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Buying a Mattress Online - Read our Best Mattress Reviews and Comparisons

If you're shopping for a Mattress, then you've come to the right place.

On this page, I list my top 10 mattress picks and provide comparison tables to help you quickly find the right mattress for you.

I hope this page helps you find exactly what you're looking for.

Happy shopping,

Trish B.

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Best Online Mattress: Top Picks in 10 Categories

  1. Saatva Classic
  2.  Puffy LUX
  3. Leesa Original
  4. Nest Alexander Hybrid
  5. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss
  6. Ecoterra
  7. Dreamcloud
  8. Layla
  9. Big Fig
  10. Helix

Here are my current #1 mattress picks in each of 10 categories – click a price to see the latest deal.

My Top PickType of MattressPrice
1. Saatva ClassicInnerspring$995 - $2,360
Save Up To $600 Now
2. Puffy LUX
Luxury Foam$999 - $1,699Save $750 Now
3. Leesa Original
Budget Foam $749- $1399
Save Up To $520
4. Sparrow Signature HybridLuxury Hybrid$1,042.10 - $2,084.20
Save 20% Now
5. PlushBeds Botanical BlissLuxury Organic Latex$1,599 - $2,598
Save $1,250 + $599 In Accessories
6. EcoterraBudget Latex$699 – $1,299

Save $300 Now
7. DreamcloudLuxury PillowTop$419 -$835
Save $200 + $599 In Accessories
8. LaylaFlippable/2-Sided$599- $1,099
Save Up To $200 + 2 Pillows
9. Big FigFor Plus-Sized People$1,099-$1,699
Save $300 Now
10. HelixCustom-Fit$699 to $1,399
Save Up To $350 + 2 Pillows

Mattress Buying Guides

Click a link below to see my top picks in a category, along with reviews of each mattress plus a custom buying guide for that type of bed.

Online Mattress Comparison Tables: Best Mattresses by Type

Looking for a shortlist of the best mattress of a particular type, for your sleeping position or for some other specific need?

We’ve got you covered 🙂

Listed below are the mattresses my husband Eric and I have reviewed and found worthy enough to list on this site.

Click the category below that interests you to reveal my hand-picked shortlist of mattresses for that particular need.

All of these tables are sorted by my 5-star rating, so the best mattresses are at the top. (To rate a mattress, we look at the 16 criteria explained at the bottom of this page.)

Happy shopping!

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All Mattresses Ranked By Our 5-Star Rating (click '+' to view)

All The Mattresses We've Reviewed – Ranked From Best To Worst

MattressRatingPriceDescriptionOur TakeComfort ChoicesWarrantyIn-Home TrialDeliveryAvoid IfGreat Choice IfShop Now
Saatva Classic
Saatva Classic mattress review
4.9$1,195 - $2,295Luxury innerspring mattress.A luxury innerspring mattress that compares with the finest retail products.Firm,
Med. Firm,
15 years120 nights7-15 daysyou don't like the feel of a spring mattressyou're considering a Simmons Beautyrest, Kingsdown Ashley, Sterns & Foster Ashley or Serta iSeriesSaatva Classic Mattress
Plushbeds Botanical Bliss
PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review - cover shot
4.8$1,249 – $2,248Luxury organic latex mattressThe best-sleeping, highest-quality 100% latex mattress sold online. All-natural materials, lots of options, and a super-long warranty.Med. Firm,
25 years100 nights2 weeksyou're bargain-shopping. Not cheap! Still costs far less than a comparable store-bought brand, are a no-compromise, environmentally-sensitive shopper. This one has it all.Plushbeds
Puffy Lux
4.8$899 - $1,699 luxurious memory foam mattress A luxurious memory foam mattress that comes with a lifetime warranty.Med FirmLifetime101 nights1-3 daysYou are looking for a firmer and more responsive mattress. It’s also not ideal for heavy sleepers (230lbs+).Anyone who loves the conforming feel of memory foam mattresses.Puffy Lux
Nest Alexander Hybrid

Nest Alexander Hybrid Signature Select best hybrid mattress
4.8$764.10 - $1349.10Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattressA super-comfy, cool-sleeping hybrid mattress that's just about perfect for loving couples. Soft,
Lifetime100 nights7 daysyou're bargain shoppingyou or you partner are amorous or fidgety; great mattress for sex 😉NestBedding
Leesa Hybrid
Sapira Mattress Review - hero shot
4.7$1,079-$1,839Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattressA luxury hybrid mattress with a great bounce & excellent support - at a great price.Med Firm10 years100 nights4-10 daysyou need a firmer or softer comfort level; Sapira doesn't offer a choiceyou want the comfort of foam and the support & durability of pocketed coilsSapira
Nest Organic Hybrid Latex
4.7$1,342.80 - $2,399.40Organic Latex or Natural Latex mattress.A 13-inch GOLS-certified organic hybrid latex mattress that’s also available in a natural Oeko-Tex certified latex version. Provides a luxury sleeping experience at half the price of store-bought organic latex mattresses.Plus,
Lifetime100-Night 4-5 business daysYou are allergic to latex. Anyone who prefers eco-friendly products and loves the feel of latex and innerspring mattresses.Nest Bedding Organic Hybrid Latex
Dreamcloud mattress review
4.7 $419 -$835Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattressA 15-inch luxury hotel-quality mattress that costs half of store-bought equivalents.Med FirmLifetime365 nights1-5 daysyou need a Twin size (n/a) or prefer your mattress plushyou want a truly luxurious, slightly firmer mattress; or if you are heavier than avg.Dreamcloud
Nest Alexander Signature Series
Nest Alexander Hybrid Signature Select mattress review - modern platform bed
4.7$679.20 - $1,199.20Luxury memory foam mattressA premium, multi-layered foam mattress that sleeps cool and can be customized to your comfort level. As good as Tempurpedic - for far less coin.Firm,
Med. Firm
Lifetime100 nights7 daysyou're all about the lowest priceyou're shopping for Tempurpedic - you'll save at least $1,000NestBedding
Avocado Green
Avocado Green Mattress Review - logo
4.7$1,189-$2,294Luxury organic latex hybrid mattressThe best luxury organic hybrid mattress sold online. 100% natural materials, latex + pocketed coil construction, 25 year warranty.Firm,
Med. Firm
25 years365 nights2 weeksyou need something softeryou are a no-compromise environmentally-sensitive shopper who likes a firmer mattress.Avocado
Helix mattress review - couple on bed
4.7 $649 - $1,449High-quality hybrid mattress. Custom-fit to sleep style & body.An excellent memory foam mattress that is custom-fit to your unique sleeping habits, body and preferences.Custom-fit10 years100 nights6-13 daysa cheap foam mattress will doyou want or need a custom-fit mattress; and couples who need different comfort levelsHelixSleep
Purple Original
Purple Mattress - uncovered in modern bedroom
4.7$799-$1,998Luxury elastic polymer + foam mattressAn incredibly comfortable and affordable foam mattress that adapts itself to your body like no other.Soft+Firm Combination10 years100 nights7-14 daysyou need a Twin or Full size mattress (they don't sell them)you're OK trying something new - their technology is truly uniquePurple
Purple (2-3-4)
 Purple NEW mattress review
4.7$2,199-$6,098Luxury hybrid elastic polymer + foam + coil mattressThe new Purple adds comfort choices + a more supportive, thicker hybrid design.Purple 2 - Firm
Purple 3 - Med. Firm
Purple 4 - Soft
10 years100 nights7-14 daysyou need a Twin or Full size mattress (they don't sell them)you're OK trying something new - their technology is truly uniquePurpleNew
Nest Love & Sleep
Nest Love and Sleep Mattress Review - hero shot
4.7$764.10 - $1349.10High-quality foam mattress.With a recently-updated design, The Love & Sleep remains one of the best foam mattresses you can buy for sex.Firm,
10 years + lifetime comfort guarantee100 nights7 daysyou don't like a lot of bounceyou plan to give your bed a workout, and don't want to pay too muchNestBedding
Leesa vs. Dromma mattress comparison - Dromma Bed
4.7$574 to $1,099High quality latex-memory foam mattressIf you're considering Casper, Leesa or Endy, then Dr̦omma should be on your short list. Arguably the best value in its class.Med Soft.,
Med Firm
12 years200 nights3-5 daysyou don't like a lot of bounce or you're allergic to latexyou care about the environment, love a great deal and want a choice of firmnessDr̦ommaBed
Loom and Leaf
Loom and Leaf mattress review - mattress in luxury bedroom
4.7$1395 - $2645Luxury memory foam mattressA luxury organic memory foam mattress that easily matches the sleep experience of premium store brands, for far less money.Firm,
Med. Firm
15 years120 nights7-15 daysyou need a soft mattress - this one's a bit firmyou want a luxurious organic foam mattress - without the high priceLoomAndLeaf
Layla mattress review
4.7$599- $1,099Quality 2-in-1 memory foam mattressAn affordable all-foam mattress with great support, cooling and a unique 2-in-1 comfort choice.Med. Soft,
Med. Firm
Unlimited, non-prorated120 nights3-5 daysyou need a split/custom mattress. you are looking for a high quality memory foam mattress, but you’re not sure what firmness you needLaylasleep
Luxi Adjustable Mattress Review
4.6see on AmazonLuxury adjustable foam mattressA unique 3-in-1 foam mattress that can be adjusted by you to match anyone's comfort level. Adjustable (soft, medium & firm)10-Year1,000 nights1-5 daysyou don't like foam mattresses.Anyone who isn't sure what comfort level they need right now, couples with different needs, guest rooms.LuxiSleep
Leesa vs Dromma - Leesa mattress uncovered on bed
4.6$839-$1,439High-quality foam mattressThe best one-size-fits-all memory foam mattress sold online. Sleeps noticeably better than Casper, for the same price.Medium10 years100 nights7-10 daysyou prefer a softer or firmer feel than want the best high quality memory foam mattress you can buy, at a bargain priceLeesa
Nectar mattress construction
4.6$349 - $849High-quality foam mattressGreat mattress; best warranty in the biz.Med. FirmLifetime365 nights3-5 daysyou prefer a softer or firmer feel than want to protect your investment.Nectar
Eight Sleep Smart Bed
Eight Sleep Jupiter+ Smart Mattress Review
4.6$3,545 – $4,245Memory foamA smart mattress with a special cover that warms your bed & monitors your sleep.Med. Firm10 years100 nights5-7 daysyou aren't interested in new sleep technologyyou & your partner have different temperature needsEightSleep
Novosbed Mattress Review
4.6$799-$1,199High-quality foam mattress.Novosbed mattress stays incredibly cool, provides really good back support and lasts longer than you would expect from a memory foam mattress.Firm
Med. Firm
15 years120 nights1-3 daysyou hate memory foam mattresses and wants your mattress to be want a mattress that stays cool, comfortableNovosbed
Morphiis Customizable Mattress Review
4.6$295-$54564-way adjustable split foam mattressMorphiis is the most customizable foam mattress you can buy. There are 64 different firmness configurations.Adjustable (64 options)25 years100 nights5-7 daysyou prefer latex, hybrid or innerspring need a mattress you can adjust to fit very specific comfort needs. Back pain sufferers.Morphiis
Nolah Mattress
4.6 $649- $1,137High-quality foam mattressMore durable than most other foam mattresses in this price range.Med. Firm15 years120 nights3-5 daysyou prefer a softer or firmer feel than are on the heavy side and sleep on your sideNolahmattress
Bear Mattress
best mattresses 2016 - shopping online
4.6 $511 – $848High-quality memory foam mattress made for athletesDesigned for active athletes, this may be the coolest-sleeping memory foam mattress sold onlineMed. Firm10 years100 nights4-7 daysyou prefer a comfort level other than medium-firm. This mattress is need a memory foam mattress that sleeps exceptionally dry and cool.BearMattress
IDLE Hybrid
IDLE Mattress
4.6$1,998 – $3,845Luxury hybrid 2-sided mattressA thick hybrid 2-sided mattress that is guaranteed to last a really long time.Med. Firm,
Lifetime120 nights7 daysyou are looking for a budget mattressyou want a thick and durable hybrid mattress; or, you weigh more than mostIDLE Sleep
Luxi mattress customization
4.6$487 – $937High-quality foam w/ SBTA unique foam mattress that can be configured for 3 comfort levels.Soft,
10 years1,000 nights1-5 daysyou know what comfort level you need - there are less expensive optionsyou want maximum choice of comfort, or want to change it laterAmazon
Endy Beds
Endy Mattress - on platform bed
4.6$675-$995High quality memory foam mattress made in CanadaAn excellent Canadian-made memory foam mattress that's better, cheaper and a bit softer than Casper.Med. Soft10 years100 nights3-7 daysyou prefer a firm mattress or need a less-common size (they only offer 4).you like your foam mattress a little on the soft side.EndySleep
Casper Essential
4.6$505.75 – $1,185.75Budget foam mattressA hybrid foam mattress that you can buy for less than $700.Med. Firm10 years120 nights2-3 daysyou are fond of softer mattresses or if you are are looking for a good quality budget mattress for $700 or less (Queen)
GhostBed Mattress
4.6- on AmazonHigh-quality hybrid foam mattressAwesome deal, slightly firm, great supportMed. Firm20 years (first 10 non-prorated)101 nights3-5 daysyou like a memory foam feelyou like a little bounce in your life GhostBed
Amore mattress aesthetics and styling
4.6$500 to $1025High-quality hybrid mattressOutstanding value for a hybrid latex + coils designSoft,
20 years100 nights4-7 daysyou like that Tempurpedic soft feelyou like the feel of latex or innersprings - without the costAmore
Casper Original
Casper mattress review - hero shot
4.5$760.75 - $1,440.75 High-quality foam mattress with special zone support for your spine. The original one-size-fits-all memory foam mattress updated w/ better support for your spine.Med. Firm10 years100 nights2-5 daysyou don't like all-synthetic foam or need choice in comfort want a simple medium-firm mattress - from a company that's been around more than a few months.Casper
Spindle Latex Mattress
4.5$1,149.99 – $1,999.99Natural latex mattress (adjustable)A surprisingly affordable all-natural latex mattress that can be adjusted at home.Adjustable (soft, medium, firm & extra firm)10 years365 nights7 daysyou are sensitive to latex; or, if you need a Cal King or a split configuration. you want an all-natural latex mattress you can adjust at home.Spindle
Big Fig
Big Fig Mattress Reviews
4.5$1,199-$1,799High-quality hybrid foam + coilsA durable, super-supportive mattress design for plus-sized sleepers.Med. Firm20 years101 nights7-14 daysyou aren't a plus-sized personyou or your partner weighs >220 lbs & needs better supportBigFig
Helix NightFall
Helix NightFall Mattress Reviews
4.5$749 -$1,399Hybrid mattressesThe Helix Nightfall is a 12” hybrid mattresses designed specifically for tall and plus-sized sleepers. It has five layers to boost support and a unique 2-layer cover to keep the mattress cool and fresh. universal medium-firm mattress10 years100 nights 5-7 days You weigh less than 200lbs. The mattress will feel too firm for you.Any plus sized individual looking for an affordable mattress that has good support and is guaranteed to last long. Helix Nightfall
Amerisleep Colonial mattress review - hero shot
4.5$649-$2,998Eco-friendly memory foam mattressesGreat support, a choice of 5 comfort levels, the latest bio-friendly foams and a cool+dry night's sleep. What more could you want from a memory foam mattress?Soft,
Med. Soft,
Med. Firm,
20 years100 nights5-10 daysyou're shopping for a medium-firm foam mattress; Leesa is the better/cheaper choiceyou're an eco-minded buyer who needs a firmer or softer mattress than
Tuft & Needle
4.5 - on AmazonBudget foam mattressThe cheapest memory foam mattress sold online - that doesn't sacrifice on quality or comfort. Excellent customer service, too.Med. Firm10 years
100 nights1-5 daysyou need a firmer or softer mattress; everyone gets the same (medium firm).you are looking for a bargain memory foam
Zotto Sleep
Zotto Sleep Mattress Review - hero shot
4.5$850-$1,395High-quality proprietary foam mattressSleeps cool, with excellent edge support.Med Firm10 years100 nights1-6 daysyou are heavier than average. This is a 10” need to sleep cool and save moneyZotto Sleep
Winkbed mattress review
4.5 $849 - $1,749 luxury foam + spring hybrid mattressWinkbeds is a luxury foam and spring hybrid mattress that is available in 3 comfort levels. There is also a plus version that offers enhanced contouring and support for heavier sleepers.Med. Firm10 years
101-Night 7-14 daysyou are looking for a budget want a premium luxury mattress at half the price of store-bought equivalentsWnkbeds
Keetsa Pillow Plus
4.5 $690- $1,290Quality organic hybrid mattressTop-quality organic luxury for a discount price. You'll have a hard time finding a better organic mattress at this price anywhere.Med. Firm12 years90 nights
10% restock fee
5-7 daysyou aren't sure what you need (Keetsa's return policy isn't the best)you want a real organic mattress, but also a good dealKeetsa
Metta Bed
Metta Bed Mattress
4.5$1,169.10 -$1,889.10Affordable natural latex mattressThe least expensive 100% natural latex mattress sold onine.Plush,
20 years120 nights7-10 daysYou are plus-sized. This mattress is just 7” want an organic latex mattress but didn't think you could afford it.Metta Bed
4.5$899 - $1,699Budget gel memory foamA less expensive alternative to Casper or Leesa - with a lifetime warranty.Med. FirmLifetime101-Night2-5 daysyou prefer a softer sleep on your back or prefer a firmer sleeping

Blello Mattress
4.5$475-$745Proprietary foamA soft-topped, supportive foam mattress that's great for side sleepers.Med Firm10 years100-Night 3-5 daysyou are plus-sized or like your mattress firmyou sleep on your side and want to save $$
Intellibed Review
4.5$2,699 - $6,399Luxury memory foam mattressA series of 3 luxury mattresses with a unique material that provides customized comfort and support to each sleeper.Med. Firm20 years60-Night14 daysyou are looking for a budget are looking for a uniquely adaptive luxury mattress that will last a long timeIntellibed
Cocoon by Sealy
Cocoon by Sealy mattress review - hero shot
4.4$399-$999 on AmazonBudget foam mattressA surprisingly affordable memory foam mattress from Sealy. Med. Soft,
10 years100 nights4-7 daysyou want a soft mattress, or you're looking for special want a firmer or softer affordable memory foam
Solay Luxury

Solay Hybrid Mattress
4.4$499-$899Semi-luxury hybridSolay is a semi-luxury hybrid mattress with six layers of foam and springs providing cooling, motion control, support, and comfort. It comes with a 15-year warranty and a 101-night sleep trial.Med Firm15 years101-Night3-7 daysyour mattress budget is under $1,000. you want a luxury innerspring mattress with an affordable price tag.Solaysleep
YogaBed Mattress Review
4.4- Affordable Memory Foam MattressYogabed is good at keeping the heat away. Also, it is really comfortable, has adequate support and not too expensive.Med. Firm10 years101-Night 2-6 daysyou are heavier than average (esp. over 300 lbs)you want a cool, supportive and long lasting memory foam mattressYogabed
Noomi mattress review - mattress in luxury bedroom
4.4$575-$1,675High-quality foam mattress.An all-foam mattress that focuses on cooling and longevity.Med. FirmLifetime365 nights8 daysyou want more bounce in your bedyou want an affordable mattress that sleeps cool with an awesome warrantySleepnoomi
Brooklyn Bedding
Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review
4.3$674.30 - $1,349.30Hybrid Pocketed Coil MattressThe #Bestmattressever has been updated from an all-foam to a hybrid pocketed coil mattress. It’s more supportive, just as comfortable and the still as affordable.Soft,
Med. Firm,
10 years120-Night5-8 daysyou prefer memory foam mattressesyou are looking for an affordable hybrid mattress with pocket coils.Brooklynbedding
Ecoterra Mattress Review
4.3$649 - $1,249Natural latex + spring hybrid mattressA natural latex hybrid mattress at a surprisingly affordable price.Med. Firm,
15 years90-NightFew daysyou prefer an all-foam mattress or are allergic to are looking for a natural latex or hybrid mattress & are on a budgetEcoterrabeds
Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review
4.3- Memory foam mattressOne of the best memory foam mattresses you can buy for $500 or less. Med. Firm25 yearsNone1-2 daysyou prefer a bouncier innerspring or latex feel you are on a budget and need a good quality memory foam
Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Best Memory Foam Mattresses

The mattresses listed below use memory foam in their upper comfort and support layers.

Higher-priced mattresses are comparable to a Tempur-Pedic. On the lower end, you'll find the best bargains.

MattressRatingPriceComfort ChoicesConstructionHeat TransferMotion TransferSinkageOff-Gassing?Trial PeriodWarrantyEco-friendlinessDeliveryCustomer Service
Plushbeds Botanical Bliss4.8$1,199 – $2,198Med. Firm,
Latex, memory foamExcellentVery LowModerateNo100 nights25 yearsGreenGuard Gold certified2 weeksExcellent
Nest Alexander Hybrid4.8$980.80 - $1,961.60Soft
Gel-infused memory foam + pocket coilsExcellentVery LowMinimalNo100 nightsLifetimeCertiPUR-US foam7 daysExcellent
Puffy Lux4.8$845 - $1,699Med. FirmMemory foam + poly foam baseExcellentVery LowMinimalNo101 nightsLifetimeCertiPUR-US foam7-10 daysGood
Loom and Leaf4.7$1,101 - $2,504,Firm,
Med. Firm
Gel + memory foamExcellentLowMinimalNo120 nights15 yearsCertiPUR-US foam7-15 daysWhite-glove
Purple Mattress4.7$599-$1798Soft+Firm CombinationHyper-Elastic Polymer top + polyester foam baseExcellentLowModerateYes100 nights10 yearsCertiPUR-US foam7-14 daysExcellent
Layla4.7$599- $1,099Med. Soft
Med. Firm
Copper-infused memory foam + gel-infused foam in coverExcellentLowModerateNo120 nightsUnlimited, non-proratedCertiPUR-US foam3-5 daysGood
Casper Wave4.7$2,395 - $3,495 Med. FirmLatex + memory foam with zoned support layerExcellentLowModerateYes100 nights10 yearsCertiPUR-US foam2-5 daysGood
Luxi4.6 $487 – $937Adjustable (soft, medium & firm)High-quality foams w/ proprietary SBT layerExcellent (Soft, Med)
Good (Firm)
LowAdjustableYes1,000 nights10 yearsCertiPUR-US foam1-5 daysExcellent
Nectar4.6$349 - $849Med. FirmGel-infused memory foamExcellentLowModerateYes365 nightsLifetimeCertiPUR-US foam3-5 daysGood
White glove option
Leesa4.6$734-$1,259MediumLatex + memory foamGoodLow-MediumModerateYes100 nights10 yearsCertiPUR-US foam7-10 daysGood
Casper Original Foam4.5$895 - $1,695 Med. FirmMemory foamGoodMediumModerateYes100 nights10 yearsSynthetic latex, synthetic foam2-5 daysGood
Tuft & Needle4.5 - Check Price on AmazonMed. FirmLatex-like polyfoamGoodMediumMinimalYes100 nights10 years
CertiPUR-US foam1-5 daysGood
Best Innerspring Mattresses

Best Innerspring Mattresses

The online mattresses listed below use a full innerspring, coil-on-coil or hybrid (coil+foam) construction.

Innerspring mattresses typically last longer than foam mattresses and carry longer warranties.

Shipping charges may apply because innerspring mattresses can't be compressed for shipment.

MattressRatingPriceDescriptionWarrantyConstructionComfort ChoicesMotion TransferHeat TransferSinkageOff-Gassing?Trial PeriodEco-friendlinessDeliveryCustomer Service
Saatva Classic4.9$1,195 - $2,295 Luxury hybrid foam + innerspring mattress15 yearsInnerpring + foamFirm,
Med. Firm,
MediumExcellentMinimalNo180 nightsorganic top
recycled steel
bio-based foam
7-15 daysWhite-glove
Helix4.7$749 -$1,399High-quality hybrid mattress. Custom-fit to sleep style & body.10 yearsProprietary foam + pocketed coilsCustom-fitLowGoodMinimalYes100 nightsCertiPUR-US foam6-13 daysExcellent
Leesa Hybrid(Sapira)4.7$1,079-$1,839Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattress10 yearsMemory foam + pocketed coilsMed FirmVery LowExcellentMinimalNo100 nightsCertiPUR-US foam4-10 daysWhite glove (+$99)
DreamCloud4.7$419 -$835Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattressLifetime 5 layers (foam + pocketed coils)Med FirmVery LowExcellentMinimalYes120 daysCertiPUR-US foam5 daysWhite glove
Amore 4.6$599 to $1,199High-quality hybrid mattress (latex + pocketed coils)20 yearsMemory foam + Poly foam + Pocketed coilsSoft,
Med Firm,
LowExcellentMinimalYes100 nightsCertiPUR-US foam4-7 business days.Excellent
Keetsa Pillow Plus4.5$690 to $1,290Quality organic hybrid mattress12 yearsMemory foam + innerspringMed. FirmLowGoodModerateYes90 nights, 10% restocking feeCertiPUR-US foam5-7 daysGood
Big Fig4.5 $1,099-$1,699High-quality hybrid for heavier people (foam + coils)20 yearsLatex foam + Pocketed coilsMed. FirmLowGoodMinimalYes120 nightsCertiPUR-US foam2-5 daysWhite glove (+$99)
Purple Hybrid Premier4.9$2,199-$6,098Luxury hybrid hyper-elastic grid + pocket coil mattress10 yearsHyper-elastic grid + pocket coilSoftMediumExcellentModerateNo100 nightsNon-toxic fire retardantA week or longerExcellent
Idle Hybrid 4.8$1,958-$3,845An affordable foam and coils hybrid mattressLifetimeFoam + Pocket coilsMedium/firmMinimalExcellentMinimal/ModerateYes18 monthsCERTIPUR-US certified foam4-10 business daysExcellent
Avocado Green 4.9$1,199-$2,499A luxury organic latex hybrid mattress25 yearsOrganic Dunlop latex + Pocket coils Soft/medium-firmModerateExcellentMinimal/ModerateNo1 yearCertified organicA few weeksExcellent
Best Organic Mattresses

Best Organic / Latex Mattresses

Organic materials are used in the construction of the online mattresses listed below. Most are certified for low VOC emissions.

MattressRatingPriceDescriptionEco-friendlinessConstructionWarrantyIn-Home TrialHeat TransferMotion TransferSinkageOff-Gassing?Comfort ChoicesDeliveryCustomer Service
Plushbeds Botanical Bliss4.8$1,549 – $2,548Luxury organic latex mattressGreenGuard Gold certifiedLatex, memory foam25 years100 nightsExcellentVery LowModerateNoMed. Firm,
2 weeksExcellent
Avocado Green4.7$1,399-$2,599Luxury organic hybrid (latex + coil)GreenGuard Gold & GOTS certifiedNatural latex + pocketed coils25 years365 nightsExcellentVery LowModerateNoFirm,
Med. Firm
2 weeksExcellent
White-glove (+$149)
Nest Hybrid Organic Latex *NEW*4.7 $1,193.60- $2,132.80Luxury organic latex hybrid mattressGOLS latex
Oeko-Tex latex
Latex + innerspringLifetime100 nightsExcellentLowModerateNoFirm
Med. Firm
7 daysFREE White Glove delivery
Nest Love & Sleep4.7$679.20-$1,199.20High-quality organic latex mattress.Oeko Tex latex, CertiPUR-US foamOrganic latex + foam10 years100 nightsGoodMediumModerateYesFirm
Med. Firm
7 daysExcellent
Keetsa Pillow Plus4.5$690- $1,290Quality organic hybrid mattressCertiPUR-US foamMemory foam + innerspring12 years90 nights, 10% restocking feeGoodLowModerateYesMed. Firm5-7 daysGood
Amerisleep4.5$649-$2,998Eco-friendly memory foam mattressesCertiPUR-US foam
Bio-Pur foam
Bio-Pur memory foam20 years100 nightsGoodLowMinimalYesSoft
Med. Soft
Med. Firm
Extra Firm
5-10 daysGood
Best for Side-Sleepers

Best Mattress For Side-Sleepers

A soft or medium firmness and moderate sinkage reduce pressure points on shoulders and hips.

Memory foam better cradles a side sleeper's body during sleep.

MattressRatingPriceDescriptionSinkageComfort ChoicesWarrantyIn-Home TrialDeliveryConstructionHeat TransferMotion TransferOff-Gassing?Eco-friendlinessCustomer Service
Nest Alexander Hybrid4.8$1,103.40 – $2,206.80Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattress.MinimalSoft
Lifetime100 nights7 daysGel-infused memory foam, pocket coilsExcellentVery LowNoCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Helix4.7$649 - $1,449High-quality hybrid mattress. Custom-fit to sleep style & body.MinimalCustom-fit10 years100 nights6-13 daysProprietary foam + pocketed coilsGoodLowYesCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Luxi4.6 $486.75 – $936.75Luxury adjustable foam mattressAdjustableAdjustable (soft, medium & firm)10 years1,000 nights1-5 daysHigh-quality foams w/ proprietary SBT layerExcellent (Soft, Med)
Good (Firm)
LowYesCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Endy Beds4.6$675-$995High quality memory foam mattress made in CanadaModerateMed. Soft10 years100 nights3-7 daysGel-infused memory foamExcellentLowYesCertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foamsGood
Leesa4.6$839- $1,439High-quality foam mattressModerateMedium10 years100 nights7-10 daysLatex + memory foamGoodLow-MediumYesCertiPUR-US foamGood
Lull4.5$499-$1,099High-quality memory foam mattressModerateMed. Firm10 years100 nights5-7 daysMemory foam (VE)GoodLowYesCertiPUR-US foamGood
Best for Back Sleepers

Best Mattress For Back-Sleepers

A firm or medium-firm mattress with minimal sinkage allows a freer range of motion.

MattressRatingPriceDescriptionComfort ChoicesSinkageWarrantyIn-Home TrialDeliveryConstructionHeat TransferMotion TransferOff-Gassing?Eco-friendlinessCustomer Service
Saatva Classic4.9$995-$2,304Luxury hybrid
(foam and innerspring) mattress
Med. Firm
Minimal15 years120 nights7-15 daysInnerpring + foamExcellentMediumNoorganic top
recycled steel
bio-based foam
Nest Alexander Hybrid4.8$980.80 – $1,961.60Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattress.Soft
MinimalLifetime100 nights7 daysGel-infused memory foam, pocket coilsExcellentVery LowNoCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Plushbeds Botanical Bliss4.8 $1,549 – $2,548Luxury organic latex mattressMed. Firm,
Moderate25 years100 nights2 weeksLatex, memory foamExcellentVery LowNoGreenGuard Gold certifiedExcellent
Helix4.7$799 - $1,399High-quality hybrid mattress. Custom-fit to sleep style & body.Custom-fitMinimal10 years100 nights6-13 daysProprietary foam + pocketed coilsGoodLowYesCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
4Sleep4.5$549-$999 on AmazonQuality memory foam mattressMed. FirmMinimal10 years100 nights7 daysGel-infused memory foamExcellentLowYesCertiPUR-US foamGood
Best for Stomach Sleepers

Best Mattress For Stomach-Sleepers

A firm or medium-firm mattress will better support a stomach sleeper.

Heavy or big-breasted stomach-sleepers may also prefer a memory foam mattress because it conforms and cradles the body more.

MattressRatingPriceDescriptionComfort ChoicesWarrantyIn-Home TrialDeliveryConstructionHeat TransferMotion TransferSinkageOff-Gassing?Eco-friendlinessCustomer Service
Sparrow Signature Hybrid4.8 $764.10 - $1349.10Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattress.Soft,
Lifetime100 nights7 daysGel-infused memory foam, pocket coilsExcellentVery LowMinimalNoCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Loom and Leaf4.7$1395 - $2645Luxury memory foam mattressFirm,
Med. Firm
15 years180 nights7-15 daysGel + memory foamExcellentLowMinimalNoCertiPUR-US foamWhite-glove
Saatva Classic4.9 $1,195 - $2,295Luxury hybrid
(foam and innerspring) mattress
Med. Firm,
15 years180 nights7-15 daysInnerpring + foamExcellentMediumMinimalNoorganic top
recycled steel
bio-based foam
Plushbeds Botanical Bliss
4.8$1,199 - $2,198Luxury organic latex mattressMed. Firm,
25 years100 nights2 weeksLatex, memory foamExcellentVery LowModerateNoGreenGuard Gold certifiedExcellent
Idle Sleep Hybrid (Split King)4.8$1,298-$2,748Hybrid foam and pocket coilsLuxury firm, firm, flippableLifetime18 months4-10 business daysFoam and pocket coilsExcellentMinimalMinimal/Moderate depending on firmnessA littleCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
4.7$419 -$835Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattressMed FirmLifetime365 nights1-5 days6 layers of foam + pocketed coilsExcellentVery LowMinimalNoCertiPUR-US foamWhite-glove optional
Avocado Green
4.7 $1,189-$2,294Luxury organic latex hybrid mattressFirm,
Med. Firm
25 years100 nights2 weeksLatex + pocketed coilsExcellentVery LowMinimalNoGreenGuard Gold certifiedExcellent
White-glove ($149)
Eight Sleep Smart Bed
4.6$3,545 – $4,245Smart/climate-controlled memory foam mattressMed. Firm10 years100-Night5-7 daysMemory foamExcellentLowMinimalYesCertiPUR-US foamGood
Nectar4.6$359 - $899High-quality memory foam mattressMed. FirmLifetime365 nights3-5 daysGel-infused memory foamExcellentLowModerateYesCertiPUR-US foamGood
White-glove option
Big Fig
4.5$1,199-$1,799High-quality hybrid for heavier people (foam + coils)Med. Firm20 years101 nights7-14 daysHybrid foam + enclosed coilsExcellentLowMinimalNoCertiPUR-US certified White glove $99
Purple Hybrid Premier 4.9$2,899-$6,098Hyper-elastic polymer and pocket springsMedium10 years100 nightsA week or longerHyper-elastic polymer and pocket springsExcellentModerateModerateNoneNon-toxic polymer and CertiPUR-US certified foamExcellent
Best for Couples

Best Mattress For Couples

Minimizing motion transfer means there will be fewer interruptions at night from a fidgety partner. Mattresses that use insulated coils & latex foam in their top layer do the best job of insulating against motion transfer.

MattressRatingPriceDescriptionMotion TransferComfort ChoicesWarrantyIn-Home TrialDeliveryConstructionHeat TransferSinkageOff-Gassing?Eco-friendlinessCustomer Service
Nest Alexander Hybrid4.8 $980.80 – $1,961.60 Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattressVery LowSoft
Lifetime100 nights7 daysGel-infused memory foam, pocket coilsExcellentMinimalNoCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Plushbeds Botanical Bliss4.8 $1,549 - $2,548Luxury organic latex mattressVery LowMed. Firm,
25 years100 nights2 weeksLatex, memory foamExcellentModerateNoGreenGuard Gold certifiedExcellent
Helix4.7$799 to $1,399High-quality hybrid mattress. Custom-fit to sleep style & body.LowCustom-fit10 years100 nights6-13 daysProprietary foam + pocketed coilsGoodMinimalYesCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Nest Love & Sleep4.7$679.20-$1,199.20High-quality foam mattress.MediumFirm,
10 years + lifetime comfort guarantee100 nights7 daysEnergex foamGoodModerateYesCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Loom and Leaf4.7 $870-$2,245Luxury memory foam mattressLowFirm
Med. Firm
15 years120 nights7-15 daysGel + memory foamExcellentLimitedNoCertiPUR-US foamWhite-glove
Luxi4.6see on AmazonLuxury adjustable foam mattressLowAdjustable (soft, medium & firm)10 years1,000 nights1-5 daysHigh-quality foams w/ proprietary SBT layerExcellent (Soft, Med)
Good (Firm)
AdjustableYesCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Keetsa Pillow Plus4.5$690- $1,290Quality organic hybrid mattressLowMed. Firm12 years90 nights, 10% restocking fee5-7 daysMemory foam + innerspringGoodModerateYesCertiPUR-US foamGood
Best Mattresses for Sex 😉

Best Mattress For Sex

A good bounce and minimal sinkage are important for lovemaking, as they aid in motion. A durable foundation is also important.

Innerspring mattresses generally get the best ratings here.

MattressRatingPrice w/ discountDescriptionSinkageComfort ChoicesWarrantyIn-Home TrialDeliveryConstructionHeat TransferMotion TransferOff-Gassing?Eco-friendlinessCustomer Service
Purple 4.9 $699-$1,898Foam (Hyper-Elastic Polymer + Poly foam)MinimalMed. Firm
10 years100 nights7-15 daysGel Grid + dual layer foamExcellentMediumNoCertiPUR-US­ foamWhite-glove
TEMPUR-Adapt4.8$1,699 - $2,899Hybrid memory foam (memory foam + springs)MinimalMed. Firm
10 years90 nights7-15 dayspremium memory foamExcellentMediumNoCertiPUR-US­ foamWhite-glove
Nectar4.7$349 - $849Memory foamModerateMed. Firm
10 years365 nights7-15 days5-Layer Gel memory foamExcellentMediumNoCertiPUR-US­ foamWhite-glove
Zenhaven4.8$1,995 -$3,945Natural latexMinimalMed. Firm
20 years180 nights7-15 daysNatural Latex + Organic Wool LayerExcellentMediumNoGOTS certified­ foamWhite-glove
WinkBed Plus4.7$849 – $1,749Hybrid gel foam (gel foam + pocket coils)MinimalFirm
Lifetime120 nights7-15 daysEuro-pillow top+Gel Infused FoamExcellentMediumNoCertiPUR-US­ foamWhite-glove
Saatva Classic4.9$1,195 - $2,295 Luxury hybrid
(foam and innerspring) mattress
Med. Firm
15 years120 nights7-15 daysInnerpring + foamExcellentMediumNoCertiPUR-US foamWhite-glove
Sparrow Signature Hybrid4.8$1,103.40 - $2,206.80Luxury hybrid foam + pocket coil mattressMinimalSoft
Lifetime100 nights7 daysGel-infused memory foam, pocket coilsExcellentVery LowNoCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Nest Love & Sleep4.7$764.10 - $1349.10High-quality foam mattress.ModerateFirm,
10 years + lifetime comfort guarantee100 nights7 daysEnergex foamExcellentMediumYesCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
DreamCloud4.7 $419 -$83515-inch luxury hybrid mattressMinimalMed FirmLifetime 365-night5 days via FedEx 6 layers of foam
+ pocketed coils
GoodLowNoCertiPUR-US foamExcellent
Loom and Leaf4.7$1395 - $2645Luxury memory foam mattressLimitedFirm
Med. Firm
15 years120 nights7-15 daysGel + memory foamExcellentLowNoCertiPUR-US foamWhite-glove
Pure Green4.8$699-$1,499Organic latexMinimalMed. Firm10 years100 daysShips free and arrives to your door in 3-10 business daysnatural latex foam layers, organic cotton, and organic woolExcellent-YesMattress is Greenguard Gold certified and our foam is Oeko-Tex and ecoInstitute certifiedGood
Avocado Green4.7$1,189-$2,294Organic latex & pocket coilsMinimalMed firm, mediumYears 1 - 10: Full coverage, Non-Prorated | Years 11-25: Limited Coverage, Prorated 365 nightsShips free and arrives to your door in 3-10 business daysConstruction of the build layers is as follows: Organic Cotton Ticking, Organic Wool, Organic Certified Dunlop Latex, Pocketed Innerspring Unit, Organic Certified Dunlop Latex, Organic Cotton Canvas--- GREENGUARD Gold Certified®Optional White Glove in-home delivery
Best Mattresses for Athletes

Best Mattress For Athletes

Excellent heat transfer is important for active people, due to their higher metabolism. Features that help include gel tops, gel-infused foam, and breathable, wickable fabric on the cover and on the top.

Athletic people tend to prefer a firmer mattress, as well.

MattressRatingPriceDescriptionHeat TransferComfort ChoicesConstructionWarrantyIn-Home TrialDeliveryMotion TransferSinkageOff-Gassing?Eco-friendlinessCustomer Service
Saatva Classic4.9$710-$2,200Luxury hybrid
(foam and innerspring) mattress
Med. Firm
Innerpring + foam15 years120 nights7-15 daysMediumMinimalNoorganic top
recycled steel
bio-based foam
Loom and Leaf4.7$870-$2,245Luxury memory foam mattressExcellentFirm
Med. Firm
Gel + memory foam15 years120 nights7-15 daysLowLimitedNoCertiPUR-US foamWhite-glove
Bear Mattress4.6 $487 – $812High-quality memory foam mattress made for athletesExcellentMed. FirmGel-infused memory foam + Celliant cover10 years100 nights4-7 daysLowModerateYesCertiPUR-US foamGood
Amore Mattress4.5$500-$1025Quality 2-in-1 memory foam mattressExcellentMed. Soft
Med. Firm
Copper-infused memory foam + gel-infused foam in coverUnlimited, non-prorated120 nights3-5 daysLowModerateYesCertiPUR-US foamGood
YogaBed4.6$599-$949 on AmazonQuality memory foam mattressExcellentMed. FirmGel + memory foam10 years101 nights7-10 daysMediumModerateYesCertiPUR-US foamGood

Head-to-Head Mattress Comparisons

Have you short-listed a couple of mattresses and need help deciding between them?

Then check out my head-to-head mattress comparisons below.

I get asked all the time to compare mattresses head-to-head. After reviewing dozens of mattresses, I have a lot of experience to pull from.

Here are the mattresses I've compared so far – each is about a 5-minute read:

If you have a pair of mattresses you'd like to see me compare, leave me a message on the contact page.

Understanding Mattress Types

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a mattress is the type of mattress you want: memory foam, latex foam, innerspring or hybrid.

Each type of mattress has unique characteristics in regards to comfort, support, cooling and durability.

Air Bed
Comfort Layer
2-5 inches of memory or poly foam
2-5 inches of latex foam
2-5 inches of latex, memory and/or poly foam
0.5-2 inches of memory foam or poly foam
Polyfoam, fibers or memory foam
Support Layer
4-7 inches of high-density poly foam
4-7 inches of latex foam, high-density polyfoam or pocketed coils
4-7 inches of individually encased coils
4-7 inches pocketed, bonnell, offset or continuous coils
Air chambers

  • Conforms to body like not other bed

  • Good for back pain

  • Affordable

  • Excellent motion isolation

  • No noise

  • Organic or natural materials

  • Very responsive

  • Good for sex

  • Temperature-neutral

  • No noise

  • Good support and pressure relief

  • Excellent support

  • Best for heavier sleepers

  • Great for sex

  • Good pressure relief

  • Excellent temperature control

  • Good motion isolation

  • Durable

  • Less noisy than spring

  • Excellent support

  • Good for heavier sleepers

  • High level of responsiveness

  • Sleeps cool

  • Affordable

  • Most durable

  • Best pressure relief

  • Adjustable firmness

  • Best temporary bed

  • Less expensive


  • Retains more heat

  • Low responsiveness, making it harder to move

  • Poor edge support

  • Off gassing

  • Pricier than memory foam

  • OK edge support

  • Very heavy

  • More expensive than foam or spring alone

  • Off-gassing possible

  • Very heavy

  • More motion transfer

  • Can be noisy

  • Poor body contouring

  • Leaks!

  • Not as durable

How We Review A Mattress

Sleepdelivered mattress reviews - macbook pro on bedMy team and I have reviewed more than 50 online mattresses.

We know the other mattress review sites – and we are different in several ways.

Review sites often get a bad reputation because many promote products for a fee.

Some sites receive free mattresses in exchange for a positive review.

This effectively turns the website into a pay-for-review business. 

We are not one of those.

No One Pays Us For a Review

To maintain our objectivity, we don't work with retailers and manufacturers the way other review sites do.  For example:

  • We often don't contact a manufacturer until after we’ve published their review. After we go to the press, we ask them to check our facts but not our opinions.
  • We don't sell access to you. We don't accept payment for ad space, guest posts, paid email promotions or any other form of preferred influencer marketing.

To pay the bills, we use affiliate linksSee our disclosure to learn more.

How Affiliate Links Work

Some of the links on this site contain a special code that tells a manufacturer when a reader jumps from our site to theirs.

If you click on an affiliate link and buy a mattress within a few days, then we may get a small portion of the sale – but usually only after your trial period ends and only if you don't return the mattress.

That said, our decision to review a particular mattress has nothing to do with whether or not a manufacturer offers affiliate links.

Many of the products we review on this site have no affiliate program.

How I Select A Mattress To Review

Like you, I only want to sleep on the best.

But there are dozens and dozens of mattresses sold online, and I have but one husband to donate to science.

So, I only review the mattresses that interest me the most.

I look at existing reviews and ratings – especially verified owner reviews – before selecting a mattress to review.

It has to look like a winner before I'll waste my time reviewing it.

I Work On A Team

Sleepdelivered - teamwork

Like every good website, I rely on team members, experts and partners to help me.

I work with fact-checkers, researchers, draft writers, web designers and graphics experts to make this site do what it does.

My Mattress Review Process

See My 5-Step Mattress Review Process

Here’s the 5-step process I follow to review a mattress on

  1. First, I select a mattress to review. To do this, I monitor Google, major retailers and lots of websites. I look for new mattresses that seem interesting to me and have lots of happy customers.
  2. I ask my researcher to research existing customer reviews for the mattress and to draft a research review summarizing the facts about the mattress and the experiences of customers. This gives me a starting point to educate me on what to expect & what to focus on in my review.
  3. Based on my experience and research, I write my review & I rate the mattress.
  4. publish the review on
  5. I send our review to the manufacturer to fact-check it.

On my team, I focus on writing and editing our reviews.

I like to think that my reviews are the most thorough and most accurate mattress reviews online. I write my 10-minute mattress reviews like I’m writing a letter to my best friend, to tell them everything they could ever want to know about that mattress.

In each review I try to cover everything you could want to know about each mattress: the company, the sleeping experience, how it compares with its closest alternatives – plus the features that matter most when buying a mattress online.

To keep things fair and balanced, I also scrub the internet for other people’s impressions.

On top of this, I hire a fact-checker (yes, a real job) to check my reviews periodically against the manufacturer websites, to make sure we don’t miss any important changes. For example, Nest recently updated its Love Bed, and other mattresses change their materials & construction from time to time.

But to be honest, all I can share with you is what I've learned and experienced.

Your experience WILL differ.

That's why…

I Consider Other Reviewer Opinions, Too

Sleepdelivered mattress reviews - compare with other reviews

To give you the best overall picture of how a mattress performs for most people, I rely on more than my experience when assigning an overall score.

In fact, I have to do this if I want to be ‘fair and balanced’, to you.

That’s because most mattresses are sold in a variety of firmness levels, configurations and versions.

Like most mattress reviewers, I only test one comfort level and one version of a mattress, in my home.

I don’t test every possible combination. No review site does that, to my knowledge.

So, we research and factor-in what other reviewers have said about the mattress.

I sometimes adjust my overall rating of a mattress based on the general consensus of other reviewers.

Finally, the ratings and reviews on this site are updated periodically, whenever new information comes in from the manufacturer or we receive important input from other reviewers and our readers.

Scores may change.  But never due to the influence or outrage from any manufacturer.

The Qualities of a Great Mattress

In order for a mattress to be considered “great”, it first and foremost needs to provide me with the proper support.

mattress support and spinal alignment

For example, the mattress cannot sag under my 130 lbs, nor my husband's 210 lbs.

It also doesn't develop permanent impressions that force us together.

A great mattress can't be too soft, either – it has to allow for enough movement to let me & my fidgety husband move around through the night.

Proper edge support is important, too. This ensures that the edges of my mattress keep me planted during the night, and not fall out of bed.

While every person prefers a different comfort level on top, it is always important that there is a strong, durable, and firm foundation layer underneath.

Additionally, a great mattress provides a nice bounce, meaning it returns to its original shape quickly when compressed.

Finally, a great mattress will breathe and keep me cool at night. 

Proper ventilation, whether from ventilated foam, gel-infused foam or pocketed coils, keeps synthetic materials from reflecting too much heat, a common issue with memory foam mattresses.

Proper ventilation also prevents the buildup of unnecessary moisture, which traps heat and can feed mildew and other bugs you don't want in your mattress.

Finally, a great mattress doesn't cost too much. Like you, I'm always looking for the lowest price in a certain category.

How to Pick the Best Mattress Online?

sleepdelivered mattress reviews - rating comparison criteria

My team and I assign every mattress an overall 5-star rating, from 1 star (unusable) to 5 stars (perfect every night).

To assign an overall rating, we consider the following features and criteria:

  1. The Company Behind the Mattress
  2. Social Commitment
  3. Online Order Process
  4. Price
  5. Shipping, Delivery & Setup
  6. Firmness & Comfort Choices
  7. Technology & Materials
  8. Mattress Construction
  9. Cooling Performance
  10. Motion Transfer
  11. Sinkage
  12. Edge Support
  13. Off-Gassing
  14. In-Home Trial
  15. Returns & Refund Policy
  16. Warranty

Continue reading to learn more about each of these criteria, and how it contributes to my overall 5-star quality rating. Consider these factors when you compare mattresses online.

1. The Company Behind the Mattress

Sapira Mattress Review - company team

All things equal, we’ll score an established brand higher than a new startup, because:

  1. Their products have been tested in the real world, longer
  2. Their warranties have been tested, too
  3. They likely have more cash on hand to weather market downturns, which will matter to you a lot if you ever need that warranty!

We also take into account the reputation of the company with its current customers.

2. Social Commitment

Dromma Bed - social impact made in USA

Another thing we look at is the company’s commitment to its community and to the environment.

Most mattress-in-a-box companies today have some sort of social program or work with charities to donate returned mattresses and/or provide new mattresses to their community. Some go beyond that, however, to donate a portion of their revenues to people in need.

In addition, we consider the company’s commitment to maintaining a safe and clean environment. We look at whether they use clean manufacturing processes, we look at the materials they use in their mattresses, and we look at whether they adhere to the latest environmental standards.

3. Online Order Process

Bear mattress review - order form online

It’s important to us that the company is easy to do business with. If their order process or related customer service isn’t top-notch, then we will take points off.

This is rarely the case with online mattress companies, today, except in a few instances where the website was down, prices/discounts didn’t match their marketing, and people were hard to get hold of when we needed them.

We really haven’t seen that many issues, so far.

4. Price

Saatva mattress review - price table FROM WEBSITE

We believe our readers care as much about value-for-money as anything else, so this criteria carries a very heavy weighting in our 5-star scoring system.

We try to be as fair as possible by comparing a mattress against its closest rivals to determine “relative value”.

But the straight-up price is the biggest factor.

5. Shipping, Delivery & Setup

Leesa vs. Casper - Leesa delivery box

This category carries a moderate weighting, but it can be important for some mattresses due to their weight/difficulty in setting up – and if shipping costs are extra.

Some of the questions we ask here include:

  • Did the company deliver on time, as promised?
  • Is there an option to arrange for help when setting up / unpacking the mattress, especially if it is heavy?
  • Do extra shipping charges apply? In what situations/geographies?
  • Can we change the shipping location or date, after we order?
  • Will the company remove our old mattress? For what fee?

6. Firmness & Comfort Choices

Nest Alexander Hybrid Signature Select - comfort level

This is more of a characteristic of a particular mattress than a comparison feature. So we don’t give it too much weight in our scores.

That said, it does matter if the company offers comfort choices that meet everyone’s needs.

And, it matters a LOT to me if the comfort level I ordered feels like it should – or doesn’t.

7. Technology & Materials

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review - mattress construction latext foam layers

The materials and technology of a mattress can’t be separated from how well the mattress performs. Performance always trumps technology.

That said, when we consider value-for-money, the choice of materials and technology does come into play.

In general, we assign higher scores for mattresses that incorporate new, high-performance technologies that actually make a difference in cooling, support, comfort, motion control, bounce, etc.

Re-marketing a memory foam under a fancy new name won’t get points from us.

8. Mattress Construction

Saatva mattress - coil-on-coil construction

How a mattress is constructed literally defines its support, comfort and sleeping experience – and its useful life.

This is important – but not as important as the sleeping experience it delivers – so, it carries a medium weighting in our scoring system.

We look at the materials used, the number and function of different layers, and any unique technologies used that actually make a difference in performance.

In general, we rate thicker mattresses (>12”) higher – for two reasons:

  1. a thicker mattress will usually last longer than a thin one; this is especially true for foam mattresses (because of physics)
  2. thicker mattresses can accommodate more layers and more complex support systems that can be tweaked/engineered with more precision. This is probably why thicker mattresses usually sleep better, in our experience.

We also give credit for more complex layering – when it’s done with a purpose.

9. Cooling Performance

Tuft and Needle - heat transfer

We’ll ding a mattress if it sleeps too hot or too cold, at night.

Most online mattresses we test don’t have a cooling performance problem, but a few have been flagged.

Now, I live in the Deep South (US), where it’s brutally hot 6-7 months of the year. And, my husband hates a hot mattress. So if a mattress sleeps hot, we WILL find out.

10. Motion Transfer

motion transfer

Motion transfer is important for anyone who sleeps with another creature, whether that happens to be a husband, a wife… or a dog.

A mattress gets high marks if no little-to-no motion is transferred from one point on the mattress to another. It gets a low score if all it takes is a cough to wake my husband.

11. Sinkage

casper mattress review - mattress sinkage

Sinkage is a measure of how deeply your body sinks into a mattress when you lie on it or press on it.

The amount of sinkage you want in your mattress depends on the type of sleeper you are. If you sleep on your side, then a little more sinkage is preferable. If you sleep on your back, then you probably want less.

On this criteria, we’ll remove points if the sinkage of a mattress is excessive, if it doesn’t give at least an inch, or doesn’t match the company’s claims.

12. Edge Support

Nest Alexander Signature Select mattress review - sinkage test

Edge Support is how well the mattress holds its position under pressure, along its edges.

No one wants a soft, overly-compliant edge on their bed, so we deduct points if a mattress folds under pressure too easily.

13. Smell / Off-Gassing

sleepdelivered mattress reviews - off gassing smell

Most all-foam mattresses and mattresses made with foam layers will emit volatile organic compound (VOC) vapors when new. This process is called off-gassing.

These days, the gases emitted by foam aren’t toxic or dangerous. But the smell annoys some people.

The two questions we ask here include:

  1. how noticeable and unpleasant is the “new mattress” smell? and,
  2. how long does the smell last?

14. In-Home Trial

Purple Mattress - Sleeping Experience

Most online mattress companies offer a free, no-risk in-home trial lasting between 30 and 220 nights.

In truth, though, you shouldn’t ever need more than 30 to 60 days to try a mattress in your home.

For this reason, we don’t give this criterion that much weight.

If the return window falls within a 60-day window or if a company offers an extraordinarily long trial period that might change your mattress-owning strategy completely, then we’ll change its score.

15. Returns & Refunds

sleepdelivered mattress reviews - refund

Related to the in-home trial is the mattress company’s refund and return policy. This category carries a heavy weighting in our scoring system, and for good reason.

Mattress return/refund policies differ in the conditions under which they will refund your purchase price and/or accept a returned mattress.

For example, some manufacturers will only provide a refund if the mattress isn’t abused or “used improperly”.

Others require that you provide the right sort of support/foundation under your mattress throughout your use of it.

Both of these situations can be hard to prove if you are challenged on them. Not that we’ve heard that many return horror stories – but a few of our readers have complained.

Finally, while most companies refund your entire purchase price, a few of them also charge a restocking and/or pickup fee.

So make sure you read their policy completely.

16. Warranty

sleepdelivered mattress reviews - warranty locks

The quality of a company’s product warranty is the strongest sign a mattress company has faith in its own product, so we give it a lot of weight.

Most online mattress warranties last 10 years, but some companies offer 15, 20 or even 25-year warranties.

And, contrary to what you might think, the price of a mattress doesn’t necessarily correspond to its warranty length. Some inexpensive startups carry extremely long warranties.

So, shop carefully.

Of course, comparing warranties can be tricky. They usually differ in the types of damage they cover and whether the warranty is prorated (refund amount declines with time) or not (far better).

TL/DR:  Read the fine print on the warranty before buying!

Benefits of Buying a Mattress Online

It appears that a lot of people are figuring out that taking advantage of a fully-refundable 100-night trial to sleep on a mattress in your home is a heck of a lot better way to buy a mattress… than sitting on it in a busy store.

In response to demand, the number of quality affordable mattresses sold online is growing quickly.

Today, even older store-bought brands like TempurPedic (expensive!) and Sealy are selling mattresses online.

And with Covid-19, many sellers and manufacturers have expanded their online operations, something that will continue even after things go back to normal.

Buying your next mattress online has several benefits. The biggest ones include:

  • You are likely to get a better deal online. Because online sellers have lower overheads and most sell directly from the factory, prices for online mattresses are usually lower.
  • Easy online mattress comparison. Brick and Mortar stores have a finite amount of space to store mattresses, thus you can only compare a limited number of brands. But when you go online, you can compare dozens of brands on prices, construction, comfort, and warranty to find the perfect mattress for you.
  • Convenient. Why bother driving to a store when you could order a mattress from your couch and have it delivered right to your door? You can make an order at any time of the day or night without a salesperson pressuring you to pick an overpriced mattress. Some online sellers even offer in-home setup and old mattress removal, usually for an extra fee.
  • Long trial period with free returns. The biggest concern people have about buying a mattress online is that they are buying an expensive item without testing it. But there's no need to worry; virtually all online mattresses come with an in-home trial period of at least 100 nights, and some companies will let you test the mattress for up to a year with free returns if you don't like the mattress. Certainly beats a 10-minute spot test at a store.
  • Easy returns. Online mattress companies not only offer free returns but an easy return process as well. In most cases, you don't have to do anything. Once you notify customer support that you want to make a return, they'll arrange for the mattress to be picked up from your home and then send you a full refund.

We've also found that online mattress companies tend to offer longer warranties and better customer service. Don't forget free shipping, which is standard for most online mattresses.

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