In This Mattress Review?

This Puffy mattress review is a 10-minute read.

If you’d rather not read it all, use this table of contents to jump to those features you care most about.

About Puffy

Puffy is a new online mattress company, launched in 2017.

Product-wise, they don’t bring much that new to the direct-to-consumer mattress industry – just a high-quality mattress at a really affordable price tag.

The Puffy uses gel memory foam used in many other mattresses with no special technology or materials.

That said, the company is especially dedicated to social causes.

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Social Impact

Puffy Mattress

One area where Puffy stands out from other brands is their active involvement in charity and social projects.

Currently, they are running a social media campaign where they donate mattresses to needy children and youth in homeless shelters.

Puffy Mattress

Additionally, they do all their manufacturing in the United States, providing quality local jobs and ensuring proper quality control on their mattress.

From an environmental standpoint, Puffy mattress uses CertiPUR-US certified foam that is safe for users and the environment.

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Purchase Process

Puffy Mattress Review - order form

Buying a Puffy mattress is simple, given they only offer one comfort option.

Head on over to their product page and choose your size. All sizes from Twin to Cal King are available.

If you want you, can also add a Puffy foundation or adjustable base to your order.

There are over half a dozen payment options including PayPal, Apple Pay, and all major credit cards.

Puffy also offers a financing option if you don’t want to pay the whole amount at once. You can check whether you qualify for Klarna financing at checkout.

Shipping is free, but there is not white-glove delivery option so you will have to set the mattress up yourself.

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Listed below are the latest Puffy mattress prices after applying their latest $300 discount (click to claim).

Twin $495
Twin XL $525
Full/Double $695
Queen $850
King $1,050
CA King $1,050

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101-Night Sleep Trial

Puffy Mattress

From the day the mattress is delivered, you have 101 nights to test it and decide whether you want to keep it.

Returns are free, and no questions are asked. If you feel the mattress is not for you, contact customer support and they will come pick it up from your home.

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Lifetime Warranty

Puffy Mattress

Puffy offers a forever warranty on their mattress. You’ll be covered for as long as you own the mattress. But there are some specifics you should be aware of.

For the first ten years Puffy will give you a new mattress should there be a defect in your current one. After that, they can either give you a new mattress or repair your current one. No shipping costs are charged if they determine that there is a manufacturing or materials defect.

After the first ten years, you can also choose the Quick Sleep option. Puffy will give you a new mattress at half the cost of the original one. You get to keep your old mattress.

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Puffy Mattress

Puffy ships their mattress free of charge within the US via FedEx. It takes 2-5 business days for the mattress to arrive depending on your location.

They don’t offer an option for expedited shipping.

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Delivery and Setup

Puffy Mattress

There is no white glove delivery option – meaning you’ll have to set the mattress up yourself.

But setup is easy and quick.

The mattress arrives in a compact box with the total weight of 41-87 lbs depending on the size you ordered.

Unbox the mattress and lay it out on a foundation. It'll take a few hours for it to puff up completely to its normal size, but you can sleep on it immediately.

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Foundation & Frame

Puffy Mattress

What type of foundation/support does Puffy require?

You can use the Puffy mattress with any base or foundation as long as it’s sturdy and in good condition.

This includes an adjustable base, flat frame, box spring, slatted foundation or even directly on the floor.

Does Puffy work on an adjustable bed?

Yes, it does.

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Care and Cleaning

Is a mattress protector needed for Puffy?

No. You can unzip and wash the cover, so no protector is needed.

Do you need to rotate the Puffy mattress?

No, it’s not necessary.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Puffy Mattress

Puffy has a simple white and grey styling with small clouds on the sides.

This combined with the fact that it measures just 10 inches thick means it isn't the most luxurious addition to your bedroom.

But that doesn’t matter much – as long as it is comfortable.

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Puffy Mattress Construction NEW

Puffy is a 3-layer all-foam mattress.

Here are the two layers that make up this 10-inch mattress. NOTE: all foams are CertiPUR-US certified.

2” Cooling Cloud Foam

The top layer is made of soft, breathable gel-infused memory foam that provides excellent pressure relief and contouring, hugging your back and curves to reduce pressure points. The gel counters the heat retention tendencies of memory foam and ensures you sleep cool and fresh all night long.

2” Climate Comfort Foam

Puffy Mattress

The second ClimateComfort foam layer is firmer and designed to support your body's alignment. The unique foam used in this layer will not change its shape or form as your room temperature changes. This keeps your spine correctly aligned and prevents you from bottoming out.

6” Core Support Foam

Puffy Mattress

This layer provides the main support for the mattress. It consists of high-density polyfoam that distributes your body weight evenly and prevents sagging.

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Mattress Cover

Puffy Mattress Corner view

Puffy doesn’t say what materials they use in their cover, but it feels soft and from what customers say, doesn’t heat up at night. The material maintains good airflow while also wicking away excess moisture.

The mattress has a zip-off cover so you can remove and wash it. Be careful not to apply too much heat to avoid damaging the fabric.

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There is a slight smell when you unbox the Puffy mattress. This is because the foam is fresh off the factory line.

The smell isn’t released until you open the tightly packed mattress bag.

This off-gassing is harmless and should be completely gone in a couple of days.

If it bothers you, leave the mattress uncovered in a well-ventilated room for a day or two.

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Sleeping Experience

Puffy Mattress

Puffy is not a luxury mattress, and it doesn’t feel like one. But it’s still quite comfortable and has adequate support for your back.

The soft memory foam in the top layer works with the firmer support core layer to create a comfortable medium firm mattress. It holds up your weight while also contouring your joints and curves.

But I cannot recommend this mattress for heavier and plus size sleepers. It’s too thin (10″) to provide enough support. Because of the extra pressure, it will sink in too far and feel uncomfortably firm. I would opt for thicker mattresses such as the Avocado Green or the Big Fig mattress.

There's not much bounce in this mattress, either. About the same as any other budget memory foam product.

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Puffy Mattress

This is a medium firm mattress though it falls on the firmer side of the scale. I’d rate it at 6.5-7 out of 10 on a scale of increasing firmness.

The original Puffy is best for back and stomach sleepers who need a firmer sleeping surface.

If you are looking for a softer, plusher mattress I recommend upgrading to the Puffy LUX, which is their softer offering (firmness of 5.5 out of 10).

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Sinkage is limited, enough to provide a bit of contouring around hips and other high-pressure zones. The mattress definitely feels a bit firm for a foam product.

You'll feel more of a ‘floating’ than an ‘in the mattress’ sleeping experience.

That’s why I recommend it more for stomach and back sleepers than side sleepers.

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Motion Transfer

Foam – especially memory foam – is excellent at insulating sleeping partners from each others' motion and this mattress is no different.  It does a great job keeping interruptions at a minimum.

So there’s no need to worry about a restless night if you have a fidgety partner (or pet).

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Hot/Cold Issues

Puffy uses the same technique as many other mattresses to prevent excess heat retention by the memory foam layer: they infuse cooling gel into the foam.

The gel dissipates heat away from the mattress.

This mattress doesn't sleep especially hot – it's about average for a memory foam mattress.

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Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Good support and pressure relief
  • Sleeps cool
  • Lifetime warranty


  • ‘OK' edge support
  • A bit of off-gassing
  • No comfort choices

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The Puffy Mattress is Perfect For You If…

Puffy Mattress

  • You are looking for a good quality, affordable memory foam mattress.
  • You sleep on your back or prefer sleeping on a slightly firmer mattress.
  • You want a lifetime warranty (which is hard to find at this price!).

*NOTE:  enter discount code BESTPUFFY50 when ordering at Puffy.com.

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A lifetime warranty is just one of the perks you get with the Puffy mattress.

You’ll also enjoy a lengthy no-pressure trial period, free no-questions-asked returns and free shipping to your home.

If you are looking for a Casper-quality mattress with a lifetime warranty and a lower price, you can’t go wrong with Puffy.

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Where to Buy

Visit Puffy’s official website to order the mattress.

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