Best Twin Bed Frames

Best Twin Bed Frames 2023: Top Picks and Reviews

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Shopping for a twin-size bed frame?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Twin-size bed frames are perfect for older kids who are moving from a toddler bed. In most cases, your child can sleep on a twin bed all the way through their teens. 

Single adults can also sleep on a twin bed, and it’s especially ideal for small spaces like a guest bedroom, an apartment, or a dorm room. 

What’s In This Guide?

In this guide, we recommend the best twin best frames you can order online. 

We include a wide range of options, styles, and materials, so you can find the perfect twin bed frame for yourself or your child. 

After the reviews, we explain the different kinds of bed frames in the market and how to choose the right twin bed frame for your needs. 

If you are shopping for a full-size bed, read our reviews of the best full-size bed frames.

Best Twin Bed Frames

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  1. Best Metal: ZINUS SmartBase
  2. Best Wood: Mellow Naturalista
  3. Best Upholstered: ZINUS Lottie
  4. Best Low Profile: ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform
  5. Best High Profile: HAAGEEP 18 Inch Platform Twin Bed Frame 
  6. Best Foldable: Amazon Basics Foldable Bed Frame 
  7. Best With Storage: DHP Rose Linen Tufted Bed 
  8. Best Loft Bed Frame For Kids: DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide 
  9. Best Twin Canopy For Kids: DHP Metal Twin Size Canopy Bed 
  10. Best Twin Trundle Bed Frame: Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame 
ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Bed FrameZINUS SmartBaseBest metal

Metal frame & slats

Mellow NaturalistaBest wood
Wood frame & slats
ZINUS Lottie Upholstered Platform Bed FrameZINUS LottieBest upholstered

Metal frame & wood slats
 ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed FrameZinus SuzanneBest low profile
Metal & wood frame, wood slats

HAAGEEP 18 Inch Platform Twin Bed FrameHAAGEEPBest high profile

Metal frame & slats

Amazon Basics Foldable Bed FrameAmazon BasicsBest foldable
Metal frame & slats


DHP Rose Linen Tufted BedDHP RoseBest with storage
Wood frame & slats

None (drawers)

DHP Junior Best loft bed for kids

Metal frame & slats

DHP Metal Twin Size Canopy BedDHP CanopyBest canopy
Metal frame & slats

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle FrameZinus TrundleBest trundle
Metal & wood frame, metal slats

None (trundle)

1. Best Metal Twin Bed Frame: ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Bed Frame

modern white bed frame

The ZINUS SmartBase is our favorite metal twin bed frame for several reasons: it’s affordable, it offers solid support, and it’s super easy to assemble. 

And unlike some basic metal bed frames, this one comes complete with slats so you don't need a box spring. 


  • Low price. 
  • 750lbs capacity metal frame. 
  • No-tool assembly. 
  • Foldable. 
  • Plenty of underbed storage. 


  • Basic styling. 

Our Review 

One of the best parts about getting the Zinus SmartBase bed is that it requires no tools to assemble. It takes just a few minutes to tighten the wingnuts and have the bed all set up. 

Despite the simple setup, the Zinus SmartBase bed frame is incredibly well made. It feels solid and doesn't wobble or squeak even during sex. 

The bed frame is all-metal and includes slats. The frame can support up to 700lbs for the twin size, making it ideal even for heavier sleepers. 

If that’s not enough, there’s a heavy-duty version that supports up to 1500lbs. 

Once you’ve assembled it, the Zinus SmartBase has a clearance of 13 inches under the bed, giving you plenty of space for storage. 

The Zinus SmartBase bed frame is foldable. So you can store it away easily when you no longer need it. 

Issues & Limitations 

The only downside of the Zinus SmartBase is its basic styling. If you want a stylish or unique bed frame, this is not it. 

But at least you can attach a headboard to jazz up the bed. You’ll need to purchase these Zinus headboard brackets.

2. Best Wood Twin Bed Frame: Mellow Naturalista Classic 12-Inch Solid Wood Platform Bed

twin bed frame wood

If you prefer a wooden bed, we recommend the Mellow Naturalista. It’s a contemporary-style bed frame made from solid wood. 


  • Sturdy solid wood construction.
  • High weight capacity. 
  • Includes closely spaced slats. 
  • Beautiful modern styling. 


  • Pricier than a metal frame. 

Our Review 

The Mellow Naturalista bed frame has a beautiful minimalist look that fits perfectly in any modern bedroom. 

Note that the Naturalista doesn't come with a headboard and there’s no way to attach one. But it looks pretty good as it is. 

The frame is made from real pine. This means it’s extra-sturdy. The weight limit is an impressive 1,500lbs. 

The Mellow Naturalista comes complete with wood slats. The slats are just 3.5” apart, so they can adequately support most mattresses, including foam mattresses. 

Assembly is fairly easy and all the tools you need are provided. It takes about an hour to put the bed together. 

Underbed clearance is 8.5 inches. It’s not as much as in the Zinus SmartBase frame, but it’s still enough to squeeze slim totes or boxes under the bed.  

Issues & Limitations 

Solid wood bed frames tend to be more expensive than metal frames, and the Mellow Naturalista is no exception. 

If you are shopping on a budget, consider getting a metal frame instead. 

3. Best Upholstered Twin Bed Frame: ZINUS Lottie Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

twin beds for adults

The ZINUS Lottie is a modern twin bed frame with a luxury touch. It comes with an upholstered headboard with square tufting. 


  • Luxury fabric upholstery. 
  • Includes headboard & slats. 
  • Sturdy steel frame. 
  • Easy to assemble. 


  • Limited clearance under the bed – not ideal for underbed storage. 

Our Review 

The ZINUS Lottie has a beautiful contemporary, yet cozy style. It features sharp lines and corners. The square tufting on the upholstered and padded headboard emphasizes the modern styling.   

The side and rear rails are also upholstered. 

Under the upholstery is a steel framework that provides rigid support to you and your mattress. Combined with the wooden slats, the ZINUS Lottie twin bed frame can support up to 350lbs. 

Assembly is easy though not necessarily fast. Using the provided tool, it takes about an hour to put the ZINUS Lottie bed frame together. 

Issues & Limitations 

The slats on the ZINUS Lottie bed frame are about 12 inches from the floor. However, the side rails are pretty low, leaving only 6 inches of clearance under them. 

Unless you don't mind lifting the heavy bed every time you want to store a box underneath, the ZINUS Lottie doesn't provide convenient underbed storage. 

4. Best Low Profile Twin Bed Frame: ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

folding twin bed frame

A low-profile bed frame doesn't provide much-underbed storage. But it looks nice especially if you are going for a contemporary style. 

Our favorite low-profile twin bed frame is the Zinus Suzanne metal and wood platform bed.


  • Easy access for kids. 
  • Beautiful wood and metal construction. 
  • Includes slats and a headboard. 
  • Easy assembly. 


  • Not suitable for underbed storage. 

Our Review 

The low-profile Zinus Suzanne twin bed frame not only looks good, it’s also practical for kids and pets. They can get in and out of bed more easily. 

The sleeping platform is just 7 inches off the floor. 

The Zinus Suzanne bed frame comes as a complete bed with a headboard and slats. You don't need to buy anything extra. 

The frame combines metal and solid wood to create a unique modern/industrial look. We think it looks cool. 

The slats are wooden and placed 2.95” apart, so they are okay for use with foam mattresses. 

As for support, the Zinus Suzanne wood and metal twin bed frame can hold up to 350lbs. 

Similar to other Zinus bed frames, assembling the Zinus Suzanne is easy. Everything you need is included, parts are labeled, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. 

Issues & Limitations 

If you want a bed with enough clearance to store stuff underneath, the Zinus Suzanne is not it. 

The slats are 7” off the floor, but because of the thick side rails, you only get a clearance of about 4.5” under the bed. 

5. Best High Profile Twin Bed Frame: HAAGEEP 18 Inch Platform Twin Bed Frame

folding twin bed frame

Prefer a tall bed instead? We recommend the HAAGEEP 18” twin bed frame. It provides lots of storage space under the bed, enough to fit even a trundle bed. 


  • Plenty of storage space under the bed. 
  • Can be used with a trundle bed. 
  • Heavy-duty metal frame. 
  • No box spring is needed.


  • Kids may have trouble getting in and out of bed. 
  • Slats are too far apart for some mattresses. 

Our Review

If you are one of those sleepers who love sleeping on a tall bed, or like how it looks, the HAAGEEP bed frame is for you. 

It’s 18 inches high, which is as high as you can go without getting a loft bed. 

The high profile design also looks great in high-ceilinged bedrooms.      

The biggest benefit is all the storage space you get under the bed thanks to the 16” clearance. You can fit large boxes, bins and whatever else you want under the bed. 

You can even fit a standalone twin trundle under there to expand sleeping space. 

The HAAGEEP bed frame is all-metal and can hold an impressive 1,600lbs of weight. 

Issues & Limitations 

The HAAGEEP 18” bed frame comes with slats, but they are spaced 6.1” apart. This is too far apart for foam mattresses. The mattress will sink in between the slats. 

You’ll need a bunkie board under the mattress. 

The other issue with the HAAGEEP bed frame is the height. If you are getting it for a child, they’ll have trouble getting in and out of bed. 

Either opt for a different bed frame or find a way to make accessing the bed easier (e.g. a ladder or step stool). 

6. Best Foldable Twin Bed Frame: Amazon Basics Foldable Bed Frame

low to ground twin bed frame

If you want a bed you can fold and put away, get the Amazon Basics foldable bed frame. It’s also a great pick if you want a basic budget twin bed frame. 


  • Budget price. 
  • Foldable. 
  • Underbed storage space. 
  • No-tool assembly. 


  • Not suitable for heavy sleepers. 

Our Review

The Amazon Basics foldable bed frame doesn't require any tools to assemble. You can have it set up and ready to use in 5 minutes. 

It’s just as easy and fast to fold it. 

It’s perfect if you want a twin bed that you can take out and put away easily. Once it folds, it fits easily under a bed or against the wall.    

Considering the low price and the foldable design, you might be questioning the build quality of the Amazon Basics foldable bed frame. 

But rest assured it is solid and sturdy. The metal frame doesn't squeak or wobble. Many customers say they’ve had theirs for years without an issue. 

If you plan to use the Amazon Basics foldable bed frame most of the time, you’ll be glad to know it has lots of storage space underneath.

The 14” high frame has 13” of clearance. If you want more space, there’s an 18” frame with 17” of underbed clearance. 

Issues & Limitations

We don't recommend the Amazon Basics foldable bed frame for heavier sleepers. It has a 250lb weight limit. 

Once you add the weight of the mattress, it’s easy to go over the capacity. 

If you want a foldable bed frame that can hold a lot of weight, we recommend the Zinus SmartBase (our first pick above).

7. Best Twin Bed Frame With Storage: DHP Rose Linen Tufted Bed 

high twin bed frame

The DHP Rose tufted bed frame comes with two spacious drawers under the bed. The drawers sit on wheels, making it easy to pull them out and push them back under the bed. 


  • Spacious storage space. 
  • Easy to access drawers.
  • Luxury upholstered bed frame. 
  • Easy to assemble. 


  • Limited support capacity. 
  • Pricey.

Our Review   

Unlike full and Queen size beds that come with four drawers, the DHP Rose twin bed has two drawers only on one side of the bed. 

But they are spacious enough to hold extra bedding, bulky winter clothing, and other stuff. Note that each drawer has a weight limit of 40lbs. 

The bed frame itself is wooden with linen upholstery. Even the drawers are upholstered on the outside, so they blend perfectly with the bed frame when closed. 

The 38” tall headboard is tufted as is the footboard. 

The DHP Rose bed frame comes complete with wooden slats, so you don't need a box spring.

Issues & Limitations 

The DHP Rose bed frame has a 250lb weight limit, which is lower than most twin beds. It’s not suitable for heavier sleepers.     

It’s also pricey. If you are shopping for a budget bed frame, DHP Rose is probably not what you are looking for. 

If you need an affordable bed with storage space, consider getting a high-profile bed and then using baskets or bins to organize stuff under the bed.  

8. Best Twin Loft Bed Frame for Kids: DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide

basic twin bed frame

The DHP Junior twin metal loft bed is perfect for kids. One, it’s a loft bed; your kid will love sleeping up high. 

Two, it comes with a slide to make getting off the bed fun. 


  • Great loft bed for kids. 
  • Includes ladder and slide. 
  • Safety guardrails. 
  • Sturdy metal frame.


  • Slide requires a lot of room. 

Our Review

A loft bed is a great choice if you need enough space under the bed to put furniture. 

The DHP Junior loft bed doesn't have as much clearance underneath as most loft beds, but you can still put some mini pieces of furniture under the bed like a small shoe rack or a book stand. 

The distance from the floor to the bottom of the bed is 30 inches. 

You can also use the space to store boxes and other stuff or leave it empty. Many parents say their kids love playing under the bed. 

The most fun feature of the bed is the slide. It’s perfect for kids between 2 and 8 years old. 

The slide is made with metal, so it’s solid and sturdy. Heck, even some parents say they’ve played on it without a problem. 

The metal frame of the bed is equally solid and durable. Once you assemble it, it doesn't squeak or wobble. 

The weight capacity is 200lbs, which is more than enough for a kid’s bed. 

The bed has guardrails all around, so your child won’t roll off the bed. There’s also a built-in ladder to make it easy to get onto the bed. 

Note: You can take the slide off as your child grows up and they no longer play on it. 

Issues & Limitations 

The slide is fun, but it needs a lot of space next to the bed. You also need to have enough clearance in front of the ladder to make sure your child doesn't crash into anything. 

The DHP Junior loft bed won’t fit in a small bedroom. 

9. Best Twin Canopy Bed Frame For Kids: DHP Metal Twin Size Canopy Bed

steel twin bed frame

If your kid loves making forts, a canopy bed is perfect for them. Add some curtains and it turns into a cozy sleeping fort. 

Our favorite canopy bed frame for kids is the DHP metal twin-size canopy bed. It’s available in several colors. 


  • Beautiful canopy bed for kids with multiple color options. 
  • Sturdy metal bed frame. 
  • Includes slats and built-in headboard and footboard. 
  • Easy to assemble.  


  • Canopy bars feel a bit flimsy. 

Our Review

Currently, the DHP canopy twin bed is available in four colors: pink, gold, pewter and white. Curtains are not included; you’ll need to buy those yourself. 

With the bed fully assembled, the canopy frame is 71.5 inches high. The clearance under the bed is about 11”, plenty enough to store a few things underneath. 

The bed frame is all metal and comes complete with slats. Combined, the frame and slats can hold up to 225lbs.

The canopy frame is also metal, but it uses lighter metal. If you want, you can leave the canopy out during assembly. The bed will work fine without it. 

Issues & Limitations 

The main complaint from parents is that the canopy frame is not as strong as the bed frame. The canopy bars feel a bit flimsy. 

This is alright since they are there just for decoration and to hold up curtains. But remember to tell your kids not to swing from the canopy bars or play with them. 

10. Best Twin Trundle Bed Frame: Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame

twin bed frame with storage

If you want two twin beds while still saving space, get the Zinus Suzanne daybed and trundle bed combo. It consists of a twin-size bed frame over a twin-size trundle bed. 


  • Space-saving trundle bed and daybed. 
  • Beautiful wood and metal design. 
  • Steel slats – box spring not required. 
  • Easy to assemble. 


  • Limited mattress thickness for the trundle. 

Our Review 

While Zinus calls it a daybed, the bed frame looks more like a normal bed. It doesn't have a backrest like most daybeds. 

But the wood and metal design is stylish enough that you can place the bed in the living room, home office or any other space. 

The trundle bed itself has a minimalist all-metal design and stays hidden under the bed. When you need it, just roll it out on the attached wheels. 

Both the main bed and the trundle come with steel slats, so you don't need a box spring. Each can handle up to 250lbs. 

Assembly is easy and fairly quick. The package includes a tool for putting the pieces together. 

Issues & Limitations

Because the trundle has to fit under the bed, there’s a limit on how thick of a mattress you can place on it. 

Zinus recommends a max 5-6 inch mattress. If you wanted to use a thicker twin mattress, you can only do so on the main bed. 

Twin Bed Frame Buying Guide

 Twin Bed Frame Styles

Types of Twin Bed Frames

Based on the materials used, there are three types of twin bed frames. 

  • Wood bed frames – great if you want a bed with a traditional touch. Most wood bed frames are sturdy and can support lots of weight. Make sure the bed is made from solid wood and not composite or engineered wood. 
  • Metal bed frames – they offer great support and are affordable. Don't worry about squeaking. Well-made metal bed frames are completely silent. 
  • Upholstered bed frames – these have a metal or wood frame with fabric or faux leather upholstery. They are a great choice if you want a soft-touch bed frame or one with a tufted headboard. 

Twin bed frames can also be categorized based on design and function. Here are a few of the most common options. 

  • Low-profile bed frames that sit low to the ground (less than 9 inches). Great for kids and pets, and anyone who loves the look of a low bed. 
  • High-profile bed frames that sit higher off the ground (14-18 inches). Ideal if you want storage space under the bed or if you like the look of a tall bed. 
  • Loft bed frames – a loft bed is like a bunk bed without the lower bed. You get just the upper bed with lots of space underneath for storage or furniture like a desk, dresser, or bookshelf. 
  • Canopy bed frames – ideal if you want a cozy or more private sleeping space. The bed comes with a canopy frame on which you can hang privacy curtains.  
  • Trundle bed frames – ideal if you want extra sleeping space that doesn't take up a lot of room. A trundle set includes the main bed (usually a daybed) with a low trundle bed that rolls underneath the main bed. 

What To Consider When Buying A Twin Bed Frame

Kinds of twin Bed Frame

1. Materials & Build Quality

Make sure you are buying a solid and sturdy bed that won’t wobble or break. 

Check customer reviews to see people’s experiences with the bed, especially those who’ve had it for some time. 

2. Capacity/Weight Limit 

Twin beds typically have a capacity of 350lbs, which is adequate for most adults. Twin beds meant for kids have a lower limit of 200-250lbs, which is more than enough. 

If you weigh more than average, there are some heavy-duty twin beds with a 500+ pound capacity.  

3. Storage 

Do you need storage with your twin bed?

The cheapest way to get a bed with storage space is by buying a high clearance bed. Check that the distance under the side rails is at least 11 inches. 

You can store baskets or bins under the bed.

If you need more organized storage, you’ll have to spend more on a twin bed with drawers.  

4. Style 

Twin bed frames are available in all sorts of styles including modern or contemporary, vintage, farmhouse, industrial, minimalist, and so on. 

Choose the one that you like most and which will look good in the bedroom. 

On that note, decide if you want a bed with a headboard or if you prefer a more minimalist design. 

5. Slats 

Most twin bed frames these days come with slats, but check just to be sure. 

A bed frame with slats doesn't need a box spring. If you already have a twin box spring or foundation, you can save money by getting a cheap and basic bed frame without slats. 

6. Assembly 

Finally, check how easy or hard it is to assemble the twin bed frame. 

Tool-free assembly bed frames are the easiest to assemble. They take 5-10 minutes to put together. 

Most other twin bed frames take half an hour to an hour to put together. Make sure the bed comes with clear instructions and a tool to assemble it. 

Twin Bed Frames: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Twin Bed Frame

What are the dimensions of a twin-size bed frame?

The standard size of a twin bed frame is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. They are meant to perfectly fit a similar-sized twin mattress. 

You may find some twin bed frames that are bigger or smaller by half an inch to an inch. 

Are twin and single beds the same?

Yes, twin and single reference to the same bed size – 38” x 75”. 

Is a twin bed frame suitable for adults?

A twin bed frame is ideal for older kids moving from a toddler bed as well as single adults. 

Note, however, that it’s not ideal for taller sleepers. Get a Twin XL instead. It’s longer. 

Can two adults sleep on a twin bed?

A twin bed is designed for one person. You can try to sleep two on a twin bed, but it’ll be extremely uncomfortable. 

We recommend getting a Full or Queen size bed instead. 

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