Purple Mattress - uncovered in modern bedroom

Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

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The first Purple mattress was very different from the foam mattresses we were used to. Instead of using foam to provide contouring and support, Purple used what they called the Smart Comfort Grid.

It’s an elastic polymer with grids that collapse or stay upright depending on the amount of pressure on them.

This design allowed Purple to deliver custom comfort and support to every user. And now the perfect Purple mattress has been redesigned for even better contouring, support, and all-around luxury.

The New Purple mattress, or merely the Purple 2-3-4, comes in 3 versions: a firmer one with a 2-inch comfort grid, a medium-firm with a 3-inch comfort grid and a softer one with a 4-inch grid.
Each mattress comes with a base layer of pocketed coils.

Read on for our full review of the New Purple mattress below. See our review of the original Purple mattress to compare it to the new one

For other high-quality hybrid mattresses, read our mattress buying guide.

What’s In This Mattress Review?

This review takes about 10 minutes to go through. If you are in a hurry, use this table of contents to jump to those features you care most about.

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About Purple

Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

Purple launched in 2015 and immediately made a splash with their creative marketing campaign and most notably, their unique mattress design.

They raised more than $170,000 on Kickstarter for their mattress. Since then the company has grown to hundreds of employees and has become one of the most popular online mattress brands. They had a 271% growth in revenue in 2017

The same comfort grid polymer that made the classic Purple mattress iconic is also used in the New Purple 2-3-4 mattress. But this time you can choose a mattress with a 2-inch, 3-inch or 4-inch grid.

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Social Impact

As Purple has continued raking in more revenue, they’ve provided more job opportunities in Utah. In 2017, it was ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the state which means it’s also one of the biggest job creators (they manufacturer all their products locally).

In addition to creating quality local jobs, Purple uses high-quality materials that are safe for humans and the environment.

There were some claims a while back that the anti-stick powder on their mattresses is toxic, but that has since been proven false.

Purple had to sue the reviewer who put out the false claims.

The company has apparently explained what the powder is and what it does.

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Purchase Process

Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

Unlike the original Purple mattress which is available on Amazon (though I don’t recommend buying there – get it from their official website), the new Purple is only available at Purple.com.
Head over to the main product page and select your comfort level.

There’s the firm Purple 2 with a 2” comfort grid layer, the medium-firm Purple 3 with a 3” comfort grid layer and the soft Purple 4 with a 4” comfort grid layer.

Unlike other mattress brands where different comfort options cost the same, the price goes up as the mattress gets thicker.

The Purple 2 Queen costs $1,599 while the Purple 4 Queen costs $2,799. They are not exactly the cheapest mattresses online.

But at least they have a financing option via Affirm if you’d prefer paying in small chunks.
After selecting your comfort level, choose your preferred mattress size and then checkout.

There are only four mattress sizes available: twin XL, Queen, King and Cal King.

Note: Currently, they are giving away free sheets with each mattress purchase. Pay with your credit card or with Affirm and then wait for the mattress to arrive.

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The Purple mattress is not just better than the original one; it’s also more expensive. The cheapest queen size costs $1,599. The original Purple sells for $999 for a queen size.

But it’s understandable when you consider this is a hybrid mattress with an improved comfort grid layer and a pocket coil base. The original Purple just had foam underneath the smart comfort grid.

Here is the full price list for the New Purple mattress. Visit their official website to see current prices and offers.

Purple 2 Purple 3 Purple 4
Twin XL $1,299 $1,899 $2,499
Queen $1,599 $2,199 $2,799
King $1,899 $2,699 $2,699
Cal King $1,899 $2,699 $3,499

Remember you can also get financing via Affirm. If you use Affirm, monthly payments for the Purple 4 Cal King come to around $211, $133 for the Purple 3 Queen and as low as $97 for the Purple 2 Queen.

You’ll be able to check whether you qualify for Affirm financing during checkout instantly and you’ll be shown exactly how much you’ll pay per month.

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100-Night Trial

Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

You get the same 100-night trial period as the original Purple mattress. But you have to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days before making a return.

After that, you can return the mattress free of charge (as long as it’s clean and undamaged) and get a full refund.

You can also request an exchange. You’ll first get a full refund on your returned mattress after which you can place an order on another mattress. The second mattress will not come with a trial period.

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10-Year Warranty

Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

The warranty is also the same as the original Purple mattress, which I don’t think is a good thing.

For a mattress costing over $2,000 and for some sizes more than $3,000, they should have provided at least 10 years of warranty and ideally 20.

It’s after all an inner-coil mattress, and I’m sure it can easily last more than ten years.

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Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

Shipping is free for customers to the continental US but shipping times are unpredictable because of high demand.

Purple says home delivery will take 1-2 weeks. You’ll get a tracking number as soon as the mattress ships so you can prepare for its arrival.

For now, they only ship to the US. If you are ordering from Alaska and Hawaii, there will be a shipping charge added at checkout.

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Delivery and Setup

Purple Mattress - delivery

Purple provides free white glove delivery to the 48 contiguous states (Alaska and Hawaii pay extra).

They will deliver the bed, set it up for you and even get rid of your old mattress if you want.
This is good because the mattresses are heavy. For instance, the medium-firm queen weighs 145lbs. Even two people are going to struggle to get it inside.

The mattress is not delivered packed tightly into a box, so you don’t have to wait for it to puff up. It’s ready to sleep on immediately.

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Foundation and Frame

Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

What type of bed frame/support does Purple require?

The mattress is heavy, so it’s important that you use sturdy support whether it’s a box spring, foundation or slatted frame.

In fact, you could void the warranty if the support is not adequate.
The warranty specifically states that if you buy a Queen size mattress, the frame must have at least five legs including center support.

Does Purple work on an adjustable bed?

Yes, it does.

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Care and Cleaning

Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

Is a mattress protector needed for Purple?

It’s not mandatory, but Purple highly recommends it to avoid damage to the mattress which could void the warranty.

If you use a mattress protector, make sure it is stretchy and breathable.
Do you need to rotate the Purple mattress?
No, it’s not necessary.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Purple Mattress - uncovered in modern bedroom

The New Purple sticks with the simple, minimalist styling of the original mattress though there are a few differences.

The cover is white at the top and a shade of gray on the sides. There are some patterns on the surface that create a nice texture.

At the center of the mattress surface, the patterns form the word ‘Purple’ in large letterings.
Overall it’s a very simple design.

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Purple Mattress layers

 As I mentioned, the New Purple mattress is a hybrid. It uses the polymer comfort grid at the top and fabric-encased coils in the base.

The only difference between the Purple 2, 3 and 4 is the thickness of the comfort grid. It’s 2”, 3” and 4” respectively. The thicker the grid, the softer the mattress.

When you lie on the mattress, the grid walls react selectively to the amount of pressure on them.

They’ll collapse under your shoulders where there is more pressure and remain flat under your lower back. This ensures you get support and contouring exactly where you need them.

You can read more about how the Smart Comfort Grid works in our original Purple review.

Below the comfort grid, there is a thin layer of poly foam which acts as a transition between the comfort layer and the coil layer. It ensures you don’t feel the coils underneath.

The base consists of fabric-enchased coils made from recycled steel. Because the coils are pocketed they provide very good contouring and motion control. They also don’t trap any heat or moisture within the mattress.

Each mattress has a 7.5” coil base.
Finally, the whole mattress is encased in polyurethane foam on the sides. This not only holds the layers together, but it also boosts edge support.

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Mattress Cover

The top part of the cover is a knit fabric consisting of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. This makes it soft, breathable and stretchy.

The sides consist of a woven fabric made from 99% polyester and 1% spandex.
The bottom is 100% polyester.

The cover is removable but not machine washable. You should only spot clean it using cold water and mild detergent

Purple Mattress - cover

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Unlike foam mattresses, the Purple mattress has very little off-gassing. You only get a faint ‘new mattress’ smell that fades away in a day or two.

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Sleeping Experience

Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

One of the biggest selling points for the Purple mattress has always been its ability to provide a custom sleeping experience for every user. It’s like the mattress knows what you need.

The comfort grid layer responds uniquely to your body physique and sleeping

The contouring is just right, support is excellent, and the bounciness provided by the polymer grid and coil layer is an absolute pleasure.

Of course, the sleeping experience will vary among the three mattresses. The Purple 2 will feel more solid while the Purple four will feel plush.

So it’s important that you buy the right one that you’ll feel most comfortable on.

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Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

There are three firmness levels corresponding to the thickness of the comfort grip. The Purple two is the firmest (7/10), the Purple 3 is a medium-firm (6-6.5/10), and the Purple 4 is the softest (4-5/10).
The firm option is best for stomach sleepers and those who prefer a firmer mattress.

The medium-firm is the best option for most people including back sleepers and heavier sleepers. The soft option is great for side sleepers and anyone who loves sleeping on a plush mattress.

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Purple 2-3-4 Mattress Review

Sinkage will depend on your body weight and the comfort option you’ve selected. The Purple 4 has the most sinkage, and that’s why it feels softer while Purple 2 has the least sinkage hence feels firmer.
But generally, the New Purple mattress has just about the same amount of sinkage as other hybrid mattresses.
One thing I like is that sinkage is not too much at the edges. The edge support system holds up well when you sit or sleep near the edge..

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Motion Transfer

There is virtually no motion transfer thanks to the motion-killing grid layer and pocketed coils.

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Hot/Cold Issues

The mattress is temperature-neutral meaning it neither gets too hot nor too cold. The grids in the top layer and the spaces within the pocketed coils allow excess heat to dissipate out of the mattress.

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  • Very comfortable! with a unique soft+firm feel.
  • Affordable, especially given the innovation.
  • Sleeps cool & dry.


  • This mattress is heavy. Usually that’s a sign of quality, but you’ll need help moving it.
  • Poor edge support.
  • No Twin or Full sizes.

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The Purple Mattress is Perfect For You If…

  • You’ve heard good things about the original Purple mattress, and you are thinking about buying it. Get this one; it’s better than the original.
    • You want a mattress that will adjust to your comfort needs.
    • You and your partner have different sleeping preferences, but you don’t want to get a split mattress.
    • You are plus size or have a more significant body physique and need a mattress with excellent support.

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A great mattress has become even better. Now you can enjoy the combined benefits of the famous Smart Comfort Grid and pocketed coils. It may have doubled in price, but I think it’s still a grand bargain.

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Where To Buy

Visit the official website to order the mattress.

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