A Gas Burning Hollywood Regency Bedroom Fireplace

10 Bold New Hollywood Regency Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

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Nothing feels cozier than sitting next to a fireplace while sipping your morning or evening tea or coffee.

Whether it is your living room or bedroom space, a fireplace will bring the warmth and comfort you need during chilly days.

A Hollywood regency bedroom fireplace can be anywhere from wood burning to a modern fireplace representing high luxury and style.

As winter's days are near, everyone might be looking for some good fireplaces they can bring into their bedroom.

This excites us to compile this list of ten bold, new Hollywood regency bedroom fireplace ideas to make your space warm and inviting:

1.) Design in White

Hollywood Regency Bedroom White Fireplace

A beautiful fireplace design in white reveals artistic details!

2.) A Gas Burning Fireplace in Royal Interior

A Gas Burning Hollywood Regency Bedroom Fireplace

An open gas-burning fireplace in royal interiors! The two baroque chairs will enjoy the warmth while you are reading a book or watching your favorite TV show.

3.) Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture Bedroom Fireplace

A modern architecture design to install your gas or electric fireplace! Consider placing two armchairs in front of your fireplace to enjoy the warmth and the coziness.

4.) Yellow Marble Fireplace

Hollywood Regency Yellow Marble Bedroom Fireplace

A luxurious fireplace design revealing yellow marble details makes a perfect addition to a Hollywood regency bedroom for added warmth and comfort.

5.) Aristocratic Style Fireplace Design

Hollywood Regency Bedroom Aristocratic Fireplace

A Hollywood regency bedroom features more artistic details. So, this aristocratic fireplace design is perfect for accommodating gas or electric fireplace by displaying a rich look.

6.) Baroque Royal Fireplace Setting

Hollywood Regency Bedroom Baroque Royal Fireplace

A fireplace with gold stucco on the walls in a large baroque royal bedroom with antique furniture, huge windows, gold trim, and full of daylight.

7.) A Wood Burning Fireplace

A Wood Burning Hollywood Regency Bedroom Fireplace

A luxurious setting this Christmas revealing a wood-burning fireplace and a baroque-style armchair next to it.

8.) Electric Fireplace Revealing Real Flames

Hollywood Regency Bedroom Electric Fireplace

An electric setting revealing the real flames and being minimalist in its elegance and style.

9.) Wooden Accents

Hollywood Regency Wooden Bedroom Fireplace

An electric fireplace outfitted in a wooden case! Just the right kind of wood for your fireplace.

10.) Metallic Black

Metallic Black Bedroom Fireplace

Consider a fireplace with a metallic black finish to add high drama to your Hollywood regency bedroom. This would be a bold statement.

Hollywood regency fireplace ideas feature golden accents, metallic finishes, marble design, aristocratic style, and a royal look.

You can also consider adding two comfortable chairs or a couch to enjoy the warmth in a more relaxed way.

Hope you like the ideas! Happy decorating and have a warm and cozy winter!

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