Awara Eco-Friendly Mattress Review

Awara Eco-Friendly Mattress

Natural and organic mattresses tend to be pricey, putting them out of reach of many people who want an environmentally friendlier alternative to polyurethane foam mattresses. The Awara mattress breaks this trend by offering an all-natural mattress at the same affordable price range as memory foam mattresses. It consists of natural New Zealand wool, sustainably-sourced … Read more…

Birch Latex Mattress Review

Birch mattress

If you prefer buying eco-friendly bedding, the Birch mattress is one of the most affordable natural mattresses you can buy. It’s made with natural or organic materials – including natural latex, natural wool, and organic cotton – and has various certifications to prove its eco-friendliness. Birch’s medium-firm feel makes it a comfortable choice for most … Read more…

Casper Wave Mattress Review

Casper Wave Mattress

If you like your mattress on the firmer side, sleep on your stomach or suffer from back problems – you’ll love the Casper Wave. Casper Wave is a uniquely-constructed mattress that uses separate firmness zones to improve spinal alignment and provide exceptional back support. The Wave is a relatively new, upmarket, addition to Casper’s lineup … Read more…

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress: In-Depth Review & Unbiased Opinion

The Casper Hybrid

Casper recently added a hybrid mattress upgrade option for their popular all-foam products: the budget Essential, the original Casper, and the premium Casper Wave. The new Casper Original Hybrid mattress combines pressure-relieving foams with coil springs to eliminate pressure points, align your spine and support your back and core. Price-wise, the Casper Original Hybrid costs … Read more…

Casper Original Mattress Review: Updated for 2019

casper mattress review - with bedding in apartment

Casper's Original mattress is as good as most premium store-bought foam mattresses, but costs far less.

The Casper mattress excels at comfort, support and temperature control and will satisfy the vast majority of people. And everyone who buys one will save hundreds vs. a comparable quality mattress bought from a store.

It performs slightly lower in some areas that may matter to you, however, including motion transfer and edge support.

Casper attracted a lot of attention and sales a few years years ago when they entered the ancient mattress market with an aggressively low priced, really simple product sold direct to the consumer with a no-risk pitch.

Sales took off.

We bit, too. Casper was the first online mattress my husband and I bought, back when they were the only pure online manufacturer we knew.

Times have changed since then, of course. And so has Casper's original product. Today, Casper offers two different versions – the original foam mattress that we review here plus a hybrid upgrade.

So how does Casper's Original “best-fit” all-foam mattress compare today against newer competitors like Leesa, Tuft and Needle and Loom and Leaf?

Let's find out!

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