Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rug with Ornamental Design

10 Bold New Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rugs

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A Hollywood regency bedroom features highly decorative, opulent, and ornamental aesthetics with glitz and glamour everywhere.

With this in mind, it is obvious that the fabrics and textiles must also be rich and luxurious. The common textures are silk, fur, and velvet.

Rugs revealing bold colors, golden embroidery, fur design make a perfect choice for Hollywood regency bedrooms.

While choosing a bedroom rug, keep in mind both style and comfort. The common choices are animal skins and patterns, plush rugs, Moroccan rugs, baroque designs, and a vintage retro style.

1.) A Golden Rug

 A Golden Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rugs

A golden rug in a highly decorative classic bedroom!

2.) A Fur Rug

Hollywood Regency Fur Bedroom Rug

A fur rug in beige color is complementing the overall bedroom décor!

3.) Dark Color

Dark Colored Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rug

Always feel free to choose a dark color in your rugs for a Hollywood regency bedroom!

4.) Ornamental Design

Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rug with Ornamental Design

A high-end rug is revealing a heavy ornamental design!

5.) Machine Work

Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rug with Machine Work

A classic rug revealing fine machine work details!

6.) Colorful Oriental Carpet

Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rug with Colorful Oriental Carpet

A colorful oriental rug for a bedroom full of glitz and glamour!

7.) Baroque Pattern

Baroque Pattern Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rugs

Baroque patterns are a favorite choice for Hollywood regency bedrooms like this Golden decorative rug revealing baroque pattern!

8.) Highly Decorative Rug

Highly Decorative Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rug

Hollywood regency bedroom embraces highly decorative elements like this rug in baroque motif!

9.) A Dark Grey Rug

A Dark Grey Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rug

A luxurious bedroom in a classic style in white colors, designer furniture, a canopy bed, and a dark grey rug.

10.) A Designer Rug

A Designer Hollywood Regency Bedroom Rug

A luxury bedroom with a large designer rug with heavy work!

As a Hollywood regency style is all about luxury, glitz, and glamour, it is essential to pick a rug that complements the space's overall aesthetics.

Besides decorative elements, an area rug gives a backdrop to your furniture while protecting the bedroom floor.

A perfectly designed Hollywood regency bedroom is an amalgam of styles and eras is truly unique and special.

So, go ahead & have fun decorating your bedroom!

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