How to Put on a Duvet Cover

How to Put a Duvet Cover Back On, Step-By-Step (2 Simple Methods!)

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Have you ever made the mistake of just pushing your comforter back into your duvet cover?

We bet you wrestled with that thing for a while, never getting it look as good as the first time you mated the two together.

In this article, we introduce a few simple cheats that will make this frustrating process a whole lot simpler – and faster.

Why Use a Duvet Cover?

How to Put on a Duvet Cover

You might be asking, why struggle with a duvet cover in the first place?

Well, a duvet cover is an extra fabric slide that protects the duvet.

It's doesn't necessarily offer warmth and can add a wide range of patterns and colors to improve the appearance of your bed.

Duvets also normally have closures in them – such as zippers, buttons, or ties at the interior of the corners.

Duvets can be pricey and hard to clean, too. They generally need dry cleaning, which may be expensive, or they may take a couple of days to dry out in the home.

Duvet covers are helpful since they can safeguard your duvet, keeping it clean and scratch-free of whatever you might be letting into your bed (kids, pets, mimosas, etc.). They can also be readily removed and are easy to wash but not very easy to put back on unless you browse our methods.

Steps to Put a Duvet Cover 

How to Put on a Duvet Covera

The Conventional Method

  1. Lay Your duvet or comforter on top of your mattress. Make sure it's laid flat and smooth.
  2. Get your duvet cover and turn it inside out. Get inside and find the top two edges of the duvet cover. Grab them in either hand while the duvet cover remains inside out.
  3. Now, catch the top two corners of the comforter, turn the duvet cover back to the right side out, then slide it down the rest of the comforter.
  4. Be sure to shake the entire blanket out a bit, and fluff it like you would a cushion so the comforter settles well inside the duvet cover.
  5. Take the bottom two edges of the duvet and pack them in the duvet cover. Bounce and fluff again if needed.
  6. Close the duvet cover (zip up, tie up, button-up, etc.), and you are all done.
  7. Enjoy Your fluffy bed.

The California Roll Method

  1. Take your comforter cover and turn it inside out. Then lay it down so it is covering the surface of your bed. The opening of this comforter cover should be facing off from where you are standing.
  2. Take your duvet (or comforter) and put it on top of the interior out duvet cover. Make sure all the corners and edges are lined up. If your duvet cover has corner ties, tie all inside corner ties of this duvet cover into the loops on the comforter (or simply around the corners, if there are no loops).
  3. Now it is time to start rolling! Beginning on the side opposite from the closed, roll the quilt up and the duvet cover together. You might want to adjust the edges as you roll to keep everything lined up perfectly.
  4. Once everything is rolled up, take the end of the duvet cover in which the closure is and stuff the entire comforter rolls inside. Now you can close up the duvet cover (button-up, tie-up, zip-up, etc.) and then place the California roll onto the bed so the closed-in at the base of your mattress, where your feet move.
  5. Now, start unrolling the whole blanket. You might want to pull the duvet cover in the roll a little. Once fully unrolled over the bed, don't hesitate to shake the blanket out and fluff it up to make it look nice.
  6. Enjoy Your made bed.

Hopefully, these two methods will save you time and help make your bedroom look great fine – fast!

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