French Country Bedrooms in Blush Pink with Antique decor

10 Elegant & Chic French Country Bedrooms in Blush Pink

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With a soothing and comforting appeal, blush pink is perfect for warm and inviting French country bedrooms.

There are many shades of pink, yet blush pink comes out the winner for home interiors — blush pink offers subtleness, which makes an appealing shade for the bedroom.

Formerly considered a feminine shade, blush pink has become a popular choice among men too.

Here are ten elegant and chic French country bedrooms that help you visualize how versatile a blush pink in your space can be.

1.) An Upholstered Bed in Pink

 French Country Bedrooms in Blush Pink with Upholstered Bed

A lovely bed in blush pink with an upholstered headboard and footboard revealing a button tufted design- a perfect thing to elevate your French country bedroom!

2.) Antique Decor

 French Country Bedrooms in Blush Pink with Antique decor

A gorgeous bedroom in white and pink revealing an antique décor, an antique bed, a classical dresser and mirror in white, and rich fabrics.

3.) Fabrics in Provence Style

French Country Bedrooms in Blush Pink with Provence Style

A nicely decorated French country bedroom in rosy pink with Provence style rich fabrics revealing floral patterns!

4.) Ideal for a Princess Bedroom

French Country Princess Bedrooms in Blush Pink

A little princess room in pink reveals a beautiful pink bed with a canopy and satin pillows, bedside tables with lamps, and frames on the walls.

5.) One in Beige & Blush Pink

French Country Bedrooms in Blush Pink & Beige

A gorgeous bedroom with a lovely fabric bed revealing a carved design, beige walls, beige curtains, and hanging antique lights.

6.) A Honeymoon Sweet in Blush Pink

 French Country Honeymoon Sweet in Blush Pink

7.) Rich Fabrics

A lovely bedroom with a baroque-style bed draped in rich fabrics in blush pink!

8.) Rustic Details

French Country Bedrooms in Blush Pink with Rustic Details

A lovely Provence-style bedroom revealing a modern bed with pink bedding and pillows, wooden panel walls, rustic mirrors, and dressers.

9.) Casual Yet Charming

 Charming French Country Bedrooms in Blush Pink

A casual yet charming bedroom setting with a Provence-style bed against a blush pink wall and bedside dressers with night lamps.

10.) An Accent Chair

 French Country Bedroom with Accent Chair in Blush Pink

You can even add an accent chair in blush pink if you plan to add just little tints of this shade.

This bedroom is a perfect idea for a honeymoon sweet with a lovely bed with white bedding and pink pillows and a white vintage-style sofa!

Inspired by the Provence lifestyle, French country bedrooms are filled with warmth, charm, tranquillity, and comfort. And blush pink is the perfect shade to bring that calmness, warmth, elegance, and an inviting vibe to your space.

I hope you got some inspiration from our picks! Have fun decorating!

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