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Casper Launches A New Premium Mattress Called ‘The Wave’

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In our mattress reviews and comparisons, we have always regarded Casper as one of the best online mattress companies.

We love their Casper mattress as well as their range of bedding products including foundations, sheets and pillows.

We especially love their hassle-free customer experience.

Whether you are buying a mattress, returning one or claiming your warranty, the customer service is great.

And now they have launched another mattress called The Wave.

Renowned foam expertise. Years of sleep science. Millions of data points. The result? Another breakthrough in mattress innovation. Introducing the Casper Wave.

Posted by Casper on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What caught my eye first was the price.

We are so used to sub $1,000 mattresses from Casper and other bed-in-a-box brands that seeing a mattress costing close to $2,000 is a shock.

But going through the mattress’ features, I realized that this is not just any ordinary mattress. Casper has designed one of the most ergonomic mattresses you can buy. Here’s how the company describes the support and comfort of the new mattress.

“Our patent-pending support system actively mirrors the natural shape of your body at 36 specific points for deeper, more restorative sleep. You’ll fit right in.”

The Inspiration Behind The Wave

Casper is famous for its ‘one perfect mattress for all’ philosophy. This is why they don’t make different firmness levels of the Casper mattress.

They claimed their single mattress had achieved the ‘Goldilocks’ level of comfort – not too firm, not too soft, just perfect. Many customers agree.

When they launched in Germany in 2016, they discovered customers there had markedly different tastes. Germans prefer simple no-frills mattresses that are firmer than average.

Casper couldn’t provide what German customers wanted by simply rearranging the layers in the Casper mattress or adding a firm slice of foam at the top. They needed to design a completely a new mattress.

That’s how the Casper Wave came to be.

Design and Construction

Casper Wave mattress construction

The biggest challenge they faced was making a firm high-density mattress without compromising support.

A firm mattress comes with the risk of creating uncomfortable pressure points. It doesn’t contour well against the body’s angles and curves, resulting in a sore back and joints. Casper had to find an effective solution that combined a firmer comfort level with adequate support.

Like the original Casper, The Casper Wave is all-foam, though it is one layer higher than the 4-layered Casper.

It combines flo foam (for plush comfort), latex foam (for bounce and breathability), memory foam (for contouring), high resiliency foam with polymer network (for responsive firmness) and a support layer designed to contour perfectly around the body.

The mattress also has gel as part of its support and contouring system.

But the most interesting part of the mattress is the contour-cut bottom support layer. The layer is not the regular block shape. Instead, the engineers introduced grooves across the width of the mattress in two locations: around the shoulders and around the hips.

Best online mattress company support

These are the two heaviest parts of the body when you lie down. They exert the most pressure on the mattress and hence are the more vulnerable to painful pressure points.

The engineers made these areas softer so that they could give in more to the added pressure. These grooves helped with that. They consist of polymer-columns that provide an elastic firmness.

In other words, they are firm but elastic enough to respond to pressure when you lie down and bounce back when you wake up.

Because of the extra layer, the Casper wave is 11.5 inches high versus 10 inches of the original Casper. This gives it a more luxurious feel and look.

Support and Comfort

The biggest feature of the mattress is the redesigned support system, what Casper calls the Natural Geometry System.

This system is designed to mirror your body’s curves and angles at 36 different points. It focuses on two major sections of your body.

The first is under your shoulders. A combination of viscoelastic memory foam and a contour-cut support foam layer creates a soft pressure-relieving surface. No matter what position you are sleeping in, your shoulders will not dig painfully into the mattress.

The second focus area is your lower back and hips. In addition to exerting a lot of pressure on the mattress, this area has a lot of curves. Again, a combination of memory foam and polymer-reinforced grooves allows the mattress to align with your body’s curves.

For comfort, Casper has introduced a new top layer of flo foam. It’s soft and velvety. When you lie on it, it envelops your body in a plush hug.

Temperature Control

The Casper Wave sleeps just as cool as the original Casper mattress. In addition to having latex foam as part of the structure, it also uses open cell foam to diver heat and moisture away from the mattress.

Pricing, Shipping, Returns and Warranty

If you want the firm luxury of the Casper mattress, be ready to spend more. The mattress goes for almost double what the original Casper mattress costs.

But compared with similar luxury mattresses in stores, I’d still say it’s a great deal.

Here is the full price list for each size.

Twin size – $1,000
Twin XL – $1,150
Full size – $1,650
Queen size – $1,850
King size – $2,250
California King – $2,250

Currently, Casper delivers the mattress for free to customers in Canada and US.

If you are unsure whether this mattress is right for you, an understandable concern especially considering the price, the 100-day trial period eliminates all risk.

If you still don’t like the mattress after this period, Casper makes it super easy to make a no-questions-asked return.

And if you decide to keep it, you will be covered by a 10-year warranty.


The Casper Wave is definitely worth its price tag. The design and innovation in the mattress is simply amazing. Most importantly, it’s the kind of innovation that makes a huge positive impact on sleeping experience.

If you are shopping around for a firm luxury mattress, try The Wave by Casper.

You can even try it out first at one of the 15 pop-up shops Casper opened to allow people to test the new mattress. See their official website for location details.

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