does celliant really work

Does Celiant Really Work in Sheets & Mattress Covers? (We Share The Truth)

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Celliant's Trademark is “POWER FROM WITHIN” – and it is a concise explanation of how Celliant Energy's technology works to help your body recover faster and feel more rested.

To break it down, Celliant utilizes naturally occurring thermo-reactive minerals together with a mixture of 88 trace components to exchange your body's heat into infrared energy which is then used to stimulate your circulation which aids in muscle recovery and rest.

But how well does this technology work in mattresses, sheets and bedding?

In this article, we'll tell you the unvarnished truth.

How Well Does Celliant Technology Work?

does celliant really work

Have you ever been disappointed by a product that guaranteed some sort of result?  Unfortunately, this experience is all too frequent in the hyped-up world of mattresses, toppers and bedding.

We had raised eyebrows when we heard about the claimed benefits of Celliant technology.

That is why we combed the internet and revisited our own experience to understand how well Celliant works in the real world.

For example, Celliant is used in the Bear Mattress and others.

The CEO of Hologenix, the creator of Celliant claims: “Our technologies may be utilized in everyday products… to make an increase in local blood circulation thereby boosting energy, increasing performance, and speeding muscle recovery.”

Technically speaking, Celliant fabric is a mix of 13 distinct thermo-reactive minerals woven within polyethylene terephthalate fibers (polyester).

The minerals in the cloth absorb body warmth, transform it into infrared energy and return it to your body through your skin.

Infrared energy is a vasodilator that increases blood circulation, and an increase in blood flow means an increase in energy, speedier recovery for muscle tissue, and more.

In fact, the FDA said in 2017 that Celliant counts as a medical device because it “temporarily encourages increased blood flow in the sight of application in healthy people.”

It's one thing to have a firm tell you their product is beneficial for your health, but it's something else when the FDA supports it.

Not just that, but the FDA went as far as officially recognizing Celliant Technology as a medical device – we think that's a big deal.

Can Celliant Help Me Sleep Better?

does celliant really work

So, what's all the fuss about?

Is Celliant going to help you get better sleep?

Most signs point to yes.

Mattresses and bedding with Celliant Technology have been clinically proven to give you better quality sleep.

In a Celliant Pilot sleep research, it was found that people fall asleep 3% quicker, obtain an average of 18.3 more minutes of sleep each night and awake with 8.4% more tissue regeneration.

Benefits of Celliant

  • Better body temperature regulation
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Fall asleep quicker
  • Increases sleep duration
  • Enhances energy and rejuvenation after sleep

How Does Celliant Work?

Let's delve a little deeper into how Celliant works, so you can get a feel for why the promise makes sense.

Celliant's proprietary blend of fibers and minerals uses your body heat to make infrared energy.

The body emits warmth into the fabric, and the fabric uses that warmth to make infrared energy that enters the body through the skin and is abosrbed by our muscles and cells.

The infrared energy delivered into the body increases local circulation and oxygen, which provides the health advantages.

What is Infrared Energy?

does celliant really work

Infrared energy is composed of infrared waves, which are a form of electro magnetic energy.

Infrared light is around us every day, but we cannot see it. When you use a remote controller for example, you're using infrared light waves.

We feel infrared energy as heat. An excellent example of infrared energy is the heat emitted from the body. Though we can't “see” warmth, thermal imaging detects infrared waves and lets us see them.

Celliant Technology goes a step further, using that infrared heat made by your own body and its materials to provide various health benefits back to you.

Is Celliant Safe?

The process where Celliant turns body warmth into infrared energy and emits it back into your body is 100% natural and non-invasive. It's basically a redirection of your own body's energy.

Infrared energy has been used as a healing process for centuries, with evidence showing that it was practiced in ancient Greece and China.

So yes, Celliant is 100% safe for anyone to use, even children.

Some people ask whether it is possible to be allergic to the substance? It is a legitimate concern, but it is essential to remember that allergic reactions have not been reported since Celliant was first released in 2003.

It is more likely that somebody will be allergic to the polyester fiber than the thermo-active materials in them. If that is the case for you, then you may want to be more careful with Celliant.

Otherwise, you're good to go.

Where Can I Find Celliant Fabric?

does celliant really work

Celliant Technology is not exclusive to scientists in labs or high profile athletes resting before a championship match.

You'll discover Celliant fabric in gloves, ski boots, sheets, blankets, blankets, jackets, wet suits, even plane seats.

Products manufactured with Celliant fabric are available in stores worldwide like Bed Bath and Beyond and REI. It just depends upon the kind of product you're looking for.

The official Celliant site is in the process of adding a shopping section for their site, so you will have the ability to find Celliant goods there too.

Mattresses containing Celliant are not composed entirely of the material. It usually only makes up 1/5th of a mattress maximum, since that is all you will need to reap its benefits.

The Advantages of a Celliant Mattress

In 2009, Dr. Marcel Hungs at the University of California Irvine, ran a Pilot Sleep Study using Celliant fabric technology to ascertain how well it enhanced people's sleep.

He concluded that people spent 18.3 fewer minutes awake throughout the night and required of 42 minutes less sleep per night, overall.

These results imply the subjects obtained better quality sleep and did not require the additional 42 minutes of rest.

Can I Buy Sheets with Celliant Technology?

does celliant really work

There are lots of sleep products besides mattresses that include Celliant – like blankets and sheets, for example.

If you are not looking to spend the money on a brand-new mattress, then buying linen infused with Celliant is the next best thing. Apart from improving your sleep quality, Celliant is helps ensure you don't overheat at night.

This is because when you experience increased blood circulation, your body regulates your core temperature, keeping you from getting too hot during the middle of the night.

Also, it's important to note that Celliant doesn't need to maintain direct contact with your skin to achieve the results, because infrared energy can penetrate through multiple layers of material.

This means you won't need to worry whether the technology is working as you are wearing your pajamas or clothing under a Celliant blanket/sheet.

What About Celliant Clothing and Pajamas?

does celliant really work

There are other ways to make the most of Celliant's benefits besides sleeping on it.

For example, you can now buy clothing with Celliant technology interlaced in the fabric.

We believe Celliant garments are particularly beneficial for folks who are especially active because they accelerate muscle tissue recovery that naturally happens after exercise.

In a 2003 Research by Dr. Lawrence Lavery, Associate Professor at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation at Loyola University Medical Center, he discovered people who wore 50 percent Celliant socks and 100 percent Celliant gloves revealed a “significant increase in oxygen delivery”.

What does that mean for people that regularly work out?

Well, according to Dr. Lavery, “An 8 to 14% increase in oxygenation could boost circulation enough to enhance wound-healing or remove leg pain brought on by atherosclerosis or other blood flow obstacles.”

So, Celliant may not turn you into Wolverine, but you will likely find improved healing from sleeping with Celliant technology.

Final Thoughts

Sleep is a necessary part of survival. Whether you love to sleep or despise it, you need it to heal your body.

This is the time your body repairs cells, restores energy, and rids itself of toxic waste.

Take the already incredible advantages of sleep and combine that with the additional benefits of Celliant technology, and you have upped your sleeping game.

If you're interested in giving Celliant Technology a try, we have reviewed a few mattress options to get you started.

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