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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Reviews 2023

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Thinking about getting a Brooklyn Bedding mattress? 

You’ve come to the right place.

Brooklyn Bedding offers six mattresses, each with a unique feel and comfort. Most of them are hybrid mattresses with some variations in construction and materials.

In this Brooklyn Bedding buying guide, we review all the six mattresses and compare them to help you choose the right one for your needs and budget.

Whats In This Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Guide

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Lineup: Summary

brooklyn bedding

brooklyn mattress

Brooklyn Bedding currently sells 6 different mattresses – listed from least to most expensive:



  • Brooklyn Bowery: their most affordable bed and the only all-foam Brooklyn Bedding mattress. It consists of three poly foam layers of varying density. It has a medium-firm feel and starts at $499.



  • Brooklyn Aurora: a 5” hybrid mattress that’s great for those looking for a thicker than average mattress. It incorporates phase change materials and cooling gel for optimal temperature regulation. The Aurora starts at $999 and is available in three firmness levels.



  • Brooklyn Spartan: a poly foam, gel memory foam, and pocket coil hybrid mattress with a unique performance fabric cover. The cover emits far-infrared radiation to help athletes recover faster. It is available in three firmness levels and starts at $1,399.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses Compared

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Comfort (Top)
Foam hybrid11.5”Soft, medium, firmQuilted polyfoam cover, 2” TitanFlex polyfoam, 2” Energex polyfoam6” pocket coils, 1” HD polyfoam$$

Bowery Hybrid
Bowery Hybrid
Foam hybrid10”Medium-firmQuilted gel memory foam cover, 2” polyfoam6” pocket coils, 1” HD polyfoam$$
Foam10”Medium-firmQuilted polyfoam cover, 3” Energex™ polyfoam, 2” polyfoam5” HD polyfoam$$
Foam hybrid13.5”Soft, medium, firm1.5” copper-infused polyfoam with phase change cooling, 2” TitanFlex polyfoam, 1” gel memory foam8” pocket coils, 1” HD polyfoam$$$
Foam hybrid13.5”Soft, medium, firmPerformance cover, 1.5” copper-infused polyfoam with phase change cooling, 2” TitanFlex polyfoam, 1” gel memory foam8” pocket coils, 1” HD polyfoam$$$$
Bloom Hybrid
Bloom Hybrid
Latex hybrid12”Soft, medium, firmQuilted wool cover, 3” natural Talalay latex8” pocket coils, 1” HD polyfoam$$$$

About Brooklyn Bedding

brooklyn bed

Brooklyn Bedding launched in 2008 and was one of the first companies to test the direct-to-customer model for selling mattresses.

The business took off immediately, and the company has since then expanded its catalog, not just in mattresses but other sleep products as well.

The company’s latest product update was in 2018 when they introduced several new mattresses.

Brooklyn Bedding is involved in several social causes where they mostly provide bedding to children, adults, and families in need.

Materials & Construction

Brooklyn Signature construction

All but one of Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are hybrid. Here’s the construction breakdown of each mattress.

Brooklyn Signature

Brooklyn Signature

Brooklyn Signature is the original Brooklyn Bedding mattress. This affordable hybrid mattress consists of polyfoam and pocketed coils and is available in three firmness options.

Here’s a full breakdown of what’s inside the mattress.

Quilted cover: A plush cover quilted with polyfoam provides instant pressure relief when you lie on the mattress.

2” TitanFlex Polyfoam: TitanFlex is a proprietary type of polyfoam that has the characteristics of both memory foam and latex foam. It is soft and contouring yet supportive and responsive. The foam is infused with cooling gel to aid in heat dissipation.

2” Energex Polyfoam: This is a firmer polyfoam layer that provides transitional support. It distributes your weight evenly and holds up your weight to ensure you don’t bottom out and feel the innersprings.

6” pocket coils: The individually encased coils allow the mattress to adapt to your weight and sleeping position. They also provide deep compression support, motion isolation, and improved ventilation.

1” polyfoam base: An inch of high-density polyfoam offers overall support and stability.

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is 11.5” thick, making it ideal even for heavier sleepers.


Brooklyn Aurora

Brooklyn Aurora

The Aurora is also a hybrid mattress but is a couple of inches thicker than the Signature. The extra height provides more support for heavier sleepers.

Here are the layers inside the mattress.

1.5” copper-infused foam: Brooklyn Bedding calls it CopperFlex. It is polyfoam infused with copper. The copper has natural antibacterial properties. It also helps with heat dissipation. The foam also contains phase change materials that maintain the temperature within a comfortable range.

2” TitanFlex polyfoam: A layer of responsive polyfoam – a special type called TitanFlex –contours around your body to provide pressure relieve around pressure points such as the shoulders and lower back.

1” gel memory foam: A thin layer of gel-infused memory foam enhances body contouring and pressure relief while also providing cooling and deep compression support.

8” pocket coils: Individually encased coils offer further support to ensure the mattress lasts long without sagging. The pocket coils also improve airflow, which helps with cooling, and isolate motion, which helps couples sleep better.

1” polyfoam base: A layer of high-density polyfoam reinforces the coil layer and provides overall stability.


Brooklyn Spartan

Brooklyn Spartan

The Brooklyn Spartan is the most expensive mattress sold by Brooklyn Bedding. It’s a 13.5” foam hybrid mattress designed specifically to help athletes recover more effectively as they sleep. Brooklyn Bedding calls it active recovery.

Here’s a breakdown of the mattress’s construction.

Performance fabric cover: The special fabric used in the cover absorbs body heat and emits far-infrared radiation, which helps with muscle and body recovery. The cover also improves sleep quality.

1.5” copper-infused polyfoam: Copper-infused into the foam provides anti-bacterial protection while boosting heat dissipation. The top layer also contains phase change materials (TitanCool) that maintain your body temperature within a tight range.

2” TitanFlex foam: Responsive foam gives the mattress a nice bouncy feel. It also enhances pressure relief by contouring around your curves and joints.

1” gel memory foam: A transitional memory foam layer provides deep compression support and contouring. The gel-infused in the foam ensures the memory foam doesn’t retain too much heat.

8” pocket coils: The core of the mattress consists of 8” individually encased coils that adapt to your body’s sleeping position and weight. They also prevent motion transfer, helping couples sleep more peacefully.

1” polyfoam base: A high-density base provides overall support and stability.


Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid

Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid

Brooklyn Bloom hybrid is the only latex mattress in the Brooklyn lineup. The combination of naturally cool latex and airflow-boosting pocket coils makes it a great choice for hot sleepers.

Here’s a breakdown of the 12” high hybrid mattress.

1.25” quilted cover: The Bloom mattress starts with a plush quilted cover consisting of an organic cotton top and natural Joma wool. The wool not only provides a soft sleeping surface but also helps with temperature regulation and moisture-wicking.

3” natural Talalay latex: Unlike Dunlop latex, which can sometimes feel a bit too firm, Talalay latex has a plush but responsive feel. It’s like sleeping on a bouncy fluffy cloud. This being latex, it sleeps much cooler than polyfoam.

8” pocket coils: The innerspring core provides deep compression support and allows the mattress to adapt to your body physique and sleeping position quickly. The pocket coils also boost airflow and isolate disturbances from your partner’s movements.

1” polyfoam base: Like most of the other Brooklyn mattresses, the Bloom Hybrid uses a firm layer of polyfoam base at the bottom for overall support and durability.


Brooklyn Bowery

Brooklyn Bowery

The Brooklyn Bowery is the cheapest Brooklyn mattress. The reason it’s priced much lower than the others is that it’s not a hybrid mattress. Adding innersprings to a mattress typically raises the price tag.

The Bowery mattress is all-foam from top to bottom. It’s 10” high, which is also part of the reason it’s cheaper than the others.

Here are the foam layers.

Quilted cover: The cover is quilted with polyfoam, giving the Bowery mattress a nice plush feel. Though not quite as luxurious as a pillow top, it quickly relieves pressure from your joints and muscles.

3” Energex foam: Brooklyn Bedding’s proprietary polyfoam provides the best of memory foam and latex foam. It contours to your body like memory foam and has the responsiveness of latex foam. The foam has an open-cell construction that allows air to flow and heat to dissipate away from the mattress.

2” transitional foam: A firmer layer of polyfoam provides lumbar support and ensures you don’t sink in too far. For heavier sleepers, it provides deep compression support to keep you from feeling the much firmer base layer underneath.

5” base: A thick layer of high-density foam provides added support and ensures the mattress does not sag even after years of use.


Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid

Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid

If you like the Bowery’s price but prefer a more supportive and responsive hybrid mattress, get the Bowery Hybrid.

It’s just slightly more expensive than the all-foam version. For your money, you get innersprings that provide better support and add a nice bounce to the mattress.

The hybrid version also sleeps cooler.

Here are all the layers in the Bowery Hybrid.

1” quilted cover: The cover is quilted with 1” gel memory foam that does two things. One, it provides instant pressure relief, ensuring your pressure points settle comfortably into the mattress. Two, it keeps the surface of the mattress feeling cool.

2” transitional foam: To balance the plushness of the quilted cover, the layer underneath consists of firmer polyfoam. It holds up your weight, keeping your back and spine properly aligned.

6” pocket coils: The pocketed coils provide deep compression support, which is what keeps you from bottoming out. They also improve airflow, which helps with heat and moisture dissipation, and isolate motion to ensure couples don’t wake each other up when one person moves.

1” polyfoam base: Firm polyfoam at the bottom of the mattress enhances support and keeps the entire mattress stable and in shape.

Firmness and Comfort

brooklyn mattress

Now that we know what each mattress is made from, it’s time to discuss how they feel.

One thing I like about Brooklyn Bedding is that they give you options.

Almost all the mattresses are available in three firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm. So you can choose the one that best fits your sleeping needs.

The only mattresses without firmness options are the Bowery and Bowery hybrid. Considering their affordable price point, it’s not surprising. But they are both designed to provide a universal comfort feel that meets the needs of different types of sleepers.

To help you choose the right mattress, let’s discuss how each feels.

Note: Firmness is subjective and depends on weight, sleeping position, and other factors. What you may describe as medium-firm may feel firmer or softer to someone else. The only way to find out exactly how one of these mattresses feels like is to buy it. If you don’t like it, you can return it and try another one.

Brooklyn Signature

brooklyn bedding signature review

How the Brooklyn Signature mattress feels depends on the comfort level you select.

The medium comfort level is the most popular. It offers a great balance between firm support and soft pressure relief.

If you are a back sleeper or you sleep in different positions, get the medium Brooklyn Signature. It’s also the best option for couples with different comfort preferences.

The Soft Brooklyn Signature uses plusher foam, which results in a more sinkage and a deeper hug compared to the medium and firm options. It’s a great choice for side sleepers and people who weigh less than average.

The Firm Brooklyn Signature offers the best support for heavier sleepers. Some stomach sleepers may also find the firmer, more solid surface to be more comfortable.

Like most hybrid mattresses, Brooklyn Signature’s innerspring core provides excellent edge-to-edge support.

Brooklyn Aurora

brooklyn bedding aurora review

Aurora’s thicker profile – 13.5” – makes it a great choice for heavier sleepers. Most of the extra height comes from the thicker coil layer.

This boosts deep compression support, which ensures you don’t bottom out regardless of your weight.

Aurora is one of the two Brooklyn mattresses to have a memory foam layer. No, just any memory foam but gel memory foam.

Memory foam is plenty plush on its own; adding gel makes it even more contouring.

If you want a Brooklyn Mattress with a plusher, more luxurious feel to it, I recommend Aurora.

Like the Bloom and most other Brooklyn mattresses, Aurora is available in three firmness levels: soft, medium and firm.

The soft option has a feeling akin to that of a pillow top mattress. It’s plush and hugs your body. It’s a good choice for side sleepers and anyone who loves to sink into their bed.

The medium option is the best for most people. It’s not too firm and not too soft – just the right balance that caters to different sleeping positions.

The firm Aurora uses firmer foam but still offers a slight hug, so you don’t feel like you are sleeping on a rock.

All three options have good edge-to-edge support thanks to the 8” innerspring core.

Brooklyn Spartan

brooklyn beds

Spartan is the top of the range Brooklyn mattress. What sets it apart from the other mattresses is the performance cover that gives off infrared radiation.

Far infrared radiation (FIR) has several proven benefits, including arthritis management, improved sleep quality, and increased lactation in breastfeeding mothers.

FIR has also been shown to improve cell activity and blood circulation, which helps your body recover more effectively as you sleep. This is especially beneficial to athletes who need to rebuild their muscles and body after strenuous physical activity.

You probably won’t feel the FIR working to help you sleep better, but you’ll likely wake up feeling more rested.

As for firmness, the Brooklyn Spartan is similar in structure to the Aurora.

It’s just as thick, making it a good choice for bigger-bodied sleepers. It also has a gel memory foam layer that provides excellent pressure relief.

You can choose from three firmness options: soft, medium, and firm.

Bloom Hybrid

brooklyn bedding mattress

Bloom is the only latex mattress Brooklyn Bedding sells.

If you don’t like the feel of foam, Bloom is the best alternative. Unlike the other mattresses, it doesn’t contain any polyfoam or memory foam.

It uses natural Talalay latex instead, which gives it a buoyant feel. It’s also more responsive than the foam mattresses.

The Bloom mattress has a quilted wool cover, so you’ll still get a bit of a foam-like plushness, which ensures your shoulders or lower back are not pressing against the mattress.

The innerspring core adds to the latex layer’s responsiveness, making the Bloom Hybrid the bounciest mattress in the lineup.

You get three firmness options: soft, medium, and firm. If you are not sure which one is right for you, the medium option is a safe bet.

Get the soft Bloom if you weigh less than average or are a side sleeper. Get the firm bloom if you are in the heavier weight range, or you are a stomach sleeper.


brooklyn bowery hybrid review

The Bowery Hybrid and the Bowery all-foam are Brooklyn Bedding’s budget offerings. That doesn’t mean they are less comfortable.

The Bowery mattress has an all-foam construction with a medium-firm feel. It has just the right amount of giving and support to suit most sleepers.

The quilted cover adds a nice soft feel to the mattress and enhances pressure relief. The Energex foam in the top layer also adds a bit of plushness to the mattress.

The transitional foam layer and the high-density foam base balance out the soft comfort section, resulting in an overall medium-firm feel.

The Bowery mattress uses responsive poly foam. But don’t expect it to feel as bouncy as a latex or hybrid mattress.

If you are looking for a responsive but affordable mattress that’s great for sex, we recommend the Bowery Hybrid instead.

Bowery Hybrid

The Bowery Hybrid is for those who love the pricing of the Bowery mattress but want a mattress with better support and responsiveness.

The Hybrid version adds innersprings, which improves support, especially for couples and heavier sleepers, and makes the mattress bouncier.

The Bowery Hybrid also has better edge support, which makes it a better choice for couples.

Like the Bowery all-foam mattress, the Bowery Hybrid is available in medium-firm only. But it’s designed to adapt to different kinds of sleepers.

The quilted gel memory foam cover provides pressure relief for side sleepers; the polyfoam layer provides proper spinal alignment for back and stomach sleepers while the 6” innerspring layer easily holds up heavier sleepers.

Temperature Neutrality

Brooklyn Temperature Neutrality

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses perform well when it comes to temperature regulation.

Most of them are hybrid mattresses, meaning they have excellent airflow thanks to the pocket coil layer. Even with the foam layers on top, there isn’t much heat retention.

That said, not all of them rank the same in terms of sleeping cool. For the average sleeper, any of them will probably feel cool enough. But if you are a hot sleeper, you need to be careful with your selection.

The Bloom Hybrid is the best Brooklyn Bedding mattress for hot sleepers. It has the best cooling performance thanks to three design features.

  • It uses latex instead of polyfoam. Latex doesn’t retain heat, making it naturally cool.
  • It has a quilted wool cover. Wool is one of the best materials at temperature regulation. It not only keeps you cool but also warms you up when it’s chilly. It also does a great job wicking away moisture.
  • It has pocket coils. As I’ve mentioned, innersprings promote airflow, which allows heat to escape rather than buildup in the mattress.

If you are not a big fan of latex mattresses, Brooklyn Bedding offers several alternatives that are almost as cool.

Brooklyn Aurora: The mattress contains copper-infused foam. In addition to its anti-bacterial properties, copper also helps with heat dissipation. The Aurora mattress also contains a phase change molecule that maintains the temperature within a tight range, ensuring the mattress doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

Brooklyn Spartan: Uses the same cooling techniques as the Aurora. It contains copper as well as a phase change material. Both mattresses also have a layer of gel memory foam. The gel prevents memory foam from retaining too much heat.

So, if you prefer not to get a mattress with latex foam, the Brooklyn Aurora and Spartan mattresses are excellent alternatives.

But if you sleep just mildly hot, any of the other mattresses will do. The airflow from the pocket coil layer is enough to dissipate any heat trapped in the foam layers.

The only mattress I wouldn’t recommend for hot sleepers is the Bowery all-foam mattress.

It has an open-cell foam to dissipate heat, but that may not be enough to help you sleep cool, especially during summer or when you experience hot flashes or night sweats.

Motion Transfer

brooklyn bed

All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses have minimal motion transfer. If your partner spends their night tossing and turning, any of the mattresses will help you sleep peacefully.

Of course, there’s some variation in the motion isolation capability of each mattress.

The all-foam Bowery mattress is the best. Foam is exceptionally good at isolating motion.

The Bloom Hybrid has a bit more motion transfer than the others. That’s because both the latex foam and the innersprings are responsive, making the entire mattress quite bouncy.

While the pocket coils do help to dampen most disturbances, you may sometimes feel your partner’s movements if they toss too forcefully or sit on the bed with force.

But, as I said, motion transfer is very little for all mattresses.


Brooklyn Bedding mattress

All mattresses with polyurethane foam will have some off-gassing when they are new.

So, all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, except Bloom, will produce a mild ‘new foam’ smell when you unbox them.

The smell is harmless (Brooklyn Bedding uses CertiPUR-US Certified foam) and goes away in a couple of days. The airflow from the pocket coils helps get rid of the smell quickly.

If you get the Bowery all-foam mattress, it may take a couple more days for the smell to go away completely.

As for the Bloom Hybrid, the only smell you may experience is a very mild rubber-like smell from the natural Talalay latex.

It also goes away in a couple of days.

Whichever mattress you buy, you can get rid of the smell faster by leaving it uncovered in a well-ventilated room. Open the windows to let the mattress air out.

Shipping & Delivery

brooklyn bedding firm

Brooklyn Bedding’s shipping and delivery policies are similar across all mattresses.

The company provides free FREE FedEx Ground Shipping to all 48 states in the contiguous United States.

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska costs $125 per mattress while shipping to Canada costs $250 per mattress.

It takes about 2-3 days to process orders and 3-5 days for home delivery.

Brooklyn Bedding does not offer white glove delivery. So it’ll be up to you to get the mattress inside your home and set it up.

But the mattresses are easy to set up. Each mattress comes rolled up in a small box that’s easy to carry inside, though you may need some help to lift it.

120-day In-Home Trial

brooklyn bed review

The return policy is also similar for all mattresses.

Once you receive your Brooklyn mattress, you have 120 days to decide if you want to keep it. That’s plenty of time to break in the mattress and get a proper feel of it.

Brooklyn Bedding requires that customers sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days before initiating a return.

Note that returns are free.

But you don’t always have to return the mattress if you don’t like it. Brooklyn Bedding offers the option of modifying the mattress or exchanging it for another one.

If, for instance, you feel the mattress you got is too firm, Brooklyn Bedding will send you a soft topper. They can also offer to exchange the mattress with a softer one.

Exchanges are free, including shipping, but you’ll have to pay the difference if the new mattress costs more.

10-Year Warranty

my pillow reviews complaints

Each Brooklyn Bedding mattress has a 10-year non-prorated warranty.

The warranty covers manufacturing and workmanship defects as well as indentations deeper than 1”. You can read the full warranty here.

The Brooklyn Signature Mattress is Perfect for You If…


You are looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress at an affordable price. Among all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, the Signature offers the best value for your money.

(Use code: FALL20)

The Brooklyn Aurora Mattress is Perfect for You If…


You weigh more than average. The Aurora mattress’s 13.5” height provides great support for heavier sleepers.

Aurora is also a great choice for hot sleepers looking for a cool foam hybrid mattress.

(Use code: FALL20)

The Brooklyn Spartan Mattress is Perfect for You If…


You are an athlete, or you do physically demanding activities during the day. The Spartan mattress’s special performance cover helps you sleep better and recover more effectively.

(Use code: FALL20)

The Brooklyn Bloom Mattress is Perfect for You If…

Bloom hybrid

You are a hot sleeper. The Bloom hybrid mattress has the best cooling performance.

Brooklyn Bloom is also a great choice for anyone looking for a good quality natural latex hybrid mattress.

(Use code: FALL20)

The Brooklyn Bowery Mattress is Perfect for You If…


You are looking for a budget Brooklyn Bedding mattress. Bowery is their cheapest mattress.

It’s also a great choice for those who don’t like the bouncy feel of a hybrid mattress.

(Use code: FALL20)

The Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress is Perfect for You If…

Bowery hybrid

You are looking for a budget hybrid mattress. Bowery Hybrid costs less than most hybrid mattresses online.

(Use code: FALL20)

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