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The Eight Sleep Smart Mattress Now Comes With a Personal Coach to Help You Sleep Better

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Sleeping should be easy, right? Just close your eyes, count sheep and drift off to a deep snooze.

But you know as well as I do that it’s harder than it seems and requires some effort. Most of us don’t sleep as long or as well as we should.

Work, family, money and life in general often gets in the way.

Instead of getting a good night’s sleep, you are tossing and turning or just staring into the darkness as your mind races with thoughts.

Like eating well or saving money, sleeping well is a habit you need to cultivate. Eight Sleep is here to help.

The company is best known for their series of smart foam and hybrid mattresses. You can read my Eight Sleep mattress review here.

Their mattresses are unique.

Underneath you get a normal mattress with several layers of foam or a mixture of foam and springs depending on the mattress you pick.

The unique part is the smart cover which contains a temperature control system and a sleep tracker.

When paired with the Eight Sleep app you can track metrics like the number of hours slept, heart rate, breathing, sleep cycles and so on.

The company has now added a personal sleep coach to the app that uses all those data points to give you insights that will help you sleep better.

AI Coach

Eight Sleep coach

The sleep tracker is powered by artificial intelligence which analyzes sleep data collected over time. It learns about your sleep habits, both the bad and good ones.

It then provides customized insights to improve sleep quality.

For instance, it will tell you when you’ve slept poorly, when you’ve been sleeping well, how quickly you get out of bed and how healthy your sleep cycles are.

Here are some examples of insights it will provide. These are just generic examples. Your own insights will be personalized to your specific sleep data and patterns.

  • “Great job! You got 7 hours and 43 minutes of sleep last night. That is 30 minutes more than your average this month.”
  • “You sleep like a rock! This week you've tossed and turned on average 10 times per night. This is much lower than the average for people your age, which is 25 toss and turns per night.”
  • “On average it takes you 12 minutes to fall asleep. This is significantly less than the 20 minute average for women your age.”
  • “You are a quick riser! On average this week you got out of bed within 7 minutes of waking up. This is 15% faster than the average for people in New York City.”
  • “You get higher sleep scores on Mondays. What's your secret?”
  • “Your percentage of REM sleep was 15% last night. This is lower than the healthy range of 20-25%. Lack of REM is caused by lack of sleep and can lead to fatigue and in the long term memory loss. Try sleeping 30 minutes more tonight.”

Better Sleep, Better Health

The Eight Sleep coach is like having your own personal sleep doctor next to you every morning telling you how you slept and advising you on how to improve your sleep.

If you struggle to sleep for the recommended number of hours or you can’t hold down a consistent sleep schedule, the new feature will help a lot.

If you already have the Eight Sleep mattress and app, you just need to update the app to access the new feature.

If you don’t have the mattress, get it on their official website. Then download the free app for Android or iOS.

All other great features of the smart mattress still remain. You can warm or cool each side of the bed, enjoy better mornings with the smart alarm and sleep better with the ambient and meditation sounds.

You can even connect the smart mattress to Alexa or IFTTT if you want to integrate it into your smart home.

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