Best Adjustable-Comfort Bed 2020: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Spindle Latex Mattress

Looking for a mattress whose firmness you can change at home?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this in-depth buying guide, I’ll review and compare the best adjustable-comfort mattresses sold online: Spindle, Luxi and Morphiis.

If you're not sure what kind of mattress or firmness you need, then these three affordable beds are solid choices, because you can adjust the feel and firmness of each in your home, after it arrives.

Each mattress reviewed on this page is a great choice for couples with different sleeping preferences because they offer a split-mattress option. So the two of you can adjust each side to your liking, over time.

OK, so let's dive-in and see how these three flexible beds compare.

What's In This Adjustable-Comfort Mattress Guide?

In this 3-way mattress comparison, I'll walk you through each of the leading adjustable-comfort mattresses sold online, Spindle, Luxi and Morphiis.

I will also explain how these leading adjustable mattresses differ in price, feel, construction, warranty and half a dozen other important characteristics.

What is an Adjustable-Comfort Mattress?

Morphiis Mattress Review

An adjustable-comfort mattress is a bed whose configuration you can change in your own home to make it more comfortable for you.

All mattresses sold today are constructed using multiple layers. Some use memory foam layers only, others mix memory and latex foams, and others alternate foam and spring layers.

With most mattresses, you'd better love how the mattress feels after it arrives, or you'll need to return it or suck the cost up – because you can't adjust how it feels. 

Adjustable-comfort mattresses are different… in one important way:

Instead of being stuck with a mattress that feels overly firm or too soft, you can adjust the firmness and feel in your home. This is usually done by unzipping the cover and rearranging the layers of the mattress, flipping it over – or both.

Most of the adjustable-comfort mattresses reviewed in this guide also offer split options for couples. Each partner can adjust their half of the bed to their comfort preferences.

One more thing: adjustable-comfort mattresses are no more expensive than other mattresses of similar quality and materials. 

So what do you have to lose?

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10 Best Mattresses Sold Online: My Personal Favorites for 2020

Leesa mattress review - naked mattress white background

Buying a mattress online isn’t as easy as it was just a few years ago.

That's because today there are more than 100 mattress brands that sell direct to your home online.

Finding the right mattress for your weight, partner, sleeping position and comfort preference today requires a lot of research that you probably don’t have time for.

To help you save time, my team and I have reviewed more than 50 of the best mattresses sold online.

On this page, I tell you my top 10 favorites and explain exactly why I feel that way.

What's In This Mattress Guide

This buying guide is designed to help you choose the right mattress for your needs and budget – in 15 minutes or less.

On this page, I review what I believe are the ten best mattresses sold online based upon my personal reviews of over 50 mattresses and on my research of other verified owner reviews online.

I’ve gone one step further and selected the top mattress in each of 10 different categories to make your shopping  as painless as possible.

There are 3 sections in this guide, in order:

  1. First, I list my top 10 mattresses – one for each type or need.
  2. Next, I compare them side-by-side in a mobile-friendly table.
  3. Finally, I review each mattress in detail.

So let's dive in and find you that bed!

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Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers You Can Buy Online 2020

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

The mattress needs of side-sleepers are different than those of back- and stomach-sleepers.

The most important difference is that sleeping on your side creates sharper body angles and deeper pressure points that the surface of a mattress must contend with. This is why side-sleepers need more compliant surfaces that also provide excellent support without ‘bottoming-out'.

Side sleepers are also more likely to move around at night as they switch positions, so motion transfer can become an issue when two partners share the bed.

Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

In this updated Best Mattress Guide, we've used these requirements to select the best online mattresses for side sleepers in five different categories:

  1. Best Memory Foam: Nest Alexander Signature Series
  2. Best Latex:  Brooklyn Bedding
  3. Best InnerspringSaatva
  4. Best OrganicPlushBeds Botanical Bliss
  5. Best Custom/SplitHelix Mattress

To get a quick overview of our top picks and to see them compared side-by-side, then keep reading this page.


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