Hollywood Regency Cabinet

10 Bold, New Hollywood Regency Cabinet Ideas

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If you love that old-school glamour, the Hollywood regency is the style for you.

A Hollywood regency space features glitz in every corner.

Inspired by Hollywood stars’ living rooms of the golden era, the Hollywood Regency style is often overdone – and extravagant.

While opulent, extravagant, and glitzy, Hollywood regency decor is at the same time modernist.

In this style, furniture silhouettes are sometimes reminiscent of mid-century modern or art deco furniture with geometric shapes and clean lines.

The cabinet is one of the essential pieces in any living room and needs to fit into the room’s aesthetic completely – the same goes for the Hollywood regency living rooms.

Which can present a problem because finding furniture to fit the Hollywood Regency style can be a challenge.

In this post, we walk you through ten bold, new Hollywood regency cabinet ideas to help you find the right furniture piece to give you room the glitz and glamour you crave.


1. Gold and Brown Cubist

Hollywood Regency Cabinet Ideas

This gold and brown art deco / cubist cabinet is an ideal piece of furniture for any Hollywood regency living room.

2. Over The Top Luxury

Hollywood Regency Cabinet Ideas

Light wood tones can add a uniquely rich feel to a Hollywood Regency interior, as we see with this bedroom dresser.

Notice how the gold metallic finishes and off whites work with this piece.

3. Antiques for Drama

Hollywood Regency Cabinet Ideas

Your choice of the cabinet can make an incredibly dramatic statement, as we see in this gorgeous room.

This extravagant setting highlights two high-rise dresser-style antique cabinets on either side of a mirrored dressing table, creating a very monied and luxurious look for a master bedroom.

4. Silver Dressing Table

Silver Dressing Table

Elegance is the main focus of every Hollywood regency room.

Check out this elegant dressing table in a silver metallic finish with a highly decorative cabinet, mirror, and comfortable seating.

This creates a glamourous charm that every Hollywood Regency room should.

5. Bathroom Cabinets, too

Hollywood Regency Cabinet Ideas

Cabinets can add Hollywood Regency charm to your bathroom, too.

Check out this charming glossy white set for inspiration.

6. Royal Dresser

Royal Dresser

Want to create a royal look in your bedroom?

Consider adding an Art Deco-styled dressing table with a gorgeously detailed mirror – like this one.

7. Classic French Style

Hollywood Regency Cabinet

French antiques often work well in Hollywood regency interiors.

Check out this small cabinet with its intricate details and glamourous and luxurious look.

Perfect for any corner.

8. Bedside Luxury

Bedside Luxury

Bedside tables are another piece worthy of Hollywood regency style.

This luxurious master bedroom looks great with the imposing curved bedside tables.

9. Classic Console

Classic Console

A classically detailed and elegant dressing console for any Hollywood Regency bedroom.

10. Simple White Elegance

Simple White Elegance

Not every piece needs to be ornately detailed.

For example, notice how stylish this small, simple white cabinet is – with its two drawers, carved shapes, and decorative golden handles.

I hope these examples provide some inspiration for your Hollywood regency room.

Now, it’s time to get one and start decorating!

Remember, when it comes to pulling off Hollywood regency style: keep your focus on glamour and luxury.

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