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Sleepme Dock Pro Bed Cooling System Review: Ready for Summer

Sleepme Dock Pro Cooling/Heating System Review


The new Sleepme Dock Pro bed cooling system comes with increased cooling power, WiFi app control, and a more comfortable cooling pad for your mattress. It’s also quieter and emits fewer electromagnetic fields. 

Great choice for: Hot sleepers looking for a powerful and smart bed cooling system. Also ideal for sleepers in locations that experience extra-hot summers.  

Avoid if: You prefer an air-based bed cooling system like BedJet or you are shopping for a budget bed cooler (the New Dock Pro is not cheap). 

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Are you an extra hot sleeper?

Then the Sleepme Dock Pro is for you.

This is one of the most powerful active bed cooling / climate control systems in the market. It doubles the cooling power of the Sleepme OOLER system, while adding several smart features. 

The added power means the Dock Pro cools the bed faster and can maintain a lower temperature throughout the night compared to the earlier OOLER and Cube cooling systems. 

The Sleepme Dock Pro comes with a new and quieter control unit, smart features like sleep schedules and warm awake, and a more comfortable and better cooling ChiliPad Pro mattress pad. 

Similar to other Sleepme systems, you can order the Dock Pro just for yourself or you and your partner. 

If you’d like to learn more about how the DockPro compares with other similar systems, check out our recent writeup comparing all BedJet and Sleepme products.

How the Dock Pro Keeps You Cool In Bed

The Dock Pro system uses water to cool (and warm) your bed, same as the Sleepme Cube and OOLER. 

The Dock Pro control unit contains a reservoir that you add water to. When you want to cool the bed, the control unit cools the water using ambient air (it doesn't use refrigerant like AC).

It then pumps the water to the cooling pad on your bed and circulates it through the pad to take away excess heat. 

The same process takes place when you want to warm the bed on a chilly night. 

Once you set the preferred temperature, a heating element in the control unit warms the water and sends it through the ChiliPad Pro mattress pad. 

You adjust temperature and other settings using a smartphone app or the touch buttons on the control unit.

Best Features 


Sleepme has made some major improvements from the OOLER and Cube systems. The Dock Pro cools better, it has more features, it’s more comfortable, and it’s smarter. 

Here are the best features of the Sleepme Dock Pro bed cooling system. 

Dock Pro Control Unit With 2X Cooling Power

The most impressive improvement of the new Sleepme cooling system is the added cooling power. The Dock Pro has a cooling capacity of 95W compared to 52W of the OOLER system. 

This nearly doubles the cooling performance of the Dock Pro control unit. However, its temperature range remains the same as that of OOLER: 55F to 115F. So what does the increased cooling power do?

One, it cools your bed much faster compared to other systems. While temperature changes are not as instantaneous as with BedJet, they occur quicker than with the Sleepme OOLER or Cube.

Two, it can maintain a lower temperature than OOLER and Cube. 

Sleepme systems rely on ambient temperature and humidity to cool your bed. They don't work like AC. So even though the temperature range is 55F to 115F, they may not achieve the minimum temperature. 

The new Sleepme Dock Pro, however, can maintain a lower temperature because it has more cooling power

So even when it’s hot and humid (conditions that make cooling harder), the Sleepme Dock Pro still does a great job keeping you cool. 

Other notable features of the Dock Pro control unit include: 

  • A removable water reservoir to make refilling and cleaning easy. 
  • A built-in air filter that’s also removable for easy maintenance.
  • Airplane mode to reduce electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
  • Sleek low profile design that fits under most beds (the unit is 6.25” high).   

ChiliPad Pro With Tubeless Design 

DockPro Sleep System


Both OOLER and Cube cooling systems use the same kind of mattress pad with embedded tubes that circulate cold or warm water over the bed. 

The Dock Pro comes with a new and improved ChiliPad Pro mattress pad. 

The biggest change in this pad is that it no longer has tubes. Instead, it has a membrane that circulates water. 

The tubeless design has two big benefits. 

One, you don't have to worry about feeling tubes under your body. The new ChiliPad Pro mattress pad is more comfortable. 

Two, the membrane cools and heats your bed more efficiently since it covers a larger surface area. Specifically, it has 5 times the cooling surface area of the original ChiliPad. 

This is one of the reasons the Dock Pro has much better cooling performance than other systems. 

The ChiliPad Pro has an elastic skirt that makes it easy to secure onto your mattress. It’s compatible with any mattresses between 8 and 18 inches thick.

WiFi Connectivity

The OOLER cooling system has wireless control, but via Bluetooth. So while you can adjust temperature using an app, you have to be within range of the control unit. 

The Dock Pro uses WiFi connectivity instead. This lets you control settings via the sleepme app from anywhere. It also creates the possibility of smart home compatibility in the future.  

Currently, many users are experiencing issues with WiFi constantly disconnecting. Luckily, there are physical temperature controls on the Dock Pro control unit. 

If you experience an issue with the app, you can still adjust sleep temperature. 

Sleepme App

Chilisleep dockpro review

The free sleepme app is the main way to control the Sleepme Dock Pro. It still has some bugs, but we hope that they get fixed soon. 

Once you link your smartphone to the Dock Pro, here’s what you can do on the app. 

  • Adjust bed temperature between 55F and 115F. 
  • Set sleep schedules for different times of the night. If you tend to get colder as the night progresses, you can set the temperature to rise gradually as morning approaches. 
  • Activate the warm awake feature that wakes you up gently in the morning by gradually raising the temperature. 
  • Access to personalized programs and expert insights to help you improve sleep quality. 

The sleepme app is free and available for both iOS and Android devices. 

ME and WE Options 

Sleepme DockPro System


The Sleepme Dock Pro is available in two options: ME and WE. 

Get the ME option if you want Dock Pro just for you. It’s available in half Queen, half King, and half Cal King sizes. 

If you share a bed with your partner, place the mattress pad on your half of the bed. 

Get the WE option if both you and your partner want cooling and/or warming. Sizes available include Queen, King, and Cal King. 

The WE package includes a ChiliPad Pro mattress pad with two distinct zones and two Dock Pro control units for each half of the bed.

With the WE option, each person can control their side of the bed separately, making it perfect for couples with different sleep preferences. You can keep your side of the bed cold while your partner sleeps warm. 

Quiet Cooling

Despite having more cooling power, the Sleepme Dock Pro is quieter than the OOLER cooling system. 

The noise level is between 41 and 46 decibels, which is quieter than some kitchen refrigerators. You likely won’t hear the fan running. 

If you are sensitive to noises when trying to sleep, the Dock Pro won’t bother you at all.

Optional Sleep Tracking

Sleepme recently introduced the sleepme+ membership program. For a monthly subscription, you'll get a sleep tracker that monitors various health and sleep metrics.

The tracker goes under your sheets – you don't have to wear it.

You'll have access to daily reports on the app that help you track and improve your sleep quality.

The sleep tracker also comes with embedded program that Sleepme calls Hiber-AI.

Through this program, the sleep tracker automatically adjusts the temperature of the Dock Pro based on your real time sleep data.

So there's no need to set temperature schedules for different times of the night. The tracker keeps you in the perfect temperature zone automatically.

And when you wake up in the morning, it automatically turns Dock Pro off and turns it on again when you get into bed in the evening.

Sleeping Experience 

The first thing you’ll notice when you get in bed is how comfortable the new ChiliPad Pro mattress pad is. 

It doesn't feel rigid at all nor do you feel tubes under you. It’s super soft. 

The other thing you’ll notice is how cold the Dock Pro cooling can get. With systems like OOLER, you have to set the temperature low for it to keep you cool. 

With the Dock Pro, set the temperature exactly where you want and it will have no trouble reaching it. In fact, it can get too cold. 

If you sleep really hot at night, get serious night sweats, or live in a place that gets extra hot summers, the Sleepme Dock Pro is hands down the best bed cooling system. 

Remember that it can also go the other way and warm you up to 115 degrees. So it’s useful all year round.


  • Fast, powerful, and quiet cooling & warming. 
  • Stays cool all night long. 
  • Wide temperature range. 
  • Control via touch buttons or smartphone app. 
  • Comfortable mattress pad. 


  • Pricey. 
  • WiFi issues. 

Sleepme Dock Pro Specs

  • Dimensions (control unit): 15”D x 12”W x 6.25”H
  • Weight (control unit): 13.7lbs
  • Connectivity: WiFi 2.4 GHz
  • Temperature range: 55-115F
  • Power: 12V/350W
  • Noise level: 41-46 decibels

Installation and Setup 

Chilisleep dockpro review

The Sleepme Dock Pro is easy to set up. 

There are three steps to the installation process: putting the cooling pad on your mattress, setting up the control unit, and linking your smartphone. 

Fitting The ChiliPad Pro 

Unlike the original ChiliPad that comes with straps to secure to the mattress, the ChiliPad Pro has an elastic skirt all round that can fit mattresses 8-18 inches thick. 

This makes it more secure against the mattress and prevents the pad from shifting. 

Place the pad on your mattress and secure the elastic skirt under the mattress. Make sure the hose connections are either at the head or bottom of the bed depending on where you’ll place the control unit. 

Setting Up The Control Unit

The Dock Pro control unit is designed to fit under the bed. But if your bed is too low, you can also place it on the side of the bed or even on the nightstand. 

Follow the instructions in the included user manual for powering up the control unit, initial cleaning, and filling the reservoir. 

Linking Your Phone

Download the sleepme app on your phone and then follow the prompts to link it to the Sleepme Dock Pro. 

Note that you’ll need a 2.4 GHz home network to pair your phone to the cooling system. 

Once you pair your phone, go ahead and test the various features and settings. 

Note that you can pair your phone to more than one Dock Pro and control all of them from the same app.   

As we mentioned earlier, many users are experiencing issues with WiFi. It either fails to connect or keeps disconnecting. 

We hope Sleepme will solve these issues soon. If you experience any problems, their customer support is very helpful and responsive.

Warranty and Maintenance 

The removable water reservoir is easy to clean. You can also remove the filter for cleaning. 

To clean the other components of the cooling system, get the Sleepme system cleaner and use it every 1-3 months.  

As for the ChiliPad Pro mattress pad, it is machine washable. You can also tumble dry it on low. 

Sleepme offers a 30-night trial period and a 3-year warranty on the Dock Pro cooling system.

Our Rating 

4.8 stars / 5.0

Overall, we really like the Sleepme Dock Pro bed cooling system. It’s a massive improvement on the OOLER and Cube cooling systems

We also think it’s better than the more expensive Eight Sleep cooling cover when it comes to cooling performance. 

The Sleepme Dock Pro is not cheap though, but it’s worth the price if sleeping hot messes up with your sleep quality and overall health. 

The main issue we have with the Dock Pro is the WiFi issues users are experiencing. Hopefully, these are bugs that can be fixed with an update. 

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