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10 New Urban Industrial Bedroom Chairs

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Urban Industrial style is all about bringing an old factory warehouse vibe into your bedroom. 

Think: roughly-finished wooden or metal beds matched with soft and playful fabrics, combined in unique ways to provide a fresh and ultra-sophisticated look.

Furniture for an industrial bedroom is usually made of metal, wood, or a blend of both.

Industrial style chairs should be sturdy with a laid-back character.

Chairs add more functionality to any bedroom; stylistically, however, they can make or break an industrial loft space, so your chairs need to be chosen carefully.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of new chairs that would work in any urban/industrial bedroom setting:

1. Leather Upholstered Armchair

Industrial Bedroom Chairs

A perfect industrial-style chair with leather upholstery and metal legs.

2. Chrome Pizzazz

Industrial Bedroom Chairs

A cool and comfortable chair in chrome for your Industrial bedroom.

It will add interest to your space.

3. Grey Rocking Chair

Industrial Bedroom Chairs

A grey rocking chair with metal legs and a wooden base-makes a perfect addition to an industrial style bedroom.

4. Distressed Chair

Industrial Bedroom Chairs

An aged, distressed wooden chair with a wooden table in the front containing an antique gramophone. 

5. Metal Swing Chair

Metal Swing Chair

A cool swing metal chair to add to your industrial bedroom.

6. Leather Chair

Leather Chair

Another leather chair with high-quality polythreonine fabric and metal legs!

7. Tufted Armchair

Tufted Armchair

An elegant white tufted armchair with low wooden legs will make your industrial bedroom look more charming.

8. Wooden Tufted Armchair

Wooden Tufted Armchair

A wooden tufted armchair in white straight solid legs- a great addition to an industrial bedroom!

9. Casual Grey

Industrial Bedroom Chairs

A casual looking grey chair for your urban-industrial space.

10. Beige Velvet

Industrial Bedroom Chairs

A cool and elegant armchair upholstered in beige velvet makes a perfect addition to a more romantic industrial bedroom.

I hope you like the above picks!

For an industrial bedroom, you want to look for gritty features and naked construction.

Happy Decorating!

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