can i sleep on my side after wisdom teeth removal

Can I Sleep On My Side After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Almost 85 percent of Americans must get their wisdom teeth removed sooner or later, and most of them are jealous of people who don't have to go through the process.

It is a simple outpatient operation but the recovery can be very grueling and maybe even worse if you cannot figure out how to get a good night's sleep.

Sleep is a significant element in recovery to see how this situation can become a downward spiral if you are not getting any rest. The less sleep you get, the more debilitating the recovery process becomes, making it more difficult to sleep, and the cycle continues.

Be prepared to re-adjust how you are eating because you can only have liquids and soft foods such as pudding and yogurt. Since you are eating differently, it may affect your sleep schedule.

How to Sleep Post Teeth Removal

After you get your wisdom teeth removed, it is essential to be conscious of sleeping. Sleep and decent rest are necessary to heal faster, but if you are not careful when you're sleeping, you can extend your recovery procedure.

Take Your Medication

can i sleep on my side after wisdom teeth removal

To begin, be sure you take any medications your doctor prescribed for two reasons. It will help fight off possible diseases and two, it will allow you to sleep at night if you are feeling pain.

Hopefully, your oral surgeon or dentist prescribed you something strong, like how Carla mentioned previously. Otherwise, Ibuprofen or Tylenol will help alleviate the discomfort too. It is also possible to apply an ice pack to your cheek for those with a mix of swelling and pain.

Keep Head Elevated & Select the Ideal Position

After you get your wisdom teeth pulled, you ought to keep your head raised for at least the first 36 hours at a 45-degree angle, even as you sleep.

The explanation for this is that the elevation can allow you to recover quicker because of blood vessel condition (narrowing of your blood veins) and blood volume that lead to growing close to the wound when you are lying flat.

This may cause the wound to throb and result in greater bleeding and pressure, which inhibit healing. Keeping your head at an angle also reduces swelling, so you don't look like a chipmunk.

Remove Gauze From Mouth

This next suggestion might go without saying, but you will want to remove the gauze in your mouth until you sleep so you do not accidentally choke on it. Your dentist should inform you when you have the okay to carry it out, generally around 30 minutes following the operation.

Follow Aftercare Instructions

Generally speaking, make sure you also schedule a time to rest after your operation, and not just when you are likely to go to sleep at night.

If you strain yourself too hard post wisdom teeth extraction, the recovery process will only be painful, which implies less comfortable sleep. So, take a couple of days off work, lay low, and nap whenever you have the chance.

If you find it tough to fall sleeping, try setting the temperature in your room between 60-67 to reduce your body temperature, and then turn off all the lights in your area.

You should keep your phone face down so that it will not light up during the evening. This ensures you are at the best setting to fall asleep.

Can I Sleep on My Side Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

can i sleep on my side after wisdom teeth removal

Unfortunately, you'll have to sleep on your back. Based upon your recovery period, you'll have to sleep on your back for about three to seven days. It's not wise to sleep on your side or in your stomach as it can squish your cheeks, adding additional pressure to the region.

It will also direct more blood into the area via gravity. We cannot imagine that it would be pretty comfortable to sleep with an elevated head while on your side or stomach, either, so try to adhere strictly to your own back.

If you're somebody who is not used to sleeping on their back, consider organizing pillows around your head and neck to keep you comfortable and supported.

Best Pillows to Use After Wisdom Teeth Removal

can i sleep on my side after wisdom teeth removal

We suggest that you prepare for your wisdom teeth removal operation and find a fantastic pillow or two which will keep you comfortable and encouraged.

The most suitable pillow for a back sleeper will have a little bit of attic to it, around the 1-4″ range when it is compressed. This can help to keep the head facing up, not forward. Facing the head forward can bend and stress the neck.

Some excellent back sleeper pillow options that we've reviewed are the Layla pillow, the Leesa Hybrid pillow, or the Lull pillow. Feel free to check out our reviews on everyone to determine which one may be right for you.

Pillows nowadays come in various firmness and texture profiles, like memory foam, latex foam, or even the outstanding Purple pillow that's constructed from Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

We also recommend making sure you get a temporary pillowcase for your cushions. It is not at all rare to occasionally bleed in your pillowcase or your sheets post your wisdom teeth removal.

If you have white sheets, we've got some tips on the way to keep them white, even when it comes to blood.

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