how to clean foam mattress topper

How to clean a foam mattress topper properly in 5 Simple Steps

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In case you have not seen it, sleeping is a nasty job. While sleeping, our bodies release various bad fluids through the skin (e.g., sweat), or sometimes we go to bed dirty.

All this goes to the mattress, and after some time, it will need cleaning if you would like it to stay nice to sleep on.

Memory foam mattresses and toppers are top-rated nowadays, but you can't wash them in precisely the same way you would like any old mattress. As this item is so special, you will need to understand a little about its characteristics to have the ability to look after it properly.

In today's article, we will demonstrate how you can wash a memory foam mattress topper in only a couple of straightforward steps. We also threw in some helpful tips that'll make your life and bed maintenance simpler.

Preparation for cleaning

how to clean foam mattress topper

Before we jump into the cleaning process, we want to lay out all the things you need to have and think about before beginning. You will need:

  • Enough space to put the topper down for washing and drying
  • A few towels or cotton sloths
  • Plain spray bottle
  • Vinegar/baking soda/detergent
  • Non-abrasive detergent for laundry (liquid is the way to go)
  • Hair drier
  • A vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment

Partial or overall cleaning​?

Based on how filthy the mattress topper is, there are two different cleaning procedures – tight or spot cleaning and washing the whole thing. We will describe both ways, beginning with the former.

Partial cleaning

This one is for those wishing to remove the stain from a particular place on the topper. Here is how you can do it.

1. Vacuuming the surface

how to clean foam mattress topper

Get the topper off from the mattress and spread it across a clean and dry surface. A good example of this could be a room lined with a plastic sheet.

When you've put the topper, vacuum using the mattress-vacuuming extension. In this manner, you may remove the dust or small debris which may have found its way into the topper.

2. Cleaning the stains

After vacuuming, it is time to track down and eliminate those dirty stains and nasty spots. There are numerous cleaning agents which you could use, but we recommend either detergent and vinegar combo of baking soda.

The first option is better if you seek to remove the odors in addition to the stains, while another one will clean it.

a) Vinegar/detergent

Mix the vinegar with a little bit of water. Apply the solution to the stain bit by bit and wipe with a cloth until you remove it.

When the spots are gone, it is time to use the detergent. Same as the vinegar, mix it, although this time you may need more water. Take a sterile cloth, soak it to the diluted detergent, and then spread it across the area where the stain was.

You can also sprinkle it with a spray bottle if you want. Now, let it sit for about half an hour because it takes some time to do its work.

b) Baking soda

how to clean foam mattress topper

Combine water and baking soda in a 2:1 ratio and stir it around until they form a white solution. Apply the solution with a cloth and wash until the stains are gone. Could you leave it to sit for about one hour?

3. Rinsing

After the advised time, fill the spray bottle with water and spray it on the surface coated with detergent/baking soda. After every spray, wipe off the water with a soft cloth as this will eliminate the cleaning agent foam from the region.

4. Blotting

When there's no more sterile layer forming, take an absorbent cloth and tap on the area with it to remove the excess moisture. After the fabric gets wet, have a dry one and repeat the same procedure.

5. Drying

After the cleaning is completed, drying is up next. The slow way is to leave the mattress to put in an airy room or direct a fan onto it.

A quicker method would be to blow dry the wet stains using a hairdryer. If you decide on the latter, be sure not to bring the dryer too near the topper's surface because it may damage it.

In case that both faces of this mattress topper were stained, simply reverse the topper and replicate these six measures on the opposite side.

Washing the whole mattress topper

how to clean foam mattress topper

For deep and large stains, such as those caused by coffee, juice, urine, or other liquid spills, spot-cleaning won't remove it, but you will have to wash the whole thing.

For this, the fluids have gotten soaked up in the memory foam, so that you must clean it entirely.

Speaking of pee, people who have small children who don't sleep on a memory foam mattress know that removing pee stains from a standard mattress is different from the one presented in this report.

So, how do you wash a whole topper?

First, perform the first five measures from the last section, from vacuuming to blotting, and then do the following:


As your Topper is placed on an even and clean surface, wash it with cold water. As you do so, pay attention to if each of the detergents was rinsed away. If you find any sterile surfaces forming, then wipe them off and rinse again.

2. Drain

When the topper is soaked roll it inside while lightly pressing to eliminate the additional water. Don't squeeze it too hard, and certainly do not tumble dry it because this will damage its structure and softness.

3. Dry

The best place to wash the topper is someplace with a great deal of airflow and hidden from direct sunlight. Additionally, blow dryers and fans may be used to accelerate the procedure.

Things to avoid while cleaning a memory foam topper

This section will talk about some dos and don’ts of memory foam topper washing. As we've mentioned previously, memory foam is a particular material, and you can't clean it in the same manner as other fabrics.

Here are some common mistakes you need to avoid:

Please don't spread the topper again on the mattress until you are positive it is totally dry. If there's even the slightest bit of dampness remaining, it will create perfect mold-forming conditions, which is quite bad for your wellbeing.

Never leave the topper to wash under the direct sun during the hottest portion of the day. Please put it in the shade and ensure that there's a great deal of dry air flowing through there. When the heat dies down a little in the late afternoon, it's ok to leave it open in sunlight.

Do not utilize cheap and low-quality detergent to wash the stains because this might lead to discoloration of the topper's surface.

When blow-drying, maintain the drier on low and on a safe space in the surface of the topper as substantial heat may damage it.

Machine Washing, squeezing, or tumble drying should be avoided at all costs. These activities will hurt the consequences of the memory foam and damage its performance.

Don't wash it with hot water.

Improving the life of memory foam mattress topper.

Use a cover

A cover is among the best things that you can have to help protect your favorite topper. Not only will it keep the memory foam from heavy staining and keep it clean, but it's also quite easy to keep and costs very little.

Nowadays, there are several diverse covers available, and we recommend you get a cotton one. Cotton feels excellent under the skin, and it is much healthier than synthetic materials.

Flip the topper

Over time, Memory foam will lose its stability and performance, and it's a fantastic idea to reverse it now and then. Using this method, the side taking all of the pressure from the top will have the ability to “rest” as the clean side will take its position.

Check the label

Keep in mind to check the care label on the topper since it will give you some information about what to do and what not to do when washing this item.


Washing the mattress topper may not be a super simple job, but it's a necessary one. Just Practice the steps we provided you with, and you will have the ability to keep your memory Foam topper clean and nice, and proper maintenance will make it last for a long time.

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