Contemporary Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue With Pillows

10 Gorgeous Contemporary Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue

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If you’re looking to give your bedroom a fresh new look, then cobalt blue is the way to go! This color will make any room feel more vibrant and uplifting.

And if that’s not enough for you, it also has an amazing calming effect on people with insomnia. So, whether or not this shade suits your style, there are plenty of reasons why we recommend adding some Cobalt Blue accents into your home decorating job today!

Breathtaking and modern, the colors of cobalt blue are pretty captivating, to say the least! It’s not only an aesthetically pleasing color, but it also commands a sense of dignity that can’t be matched by any other hue in your paint swatch book.

For these reasons, many designers have included this majestic shade on their palette lately when designing contemporary bedrooms.

If you’re looking to make your bedroom feel like a luxurious retreat, check out these ten gorgeous contemporary bedrooms in cobalt blue:

1.) Contrast with White

Contemporary Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue & White

The contrasting color scheme of cobalt blue and white creates an atmosphere that’s comfortable, serene, and soothing for your mind after a long day or before bedtime.

2.) Accent Wall

Contemporary Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Accent Wall

The accent wall with cobalt blue paint is a great way to set the tone of your bedroom.

3.) Monochromatic Setting

Contemporary Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Monochoromatic Decor

A stylish bedroom setting with monochromatic décor in cobalt blue with blue walls, a closet, and a stylish bed.

4.) Accent It

Accented Contemporary Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue

A white bedroom with cobalt blue accent on the white wall against a stylish bed with soft linen and pillows and a graphic rug.

5.) Light Cobalt Blue

Contemporary Bedrooms in Light Cobalt Blue

A contemporary bedroom with light cobalt blue wall with a circular window against a sleek and stylish bed and artwork on the wall.

6.) PVC Panels

Contemporary Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with PVC Panels

Check out this bedroom in cobalt blue and white with a PVC panel wall in blue against a sleek bed with desks and comfortable blue bedding, and off-white pillows.

7.) A Dark Bedroom

Contemporary Dark Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue

The dark cobalt blue of the paint on the walls makes you feel as though it’s nighttime, even if it isn’t outside, which lets you get into a peaceful slumber quickly.

8.) Blue Upholstery on Wall

Contemporary Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Upholstery on Wall

Blue upholstery on the wall is a great way to add new life and style to your bedroom.

9.) Bed Linen & Pillows

Contemporary Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue With Pillows

The cobalt blue bed linens provide an elegant backdrop to your most stylish bedroom. And yes, don’t forget about complementing pillows.

10.) A Kids’ Bedroom

Contemporary Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue for kids Bedroom

A kid’s bedroom with striped blue-white walls, a white bunk bed with pillows, lockers, and shelves with toys and books.

Ideally, Contemporary Bedrooms should be a place that is not only well-organized but also comfortable. Vivid colors and furniture patterns are perfect for your bedroom if you want to feel relaxed in the morning when waking up or before going to sleep at night.

I hope you got some inspiration from these picks. Happy Decorating!

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